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Godzilla vs Slattern

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James Smilus #TeamGodzilla

Oct-07-2019 10:24 AM

(Using all Godzilla Feats from the Movies, the same from Slattern)



Image result for godzilla 2019

Height: 119.8 Meters

Length: 177.394 Meters

Weight: 99,634 Tons

Speed: 100-300 MPH (Sprinting)

Signature: Atomic Breath, Atomic Pulse

Record: 48-8-10

Durability: Godzilla Took a 15 Megaton Nuke and Didn't even Flinch, as Stated by Dr. Serizawa in the 2014 Movie, He Survived a Black Hole in Godzilla vs Megaguirus. He Even Took a Huge Meteorite Right to the Face and Didn't Even Flinch. In Godzilla: King of the Monsters he Got Dropped from a Huge Height from King Ghidorah and Survives.


Height: 100-150 Meters

Length: 181.66 Meters

Weight: 6,750 Tons

Speed: 80-150 MPH (Sprinting)

Signature: Mouth Laser

Record: 4-1-2

Durability: Slattern Took a 1 Megaton Nuke in the Face and Survives for a Few Minutes.


Advantages For Godzilla:


Tougher Hide

Way More Durable



More Lethal Weapon


Stronger in Physical Strength


More Figthing Experience


Advantages For Slattern:



More Functional Arms

Sharper Tail



Image result for godzilla vs slattern


Slattern gets Tired from Guarding the Breach, He Swims to The Surface and Goes onto Dry Land, he roars for Dominance, People Scream in the Bay of Tokyo and run for their Lives, Slattern Whips the Side of a building with his Tail and Growls.

Image result for slattern

But Then he sees a Weird Silhouette in the Dust of the building he Knocked Down.

Image result for godzilla 2014 dust

Slattern Roars Loudly to Scare it off. But it Doesn't Care. The Creature then comes into view and Responds with it's own Roar

Related image

ITS GODZILLA!!! Slattern Does not Back Down and Looks Godzilla in the Eyes, Godzilla and Slattern Roar at the Same Time and Charge at Each Other. 

Image result for godzilla vs slattern

Godzilla Counters Slatterns Punch and Positions himself behind Slattern, Godzilla Grabs Slattern Behind the Neck, Picks him up and Throws him like a Rag Doll Across Tokyo Bay. Slattern Is Pissed and Gets up Quick, He Swings his Tail at Godzilla's Face and Swipes his Eye. Godzilla Shakes and Grabs Slatterns Arm and Swings him Left, Godzilla Swings Slattern to the Right and Slips Backwards, Slattern Takes advantage and Grabs Godzillas Head, Godzilla Holds Slatterns Neck and Arm, Slattern Looks to his Right and sees a Blue Glow, It is running up Godzillas Back, Slatterns Eyes Were wide Open.

Image result for godzilla vs slattern

And Then

Related image

Godzilla Fires his Atomic Breath and Pushes Slattern Back against a Building, Godzilla Fires a Second Atomic Breath Wave, Slattern Roars at Godzilla and Fires his Mouth Laser, Godzilla Crosses his arms in front to block it, Godzilla Rushes Slattern and Dodges a punch, Godzilla Gets Behind Slattern and Grabs Slatterns Tail, He Lifts Slattern up and Slams Him On the Ground, Again and Again and Again. Godzilla Flings Slattern in the Air and Fires his Atomic Breath at Slatterns Chest.


Related image


Slattern Explodes into Pieces, Godzilla Roars in Victory. Godzilla Walks off into the Ocean and Swims off.


Winner: Godzilla

Image result for godzilla vs slattern

This Was An Obvious One Sided Fight, Godzilla Out Weighs Slattern By A Huge Amount, Godzilla Would Just Throw Slattern Around Like A Toy, Espacially When Godzilla Throws his Rival Keizor Ghidorah 500 Meters into the Air, Which makes Slattern Look Like a Pillow, Godzilla also Survived Much Worse than Slattern, I can Keep Doing This All Day But I Got Things To Do, (Come At Me Pacific Rim Fanboys)


Youtube: James Inkton 2


Which Two Kaiju Should Battle Next?

"A Dino Doesn’t Win

Because of Popularity, It's Because of Science"

James Inkton, August 28th, 2019.


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6 Responses to Godzilla vs Slattern

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Oct-07-2019 10:27 AM

Obviously Godzilla won.

I request GINO vs Final wars Zilla

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

Kamoebas V.6 #TeamRodan

Oct-07-2019 10:27 AM

What the...

If Slattern turned into small pieces,then how can he roar?

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Oct-07-2019 11:14 AM

Yup, Godzilla would absolutely wreck Slattern.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Kamoebas V.6 #TeamRodan

Oct-07-2019 12:41 PM

Slattern Logic:Even when Slattern is dead,he can roar.


A simple monster #TeamGhidorah

Oct-07-2019 1:56 PM

welp this is awesome

maybe next could be the female muto vs scylla

"That moment you realize your signature is a big meme"


Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Oct-07-2019 1:57 PM

I made a Scylla vs C-rex fight.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

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