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Godzilla Extinction Chapter 14: Bittersweet

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RodanMember1630 XPOct-19-2019 6:24 PM

Original Idea By: Dantefrancis

Made in Collaboration With:



Titan Of Water




Location: Fuji, Japan


Rodan bursts through the clouds, glowing dark red and roaring at an incredible volume. Everyone, everything stares in complete shock as Rodan completes his attack. “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Maxsones doesn’t even have a chance to react before Rodan slams into him with his beak right at the base of his neck. The resulting explosion is damn near catastrophic. The explosion destroys everything within a 15 block radius, killing everyone and everything that touches it. It was so large that it even completely dissipated Ghidorah’s storm! Either that’s what happened or…


 The crowd was lucky enough to be just outside the explosion’s reach, and have a clear view of what happened. They’re in complete shock and are utterly silent. They aren’t even sure that what they saw is real. However, one voice cuts through the tension. “Told you so!” Says Misa to her parents. The whole crowd, now knowing that Rodan did indeed come back for them (and blew up a good chunk of the city) cheer wily, ecstatic over the fact that they’ve been saved. Everyone cheers through misty eyes as Misa’s parents pick her up and cry, thankful that their family is safe. However, Misa is worried. Why hasn’t Rodan come out yet? 


Wraith watches in complete shock. Holy ****! That explosion was HUGE!!!! DAAAAAAAAAAMN SON!!!! Are either of them even alive?!!! Wraith watches… but neither Ghidorah nor Rodan get up from the rubble….


Misa breaks free from her parents and runs towards the center of where the explosion came from. “Misa?!!!” Her parents call out for her and chase after her, but she’s too fast for them. She sprints straight towards where she thinks Rodan is, barely minding the burning and collapsing rubble around her. Eventually, she reaches where she saw them fall, and there she finds the bodies of the two titans. She takes a quick glance at Ghidorah, but he looks like every single bone in his body is broken, his neck bet at every single angle imaginable, his wings completely destroyed, and whatever of his body still contains flesh is covered in flames. She walks over to Rodan, and he isn’t breathing. “Rodan?” No response. “Rodan?” Silence. “RODAN!!!!!” Nothing but the cold embrace of silence. “Rodan… you can’t die… please, don’t die… you just saved my city, you saved my parents, you saved everyone you could! Get up Rodan! Please!” She moves over to hug him, but is kept back from the intense heat of his body. She begins to burst out in tears, wailing over the death of her hero. Her parents finally catch up, out of breath, and try to console her. “It’s ok Misa, it’s ok.” “No it’s not! Rodan died to save us! You guys just think he was a big, old animal, but you’re wrong! He had feelings, he cared for us! And now he’s dead!” “Well… in a way this is his happy ending.” “Rando!” yells Misa’s mother. “Listen! His whole life he’s had to fight for his life. He’s had to fight just about every Kaiju you can name, and many more. He’s had to do the bidding of Ghidorah, Godzilla, and many more. Now, he doesn’t have to fight anymore, he can rest. No titan can beat him up anymore, he can Rest In Peace knowing that he saved his home and the people in it.” “I guess that’s kind of happy… but it feels so bad at the same time… that’s not the way it ends in movies, the hero gets a happily ever after!” “Well, in grown up movies endings like these are common. The hero sacrificed himself for the greater good. It’s happy but bad at the same time. It’s called bittersweet.” “Like the chocolate?” “Yes. Unlike the chocolate, it can be good.” Misa chuckles through her tears. “Come on, let’s go home. Or what’s left of it anyway.” “Rando!” “Hey, I’m just being realistic honey!” The family begins to walk off, but as they’re walking off, they hear a loud moan and rumbling, as well as feeling a shift in temperature. Misa turns around and yells “RODAN!!!!” “Well, I guess he gets a happily ever after.” Misa runs to hug him, but Rodan steps back. Wait, is that the same human child from before? He sniffs at her from a distance and with his impeccable sense of smell can tell that it is. The two next to it must be its parents. He can tell the little creature is trying to come near him to touch him again, but it would incinerate if it did touch him. Wait… if I can raise my body temperature, maybe I could… Rodan tried it, and surprisingly it works. He can feel the heat inside him decrease to around the same level as when he first met this human. He bends his head down and the small human pets his snout. Misa pets the giant Pterosaur and says, “thank you, Rodan.” Rodan chirps at her, pretending that he understood what she said. The family walks off, overjoyed at Rodan’s return. “That must be the nicest bird I’ve ever seen.” “Mom, he’s not a bird, he’s a Pterosaur.” “Yeah, he’s a Pterodactyl.” “Dad! Pterosaur! Not a Pterodactyl!” “”Same difference.” “No! Pterodactylus is a genus or Pterosaur!” “Well… you seem to know a lot about that.” “Yeah! He’s my favorite! He should be yours too, after he saved all of us!” “Point taken. I just hope we can rebuild… and not too many lives were lost.” “Let’s not discuss these matters in front of the child, Rando.” “Yes. Misa, just focus on telling your friends you got to pet Rodan twice.” The family talk about Rodan as they walk away, and Rodan turns his attention to his fallen opponent. He walks over to Ghidorah, or what’s left of him, and checks if he’s alive. He doesn’t look like he survived, but he’s very much alive. In fact, he’s already regenerating one of his heads. Rodan lets out a victorious roar that carries out for miles, even reaching Wraith in the beach. 

So he did win. So I guess nothing changes, then. Except now more titans will probably fear Rodan… and probably won’t come here… and by extension I won’t have to fight anybody. Win! However, while all the humans come out of their safe houses and refuges, Ghidorah’s left head regenerates. “Hey guys, what did I- HOLY ****!!!! OH GOD THE PAIN!!!!! WHYHYHY?!!!!” “HEY LEFTY!!! GET THE **** OUT OF HERE BEFORE I DO TO YOU WHAT I DID TO GOOD OL RIGHTY HERE!!!!” Dortones looks to his right and sees every bone in Maxsones’ neck destroyed and Liles’ neck completely eviscerated. Both are still on fire. “OK!!!!!! OK!!!!! One problem though…” “WHAT THE HELL IS IT?!!!” “I don’t have any legs or wings now…” “FOR ****S SAKE- ANOTHER ONE?!!!! Cut me a break! Just regenerate your wings and get the **** out of here.” “Ok!!!!” Rodan doesn’t know it, but Wraith caught that and is deeply offended by it. Dick! Ghidorah regenerates his wings and flies away, in incredible pain. Rodan lets out yet another victorious roar, and flies back to his home, mindful of the humans beneath him. When he finally reaches his home and lies down to sleep, he realizes that he doesn’t have a single wound from his battle. Score! And with that, Rodan goes to sleep with no interruptions. Well, at least not until morning…


Dortones flies on and on until he finds a beach to rest on. He lies down and regenerates his legs and torso first so he can stand again. After a few moments, almost his entire body has regenerated. Well, except for Maxsones and Liles. Aw ****, they’re going to kill me for leaving. Liles regenerates first, and soon after Maxsones regenerates as well. “So, did we win?” asks Liles, expecting an obvious answer. Dortones and Maxsones stay silent. “Don’t tell me…” “Dortones! Why the **** did you run away!” “Dude, we already lost! You should have seen our body! Every bone was broken, and most of the flesh was burnt away! We didn’t even have wings or legs! And Rodan didn’t have a single wound. Seriously, it was like you guys didn’t do **** to him!” yells Dortones. “What? That isn’t even possible, we ****ing impaled him over and over again!” yells Liles. “That seems kinda… harsh.” says Dortones. “Anyways, Maxsones. You were the last one alive, what happened?” “...” “What did you do?” “I might have… tried to destroy the human colony, and pissed off Rodan so bad that he decided to kamikaze us and I guess that somehow beat us…” “THE ****?!!! Why the hell would you destroy the human city?!!” “BECAUSE THAT’S WHY HE’S DECIDED HE SHOULD FIGHT US!!! HE WOULDN’T FIGHT US IF HE DIDN’T HAVE THE CITY!!!” “DUDE, YOU JUST PISSED HIM OFF MORE THAN ANYTHING!!! Ever heard of vengeance?!!” “*****-” “Um… am I interrupting something?” the three heads turn around and see Wraith sitting on the beach with them. “Oh… Hey Wraith!” says Dortones. “Wait, how do you-” “NO POINT IN EXPLAINING!!! You’ll just remember in a couple months. Jeez, cut us a break! We already had to explain this **** to Behemoth!” “Wait, you saw Behemoth?” Ghidorah stays silent for a moment, Liles being visibly frustrated. “Damn, you flew straight into that one, didn’t you Ghidorah?” “Oh shut up Krystalak! Behemoth is right over there, by the way.” Wraith turns and sees Behemoth and some crystalline creature… Krystalak, apparently. “Behemoth!” “Hey Wraith. How ya doin?” “Better than this dragon, I’ll tell ya. He just got his ass handed to him by a-” “SHUT UP YA ****ING DEMON OR I’LL RIP OFF YOUR ****ING SKULL!!!!” “Really? Maybe I’ll just call-” “SHUT UP!!!!!” “Wait… did you fight someone? I thought you just went to talk with… oh ****…” Krystalak bursts out laughing. “I don’t get it.” says Behemoth. “SHUT UP KRYSTALAK!!!!!” “He just got blown up by Rodan, the ****ing lava bird!” Wraith joins in on the laughter. “WHAT THE ****?!!! YOU LOST SO BAD YOU BLEW UP?!!!” Krystalak starts laughing even harder. “So I guess that makes you THIRD strongest.” Behemoth starts laughing uncontrollably with the others. Maxsones roars in anger and stomps Wraith’s skull into the sand. “Maxsones! Control yourself!” Yells Liles. Maxsones contemplates his choices for a moment, as Wraith struggles to free herself. Finally, he lets her up. “CHRIST WHAT THE ****?!!! Oh ****, I can’t see!” “Now look what you’ve done Maxsones, now how the **** is she supposed to get home?” Says Dortones. “Why should we care? Also, she can just warp home.” “I can’t warp... My arm is broken and I need it to fly or warp…” “See?” says Dortones. “Guys, we have to help her home. It’s only right.” “Maxsones, we’re supposed to be a better alpha than Godzilla. Control yourself. Dortones, you’re right. We’ll just carry her back. Be back in a moment, guys.” says Liles. “Wait, wha-” Before Wraith even knows it, she’s being lifted up and is being flown off. “Where are you taking me?” “Your home?” Says Liles, confused. “I don’t actually have a home.” “Oh yeah, you don’t live there anymore… And you wouldn’t remember it anyway because you died. Well, we’re taking you somewhere you can spend the night.” “Wait, I did what?!!” “Look, the reason you don’t have your memories or former strength is because you died and were reborn, as were Goliath, Behemoth, and Kraken.” “How did we… you know…” “Look, there’s no point in explaining this again when you’ll remember in a couple months, got it?” Finally, Ghidorah lets her down on what feels like a ledge. “Careful where you step, you’re on a ledge on the mountain. Also, your eyesight should be back by morning, it’s a minor injury that should be repaired easily.” Says Dortones. “But… where am I?” “Where do you think?” says Liles. Before she can respond, Ghidorah leaves and heads for the beach where he left Behemoth and Krystalak. Wraith heads into the cave very slowly. She can’t see anything besides light sources. She crashes into the wall a couple times, but eventually places an arm onto the wall and leans on it as she moves through the cave. As she moves through, she notices an orange glow and strange heat coming from the end of it. This mountain must be a volcano! I must have chosen it for the heat from the lava. Damn, that was a smart decision on my part! Wraith finds a comfortable spot near the lava and finally goes to sleep. It’s going to be a long walk to the beach tomorrow. However, as Wraith lies down to sleep, she hears an odd, demonic cackling coming from the deepest reaches of the cave system...

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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6 Responses to Godzilla Extinction Chapter 14: Bittersweet


RodanMember1789 XPOct-19-2019 6:54 PM

FINALLY we got it up.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


AnguirusMember1443 XPOct-21-2019 6:42 AMTeam Mothra

foreshadowing at the end...



My chapter's a comin'



RodanMember1630 XPOct-21-2019 7:52 AM

Hey Flyleaf, I sent you a link to the do***ent in your messages. You should go check your messages.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


AnguirusMember1443 XPOct-21-2019 8:11 AMTeam Mothra

I saw it. Thanks!



RodanMember1630 XPOct-21-2019 8:14 AM


If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


AnguirusMember1443 XPOct-21-2019 7:03 PMTeam Mothra

idk what 2 put here now oof.

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