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Godzilla Extinction Chapter 16: They Came From Hell

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RodanMember1630 XPOct-30-2019 2:01 PM

Original Idea By dantefrancis


Made In Collaboration With: 



Titan Of Water




Location: Mount Fuji, Japan


Rodan’s flies back from his morning hunt. It’s been two months since his fight with Ghidorah, and only two things have really changed in that time. First of all, Rodan has had to deal with taking care of the still “injured” Wraith. She has done absolutely nothing in this time. “IT’S BEEN MONTHS!!!! HOW HASN’T YOUR ARM HEALED YET?!!!!” “***** I DON’T KNOW!!!!!” She also keeps letting out alpha calls too, as if she’s an alpha, and angering off both Godzilla and Ghidorah! As if that wasn’t enough, she’s actually suckered in a lot of titans, so they keep showing up at his doorstep looking for a fight! And every time he has to defend his territory from the titans SHE brought, what does she do? She disappears and waits it out! Christ, he’s taking care of a completely useless titan that keeps bringing in as much trouble as walrus squid in a Walmart. I should just drown her. No one will ever have to know… well, even if they did, they wouldn’t really care. Rodan keeps thinking this, but everyday he says Meh, maybe her arm will be better by tomorrow. Then I can kick her out. Might as well wait. And everyday her arm is still the same… The other thing that’s different is that the human hatchling from before keeps appearing. It never really bugs him, and doesn’t need much care. It just lives at the opposite end of his cave and eats fruit and meat. Sometimes it uses the bone of his prey as toys, or creates weapons from them. It’s really low maintanance and actually does try to help him when he fights other Kaiju. Heck, once it tried to shoot some kind of projectile at Ghidorah. It was glorious and hilarious at the same time. Even the little human child is proving more useful than Wraith. Still, despite Wraith, his life is great and things go well. The humans adore him, he wins every fight he starts, and he has his own little pet human. Until today. The human child decided to accompany him on his way to bring Wraith some food. Of course it couldn’t join him on the hunt, but it tries to help him carry the food. How much help does it think it’s giving? Hahaha Rodan still somewhat appreciates the little amount of effort, and they reach Wraith. He drops the dolphin, but Wraith is looking past it, and with much more excitement than usual. She runs over and catches the human child and proceeds to try and eat it. Rodan’s quick though and snatches the human from her grip with his talons. However, as he pulls back, he realizes that he didn’t lower his body temperature. With a sudden and immense feeling of dread, he looks down into his talons and sees nothing but a charred corpse where the human should be. He stares down at his talons, not willing to accept that what just happened actually happened. Then, he roars out in absolute anger and pain. He turns towards Wraith. “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!” “Woah! Christ, I don’t get the problem. I thought that was a little hors d’oeuvre to the dolphin!” “YOU’RE THE PROBLEM!!!! YOU WERE ALWAYS THE PROBLEM!!!! I SHOULD HAVE KILLED YOU THE DAY YOU CAME TO THIS ISLAND!!!!!” Rodan charges her, but she warps behind him and stabs his back with her tusks. Rodan falls to the ground, but quickly turns to face her. However, what he sees will haunt him for the rest of his life. Wraith is… changing… She’s getting bigger...stronger…deadlier. She has giant back spikes, her arms are much larger with sharper spikes, and she looks like something crawled from the deepest, darkest pits of Hell, merged with the worst parts of every nightmare he ever had. Rodan backs up in shock, but she warps behind him and starts continuously stabbing and clawing at him. He roars in pain and flies up, but she flies up after him. Within a few seconds, the demon spawn has already caught up with him. She stabs her claws through Rodan’s wings, and using her superior size, she forces him back down to the ground. The two land in the human city, crashing into just about everything there. When they finally come to a stop, Wraith tries to pin Rodan, but stops when he begins to glow orange. This can mean one of two things. Rodan fires a huge ball of magma at her, the biggest he’s ever shot. Despite her best efforts to avoid it, it hits her straight in the chest. A huge cloud of dust and smoke keeps Rodan from seeing her for a few moments. But soon he can see her, and she didn’t even flinch. Rodan takes the opportunity to fly up as fast as he can. He might have lost her, which definitely buys him time. He’s going to do a Rodan Roll! Christ I need a better name for it. FOCUS!!!! THAT THING’S KILLING THE HUMANS!!!! He dives down, and begins to glow dark red. He bursts from the cloud cover at nearly impossible speeds, and Wraith notices him too late. She can’t even react by the time he’s reached her...


The explosion is immense, easily trumping anything he has ever done before. It destroyed nearly the whole town. There’s not even much rubble to indicate there was anything here in the first place. Rodan quickly gets up somehow and looks around at the destruction. There’s no signs of life, or any indicators that there was any life here to begin with. He sits, waiting for the human child to come before remembering what he did. He waits for other humans to come and cheer his victory, but none come. They’re all dead. My God… I killed all of them… He caused their deaths. He destroyed them and their entire colony. It wasn’t even Wraith’s fault in the first place, she was technically just defending herself. He’s the one who brought all this destruction by using the move. Rodan looks down at his talons in disbelief, when he stills sees some of the ashes from the human child in his palms. This is all his fault. He should have killed Wraith when he had the chance, now the humans had to pay for his mistakes. He should never have fooled himself into thinking he could protect them in the first place, he was always their biggest threat. Hell, if he had just left, none of the Kaiju would have come here in the first place! It’s all so clear now. I should never have come here. My god, what have I done? Why did I do this? I could have beat it hand to hand, but no! I decided to basically explode it! And not only that, I decided to nuke it! And because of it, the humans are all dead. I should never have come here. Ghidorah was right, I’m not like Kong. No human could survive around me for more than two seconds, who was I to think a whole colony would be safe with me around? There has to be some left, right? I can’t have killed them all…? Rodan flies around slowly, looking for any signs of life. Nothing. Rodan lands and just sits, still processing the events that just transpired. Well… I guess I should stay, there’s no point in leaving. There’s nothing to worry about accidentally killing anymore. Damn it! I should have killed it when I had the chance! None of this would have happened! But I guess with me around, it was only a matter of time until I did that against some other Kaiju anyway. No matter how he looks at it, it’s his fault. Everything that was inside of the colony during his fight is now dead…

CREAK Rodan turns his head around as fast as possible, and sees somekind of wooden thing jutting out of the ground. It swings open, and a family of humans come outside. They begin to cheer for Rodan. There’s some still alive? But the explosion- Wait, that wooden thing! It must be some kind of door to a burrow! Humans are ****ing burrowers?!!! Wait, why did I never think of that?!!! The buildings must be somekind of elaborate entrance to their burrows! He stares around and sees many more of the wooden doors, some much larger than others. Then, they all open. One by one the humans climb out of their burrows and start cheering for Rodan. No way… They’re all still alive… So I guess it doesn’t even matter all that much that all the entrances were destroyed? I mean they’re probably going to have to rebuild… but they all survived? So if they go into their burrows, Titans aren’t as much of a threat to them? I mean, besides the ones like Anguirus. Rodan just stares in disbelief, he can’t even make so much as a chirp at this. All he can do is feel simultaneously incredibly happy and extremely relieved. But then, disaster strikes again. He hears a shrill roar from behind him. He looks and sees Wraith, who’s getting even bigger. No.. No… NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! OH CRAP!!!!!! Rodan flies in to kill her once and for all. He claws at her throat with all his might, over and over again, but her wounds instantly heal! Finally, Wraith stops growing when she’s as big as Godzilla!!! Rodan tries to keep clawing, now finally doing damage, but she just stabs her tusks through his chest and pins him to the floor. Rodan tries to free himself, but only seals his fate. As Wraith tries to pull her tusks out of his chest, Rodan moves in a very horrible direction. The ends of her tusks are right underneath and in front of his heart. As Rodan struggles, he jerks himself forward and downward by accident. The motion brings Wraith’s tusks towards his heart, and they stab right through it. Rodan stops, feeling what just happened in every perfect, grotesque detail. He lets out his breath and slumps. Wraith pushes him off her tusks and he falls to the floor, dying. He won’t survive much more than a couple minutes. During this time, he can only just watch what’s going on. Wraith quickly abandons him and starts chasing and eating all the humans around him, still hungry after missing breakfast. However, suddenly a thudding is heard. Godzilla… please… save them… However, the creature making the sounds is not Godzilla. It looks a little like him, but drastically different. It has a pitch black color, with red coloring between its scales. It has teeth that exist practically outside its mouth that are incredibly crooked. It has no cheeks, and has an incredibly long tail with another mouth on the end. It’s dorsal spines are a much brighter red than the rest of its body. Despite all the weirdness of this creature and how terrifying it looks, the most unsettling thing about it is how dead and lifeless its eyes seem, as if though it has no will to live or any want besides to… move. It essentially looks like a creature came from the deepest, darkest pits of hell, merged with the worst parts of every nightmare he’s ever had, and then the merged creatures were multiplied by cancer. “YOU!!!!” Wraith shouts, seemingly knowing this creature. The creature doesn’t respond, it just stares at her with its deadpan eyes. Wraith flies towards the creature, and tries to stabs it with her tuskes. However, it begins to bend over, and its dorsal spines begin to glow purple. What is it doing? Thinks Rodan as he’s dying. It’s jaws begin to split open, when suddenly, a thick purple mist flows from its mouth, covering everything around the city. What the hell?!!! Suddenly, he notices all the humans beginning to cough and retreat to their burrows. Only about half make it in time. Suddenly, the creature starts producing fire from its mouth, igniting all the gas and setting off an endless stream of fire and explosions, incinerating everything. All humans on the surface die, and Rodan sees the explosions breaking through the doors of the burrows and killing all the humans inside. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Rodan can’t even do anything but watch. The fire isn’t even feeding him, the hell fire must have different properties than the fire here on Earth. Suddenly, a thin, purple beam starts coming out from his jaws, and it finally lifts its head up towards Wraith, who somehow hasn’t made it to the creature in this time. Then again, Rodan’s 2 minutes should be over. Maybe he just thinks it was a long time, but it was actually fast? It cuts straight through Wraith, and keeps going through as if she wasn’t even there. Wraith roars in pain and warps to right behind it, and claws at its tail. However, the other mouth at the end of its tail starts creating the same beam, cutting off one of Wraith’s tentacles. She roars in pain and decides to finally just attack his back and dorsal plates. The creature slowly tries to shake her off, but she holds on fast. However, it bends over, and begins to glow an even brighter purple. Suddenly, it’s purple beams starts coming out of its dorsal plates, and going practically miles into the sky! The beams skewer Wraith, and cut her almost entirely apart. She dies very quickly. The creature roars, but not one of victory. It just seems like a plain, lifeless roar, at least to Rodan. Rodan just stares at the creature, who’s still beaming everything. They’re all dead… because of me… and Wraith…. And that thing.... What have I done…? Rodan bleeds out slowly, as if the universe wants him to suffer further. Soon however, the creature starts to run out of energy, and lets out his fire breath again. It envelops everything. This time, though, it begins to burn Rodan alive. OH GOD THE PAIN!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Rodan roars one last, pained roar before he finally dies. The creature eventually completely runs out of energy and can’t even produce its mist anymore. The creature, as if though nothing just happened, walks a short distance away and it just stops. It just stands there… menacingly...


Rodan bursts awake, roaring in pain. What in the w- Oh come on! Not this again! Rodan looks around, and realizes that nothing has changed. It’s only been one night since his fight with Ghidorah. How do I have a dream that takes place over 2 months when it was just one night? Rodan ponders his dream for a few minutes, attempting to figure out if it had any meaning. Eh, screw it. It was just a nightmare. I guess now I have to go take care of Wraith. Wraith. Wouldn’t be surprised if she actually did come from hell. Rodan flies off, and shakes off the bad feelings of his nightmare. A nightmare he will forget pretty quickly, as he has done with many others like it.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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4 Responses to Godzilla Extinction Chapter 16: They Came From Hell


RodanMember1789 XPOct-30-2019 2:07 PM

Shin cameo!

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


RodanMember1630 XPOct-30-2019 2:46 PM

There isn't a party like a Shin party because a Shin party never stops- adapting. Friggin, DNA rewriting, hacking bastard! XD

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


AnguirusMember1447 XPOct-30-2019 6:15 PMTeam Mothra

He's just standing there...




RodanMember1630 XPOct-30-2019 7:50 PM


If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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