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Gojiverse Phase I

Chapter 38: Kaijin

Planet X, unknown solar system. October 16th, 2019.

Several Xillien starships soar across the black void of space, their destination the desolate Xillien homeworld of X. The planet surface resembled Mars but with the comparable mass of Earth as well as a thicker atmosphere. Water was scarce on this planet outside a few large sea-lakes and rivers being the last bastions of liquid water and to spite it all; Life life finds away. Lesser Ghidorahs soar in the hazy dust filled skies, seeking and hunting down their favorite prey, the Gyaos. The Xilliens look out from behind their protective shield barriers as they watch the single headed ghidorah make short work of the smaller gyaos. The xillien lord turns away from the carnage as he walks back to his peers. They were all covered in smooth golden scales despite resembling humans to a degree save for digitigrade feet, a long tail, and a pair of horns adorning their brow; the xilliens discuss and debate their next strategy. The Xillien Lord glances at a severed head of a blue-skin Kree stuffed in a jar filled with preservatives as his peers barked over their history of recent failures, the warrior found himself slamming the table with his fist. "ENOUGH! So this is what has become of the grand Xillien race? Bickering over failures! Have we not seen darker days? Have we not culled the blue skinned Kree, who were at the time superior to us to extinction?"

"Yes, Lord X...however, our attempts have been foiled by the beasts known as Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Zilla, Anguruis, King Ceasar, and Gamera" said one of his peers, "Not to mention that the Ultramen have returned to this sector"

"BUNCH OF COWARDS!" Lord X bellowed, "The avatar of Kaiser Ghidorah only fell in battle because of your incompetence, had he been made from a more suitable Xillien...."

"My Lord, we have been searching for a suitable candidates however the list grows fewer and fewer everyday" Ryoga the adjutant added.

"Tell me their names" Lord X squints his blood red eyes at the adjutant.

"Well we have narrowed it down to Jiyang Johnson and you my lord" Ryoga explained, "Muramasa believes Jiyang's daughter is a viable candidate however she is only Half-Xillien"

"Muramasa is a fool, clearly his love for the half-breeds clouds his judgement. I want a progress report on the capture Godzilla, are the experiments baring fruit?" asked Lord X.

"Yes, my lord. The gene modifications are holding however it seems the genes are having a mutagenic effect on it"

"Show me" he asks.

A hologram of the Godzilla dubbed Jaeger was shown undergoing a rapid transformation, its shoulders judged out into scalely pauldrons, it sprouts out additional dorsal plates as the godzilla triples in size to rival Legend Goji. "My Lord, I present you... Super Godzilla! By grafting Great King Ghidorah's cell into its genetic make up, we are confident that it is unkillable, sire"

"Super Godzilla, I like it. Summon the fleets, allow us to reunite this Godzilla with his family" Lord X smiled devilishly.


Gamera was resting on isolated beach out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. One of the smaller rodans lands near the sleeping turtle titan, it pecks at Gamera's shell to see if the turtle titan was still alive. Gamera snorts to confirm his status, the rodan then waddles over to gamera's tail. He glances around before pecking at gamera's tail, Gamera's eyes shot open as he rose to his feet. He quickly turns around to confront the rodan, he snarls at the pterosaur mistakenly thinking it is a Gyaos. Rodan stood its ground as it flaps its wings, creating a gust storm which only aggravated Gamera; he began to inhale deep, he felt a pressure build up in his mouth before unleashing his fire breath on to the pterosaur titan.

Rodan survived Gamera's fire, he chirps hysterically at the turtle titan. Gamera tucks his head, feet, and tail into his shell before launching himself towards the rodan. Rodan quickly took to the skies as Gamera's spinning shell demolishes the cliff side. Gamera directed his spinning shell into the sky only to be violently thrown back into the ocean, when Gamera resurfaces he sees a flock of Rodans accompanied by a really huge rodan, Rodan Prime. Rodan Prime growls at Gamera before continuing flying south. Gamera howls at the rodan flock in anger, then came another roar, a giant spider-like mollusk titan called Scylla was following the rodan flock along a tusked sloth-like titan called Behemoth. Gamera watches the massive titans that make Gamera seem like a dwarf in comparison, he was curious as to where were these massive beasts going? Gamera soon found himself following the wandering titans. Then right beside him large maple leaf plates bursts from the watery surface, the momentum caused Gamera to sink and tumble underwater. Once gamera gain control of his tumbling, he spotted the massive creature from below, it was a godzilla but the largest godzilla he has ever seen. Legend. The flock of kaiju were all heading south... to Skull Island; the Home of Kong.

The kaiju flock to Skull Island's neighboring satellite island of Fang Island. Legend rises out of the water as he climbs up the steep slopes. Behemoth and Scylla paused, as Rodan Prime circles around his alpha, while Gamera watched the King of the Monsters standing proud and noble facing out towards the stormy mother island. Legend Godzilla bellows at the storm, a faint distant roar can be heard answering the king back. Legend Godzilla bellows again, but rather than a corresponding roar, Legend Goji was answered back by a flying tree. The tree trunk shatters as it impacts Godzilla's face. Godzilla begins pumping his radiation reserves into his spikes, before releasing his atomic energy into the air. Then a large rock was thrown at the king of the monsters accompanied by some rather aggressive roars. Rodan Prime took off towards the stormy island, it was soon greeted by a flock of Psychovultures; Rodan Prime squawked in annoyance as his body became encapsulated in thermal energy, soon the psychovultures burst into flames. Rodan Prime swept across Skull Island like a Cat 5 Hurricane, his gust pulled trees from their rooted foundations and smaller creatures were sent flying into the air as Rodan Prime made his way to the would-be king, Kong.

Kong bravely stood his ground, his hand wrapped around a long metal chain with a ship propeller attached. He swung the chain, propeller and all as the pterosaur titan continues its path towards the primate titan. Kong throws the chain, the propeller acts as a weight as the chain soon wraps around the pterosaur's neck, Kong grabs the end of the chain then pulls with all of his might to bring the flying beast down. Rodan Prime squawks and caws as he felt himself suddenly being pulled out of the air. Kong then sprints up the grounded Rodan before wrapping the rest of the chain around the Rodan Prime's beak. Rodan increased his body temperature to the chain's melting point, soon the chains were undone as Rodan screeched angrily at Kong.

Kong grabs the propeller and clutches it tightly, he stares Rodan Prime, studying his movements. Rodan Prime stares back, waiting for Kong's next move. Kong grunts as he fakes throwing the propeller, Rodan Prime doesn't even flinch, Kong strokes his beard as he continues to stare down Rodan. Legend Goji growing tired of waiting climbs the shores of Skull Island, with Scylla, Behemoth, and Gamera following behind him. Kong glances over at the shore, Godzilla towers over the hills like a primordial god.


Saturn's orbit, Xillien battle fleet.

Muramasa stares at the holographic image of Earth, he holds the small blue image in his hand as he caress its shape, almost tempted to crush it with his clutch. "Lord Muramasa, Incoming Transmission from Outpost World X."

Muramasa furls his brow as he sits in his captain seat, "Hail frequencies open," he commands his communications officer, an image of Lord X materializes before them. "Lord X? What is the meaning of this?"

"Ah Lord Muramasa, my favorite bastard son. I have summon you for an important Task." The aging Lord X smiled.

"What is the task, My lord?" Muramasa asked.

"You and your fleets are to return home to Outpost X and pick up our secret weapon against Godzilla" Lord X commanded.

"Its not another one of shipment of Dorats is it, please forgive me my lord if I sounded too rudely?" Lord Muramasa asked.

"I forgive you. The secret weapon is best to remain secret until you've return" Lord X smiled.

"Yes, my lord"


Xillien occupied star system 982, Planet Titan.

The purple humanoids of the planet Titan labored in the mines as their Xillien Masters make their periodic patrols, making sure the titanians and chitari were doing their jobs. One of the titanian slaves collapses from exhaustion, a xillien guard approached the purple humanoid, "Stand up" he lightly kicks the elderly titanian, "On your feet, slave" he pulls out his electric baton, its shocking apparatus generates an audible spark noise. "I will not repeat myself again, on your feet!" the angry guard shouted before swinging his baton down only to be caught mid swing by a strong purple arm. "There is no need for violence, master" he releases his grip from the guards weapon, "I am sure beating an old man to a bloody pulp will not increase your payload," the big titanian smiled.

"Silence slave, else I beat you too" the xillien guard hissed.

"I just wanted to help, seeing how half of us are pulling more than our fair share of the work than others"

"What do you propose slave? a reward for hard work and good behavior?"

"Something along those lines but more of ethnics cleansing. How about you sacrifice the lazy half...."

"Sacrificing the lazy ones? have you suffered brain damage, slave?" the guard raised his scaly eye brow, he chuckled before bursting out laughing, his expression then became serious "Get back to work" the guards growled as he then reads his wrist computer, "Slave X5-24-78 designated Thanos, let us do the higher level thinking before you lot start coming up with any more brilliant plans. Sacrificing half of the slaves, Hahahaha!" The xillien guard resumed his patrol as Thanos stared down at the exhausted titanian before walking off.

"Laugh it up xilliens because one day, the day of reckoning will happen and I will be there... If only I could with the snap of my fingers, make you lots disappear" Thanos mutters under his breath before picking up his pickaxe; he strikes at the cold earth with striking vigor.


Xillien occupied star system 353, Former Kree homeworld.

The ruins of the Kree civilization litter the barren plains, the sky in a state of eternal twilight. A fully grown ghidorah marches across the ancient battlefield, its three heads independently scans vigilantly across the ruins. Bidbidbidbidbidi, it cackles as its large fan-like wings helps the beasts maintain balance. Its three heads all rise and align as something approaches them, fish-like fins stick out from the ruins then the rest of its green scaly body came into view. It was an older model of gigan, it chirps when it spots the lone ghidorah. These two kaiju are a among the few from the original invasion force sent to this planet so many thousands of years ago. The resident ghidorah remembers the time when it was sent to the Kree Homeworld back when it was a hatchling dorat, even back then it was a terror to behold. Gigan and its kin were the initial invaders along side the hedorahs before the ghidorahs came.

The trio of heads cackle as it approaches gigan, gigan chirps as it sharpens its hook claws. Among the ruins a blue skin tentacle headed humanoid stares out from the ruins, Hive was the only member of his kind. He belong to an experimental race of Human-Kree hybrids called inhumans, he is both the first and the last. He managed to survive by hijacking the dead bodies of his masters and feeding off the last remaining Kree; now he was all that was left of the Kree's legacy and soon he too will join his masters in extinction, should he fail to find the means to escape this dying world. Ghidorah flared out his wings to intimidate Gigan, Gigan in turn leaps into the air; the razor blades on his tummy suddenly vibrate rapidly in a chainsaw-like fashion. Ghidorah felt Gigan cut into him, his left head attempts to snap at Gigan but he was already gone. Ghidorah's right head howls in pain, while the middle head fires its gravity beam aimlessly causing the Kree ruins to collapse. Hive felt the a violent shake as the gravity beams hit their mark, he peeked out from a whole and saw the wounded three headed monster. Ghidorah quickly uses all three of his heads to bite and rip his damaged wing off of his body, the heads snake backwards howling in pain but from its bloody stump a new wing was being regenerated.


Krell Homeworld

The green-skin Krell hide in their huts shaking in fear as their village was being attacked. A brave Krell warrior stood firm at the edge of the doorway, awaiting any pillager who dare to harm him or his family. A fellow krell ran to the warrior, the warrior gestured to his kinsmen to hide in the hut. The krell refugee entered the hut and smiled at the warrior's family, his arms transformed into a long tentacles before his eyes glowed bright, soon in place of the krell refugee was a squid-like Virasian; he wraps his tentacles around the warrior's neck before snapping it. The Virasian then approaches the krell, "There is no escape, resistance is futile. Submit and my masters will spare you" it spoke in the krell's heads through its telepathy. Xillien ships begin to descend from orbit as the virasians round up the krell into camps.


Pairan Homeworld

The starfish people of Paira watch from their various probes around the galaxy of the atrocities the Xilliens and their allies have committed, they discuss among themselves on how to stop the Xilliens from growing in power however no one had any answers. "The Nebulans have breeded more gigans this past cycle, the Simians have increased production of their metal-things, and the Mysterians agents have been reported being spotted at Knowhere contacting Xillien representatives" said one of the pairans, Yyauk.

"Zehoberei, Luphomoids, and the Xandarians worlds are being besieged by the Xillien Empire's monsters" another pairan added.

"The Xilliens certainly have been busy these last few cycles. Its hard to imagine that they were once hailed as saviors after defeating the Kree Empire several thousand years ago and now they have become worse than the Kree" the lead pairan Mana spoke her mind, "They must be stopped"

"How? The Xilliens are too strong, they have acquired many worlds through conquest, and they have many supporters" Yyauk countered.

"For the last 60 cycles, Earth has been something of a sore spot for the Xillien Empire. Word has it that Earth is inhabited by the teratodeus" Mana added.

"What?" Yyauk asked, the other pairans glanced at each other confused.

"Monster Gods" Mana replied.

"You mean like the monsters that the Xilliens and their allies control?" Yyauk gasped.

"Yes, however the teratodeus of earth are natural occurring and are very strong. Earth is one of the few planets not to be swayed by the Xilliens, we must observe this world more carefully"

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Chapter 39: Kaijin Part II

Nebula M78, Planet Land of Light

The Ultra, a race of cybernetic humanoids dwell and prosper in the City of Light. Land of Light once had a bright red star in its ancient past back when the Ultras were purely organic but has since burnt out leaving the planet and its inhabitants doomed to a cold extinction, however the Ultras altered themselves with cybernetic nanomachines that bonded to their hosts at a molecular level to survive this dark age; the Ultras then built the Plasma Spark to replace their extinct star and the Land of Light was restored.

Space Garrison Headquarters

The Ultra Guardians gather in a circle, a light emits from the floor as it displays a holographic representation of the galaxy. Father of Ultra approaches the hologram then he waves his hand through the hologram, the galaxy expands as the hologram zooms into one of the galaxy's spiral arms. There several star clusters are blanketed by a dark violet shroud representing the extent of the Xillien Empire, The Blue, Yellow, and Green shrouds were representing the Luphomoids, Xandarians, and the Zehoberei's territories. White represented the Ultra territories, while red represented the Zorkin horde; the rest of the galaxy was shrouded in grey. Three worlds came into view then images were displayed the events transpiring on these three worlds. On Planet Luphom, the Luphomoids soldiers were holding the lines as the Gyaos swarm their many cities and villages. On Planet Zen-Whoberi, the Zehoberei were retreating from a horde of Zorkins. Meanwhile on Planet Xandar, the Xandarians defense force is a fighting a loosing battle against a pack of Desighidorah.

Local Cluster, Planet Earth

Marvel Genetics CENTIPEDE Labs

Jiyang worrying about the fate of her husband all while pacing back and forth around the fluid tank holding Jinmen. Satoru and his entourage came marching into the labs, "Hey, you cannot be here? This is for authorized personnel only?" shouts one of the security guards. Satoru glares at the guard, his entourage quickly transform into their devilbeast forms. The guard doubled back as he felt an odd sensation coursing through his very being, the rest of Jiyang's staff also started to feel weird as Satoru and his crusaders were now free to do as they desire. Satoru approached Jiyang, the little boy grins darkly at her.

"Jiyang, Long time no see?" Satoru continued grinning.

"Not long enough, Satoru. Whatever you came here for, you can forget it"

"Oh and what do you think I came here for? Hmmm?"

"You want my personnel, they carry the beast genes you seek for your Devilbeast Crusaders"

"Hm, hahahahaha. You figured me out, well now all that is left is for us to kill you"

"I don't scare easily, little brat"

"Oh but it is not I who will bring your demise, old hag. It will be your own personnel"


"Ivan, you can reveal yourself now" Satoru suddenly shouts.

A tall hooded robed figure in black walks into the labs, he approaches Satoru and Jiyang with inhuman speed. He removes one of his black gloves, revealing a red bony hand. he then extends his fingernails into sharp claws while pulling off his mask. His eyes glowing like molten gold and shrunken in the recess of his eye sockets, he lacked a define nose with only small nostril slits in place of it, he had no hair as his cranium stretched into a bony crown, he lacked lips as his teeth lie bare, and a set of outer jaws flared open to inspire fear. "Another batch to convert? Don't one of your Crusaders have a similar ability?"

"Your a correct but we don't have a lot of time so please make it quick" Satoru

"Eh, very well then" Ivan snarls, he approaches the security guard before placing his hand on his head, he inhaled swiftly before forcing open the guards eyes, "Look deep into my eyes! Awaken the beast that dwells within you!" Ivan hisses as his golden eyes intensifies, the security guards eyes started to glow in return. The guard's body twitched and contorted into its new shape, the muscles in the guards body began to expand as scales tore through his human flesh. The guards face twitched uncontrollably before a pair of alligator jaws burst out of his mouth, the guard raised his clawed hand to tear away the last vestiges of his human face before crashing his scaly knuckles into the ground; the guard now resembled a cross between an alligator and a gorilla. Ivan turned his gaze to the others, he flares his jaws open. The rest of Jiyang's scientists and security eyes glowed like molten gold, soon they too began the painful transformation into beasts.

Jiyang tried her best to remain calm but the sight of her co-workers transformations made her recoil in fear. The former scientists and security guards turn their beastly gazes towards Jiyang, now deprive of their humanity they brandish their claws, talons, horns, spikes, tentacles, fins, fangs, barbs, quills, and stingers. Jiyang smirked, she taps her tablet device. The sounds of bubbles churning and water draining echoed in the laboratory. Jinmen slowly opened his yellow reptilian eyes, he slams his claws against the glass; the glass splinters across its transparent surface before slamming his own head through his prison. The glass tank shatters into glass shards all around the alien turtle. He slowly pushed his forked tongue out from his toothed maw, "I AM FREE AT LAST! SO MANY FACES TO ADD TO MY SHELL CANVAS!" He glances over at Jiyang, "YOU HAVE A PRETTY FACE!"

Jiyang sneered as Jinmen stretches his arm out towards her, like lightning Jiyang dodges Jinmen's attacks. Jiyang ignites her own skin, cracks start form all over her body before she explodes into a radiant light. Her wings stretch out as she reveals her xillien form to her enemies. Satoru eyes widen, "What are you?"

"I am what you pathetic creatures can only dream of being, I am xillien" Jiyang's voice reverberates.



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If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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MemberAnguirusNov-07-2019 6:26 AM

Godzilla Jaeger? as in "Pacific Rim" Jaeger?

Ah shit I’m using my wrong eye again. Sorry that was meant to be behind your back


MemberGiganNov-07-2019 8:52 AM

Godzilla Jaeger is Final Wars Godzilla


Trash panda

MemberAnguirusNov-07-2019 9:16 AM

i have Final Wars, never seen Jaeger Godzilla.

Ah shit I’m using my wrong eye again. Sorry that was meant to be behind your back


MemberGiganNov-07-2019 9:18 AM

That's my fanfiction name for Final Wars Godzilla

I gave names for all the godzillas in the Gojiverse

Kiryu = Gojira 1954 which laters becomes that Kiryu (GaMG and G:TSOS)

Showa: Godzilla 1963 -1975

Minilla: son of Godzilla

Heisei: Godzilla 1984 - 1995

Juniour: Godzilla Junior

Eva: Godzilla 1998

Blue: expy of Zilla jr.

Jagger: Godzilla 2000

Uyrik: GMK

Jaeger: Final Wars

Legend: Monsterverse Godzilla

Shin: Shin Godzilla



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This is awesome. (And so is the fact about the names for the Godzillas.)

Can't wait for more of Phase II.


MemberGiganNov-07-2019 7:25 PM

Thanks, I am writing the next chapter 




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Chapter 40: Mappo

High above the Earth's atmosphere, October 31st, 2019.

A small spark of light gleaned in the void of space before that spark became a blinding flash, where there was emptiness was now occupied by the Xillien's Invasion Fleet. Starships of every caliber hung above the blue planet. Their flagship the Kusanagi is the biggest ship in the entire flotilla. Lord X dressed in his black battle armor stares at the holographic image of earth, he taps at his console to flatten the globe. He stretches the globe into a map of the planet. 3D images of cities sprang up and the current wear bouts of the kaiju still under their service. Gigan was spotted in South Korea fighting a loosing battle with a bastion of Jeager units left in the region, China and North Korea has become a breeding ground for Vertigo's enthralled dagahra, garugaru, baragon, varan, meganula, kamacuras, kumonga, and the last remaining dogora, Japan is slowly loosing ground to the lesser Ghidorahs, Hedorah was traveling west to Africa, while Guiron is heading straight for Skull Island. Lord X switch over to the second viewing layer, Biosynth's dinosaur hybrid hatcheries were spotted all over the globe.

Lord X lifts his hand as reaches to the adjacent button, he presses the button down, making an audible click as the capsule was fired from the Kusanagi. The capsule race across the earth's atmosphere like a comet before the capsule exploded in the sky above Kilimanjaro, a blue flaming entity levitated its self slowly down to the surface. The Tanzanians stare up in horror as the entity began to uncoil itself, it moved its tail from its head and arms; maple-leaf spikes adorn his tail and back. It then flared its arms away from its head as the beast slowly stood up from its fetal pose, its eyes and spikes glowed blue; Super Godzilla.

Lord X then flips a switch adjacent to to that button, the xillien mind controlling devices all hum to life. Super Godzilla exhaled his atomic breath to the sky, the mind controlling devices on Gigan suddenly activates in the middle of his fight with the chinese and korean jaegers. The Kusamagi deploys several devices to Gigan's region, the devices soon find their way to gigan, outfitting him with a set of plasma cannons, shoulder canons, and a backpack serrated disk launcher. Hedorah felt the xillien's presence in its collective minds, soon it begins to attack the african nations with purpose. The biosynth's hybrid dinosaur soldiers were soon awakened from their sleep as their control chips activates placing them under Lord X's direct control. The Lesser Ghidorahs and Vertigo sensed the xilliens presence but unlike the others who were mind controlled, they joined the xillien forces on their own accord.

Several Months Ago....Hollow Earth-Venezuela. June 11th, 2019

Coulson and his team were sent out to rescue their expedition team, after encounter several abnormally large dinosaurs they took refuge inside a lone stone villa. The houtua like spiders quickly disarm and incapacitate the Monarch Agents. The houtua spoke to each other in their bizarre language before the one in charge lead them out of the villa, the sounds of distant roars echoed in the distance. The houtua war band took Coulson's group into the catacombs were they eventually came to the great city of Thanatopolis. Fitzs and Simmons greeted Coulson and the rest of the group, the leader of the war band refused to allow the two scientists near their captives, Fitz and Simmons then spoke to the war band leader in his language, he sighed before walking over to his captives to set them free. Jason, Bruce, Ziggy, and Lincoln joined Fitzs and Simmons in reuniting with the rest of Coulson's team. "Where's Daisy?" Coulson asked.

"Well, Daisy... she kind of is..." Fitzs started stuttering

"Here I am" Daisy now dressed in a long concealing robe, trying her best to hide her new form from her friends.

"She's been avoid us for several months.... what the bloody hell happened to you?" Fitzs jerked his back as he saw Daisy's hands and face were covered in refine golden scales.

"Don't ask me, ask underground wizard over there" she points her thumb to the High Archivist.

Present Day, Thanatopolis, Hollow Earth-Venezuela, November 6th, 2019.

The high archivist entered the guest quarters were the Monarch Agents grow restless, "Hey when can we go back home?" Mack confronted the High Archivist. The High Archivist sighed as he turns to face the tall and bald african american man, "You may return to the surface as you wish however I strongly recommend staying here were its safe, you'll find only death and suffering on the surface"

"It doesn't matter what roads we take, the surface is our home, humanities home, and we will defend it with our lives" Coulson spoke up.

"The funny thing about humans, we claim we are adaptable but refuse to actually adapt. Be on your way then, I wish you luck and farewell" the High Archivist waves to them as Coulson's team are escorted back to the surface. The houtua warband bow before returning back to the hollow earth, there the smoked ruins of jaegers units dotted the site around the Hollow Earth entrance. Coulson quickly activates his Nav beacon in his wristwatch, the quinjet they left behind some months ago has remained unscathed all things considering. After everyone got onboard, May quickly revved up the quinjet's engines and soon they were airborne, "Hang on to your seats we are approaching an obstruction.... funny I don't remember there being a mountain range here" May announces over the intercom as she directs the quinjet away from a large pancake-shaped rock formation, eight long armored segemented legs sprang from the ground surrounding the rock formation. Then a pair of scythe-blade claws soon bursts from the ground in front of the rock formation before the rock crumbled away from its red carapace, Thanatos the red titan. It shakes away the loose rock that clinged to its chitin shell for the past three months. Its stares up at the fleeing quinjet, it extends its neck out in a turtle-like fashion, gaping its toothy maw as it roars territoriality at the quinjet.

"What in the bloody hell was that thing?" asked Hunter.

"I don't know but its leaving us alone for the time being" May replied, "This Agent Melinda May of Coulson's team, we all made it back alive and are coming home, over"

"Agent May? You guys are still alive? We assumed the worse, Fury can fill you once you get back to base" Agent Hill replied.

The quinjet rendezvous with a scouting hellicarrier before landing on its runway, after it was done refueling the quinjet takes off towards hawaii.


Monarch Base, Kawaii island, Hawaii. November 6th, 2019.

Agent May lands the quinjet at the airstrip, the team unbuckle themselves to stretch after a long journey of sitting around. Agent May lowers the door ramp, there Director Nick Fury stood there waiting. "I told ya to be back in 5 hours, didn't I?!"

"WARNING!, incoming TITAN! Unknown" the base announcement speakers blared its message. The Jaeger units mobile towards the disturbance, the water surface breaks and bursts as a large axe-shaped crest rip through the water before the rest of the kaiju's head arose from the depths. The titan roared at the jaegers standing guard, the beasts back arches out of the water as the rest of it slowly began to lift its massive head into the sky; there the beast stood on two thick powerful legs, two muscular arms, and a long powerful muscular tail. "Sir its ignoring the ORCA, it shouldn't be able to trespass this close to the base" Agent Hill informs Directior Fury.

"Muthafucka! Coulson, you and your team head inside to get debrief" the director and his assistant double back to the compound.

The thunderous roars of the axehead titan could be heard from the runway followed by the clashing of metal, several F-16 Fighting Falcons soar over head to provide air support for the jaegers units. the F-16s barrage the kaiju with their missiles in a hit and run strategy. the lead jaeger unit the Patriot Avenger launches its shield from its arm plaftorm. the shield spins around like a fireworks display before firing a barrage of smart missiles into the the axeheaded titan. Axehead roars definitely succumbing to its wounds.

"Threat averted!" the intercoms announced.

In a moderate sized room filled with chairs and a blackboard and a TV hanging from a ceiling platform. Coulson and his team sit around waiting for the director to arrive, Nick Fury enters the room before shutting the door. "Do you any of you have any god damn idea of whats going on in the past few years? Four years ago everything was fine until Agent Johnson went all crazy when that thing got inside of her head"

"We had no idea what effects that Vertigo had on her, we couldn't fathom that she was placed under so form of mind control" Agent Simmons spoke up.

"It took us by surprise, we know that vertigo is capable of swaying human minds with her tail" Coulson added.

"Well it seems that human minds isn't the only thing it can sway. Its reeking havoc in china right about now, Vertigo has enthralled a bunch of insect and reptilian titans to her side"

"What not even bloody Titans freaking are immune to it!?" Agent Hunter shouted.

"Only the smaller ones, we have to report any higher tier titans falling to its enthrallment" Agent Hill added.

"Oh yeah, there has been an incident in California. That theme park's cloned "animals" were brought to the mainland and were set loose, we tried to quarantine the area to the best of our abilities but those damn things keep giving us the slip up. The president issue a state of emergency and now every major city has been undergoing a fortification process" Fury informed.

"Animals? What type of animals?" Agent Mack asked.

"Dinosaurs," Agent Hill spoke up, everybody chuckled, "What have y'all never visited Jurassic World before?"

"Moving on, there has been an increase in titan activity no thanks to some Monarch members siding with ecoterrorists. The titan dubbed Monster Zero has been identified as a type of King Ghidorah"

"Great King Ghidorah, the mightiest of all Ghidorahs with the sole exception of one." Agent Hill added.

"Yes, Kaiser Ghidorah. Thankfully we don't have to worry about any of them, since they are all dead' Fury reassured the group.

"Actually, Mr. Fury sir, that is not 100% true" Daisy rose her hand.

"Do you have any further information about this Agent Johnson, don't pretend I haven't notice you looking like a gold fish with dem golden scales on your arms and face"

"I just wanted to add, that when we were down there in the hallow earth. we've met people down there, they spoke of a prophecy believing that I or potentially something like me is the bringer of the end of the world" Daisy pulls down her hoody showing the extent of her changes, golden scales and a crown of golden horns "I look like my mother when she removed her human disguise"

"I already know that you were half-xillien, I thought you were able to transform back? What has changed?" Fury asked.

"The High Archivist did this to me, I don't understand why?" Daisy replied, "But our world is in grave danger, the titans mobilizing, the houtua believe the titans are reclaiming this world from humanity"

"That's all bloody good and all but what is a houtua?" Agent Hunter asks.

"They are a group of people that live within the hollow earth, they worship the titans like they are gods" Agent Bates added, "They share a lot in common with the elias"

"Also there were giant bloody dinosaurs down there" Agent Fitzs added.

"Yes and we actually saw two elias fairies up close, they really are that small" Agent Ziggy also added.

"Nothing is unstoppable with enough firepower" Agent Mack snarked.

"We can be beat the titans, the jaegers are proof of that" Agent Rodriguez said while crossing her arms.

"Good old fashion, human ingenuity and the indomitable human spirit" Agent Mack added.

"Talking about jaegers, our korean allies and chinese benefactors have been slowly loosing ground to the titans there, something about Vertigo's ability to sway lower ranking titans has made them more deadlier, the titans reactionary reflexes and response time has doubled"

"Vertigo's thralls are an extension of herself, once she is in your mind.... its not you anymore, just only her voice and the visions" Daisy remembered.

"Sounds like we have a real problem on our hands" Fury replied.

"Not to mention all of Marvel Genetics' dorats have fully matured. They have taken over tokyo after the Shin Godzilla incident" Agent Hill added.

"Shin Godzilla?" Daisy looked up at Agent Hill confused.

"Yes a new Godzilla showed up in tokyo sometime after your disappearance, it ravaged Tokyo and other parts of japan feeding on the G-Energy silos. Rather than accepting our help, G-Force decided to just freeze it for further studies. Then not to long after that the Ghidorahs moved in" Fury explained, "Oh and about your friend Reina, reports says she died in a Marvel Genetics accident and the centipede facility you were held in was also attacked. Reports of strange beasts, sound familiar?"

"I get the feeling its becoming a reoccurring theme" Agent Ziggy replied.

"Yeah..." the building started to shake rapidly, "What in the hell!"

"WARNING! Incoming TITAN!" Fury and the others look up to the intercom. "Unknown"

"What another new one?" Daisy asked rhetorically.

"I don't like this" Coulson replied.




MemberGiganNov-11-2019 11:45 PM

Chapter 40: Mappo Part II

Copenhagen, Denmark. November 6th 2019.

A large shadow blanketed the sandy seafloor of the baltic sea, a creature resembling a triops stood over the buried remains of reptilicus. It uses its front claws to unbury the severed leg, the leg of reptilicus floated up, released from its sandy prison. The creature stared at it intensively before bestowing it with atomic "G-Energy". The clawed toes began to twitch, gradually it began to rebuild its body after 58 years of inactivity, soon Reptilicus will reign terror over the people of Denmark once again.

English Channel, England. 

Orga and Gorgo return from the hollow earth to the surface world, drawn by the sounds of their new Alpha, Thanatos.

Western Norway

A pack of subterranean trolls were feasting on a group of unfortunate campers, a lone bridge troll cries could be heard in the distance. The round, fat, hairy, and long nosed subterranean trolls ignore it as they continue their feast, the lower ranking members of the pack growl at each other as they fought over the scraps. Then came a loud roar, this drew the attention of the subterranean trolls. It was the roar of Mountain Troll, among trolls subterranean trolls were the smallest being round 9 to 10 ft tall or 3 meters in height. Bridge Trolls or Forest Trolls are roughly 15 ft tall or 4.5 meters tall. A Mountain Troll 60 meters tall or a 150 ft tall and this particular individual was encroaching on the subterranean troll's territory; having just snacked on a bridge troll. It ignores the subterranean trolls as it was being drawn closer to civilization, the mountain troll has heard the calls of its alpha, Thanatos.


A pack of Rhedosaurus claw their way out of a freshly melted permafrost that once buried the arctic's hollow-earth entrance, the rhedosauruses were drawn by the call of their alpha, the collectively roar back before embarking on their long journey to the south of the arctic circle.

Earth Orbit, various.

The xillien flagship the Kunsanagi deploys six additional space-pods to the blue planet below, while Cykor and Yonggary's pods land in South Korea. The pod that struck New York City began to hiss as its sides crack open revealing its occupant, giant feathery wings spring out of the pod before the creature rose its long featherless neck; La Carcagne, a vulture-like alien creature from a distant planet. The alien bird sings a song to its alpha, Super Godzilla.

A space-pod splashes down off the coast of Los Angeles, it quickly sinks to the bottom. a green light emits from the cold waters. Kraa's head breaks through the water surface, CROAK! the frog alien titan obeys the command of his alpha, Super Godzilla before making its way to the Santa Monica beach to begins its attack.

The midnight sky lights up as a space-pod crash lands out in the middle of the Mojave desert in Arizona. Out of the pod emerged a black spiky reptilian alien titan, Zarkorr. Graaaaaahhhhluuunnnhhh, it roared its battle readiness to its alpha, Space Godzilla.

Two space-pods soar like a falling star across the mid-noon skies of South Korea, the pods exploded releasing two reptilian titans of great power: Cykor, an armored multi-limped alien reptile and Yonggary, an alien genetically engineered dinosaur. Both titans roar to acknowledged the call of their alpha Super Godzilla and soon begin their rampage and desolation of Seoul.

Several space-pods crash lands in various regions of Europe, Gyaos crawl out from their pods screaming as their lungs adapt to the earth's oxygen rich atmosphere. Then a final set of space-pods crash lands on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia, giant bat-like wings flare out of the pod as the rest of it climbs out. Gryphon and his eagle-winged griffions ignore Super Godzilla's calls as they spread their wings to take flight.

Israel, Arabian Peninsula

The giant Ape titan Chaos approaches the jewish state, intent on destroying it for funthees. A roar called its warning to the great and terrible ape, the Israel Airforce flew into formation around their newly awakened guardian, Golem, a crab titan. Chaos pounded his chest as he growls at the massive crab titan, Golem snaps his pincers in turn. Chaos grabs a boulder before leaping towards the upper carapace of Golem, Golem extend his pincers out and clamps down on chaos leg whilst the primate was still in midair. Chaos screams hysterically as his body mass collides with the ground, Golem drags sideways before extending his other pincer to clamp down on Chaos's arm. Golem lifted the primate up with all of his might before tossing Chaos into Palestine's west bank. Golem begins to charge up his antennae, Chaos slowly recovers from his fall; mud building debris covering his brown fur as well as remains of the people who lived in them. Chaos stood up to face his opponent only to feel a coursing electrostatic induced pain through his body, he was hit by Golem's static beam; his fur smoked as he recoiled and twitched from the pain. Golem slowly made his way down to the west bank, snapping his pincers, the Israel Airforce broke-away as before treading into Palestinian airspace.
Chaos stubbornly climbs back to his feet, breathing very heavily, and parts of his fur was now sporting bald spots; Golem's chirps taunted the great ape, however Chaos had one trick up his furry sleeves. Chaos quickly leaped in the air on to the palms of his hands, Chaos's hand stand confuses Golem to the point of the crab titan halting his advances. Then Chaos quickly rips a juicy toxic fart cloud, before leaping back onto his feet to make his escape. The Palestine soon fall to the ground dead as the gas cloud reaches them, Golem snaps its pincers to disperse the toxic cloud. Golem groans as he returns home.

Egypt, Africa

Chaos retreats down the Gaza strip as he sprints across the Egyptian border. The Egyptian Airforce could do little to stop this massive beast from cross into their country once again. Chaos swipes the jet fighters out of the sky as if they were flies, Chaos roars as the Egyptian army rolled out their tanks. Chaos growls as the tanks fire a barrage of sabot rounds into his furry ankles, he kicks one of the tanks into a building while crushing its partner into the road with his foot. The tank convoy begin to retreat but their fates were sealed, Chaos picked up the tanks one by one and threw them into the jet fighters. Chaos turns his attention to the city of Cairo, it was there the source of the jets and tanks come from.

Wakanda, Africa

The Kingdom of Wakanda was an ancient one, it is said its as ancient as Atlantis and Mu. Among their native pantheon gods they also worship Turkana, a panther titan that dwells in the secluded mountains of wakanda. A wakandan fisherman was out fishing in the Lake of Turkana, when all the sudden a great ripple resonated from the lake's watery depths. The fisherman look down from his boat into the dark waters, fish bursts out of the water onto his boat squirming around desperately. A terrible sound roared across the lake as the fisherman suddenly found himself looking towards Mt. Kulal and to his horror the mountain side suddenly collapsed. Soil, trees, and rocks came hurling down into the lake itself. The fisherman brought his old wrinkled hands to his face as his eyes widen in terror, he saw a large snout probing from within the mountain. The fisherman quickly began to row his boat back to his village, the beast caught on to his scent as it pulled the rest of itself out of the mountain. It had a large rectangular head, legs like a chicken, arms like an eagle's talons, the tail of a Nile Monitor Lizard, and had crocodile scales covering its entire body. To an educated man, they would called it a carcharodontosaurus. However it was far to massive to be such, "Goro, no not Goro!" the fisherman cried as the large dinosaur titan took a few steps closer to the edge of the lake. Gorosaurus planted its left foot into the lake then his right leg, the great gorosaurus was soon upon the fisherman's boat and with one mighty chomp; the fisherman and his boat were no more.

Monarch Hawaii Base

The remains of the axe-headed titan drew the attention of others, soon several titans were spotted on MONARCH's titan detection screens and were heading straight towards their base. "Multiple Titans: Ganimes, Kamoebas, Gezora, Manda, Shockirus, Ebirah, and Titanosaurus are approaching" the announcer stated.

Shockirus were the first to crawl upon the western shorelines, the man-sized shrimp-like titans swarmed over the kawaii island's beaches, a convoy of a Humvees with machine gun mounts rolled into to halt the crustacean swarm. Then came Ganimes and Ebirah swimming to the north-side of the island, Gezora and Kamoebas from the south-side, manda and titanosaurus from the east-side. "We are completely surrounded" Mack sat up from his seat, "Coulson, I think its time we get back into action"

Coulson looked at Agent Mack, "Get the others ready, lets show them how dangerous mankind can be"

"Yes sir" Agent Mack smiled as he mades his way to the jaeger hangar.

"Hallelujah" Agent Rodrigeuz said to herself as she joins Mack.

"Sounds like fun" Agent Bobbie smiles

"Let's kick some bloody monsters in their daddy bags" Agent Hunter joins in.

"Are you sure about this, Coulson?" Daisy asked concern, "we could all die like really horribly out there" Daisy nervously chuckled.

"Everthing is at stake here, humanity, earth, everything" Coulson replied.

"Come on Daisy, you aren't afraid of some waterbugs are ya?" Lincoln adds.

"No" Daisy retorted.

Sometime later, the Monarch Agents suit up as they begin to walk down the catwalk to their Jaegers. Mack and Rodriguez, Bobbie and Hunter, Daisy and Lincoln enter their Jaegers units. The hangar door slowly sides open as ocean water rushes in to the jaegers feet, the Quake Danger, Sprint Executioner, and the Bojangles takes their first steps out of the hangar. Mack and Rodriguez take the Sprint Executioner to the north side of the island, while Bobbie and Hunter take the Bojangles to the south, and Daisy and Lincoln take the Quake Danger further east.

The Sprint Executioner is suddenly ambushed by Ganimes, its pincers bury themselves deep into the jeagers legs. Rodriguez fires the Sprint Executioner's pulse cannon into the stone crab titan's face but ganimes pulls its pincer out of the jaegers leg to retreat underwater. "Rodriguez and Mack, you are loosing hydraulic pressure in your left leg" Fitzs radioes in over the radio.

"I know," Mack replied as he redirects the hydraulic fluids to their alternate pressure tubes.
Ganimes crawls along the bottom before bashing its pincers into the Sprint Executioner, the Sprint Excutioner then kicks the stone crab titan several feet backwards. Ganimes's body creates a big splash before it resurfaces again. "Yo-yo, lets boil this crab" Mack smiles at his co-pilot.

"Crab soup sounds wonderful" Rodriguez replies as she fires the pulse cannon at ganimes. Ganimes raises both his pincers up to shield its face against the pulse cannon blast, the stone crab titan is pushed further away; "Damn its not dead yet!" Rodriguez shouted.

"Deploy the sword, let's play Iron Chef" Mack ordered.

"Deploying Sword" Rodriguez replies as she reach for the weapons panel, she taps at the sword icon, the Sprint Executioner wrist compartment opens as a segmented series of blades flop around before straightening into a compact sword. "Time to cut this crab into Sushi" the Sprint Executioner sprint towards the crab kaiju. Ganimes quickly submerges itself underwater as it makes its move, Both Mack and Rodriguez swings their arms around as if swinging a sword, the sprint executioner then swings the wrist sword before plunging it down into the water. Ganime raises its head out of the water, howling in pain as its left pincer was severed from its body. The sprint executioner then swings its sword arm back before plunging the sword deep into Ganime's belly. Ganimes dying screams were cut off when the Sprint Executioner cut the crab upwards, splitting the kaiju in half. "One down" Rodriguez cheers, "five big ones to go" Mack finishes.

"Mack and Rodriguez, rendezvous with the Bojangles they need your immediate assistance" Coulson orders through their radio comm units.

"Affirmative..." Mack was then cutt off as the Sprint Executioner was suddenly knocked off its feet as it sinks deep into the water, "What the in the hell!" The alarms blared, as the Jeager pilots scramble to see what has hit them. The panel depicting their Jaeger units integrity shows they have now lost their left leg. Standing above them was Ebirah, it raises its pincers up before bashing them across the Jaeger's chest before repeating again and again. Rodriguez and Mack swing the sword up wards but Ebira barely dodges it as it swims to the surface.

Bojangles was currently being entangled by Gezora's tentacles, "Hunter do something!" Bobbie screamed at her boyfriend.

"I'm doing all I can love!" Hunter shouted back.



MemberGiganNov-14-2019 3:09 AM

Chapter 41: Mappo Part III

Gezora tighten its grasping tentacles around Bojangles, causing the intricate hydraulics to cease function. "Damage Critical!" the on-board computers blare its message to its pilots. Kamoebas slowly rises its head out of the water, the snapping turtle titan snarls as it inches closer to the bojangles. Gezora chirp-growls at his rival, dragging the jaeger with it, Kamoebas roars angrily as it lunges forward. Gezora smacks Kamoebas across the face with its tentacle; Kamoebas snaps its jaws at the tentacle, dragging it backwards. Gezora screams as its tentacle is bitten off; Kamoebas snaps its jaws finishing up the delicious tentacle before lunging towards Gezora for some more. Gezora releases the Bojangles, it then shoots its ink at Kamoebas before retreating underwater. The ink splatted on Kamoebas head, barely missing its eyes, Kamoebas roars in frustration before turning its gaze towards the Bojangles. It nudges the motionless hunk of metal, it turns around to make its way to the axe-headed kaiju carcass. Kamoebas sniffs the carcass, it recoils in disgust before biting off the beasts head then tossing the severed head towards the land.

Meanwhile... the Quake Danger slowly patrolled through the coastal waters. Manda exposes its back fins before submerging beneath the waves, Daisy reads a blip briefly appearing on her minimap interface. "Its here, look alive Lincoln" Daisy smiles at her partner as they both assume an attack pose. Manda bursts out of the water, its jaws snap close around the Quake Danger's neck-joint before coiling the rest of its body around the Jaeger like a boa constrictor. "Warning: Chest Damage! Left Leg Damage! Right Leg Damage! Right Arm Damage! Left Arm Damage!"

The Patriot Avenger bolts up to the Quake Danger, it deploys its sword then slices downwards. The sword clashes against Manda's thick hide, doing little more then chipped a few of top layer scales. Manda constricts itself tighter around the Quake Danger, the Patriot Avenger attempts to hit the creature again with their sword but to no effect. "Listen we are going to try something else" Patriot Avenger's pilot Jeff Rogers reassured.

"Make it quick, the Quake Danger is about to be an empty soda can in a moment!" Daisy shouted through the radio.

The Patriot Avenger retracted their blade, the right hand rearranges itself into a pulse cannon. Jeff and his copilot motion their Jaeger forward, Jeff and his co-pilot both raise their right hand then plunge the pulse cannon point blank into Manda then fired. Manda hissed as its scales and flesh were being burned away from each consecutive shot fired. Manda uncoiled itself from the Quake Danger before retreating back into the water. The Quake Danger slowly begins stand as the redundant systems kick on, "Thanks for saving us" said Lincoln.

"Yeah, you two own us one" said Jeff's co-pilot, Christina Ikari, "You are lucky that wasn't Godzilla...." a loud roar could be heard calling from the distance, "Jeff, its a Spinotitanosaurus"

"I was waiting for this bastard to show up, hey Quake Danger, whats your status?" Jeff asked.

"Systems are functional, we are ready for action" Daisy replied.

"Good to hear," Jeff replied as the two jaegers position themselves to face the incoming titan, the water surface bulges as a fleshy red sail accompanied by a pair of red fins sticks out of the water like a shark. The bulge then suddenly stops, the jaegers pilots watch intently as its long red reptilian tail rises out of the water. The fleshy fin then begins to rise up in the air as the water bulge reveals more and more of the creature's body, the creature stood on two large powerful legs, its long forelimbs were tucked under its torso as the creature stretched its long neck out. The beasts head resembled a crocodiles but its eyes were deep with in its skull and to the sides rather on top and sticking out like true crocodilians; its scalp was adorn with a large fin-like structure that goes down the creatures neck, sailback, and tail. Spinotitanosaurus or more common known as Titanosaurus.

Titanosaurus sniffs the jaeger units, Quake Danger took the initiative to attack first. "Quake Reverberators, activate!" Daisy shouted, the Quake Danger's gauntlets turn on; emitting a low hum. Daisy and Lincoln throw their right fist forward, the gauntlets then begin to bombard the red titan with sonic waves. Titanosaurus open its jaws to below a crocodilian-like hiss, Daisy smirks before her and her co-pilot intensifies the Quake Danger's sonic weapon's potency. Titanosaurus is thrown back beneath the waves, then the creature smacks its tail violently against the water before flaring up its fins as it sharply inhales, its chest inflates from the additional air it sucked in. Then the Titanosaurus bursts out of the water with its jaws gaped open as it releases a powerful sonic beam from its jaws. The water parted as the wave forced both jaegers to stumble backwards, the sonic wave continued past the mechs as it eventually made landfall; causing a landslide.

"What the hell..." Daisy's eyes widen, "Jeff, does that SHIELD of yours do anything?"

"Yes, but I think it would be unwise for us to throw it right now" Jeff replied

"Who says you have to throw it" Daisy replies

"You mean bash it in the face? That's a multibillion dollar weapons platform and you want us to smack a 140 ft tall spinosaurus with it?" Christina asked rhetorically.

"These jaegers are a multibillion dollar weapons platform, Whats your point!" Daisy retorted.

"Ladies, please were in the middle of a fight!" Lincoln tries to butt in, Daisy darted her gaze at her co-pilot before glancing over at the visual feed. Titanosaurus was approaching fast. Daisy and Lincoln direct their jaeger's arms up to fire a double sonic wave into the red spinosaurid. Titanosaurus slammed one of its claws on to the Quake Danger's sonic gauntlets before snapping its jaws around the other arm. The Patriot Avenger bolts towards the Titanosaurus, raising their sword up to slice into the beast. The beast splashes its tail around in the water, its fins on the apex of its tail starts to generate strong waves to throw the Patriot Avenger off balance. Titanosaurus lifts the Quake Danger up out of the water as the beast now stretches its legs out to their fullest extent. 

The Quake Danger flails around, Daisy and Lincoln use their jaeger's free arm to emit a sonic wave into the base of the Titanosaurus's throat. The Titanosaurus releases the Quake Danger's sonic gauntlet from its jaws, the red beast was belching and chocking. The Patroit Avenger throws their rocket SHIELD at the titan, the SHIELD opens up to fire a barrage of missiles and sabot rounds into the dinosaurian kaiju. Titanosaurus roars in pain before collapsing beneath the waves, the SHIELD flies back to its master, the red sail bursts from the waves in retreat.

Ebirah greats the Quake Danger and the Patriot Avenger, a loud distant howl shrieked across the whole of Earth. Ebirah quickly retreats beneath the waves, "Where do they think he's going?" Lincoln asked.

"Ummm Lincoln," Daisy was pointing at the monitor, "There are two moons in the sky" the earth's moon and the new moon were hanging in complete opposite sides of the visible late afternoon sky. Daisy stared at the new moon, a brief flashes of images appeared in her mind: Desolation, windy arid valleys, a swarm of lesser ghidorahs flying in dark stormy clouds, Lord X and the Xillien Council, the red glowing eyes of Monster X, and three golden serpents of radiant light flare open their toothy maws. Daisy's nose began to bleed, "What was that?" she asked to herself.

"All Jaeger units are to return immediately, if you can't, use your emergency ejection pod and we will retrieve your Jaegers later" Fury barked his orders through the radio. 

Sometime later...

The jaeger pilots along with the other monarch agents gathered in a room, Nick Fury took a seat, "You may take a seat, its not look good out there. here look at this latest satellite image" An image of Planet X came up on screen. The following images were closeups to the golden planet, Daisy's eyes widen but she remained silent. "This is the Xillien Homeworld, Planet X. My predecessor sent a joint American-Japanese space venture to X back in the mid 1960's, back in those times we were lead to believe the Xilliens were a peaceful race. They said King Ghidorah stripped their planet of life, they asked if they could borrow our strongest titans. The only Godzilla that was active was code-named GZ-03 Showa, the other titan was one of the smaller rodans. Big mistake, the Xilliens after seeing the destructive power of both Godzilla and Rodan decided to graft their mind-controlling devices on to their heads" Fury clicks the clicker as an image of the old Xillien council picture is displayed on the screen, "Funny looking guys, aren't they. They look like us outside those goofy uniforms and water-goggles. We later found an infiltrator and interrogated the xillien spy which provided us the intel on how to disable the xillien's mind controlling devices. We also learned the xilliens have been trying to lay claim to earth for millions of years, they have been collecting and altering themselves ever since but each time they send in a new incarnation of Ghidorah; it was destroyed by the Earth's Titans, almost as if the Earth has its own natural defense system. The Xilliens got impatient and sent a whole swarm of ghidorahs to earth on a meteor, the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs was actually a xillien weapons platform"

The images change to several xillien autopsies images, "Our scientists recovered these xilliens spies a few years later, after we executed them, we dissected them to see what made them tick. I know its hard to swallow but we needed to know what we were dealing with, fears of an alien invasion forced us to take drastic measures. We found out the xilliens weren't so human-like after all, the xilliens wear living-synthetic skin to blend in with humans. Without this suit, the xilliens would stand out: Golden scales, tail, and horns" Fury looked over at Daisy. The image changes to Monster X, "Kaiser Ghidorah, a religious figure in the xillien faith. Fortunately we only encountered a weak incarnation of this being, we believe the xilliens are working hard to make a stronger one" the image changes to a hieroglyphic of three serpents slithering out a dark star while devouring a planet, "This image, I can't make sense of it, some snake things eating a moon I guess"

"Is that a hieroglyphic?" Agent Simmons asked.

"Yes, Atlantean" Fury added.

"WARNING: TITAN Class V. Los Angeles.... GZ13-Shin" the computer announced.

"GZ13?" Daisy asked.

"Onscreen" Fury ordered.

The CCTV camera switch on as they scan the coasts for any signs of titans. One camera locks on to a titanic sized aquatic salamander, swallowing a nuclear submarine whole in a very snake-like fashion. "What the hell is that thing" Mack squints his eyes at the screen while raising his voice.

"Dios mio, no me gusta!" Agent Rodriguez exclaimed

"Its a Godzilla" Coulson comments.

"They sure keep getting uglier" Mack retorts

"I thought Godzilla was a reptile" Lincoln was confused.

"They are, but Shin Godzilla is more of an evolutionary throwback of some sorts to amphibians" Agent Ziggy added.

The puke tan godzilla starts to grow in size as its tan skin starts to redden as its gains an upright stance, soon its skin completely darkens as it reaches its maximum size parameters. Its tiny arms extend to their maximum length, it awkwardly squeezes itself between the tall skyscrapers, its googly eyes blankly stare down at the fleeing residents. Shin Godzilla continues to stare at them fleeing to the kaiju bunkers. Shin Godzilla exhales, the background radiation intensifies as he takes more steps into the city. Following behind it was a swarm of Shingodzillans of varying sizes ranging from 140 ft (60m) tall to 7 ft (2.5m) tall. Several helicarriers position themselves above Shin Godzilla, the helicarrier captains hover over their technicians shoulders before issuing the order to fire upon the kaiju. Soon Shin Godzilla was surrounded by black smoke from the helicarriers sabot rounds, quinjets and F-16s take off the helicarrier runways to engage the threat. 

"Okay, looks like its one of them freaks again. God can't humanity catch a break?" Lt. Walter Lawson expresses his disdain for the titans.

"It doesn't help to complain, Lt. Lawson" Lt. Maria Rambeau retorts.

"Okay, knock off the chatter. Let's fry this overgrown lizard" Cpt. Carol Danvers leads her wing forward, their jets soar above the skyline. Their targeting systems lock on to Shin Godzilla, "Eagle 20, Fox 2!" Cpt. Danvers fires her missile into Shin's chest, the massive creature doesn't even flinch as Danvers and her wing fly pass the radioactive monster.

"Eagle 5, Fox 1!" Lt. Rambeau fires her missile into Shin's chin, still no reaction.

"Eagle 7, Fox 2!" Lt. Lawson fires his missile into Shin's spine, Shin Godzilla raises his head up to howl in pain. Its sores begin to illuminate a bright purple, "Looks like I got a reaction out of him" Lawson smirked. Shin Godzilla's eyes were suddenly covered by a third eyelid as it gaped its mouth open, a thick black blanket of smoke poured forth from its toothy maw, the smoke blanketed the streets of Los Angeles. Anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the smoke would either die from asphyxiation or from its intense heat and the temperature was rising. The smoke suddenly caught fire as shin's lower jaw begins to split in twos before slowly flaring out like a snake; anyone who was on the streets who haven't succumb to the black smoke was soon scorched. The fire slowly shrank into a blue atomic fire before turning into focused purple laser beam. The beam cuts across the sky scrappers, the upper half of the builds slides from the severance point as they slip into the adjacent buildings. "Eagle 7, Fox 8!" Lt. Lawson fires his missile into Shin's eye, "Bullseye!" Shin directed that beam at Lawson, his F-16 was soon destroyed and his body atomized.

"Captain, we lost Lt. Lawson!" Lt. Rambeau eyes widen at the destruction Shin wrought on their comrade.

"Son of a bitch!" Captain Danvers curses, "Lt. Rambeau, we are going hot, lets give it everything we got!"

"Roger, Captain Danvers" Lt. Rambeau fires her missiles and her small rounds into Shin Godzilla, Shin Godzilla raises its tail, the apex fires the same purple laser beam out of its 'mouth'. Lt. Rambeau's wing is slice clean off of her F-16, she quickly ejects before her jet collides into a nearby building; The building is engulf into flames. GYAOOOOOONNNNNN!!! Shin Godzilla roared victoriously.

"Lt. Rambeau! No!" Cpt. Danvers watched helplessly as she lost her last wingman. "This is Eagle 20, this is Eagle 20. I am locked in and ready to deliver the pain" Cpt. Danvers turned her F-16 around in a sharp side ways turn. Everything seem to move in slow-motion as she approached the beasts head, she was breathing heavily as she saw its massive eye over her cockpit. She glared deep into Shin Godzilla's eye before looking forward then making another sharp turn towards its spines. She fires all of her missiles into its back, smiling with murderous glee while doing it. "You attack my city! Killed my friends! Now I take your life.... you son of..." Shin Godzilla's spines begin to glow purple, a purple energy aurora surrounds the spines before discharging a purple beam into the sky. Taken by surprise Cpt. Danvers reacted by dodging the first beam, then came the second beam, she dodged. Then a third beam which missed, then a fourth beam which also missed. Danvers navigated behind one of the skyscrappers as the sixth and seventh spines twist and flex to direct their beams into slicing the skyscrappers in two, "Holy shit!" Danvers cursed as the sky-scrappers came crashing down into streets and all around her jet fighter. Captain Danvers looked back and saw the rest of the F-16s and quinjets being shot out of the sky by Shin Godzilla's back beams. The helicarriers all mobilize into shooting Shin Godzilla but Shin Godzilla makes short work of the helicarriers. Captain Danvers flies her F-16 above the next block only for her jet's instruments to suddenly die on her, she quickly ejects out of her fighter before it collides into the streets into a ball of inferno. A massive creature flies past her, making a bizarre chirp roar. Captain Danvers directed her parachute towards an overpass before landing safely, she removes her flight helmet before looking up. A massive head stared down at her, broad reptilian snout on a square head with tiny yellow eyes. the rest of the creature came into view, maple-leaf shaped spines on its back, thick forelimbs and legs. It was Godzilla-Legend.



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If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


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What do you think of the all out kaiju uprising?



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I thought it was cool, but I'm also wondering "Why are they all waking up?!!! What the hell? XD

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


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Its a spoiler but something along the lines of Nature's Fury



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Hmm... I wonder what that could mean.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


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Chapter 42: Mappo Part IV

Los Angeles, United States. November 7th, 2019.

The early morning sun shined upon Legend as he wade through the buildings to the center of the destruction. The massive godzilla bellowed out his roar as he charges towards his rival, Shin Godzilla. Shin Godzilla blankly stares at Legend; Shin's dorsal spikes glow purple with atomic energy while Legend charges up his dorsal spikes glow blue with atomic energy. Legend exhales his atomic breath at Shin, shoving the Godzilla backwards into a skyscraper. Shin Godzilla exhales his atomic laser back into Legendary Godzilla, the beams slicing open the flesh on Legend's right shoulder. Legend charges into Shin, wrestling him to the ground, Legend snaps his jaws around Shin's neck as Shin was trying to wiggle himself free. Shin fires his atomic beam from his tail into Legend's back, Legend released his jaws to roar out in pain, Shin shoved himself upwards. Legend reached to bite Shin but Shin fires his atomic beams from his spines, he rotates most of his dorsal spines to strike at Legend. Legend collapses on the ground in pain, Shin stands straight up, glaring down at Legend with his creepy fish-like eyes. A shockwave pass through the buildings, the glass shatters from the stress. Shin and Legendary Godzilla were soon blanketed by the shockwave, Shin ignore it as he prepares to fire his atomic beam, the purple laser fires out only to loose most of its potency when it reached Legend. Shin tilted its head to the side like a confused puppy.

A pair of blade-like claws stab into Shin's neck-gills, the flying insect flaps its massive graceful wings as it attempts to carry Shin off the ground; Shin Godzilla was being dragged away from Legend by Mothra. Shin Godzilla roared furiously only to be body slammed by a female Muto into the next building. Shin snaked his tail around the Muto, evolving his tail's second "mouth" into a biting jaws, Mothra flies back around, the biting jaws strikes at the Muto like a boa constrictor before wrapping shin's long tail around the Muto. Shin growls as a new pair of massive arms bursts out from his shoulder. Mothra fires a beam from her antennae, Shin Godzilla growled as his exposed skin blistered from her attacks, Shin Godzilla then swatted Mothra out of the sky with his new massive claws. Mothra screamed as she fell from the sky, Shin reached down with its new claws to lift Mothra up by her wings. A male Muto flew down to Shin's tail but it was already too late, Shin had already drained the female Muto of her radiation reserves; Shin's skin, dorsal spines, and mouth began to glow ominously purple. Shin fires his death beams through his dorsal spines into air, the Male Muto folded in his wings to dodge the beams but was strucked in his midsection. Shin growled as the flying beast came tumbling into the cityscape, Shin turned his gaze back to Mothra only to find out he is only holding her severed wings. Mothra crawled onto one the skyscrapers, she chirped before spitting her silk on to Shin's dorsal spines.

Shin Godzilla growls as he pumps radiation into his dorsal spines only to realize that mothra's silk is counteracting his radiation. Shin Godzilla then pumps his atomic energy to his tail but then a barely alive female Muto bites down into his tail, Shin Godzilla roared lividly then to its horror Legendary Godzilla stood up. Shin Godzilla raises his up his head to roar defiantly while shaking his ugly malformed head around, the roar was different then the ones that came before it. Legend charged up his dorsal spines to finish off Shin but a loud cackling roar in the distance could be heard,


Four hours earlier...

Cult of Ghidora, Science Facility

Malick, Jonas, and Ward were going about their business as the Hydra Corps scientists routinely check up on the carcass of Great King Ghidorah's head, affectionately nicknamed Kevin by Malick. Ward walked over to one the scientists Dr. Kara Palamas, a former MONARCH scientists and agent. "So babe, how are things down here?" Ward asked.

She smiled back, "Good all things considering... What?"

"What is it?" Ward asked.

"Ghidorah's cells they're coming to life. Fascinating, if we could graft these cells on to a hydra memeber...." Kara paused as she and Ward heard screaming from across the massive holding chamber. Ghidorah started breathing, "Its alive!" screamed one of the Hydra Corps scientists. Gideon smiles out from his glass encased balcony, Jonas sipped on his scotch before muttering "Things are going to get more interesting around here"

Gideon Malick turns around, "Yes" he walks over to the console, "Hydra Corps Agent 33, Prepare extraction protocol 66"

"Yes sir" a robotic arm roars to life as it slowly makes its way to Kevin, the machine starts cutting away a piece of its flesh for extraction.

"Cut a little deeper, I want some bone marrow samples" Malick orders confidently, while smiling at Jonas.

The machine syringe-drill drills in deeper, the eyelid twitches. Then drill blade strucks bone, "Extracting, Bone marrow..." the engineer in the extractor mecha announces; Blood red eyes open wide, soon a burst of light scatters around the complex, the extractor operator was soon reduced to dust. The emergency alarms sound off as the complex enters shut down, "WARNING! The triggering system has been activated, all personnel must evacuate to a safe distance in T-15 minutes" The Hydra Corps almost immediately began rushing towards the blast doors, the severed Ghidorah head roars to life as it slithers around awkwardly now it has regenerated its neck. It flickers out its tongue in a playful manner before gobbling up the fleeing Hydra Corps personnel, its neck starts to sprout a new neck on its right side; soon a second head grows out of the new neck. The two heads of ghidorah begin to bicker with one another before another neck grows between them and with it its newly formed head, the center head growls at both of his "brothers" before subduing them to his will.

Dr. Palamas stares up at the three headed serpent in both awe and fear, Great King Ghidorah regrows his torso then shortly after that his abdomen and pelvis; sharp spines extend from its sides as membrane skin quickly covers the spines while it develops its fetal legs and tail; giving it a classic ghidorah look before the spiny fins separate from its body attached to a pair of muscular arm wings. each wing collides into the edge of the chamber's walls. Great King Ghidorah legs and tails begin to grow, soon the containment chamber will no longer be suitable for its size. Dr. Palamas and Ward make a run for it to the nearest emergency exit, their sudden movements catches the attention of the right head of Ghidorah. Ward and Palamas pull out their pistols and begins to unload a clip at the mighty gold dragon only for both of them to be reduced into atomized particles.

Gideon and Jonas stare out of their chamber in mixed horror and excitement, "Hail Ghidorah" Gideon smiled as the Great King Ghidorah continue to grow, the ground shook as concrete began to crack; soon the golden demise, the one who was many, the living extinction event burst out of the ground. It flares open its massive wings, each head snaking it way up to the sky, celebrating its freedom with a cackling roar.

Shin Godzilla's desperate roars were answered, soon covering Long Beach, Malibu, and Santa Monica were legions of smaller humanoid Shingodzillans. The Shingodzillans ranging from office building size to roughly the size of a human came flooding into Los Angeles. Anyone unfortunate enough to cross these horrific monsters were quickly atomized as they barrel towards their relative, the Shingodzillans quickly climb on to Shin Godzilla and on to the female Muto; like ravenous army ants they slowly subdue the Muto, while eating her down to the bone. The ones on Shin Godzilla chewed away at Mothra's silk, allowing Shin Godzilla to power up his dorsal spines. Soon the Shingodzillans take notice of the other kaiju, they quickly make short work of the crippled male Muto and the remains of Mothra's wings before a group of the Shingodzillans splinter off to finish off Mothra clinging on to a skyscraper while the rest swarm towards Legend.

Mothra Leo shrieks as he shifts into his fast form before shifting into his moth swarm form to curve the flow of Shingodzillans from harming his sister-mother. Shin Godzilla bellows before firing its laser into the thick of the moth swarm, killing Mothra Leo. Mothra cries as Leo's scattered moth swarms fall to the ground lifelessly. The Shingodzillans swarm all over Legendary Godzilla, attacking his gills and biting into his dorsal spines. Shin Godzilla stares down menacingly at the chaos and destruction it has caused, soon more titans arrive to challenge Shin Godzilla. Rodan and his wing of smaller rodans swarm Shin Godzilla only to be taken out by Shin Godzilla's back lasers, Angurius bursts from ground to challenge Shin Godzilla. Shin Godzilla fires its atomic laser but Angurius's armored back protected it from Shin Godzilla's beams, the armored titan charged straight towards Shin. Angurius clamped his jaws down on Shin ankle like a rapid dog to a mailman, Shin screamed in pain as he was then bombarded by tugboats. Kong rose out of the water with Tugboat in hand, Shin turns his head to face the titanic primate.

Kong grunted as he wasn't alone, standing near him was Blizzard, Gamera, and Armadon. Shin Godzilla fires his atomic laser at Kong, Armadon slams his feet into the ground causing a wall of earth to judd out into a make shift shield. Gamera took to the skies as he spun around in his shell while Kong and Blizzard took cover behind Armadon. Blizzard and Kong bolted in opposites directions, Shin Godzilla like a chameleon independently focuses each of its individual eye at his ape adversaries. Armadon slams his tail and claws into the ground forcing a barrage of rock straight towards Shin Godzilla's belly as Gamera continue to barrel towards Shin Godzilla from the behind.

Shin Godzilla was impaled by the rock projectiles, it barfs up a volume of blood before weakly turning its ugly head towards Gamera. Blue Zilla arrives in downtown Los Angeles along with her new rival Talon, the two agile titans bolt towards Shin Godzilla. Shin Godzilla fires its beam at Gamera but his shell protects him from Shin's beams, Zilla and Talon race each other towards the massive abomination before both leaping on to Shin's back. Shin howls as Zilla and Talon bite off chunks of its flesh. The Shingodzillans nibbling at Legend's scales turn to see their "mother" was under attack, they collectively scream as they rush back towards their "mother"; however Legend regains consciousness and swallows the Shingodzillans as they were fleeing. Legend rises to his feet, he bellows his signature roar as he charges through the city, his dorsal spines glowing red with the rest of his skin.


Somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean

The pterosaur titan Firebird bursts out from a nearby volcano, only to be greeted by an Eartheater and some Megavolts while a lone Komodithrax bolts into the water. Purple jagged dorsal spines bursts out of the water, the rest of the beast surfaces, a massive creature with green scared scales arose from the water. The creature was called Godzilla Jagger by Monarch, Miregoji by G-Force. Jagger sharply inhales before releasing a gruttal growl as another Godzilla rises from the water. It looked very similar to Jagger except it was black, its spines were white, and it has a massive scar on its chest. The two godzillas bow their heads at one another before turning their attention to the Firebird and her entourage of Eartheaters and Megavolts. Firebird screams as she flaps her leathery wings before departing from the volcanic island, the other titans make their way off the small island.

Various, Global

"Europe is being besieged by various gigantic monsters coming as far north as Scandinavia... UK is under yet another attack by the titans dubbed Orga and Gorgo.. Denmark lies in ruins from an avenging Reptilicus.... Various sightings of dragon-like animals rampaging through out germany and france.... Reports of a men and women in paramilitary gear have been spotted near these titan disaster zones along with some kind of reptilian animal companions...."

The Korean Peninsula burns as Cykor, Yonggary, and Gigan finish off the last of the Korean Resistance before continuing eastwards towards Japan. Battra finishes his siege of the middle-east, their cities and settlements burn as their people flee to the mountains, again men and women in paramilitary gear arrive with their reptilian attack dogs; Indoraptors, their red eyes glisten as Lord X issues them their kill command. The Indoraptors fell upon the fleeing refugees like lions on a herd of fleeing sheep. The Paramilitary operatives removes their helmet, revealing themselves as Xilliens, smiling at the death, devastation, and destruction of their master's plan.




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Chapter 43: Mappo Part V

Gideon Mansion, Somewhere in California

Great King Ghidorah soared above the Gideon Malick's estate. Trees, vehicles, people, and concrete were up-heaved into the air from his terrible wake. Ghidorah cackled as his victims either fell to their deaths or where crushed by the falling debris. A squadron of quinjets lock their sights on to the golden demise, the sky begins to dark as thunder clouds soon formed around Great King Ghidorah. "I have lost visual," said one of the quinjet pilots.

"Where did these storm clouds come from?" asked his wingman

"Oh shi..." one pilot's curse was cut short as a bolt of lightning illuminated King Ghidorah's silhouette, the three heads of ghidorah cackle fire their gravity beams into the quinjet squadron; some exploded as the gravity beams hit their mark while the others broke from formation to fire their missiles into the dragon titan. Great King Ghidorah wasn't even phased. The middle and right head of Ghidorah sport a slasher's grin while the left head darts its gaze around thoughtlessly before turning gaze back to its "brothers". Great King Ghidorah concentrates its energy, the great king ghidorah flare opens his wings to unleash his gravity beams through the tips of his wings; destroying the remaining quinjets.

Underground Facility, somewhere in Arizona

Tony Stark and his engineering team were working hard on reviving a project his father had started back in the late 80's. Project Juggernaut, an experimental military mobile space platform, it was original to the next stage to the STAR WARS project but the funding fell through in the early 90's through the administration change. In 2008 when Tony inherited his father's company, he restarted Project Juggernaut as a military project. However these past few years, Tony decided to re-purpose the mobile weapon platform into a deep space colony ship and renamed the Project, Pilgrimage. "This is the future! The future of mankind rests on this project being completed. Project Pilgrimage, mankinds future depends on it!"

Los Angeles, California

Admits the chaos Captain Danvers was forced to play a deadly game of hide and seek with a pair of tyrannosaurus-sized shingodzillans before being able to continue her trek to find her friend. Zilla Blue spots Legend as he charges up his atomic power. Zilla bites into one of Shin's dorsal plate, she twists and pulls until the connective tissue tears bounding the dorsal plate to Shin's back. Shin roars in pain as the sinew snaps away from its severed dorsal plate. Zilla leaps off of the lumbering Godzilla as she joins talon in the adjacent alley, Legend Goji quickly releases his red spiral breath into Shin Godzilla exposed back. Shin's body begins to glow red then purple then back to red, Shin roars as smoke began to radiate from its mouth. Blizzard and Kong saw their chance to strike, Kong grabs a large chunk of debris as Blizzard was powering up his cryogenic reserves. Kong grunts as he hurls the debris chunk into Shin Godzilla's side, Shin raises his tail up and reduces the debris into atomized dust. Blizzard leaps and grabs the apex of Shin's tail, he concentrates the cold energy from his palms into Shin's tail. The tiny malformed shingodzillans cry to life before being silenced by the cold, Shin charges up his spines but Kong hurls another debris chunk at the beast. The beams cut through the debris chunk, Blizzard's cold rushes through Shin's tail as it begins to cool its atomic reserve. Shin roars as it prepares to fire, however Blizzard's cold finally reaches shin's dorsal plates, one-by-one gradually shutting them down; Shin made one last roar before being frozen solid. Blizzard sighs in relief, he nods to Kong that Shin Godzilla was no longer a threat.

After the battle Danvers stumbles upon her wingman's down aircraft before running over to recover her friend, "You look like shit" she said before helping Lt. Rambeau out of the cockpit. Legend approached the two ape titans, he then looks up to see the frozen form of Shin Godzilla before snorting at his adversary. Legend turns away before heading back to sea, another godzilla roar calls out from the bay. Massive Dorsal plates shoot out of the water surface, the rest of its body came to in view as it rises from the bay. Legend recognizes this Godzilla, he was formerly the Godzilla Monarch designated as Jaeger but now he was more than double his original size. Bigger and stronger, a Super Godzilla. Cpt. Danvers and Lt. Rambeau looked on wards to the heavily armored godzilla. "Shit!" Carol Danvers cursed.

Legend roars at Super Godzilla, Super Godzilla roars back. Legend began charging up his atomic energy but Super Godzilla charged on to shore and soon Legend was shoved backwards. His lumbering form smashes in to Shin Godzilla, shattering the defeated titan into frozen pieces. Super Godzilla bites down on Legend's neck before dragging him through an office building, Mothra slowly regenerates her wings before taking to the sky to help her ally. Kong and Blizzard both double team Super Godzilla, Talon and Zilla join into the fight but Super Godzilla repelled them with his nuclear pulse attack. Blizzard pulls Kong away as he creates a wall of of glacier ice from the palms of his hands. The pulse batters against the glacier, melting the top layer of the ice wall. Talon and Zilla woke up to find themselves shielded by a wall of glacier ice as well. Armadon and Gamera watch from afar as Santa Monica was reduced to ruins, now all that was left were cooked buildings and melting glaciers. Zarkorr and Kraa rendezvous with their alpha; Super Godzilla growls at his subordinates before proceeding deeper into the city. Danvers and Rambeau quickly limp to the opposite direction, a loud thunderous boom was heard and with it a heavy gust of wind. The Great King Ghidorah soars above the out-skirts of Los Angeles, leveling the entire suburb divisions in his wake. The two pilots limp towards the nearest ground shelter, Ghidorah was swooping in for the kill, fortunately for Danvers and Rambeau they made it inside before ghidorah could reach them as the shelter quickly submerges into the ground

Great King Ghidorah snarled angrily as it lands a block away from the shelter, Zarkorr and Kraa greet the mighty Ghidorah. The two alien kaiju bow before the Great King, Ghidorah just nods at their compliance before turning his attention to Super Godzilla. Planet X soon positioned itself above the earth like a moon, the Rift's energies stabilized the celestial bodies orbits. Great King Ghidorah flew off towards the Santa Monica Bay in search of the key to the harbinger's arrival; Daisy Johnson.

Hawaii, Big Island, MONARCH-US Airforce base.

The base was very buzzing with activity as Helicarriers and Quinjets were scrambling to evacuate every military personnel, resident civilians, and tourists from the Hawaiian islands. Monarch's rendition of G-Force's Super X called M-Destroyers soon arrive to escort the Helicarrier flotilla. "Single file, people. Single file. Agent Johnson, I want you and Agent Campbell to suit up. Were going to need some more backup in case things go south" Agent Hill ordered.

"Roger. Let's go Lincoln" Daisy motioned to her co-pilot to follow her. The two suit up as they walk across the catwalk into their Jaeger the Quake Danger; the Patriot Avenger soon joins them in guard duty. A heavy gust of wind blows across the airforce base, the hellicarriers soon take to the skies after loading everyone onboard to join the rest of the hellicarrier fleet that evacuated from the neighboring islands. Another Axe-headed titan bursts from the water's surface, then a smaller reptilian titan bursts out of the water. The two kaiju glance at each other before charging towards the guardian Jaegers. Patriot Avengers fires a barrage of shoulder missiles into Trespasser the axe-head titan, while Quake Danger fires its cannon at the smaller reptile dubbed Otachi. Otachi swiftly dodges the Quake Danger's attacks before swiping the jaeger off its feet with its long tail, Otachi then looked up at the fleeing Helicarriers as it stands on its hind legs as it raises its forearms in the air. Large leathery wings deploy from its forelimbs; Otachi soon takes to the sky.

"Shit, that thing is going take out the helicarriers! Daisy, help me grab its tail!" Lincoln shouted.

The Quake Danger grabbed Otachi's long tail, the titan hissed as it flapped its wings harder to maintain itself in the air. It wiggles its tail free from the jaeger as it continues its flight towards the helicarriers. The hellicarriers fired all their weapons at the pursuing kaiju, Otachi roared in defiance as he inches closer and closer to them. Otachi opened its mouth ready to consume the nearest helicarrier before releasing a squeal, the thunder and lightning intensifies as the beast dive bombs into the ocean. "We bloody made it!" Agent Simmons cried. The rest of the crew of the Avenger Helicarrier celebrated as Otachi retreated further from their scanners.

"Something is not right" Agent Coulson muttered to himself.

"Sir contact direct front of the flotilla!" Agent Hill relayed.

"Its HIM, Monster Zero!" radioed in the commander of the front most Helicarrier, "May God...." the radio goes static as his heliccarier is soon torn apart by Great King Ghidorah's gravity beams.



MemberRodanDec-05-2019 6:41 PM


If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberGiganDec-06-2019 2:31 AM

I quickly added a airship to compliment the Helicarriers, I proudly introduce the M-Destroyer "Mobile Destroyer"which is Monarch's answer to Super X



MemberGiganDec-19-2019 1:46 PM

Chapter 44: All Monsters Attack!

Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Hawaii. Early morning, November 8th, 2019

Great King Ghidorah cackles as the leading hellicarrier's remains rain down into the pacific, the M-Destroyers fire their rail-cannons at the false king, Ghidorah recoils its three heads like a cobra before firing its gravity beams back at the M-Destroyers. The destroyers embraced impact as the beams made contact with their hulls, the gravity beams struck directly at least 3 Helicarriers; exploded. The surviving front M-destroyer's crew puts out any fires that sprouted onboard while the bridge crew launch another attack against Great King Ghidorah. The ghidorah plopped his talons down on to an adjacent helicarrier, his weight proving too much for the flying carrier made its engine turbines to stall, Ghidorah kicks off from the carrier sending the helicarrier and her crew spiral down into the ocean. Ghidorah fire its gravity beams at any aircraft who dare to get in its way as it cuts its way through the flotilla. The hellicarrier shook violently as the devilmen refugees stare up at the ceiling in terror, Ghidorah flies towards their helicarrier. An M-Destroyer cuts in front of the space dragon while simultaneously firing its rail guns into the beast, the helicarrier drop its altitude to avoid getting hit by its gravity beams. Great King Ghidorah directed all three of its heads to fire their gravity beams into the M-Destroyer, while the M-Destroyer explodes King Ghidorah flaps his massive wings to direct the blazing debris on to any nearby airships. Ghidorah tucked in his wings to dive bomb below the helicarrier flotilla.

"Status report!" Fury shouted over the blaring red alert alarms.

"Not good, we lost almost half of the flotilla. Monster Zero is flying away from us?" Hill questioned the report.

"What the hell? Stay on coarse, our top priority is to get these people to safety" Fury ordered.

Coulson and the remaining members of his team just stare up at the monitors surveillancing whats transpiring in Hawaii.

Big Island, Hawaii

The remaining Jaegers battle the new titans, among Trespasser and Otachi were Slattern, Leatherback, Scunner, Raiju, Knifehead, Onibaba, and Kaiceph. The Freedom Striker, Patriot Avenger, Bulk Vindicator, Quake Danger, and the Laughing Skull strategically played a deadly game of hit and run as the kaiju converged on the shores of Big Island. A loud cackle roared across the island as Great King Ghidorah makes his presence known to the Antekaiju, Slattern roared back at the space dragon ordering his antekaiju to strike. A slasher grin sported across Ghidorah's collective faces, he spreads his massive wingspan to their fullest extent to make himself look even more intimidating; Great King Ghidorah channels his gravity beams through the tips of wings to destroy all of the surrounding skyscrapers. Slattern and his antekaiju were unmoved by Great King Ghidorah alpha call thanks in part for being part of a hivemind. Great King Ghidorah sneered as the antekaiju dared to attack him, he fired his gravity beam into Onibaba, throwing the arthropod-like Antekaiju into a nearby hospital building. Leatherback and Otachi then charged towards Great King Ghidorah, Otachi quickly took to the skies as Leatherback leaped towards the golden demise swinging like a boxer. Great King Ghidorah flapped his massive wings creating a gust of wind strong enough to send Leatherback back a few miles then Ghidorah took to the skies to confront Otachi. Otachi screeched in terror as Ghidorah's left and right heads snapped their jaws on to her wings, Ghidorah's central head fired its gravity beams into Otachi's back before releasing her from his jaws. The Quake Danger was thrown across the ocean like a skipping stone.

Otachi splashes into the water, the antekaiju quickly recovers from her wounds as she bee-lined back to the Hawaiian coast. Great King Ghidorah swooped down to the sandy coasts, Otachi flinched as the golden space dragon landed before her. Ghidorah snarled with his trio of heads, Otachi bowed in submission to the false king. Great King Ghidorah flapped his massive wings to gain lift off and soon he made his way to Leatherback, he fired his gravity beams to weaken the reptilian-primate antekaiju before making him submit to Ghidorah's terrible majesty. Leatherback and Otachi now under Great King Ghidorah enthrallment begin attacking their fellow antekaiju; one by one each defeated antekaiju were taken to Great King Ghidorah, the defeated antekaiju hissed as Ghidorah further punished the otherworldly beasts for defying him. The false king roared as he claimed Hawaii, soon a flock of Lesser Ghidorahs and Dorats accompanied by Desghidorah arrived from across the pacific to bow to their king; Great King Ghidorah growled satisfied with their compliance.

Hours later....Sans Francisco, California

Great King Ghidorah flew above the Los Angeles skyline holding the Quake Danger in its talons, Desghidorah soon flew overhead as well holding the Patriot Avenger in her talons. The flock of Lesser Ghidorahs were also carrying the remnants of hawaii's jaeger force in their talons. Great King Ghidorah roared to his subordinates to drop the jeagers down into the city, the Jaegers crash into the skyscrapers reducing the tower structures into dust and debris. Great King Ghidorah cackles at the destruction before soaring high above the clouds into the exosphere with his bounty.

Fury's Helicarrier, somewhere

"Wait a second where is he, taking them!" Mack demanded.

"To mother" Coulson replied.

"Dr. Jiayang Johnson, one of the brightest minds on earth. Who would have known she would be capable of all this" Agent May added.

"She isn't alone, she was merely an infiltrator" Fury walks out dressed in pressured battle armor, "The Xilliens are responsible for this invasion and I say let's go after them. Make them pay for messing with Earth. We got two quinjets operational in the hangar, Adam and his brothers are making the proper adjustments for space travel"

"When will the quinjets be ready?" Coulson asked.

Planet X, High Citadel

Great King Ghidorah drops the Quake Danger on to a black metal platform surrounded by tall sharp obelisks, the obelisks emit an antigravity field which lifts the jaeger unit up until its standing once more. Daisy awakes to see an unfamiliar ceiling of black metal, she struggles to move but realizes she is in a capsule pod. The xillien scientists look in through the peep whole before looking away to do their tests. Dr. Jiayang walks into the room, she began speaking to the scientist in what Daisy could understand were bizarre animal noises. Jiayang turned towards the pod Daisy was in before wiggling her eyebrows and smiling before turning her attention back to the scientists. Diasy struggled within the pod but it was no use, she looked back up through the peep-hole and there her mother was staring at her. "Struggle all you like, but you are not getting out of this" Jiyang smirked.

"Whats the point of all of this? Earth is being ravaged by monsters, some of those monsters you created!"

"Why? Simple, your planet is a threat to our empire and we wish to see it eliminated. Ghidorah was created for this purpose, we them down to garden worlds, they subdue any potential threats, then they xenoform those worlds to our liking. You see my dear, we xilliens are the purest form of Ghidorah, collectively broken down into human-like forms. Once a Xillien has gained enough power, a select individual is blessed to become Kaiser Ghidorah. I intend to become Kaiser Ghidorah and I want you to become one with me to achieve it."

"You are insane, I would rather die than help you!" Daisy hissed.

"That is no longer an option for you, once you become one with me, you'll see things our way" Jiayang cackled.

Jiayang walked away before entering an adjacent pod, then Lord Muramasa entered the room. He then approached Jiayang, "Are you ready for this? The joining could be fatal or the off chance that your daughter could become the dominate one"

"I've done the simulations, it will work. Trust me, I am ready for this and there is no turning back" Jiayang glances over at the small space window "The stars are shining brightly. Commence the merging!"

Lord Muramasa nods his head to the scientists. The scientists swiped their hands on the control module to activate the machines. A swarm of nanites flood the pods, breaking down both Daisy and Jiaynag into a living paste-like substance before being sucked into a long tube. The paste is then processed into a massive chamber filled with a pink fluid, their collective biomass soon mixes together; each cell desperately seeking the other out to fuse with. Daisy and Jiaynag's biomass soon increases in volume until the chamber was completely filled. The biomass soon reconstitutes itself into a female Monster X. The reincarnated Monster X slowly roses herself, memories belonging to both Jiayang and Daisy swarm around inside of her head. Jiayang's and Daisy's minds wrestle for control, Jiayang swiftly dominates over her daughter with a swift jab to Daisy's mental image. Jiayang smiles as she slowly absorbs Daisy into herself, Monster X was now complete.



MemberGiganDec-27-2019 1:08 PM

Chapter 45: Monster X counterattack!

Monster X opened her red glowing eyes. She stares up at the night sky, Earth hanged in the sky like a moon. She levitates herself into orbit, leaving the dusty planetoid behind. Super Godzilla felt Monster X's presence as she descends through the atmosphere. Monster X flashes her red eyes at Super Godzilla, signaling a chemical reaction inside the enhanced godzilla's cells. Super Godzilla's shoulder pauldrons further increased in size all while a large horn sprang from Godzilla's snout and two smaller horns grow from the side of his head; Super Godzilla was now Bagan. Bagan then approached Monster X, she looked at him, Bagan bowed before her terrible majesty.

Fury's Helicarrier, somewhere

The Quinjets take off of the helicarrier before accelerating through the atmosphere, a faint silhouette dance between the darken clouds "Titan, 12 o clock!" Agent May shouted

"What Category?" Coulson asked

A terrible roared filled the skies, it sounded like a herd of demonic elephants: distorted and deep. "Kaiju Index #036!" May read off the titan detector console.

"Desghidorah..." Coulson muttered to himself, "Take us down below the clouds, lets see if we can loose it!:

"Yes sir"

The quinjet squadron dive below the clouds while desighorah was on their collective tails, desighidorah made short work of the quinjets with its fiery death beams. Agent May emergency lands her damaged quinjet into a corn field, the monarch agents quickly disembark from the damaged aircraft as they kept their eyes staring at the sky. Desghidorah roared unchallenged as it flew away. "Lets find the others" Coulson said.

"Do we even know if others survived?" Agent Hunter asked pessimistically.

"There is only one way to find out" Mack loads his shotgun.

"Keep your eyes peel, InGen's genetic aberrations might be in the area" Coulson commands.

"You mean the dinosaurs?" Bobbie asks rhetorically.

"Please lets remain quiet" May whispers.

The Monarch Agents slowly made their way to a lone red barn, the doors were off their hinges laying shattered on the ground as if something moderately big smashed through them. A Dimorphodon greats the monarch agents on top of the barn's roof with a sharp hoarse chirp, Agent Hunter spooked begins to fire at the top of the barn. The dimorphodon quickly flies away. "What the hell Hunter!" Mack grabs his fellow agent by the collar.

"Calm down, I only got spooked, mate!" Agent Hunter retorts.

"You getting spooked could very well cost us our lives, asshole!" Mack retorts back. A distant howl echoed in the darkness of the night.

"Everybody, turn on your motion trackers" Coulson ordered. With a flip of the switch the motion trackers beeped to life. the screen emitted a small graphical map of the surrounding area as well as green dots representing the agents with red dots representing potential threats and there were nine of them against the five agents. The big red dot was moving away fast while the smaller red dots were encroaching on their position. "Don't be fooled by the size of the dots, that big one was that small bird-pterodactyl thing. The quicker the movements, the larger the blips" Mack comments.

"Oh well isn't that just dandy!" Hunter snarks.

Coulson spots the farm house nearby, "Everyone, double time to that house! Alright, go!" The Monarch Agents sprint towards the house, their movements makes their green dots grow larger on the trackers. The red dots quickly gain size as well as they approach the agent's green dots with a steady paste. Sharp snarls could be heard behind them as they sprinted across the farm, not look back the agents managed to reach the farm house door. Coulson held the door open for his agents as they one by one pass through the door port before Coulson himself enters the door way, while closing the door one of their pursuers leaps into the air, Coulson slams the door shut on the creatures face. A loud thud collided with the door followed by an agitated hissed. Coulson locked the door before slowly backing away from it.

The creatures snarled, hissed, and screamed as they slammed themselves against the door. Then came a final groan before the creatures abandon their attack. "What the hell were those things?" May asked.

"InGen's genetically modified Velociraptors, a whole pack of them" Coulson said out of breath. The interior of the house is what one would expect in a typical american farm house with yellow dingy wallpaper, old knickknacks, and paintings of family. The kitchen had a pot filled halfway of water with remains of pork, rice, and beans stuck to its interior surface left unwashed in the sink.

"I ain't afraid of no overgrown lizard" Mack snorted

"Technically their birds" Coulson added.

"Same difference" Mack raised his shotgun, "Yall can stick around waiting to be lizard food. As for me, I'm going out there to save Yo-Yo"

"Mack, don't be stupid. They'll kill you!" Bobbie stood in front of him.

The raptors began to make loud barking noises, May slowly peeked behind the blinds out of the window and saw the eight raptors bolting back past the barn. "Something's wrong" May closed the blinds, "The raptors, their retreating"

"From what?" Hunter asks.

"Whatever it is, we are safer in here than out there" Bobbie declared. Slowly a distant thunder started to roll in except it wasn't raining and there was no lightning outside. The thunderous sound grew louder as it drew closer to the house. The water in the dirty pot in the sink started to ripple. Thunder got closer as the ground shook. With each clap, sounds of soil being removed accompanied it. The monarch agents peeked outside the windows on both the bottom floor as well as the top but saw nothing. They checked their motion trackers and saw a medium red dot was arriving near a cluster of trees by the barnyard. They saw nothing outside, the large red dot seeming vanishes from the motion tracker's screen. Mack slowly approached the front door, turning the door handle until it clicked open.

"Mack, what are you doing?" Coulson asked.

"Looking for survivors, sir" Mack answered.

"Bobbie and Hunter, give him cover" Coulson ordered.

The trio slowly made their way down the porch as they made their way to sight of the disturbance. They shined their flashlights carefully at the trees but they saw nothing, Hunter's foot slips and sinks into a freshly made mud-puddle. he struggles to pull his boot out of the puddle before noticing the puddle was a large theropod foot print. "Bloody hell?" Hunter cursed. Bobbie began to hear something breathing above her, "Babe I can hear you breathing on me"

"That is not me love" Hunter just a few feet away replies.

"What?" Bobbie looked over at him confused.

Mack glances at his comrades before a beep goes off, the red dot flashes for a moment. Then an another beep flickers on the screen coming from the other direction and was heading fast, "We got incoming" Mack turns to his agent. His eyes widen in terror as if the beast just materializes out of thin air, its skin removing the shades of the farm house and trees back to its opaque white scales. The Indominus rex flashes her sharp disorganized teeth at the monarch agents, she quickly reaches for Bobbie but Hunter shoves his girlfriend out of the way only to be snatched away himself. Mack opens fire on the white dinosaur, she roars angrily at Mack. Bobbie quickly scampers away back to a comfortable position, she aims her weapon at the Indominus but couldn't bring herself to pull the trigger. Not when her boyfriend was being held captive in its claws. "Mack we have to save him from that thing!"

"How do you expect us to do that, that thing's hide is thicker than kevlar" Mack snapped.

"We got to think of something or Hunter will die!" Bobbie cried.

Coulson and May watched the chaos unfold from the farm house windows. "Coulson, there is a truck" May motioned her head.

"Mack, Bobbie. Multiple contacts on their way. Do something quick before they over run the house" Coulson radioed in to his agents.

"I noticed, little busy here" Mack retorted as he shot the Indominus in the armpit. The Indominus rex drops hunter on to the floor, he quickly scampered to his feet before the I. rex bitten him in half.

Something started to bang on the front door, Coulson and May quickly rushed over to the balcony before a loud crash came from the living room. There they saw something akin to a raptor but much bigger emerge from the large window, its scales were jet black with a streak of bright yellow running down its sides. The Indoraptor sniffs the ground before jerking its head up at Coulson and May.

"Oh shit" Coulson uttered as the Indoraptor howls at the two agents. It quickly leaps to the second floor but May and Coulson had already retreated into the bedroom. They shove a large dresser in front of the door blocking it from pursuing them. The Indoraptor rams itself into the door, cracking the wooden structure. The two agents quickly bolted across the second floor until they saw the truck outside. The Indoraptor hurls itself again into the door, further breaking the door while also knocking the dresser back a smidge. May hastily smashes the window before assisting herself and Coulson on to the overhang. The Indoraptor roars before running back to ram the damaged door once more, the door bursts open in pieces as the dresser is thrown to the wall. The Indoraptor now proceeds through the bedroom unhindered, he follows the human's scent until spotting them escaping out of the bathroom window.

"Looks like were going have to make a jump" Coulson gestured to his partner. The Indoraptor brandishes his teeth, while arching up his back ready to charge.

"One" May started, the Indoraptor screams as it gallops through the rooms "Two"

"Three" Coulson finished before both of them leapt down from the overhang, the Indoraptor shoves its head out of the window in a vain attempt to bite them before both agents fell to the ground rolling on the dirt floor. They both look up to see the angry Indoraptor hissing down at them.

"Leave the hot wiring to me" Coulson rolled up his sleeves as he approached the pickup truck. May watched over Coulson while he hotwired the truck, the other Indoraptors soon made their way up to the house following the agent's scent. The Pickup truck's engines roared to life, "Okay lets go" Coulson said quietly to May. May entered the passanger side as Coulson quickly sat in the driver seat, he pulled the clutch before flooring the gas. The Pickup Truck raced across the open field, gaining some distance between them and the house before turning around to gather their remaining agents.

Mack turns to see pickup truck before returning fire on the Indominus, "Bobbie, run to the truck"

"No! Not without you!" Agent Bobbie screamed.

"That's an order" Mack bolted towards the Indominus rex to squeeze a few more shots. "Hey yo punk ass dinosaur, you want to a piece of me!" Mack shouted before firing more rounds into its armored flesh. The Indominus rex backed away from the agent, "Yeah that's damn right, yo better back off. Before I make you extinct again" he glances back at Bobbie as she climbed in the pickup truck. He glances back at the I. rex with a smirk on his face. She stared right back at Mack with what could be a dinosaurian version of a smirk, an indoraptor rose behind from Mack. "Mack!" the Indoraptor spoke using Yo-Yo's dying voice in a parrot fashion. "You clever bitch!" he tries to turn around but the Indoraptor bites into his skull.

The Xilliens watch from their screens, proud of their additions to the hybrid dinosaur's genomes. "Clever additions, voice mimicry" Lord X smiles at his science division.

"We are humble to be of service, Lord X" head scientist Toko Ryujira bowed. She then waved on her desk to assemble the hybrids to their next target.

Ruins of Los Angeles

Legend slowly awakens to see Mothra using her healing dust from her wings to mend Legend's wounds. Legend slowly rises to his feet, Talon and Zilla unbury themselves as Armadon, Kong, and Blizzard rendezvous to Legendary Godzilla. Legend sniffs the air before looking onwards, a flock of lesser ghidorahs were flying past them; gathering around Monster X. Legend bares his teeth before charging up his nuclear reserves in his dorsal spines, his scales began to glow a radiant blue before releasing his atomic breath into the sky.

Monster X turns her fiery gaze towards Legend, her bio-energy causes her ivory and ebony scales to glow yellow before firing her gravity beams from her eyes into the sky. Rodan Prime and his flock of Rodans come flying to Legendary Godzilla's beck and call, from the ocean several godzilla arise from the Santa Monica bay among them is Minilla, Godzilla junior, Jagger and her mate; from the ground Anguirus, Varan, and Barugon came bursting forth as Manda slither on to Santa Monica beach accompanied by Gezora, Titanosaurus, Kamoebas, Ganimes, Ebirah, and Saur'on. Battra screeched as he swoops down from the sky to join the others in battle,

Monster X's entourage of Ghidorahs gather around her protectively, a mass grouping of Hedorah spreading pollution in their wake, a fully armored Gigan arrives to his alpha's bidding, Space Godzilla flew in to join as well as swarm of Destoroyah young-lings from south Santa Monica beach march their way to their alpha, while a swarm of Dogora descend from the sky. The kaiju stare off before Desghidorah fires her fire beam directly at Mothra, Gamera spun out of the ocean to block the death beam from reaching the Queen of the Monsters. Gamera counterattacks Desghidorah with his fire breath but a crystalline shield manifests before Desghidorah as Spacegodzilla intervenes.



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Chapter 46: Destroy All Monsters! Part I

Meanwhile in Japan, sometime before Monster X's return.

G-Force mechanized units retake the capital city of Tokyo. Mechagodzilla Unit 03 leading the charge followed by the new and improved mass production MOGEURA and Super X units. The Lesser Ghidorah fire back with their gravity beams but soon were outmatched by G-Force's anti-kaiju units. A newly developed bio-weapon utilizing radiation feeding bacteria was deployed on the weaker ghidorahs, the bacteria targets the energy centers of the kaiju beasts. Soon the remaining lesser ghidorah were eliminated and Tokyo was free once more.

Gigan, Cykor, and Yonggary reached Kitakyushu, Japan and without missing a beat they launched their attack on the city. G-Force anti-kaiju units were dispatched to the area almost immediately to quell the threat but with all of G-Force's mechanized units securing Tokyo, only light anti-kaiju weapons were deployed.

Meanwhile in China, sometime after both Korea fell to the kaiju.

Vertigo ordered her enthralled armies to sack China's capital city of Bejing and her port city of Shanghai. China's Jaeger Units quickly engage Vertigo and her thralls, Vertigo swarmed the anti-kaiju mechs with her kamacuras and kumonga thralls. She then directed Megaguirus to order the meganulons to mature into their flight forms, the Meganula; to overcome the Chinese Air-Force. Trucks full of armed men and women quickly swarm into Chinese population centers slaughtering all law enforcers and military guards while sparing the civilians. The leader of these terrorists is none other than former Monarch Agent Garret, who is still under Vertigo's enthrallment. Vertigo quickly teleports herself to these population centers to convert these civilians into zealots.

Meanwhile in Wukanda, Africa.

Several villages fell to the wrath of Gorosaurus, fortunately the great beast couldn't reach the golden city, thanks to the wakanda shield barriers. The wakandans cheered as the flesh eater dinosaur fruitlessly kept ramming the shield barriers. A distant roar bellowed from the north, a massive ape-like beast made his presence known to the wakandans. It was Chaos and when Chaos appears, death and decay follow him soon afterwards. Gorosaurus abandoned the barriers as he made his way to the man-ape. Gorosaurus snapped his jaws at Chaos but with quick reflects, Chaos managed to hold the dinosaur titan's jaws from biting his head off.

Chaos breathed into Gorosaurus's face, the stench of rot and decay overwhelmed the massive theropod's senses. Gorosaurus's jaws go limp, giving Chaos enough time to uppercut Gorosaurus in the jaw, sending the dinosaur tumbling backwards. Chaos laughs at his defeated opponent before turning his gaze to the shield barriers, he sports a huge grin before leaping into the air and in mid leap shifted his body to land on his hands. The wakandans stare in awe as the massive ape performed a handstand, regardless the wakandans kept their guard up, Chaos leapt back to his feet as he plays around with the Gorosaurus like a kid with a toy, playfully clamping the unconscious dinosaur's jaws before merely tossing it to the side like an unwanted toy. The Wakandans slowly lower their weapons baffled by the playful kaiju, "Is this thing serious?" says one of the wakandan warriors. Chaos sports a huge grin before leaning his massive butt on the barrier shields before blowing out a fart. The shields were soon vaporized as the toxic air came rushing towards the wakandan warriors as they fell to the ground as decaying remains. Now the golden city was right for the taking, Chaos roars as he beats his chest like a gorilla, his followers came rushing down the hills.

Meanwhile in San Diego, Helicarrier port.

The helicarriers that escaped hawaii made it to one of many of the MONARCH's helicarrier ports. Jun and the other devilmen kaijin slowly made their way down off the platform as they joined the others to be debriefed by MONARCH personnel. They were given the synopsis of what has been going in the states and it was not looking good, without Hawaii, America not only lost one of its Jaeger Academies but also its western defense grid against titan/kaiju threats.

Los Angeles ruins

An anti-titan bunker now hangs precariously from a kaiju made ravine, desperate to find a new bunker its occupants quickly made their way out of the compromised bunker unit. They did their best to avoid getting caught between the titan fights. "Yo Joss, don't go that way. Those things are over there!" Jay Jay shouted. Joss and his female entourage stared up at the mighty monsters tearing through the city.

"Damn, this could of have been a plot to a great movie! Except replace these ugly monsters with humans with powers!" Joss muttered to himself.

"Can you stop talking about your stupid super hero movie scripts, we need to get out of here!" Jay jay shouts at his friend.

A pack of juvenile Destoroyah caught the scent of the stranded humans, they swarm like ants to their prey. Blizzard leaps into the air before landing in front of the destoroyah juveniles, freezing the ground around himself. The Destoroyah swarm were repelled by the frigid temperatures but quickly began to emerge into a single flying form. Destoroyah howls at Blizzard while it charges up its oxygen destroying beam, Blizzard quickly erects an ice wall but it is soon vaporized by Destoroyah. Jay Jay, Joss, and his dates soon bolt to another alley. Destoroyah fires its oxygen destroyer beam, Blizzard barely deflected it with his own ice beam. Destoroyah fires again at Blizzard, the ice ape kaiju dives into an adjacent alley way. The rest of the bunker refugees motion to Jay-Jay, Joss, and his girl friends to come over to the next alley. The group of survivors sigh with relief then came Anguirus charging down the street, his massive form scrapped along the apartment buildings as he made his way to the fight. The survivors quickly bolted into a back alley as the massive reptile continued its charge in the streets.

The survivors slowly leave the back alley to continue their trek to the nearest bunker, "That was close" Joss said. Anguirus spots Bagan, the massive archosaurian lowers his head while kicking up pavement. Bagan turns his head towards Anguirus and begins to charge up; blue energy radiates from his shoulders into a set of energy wings. Bagan then focuses all that energy into his nasal horn, a bolt of lightning is released from the horn. Anguirus is sent flying into the buildings behind him. Atomic Gravity Bolt it is identical to Ghidorah's gravity wave but colored blue like Godzilla's atomic breath. Great King Ghidorah flew over head as he systematically takes out the rodan flock.

The survivors quickly made their way to an abandon bus, "Does anyone know how to hot wire?" Joss asked his lady friends, they all shake their heads no.

"Don't have to" Jay Jay hold up the keys, "I found the keys" he lifts the keys up. The bus suddenly shook violently but fortunately neither the bus or its current occupants were hurt, one of Joss's girl friends started screaming. Outside of the front of the bus was rodan's severed head. Jay jay quickly jumped into the driver seat, he stabbed the key into the ignition then turned. the engine roared to life as he shift the gears and slammed his foot on the gas petal. The bus started to race backwards, then came the rest of rodan came crashing into the city block; leveling the apartment complexes and everything in it. Great King Ghidorah cackles before flying to the next rodan, she and her mate dive bombs out of the sky. Great King Ghidorah fires his gravity beams at both of them, causing both to crash into the city below. Rodan Prime swooped in and peck at Ghidorah's middle head, he directed his center of gravity to pull the gold space dragon down towards the city.

The two smaller rodans quickly recovered from their fall, rebar was sticking out of their wings so they were too hurt to return to the sky. They watch helplessly as Rodan Prime was taking on the golden demise by itself. Monster X glances over at her child being dragged down by the massive pterosaur, only for ever self to be tackled by Legend. She fends him off with her eye gravity beams, Godzilla Legend doubled back before firing his atomic breath at her, she uses her eye gravity beams to counter it. She then stretched her arms out to send a gravity punch into Legend's snout and abdomen. Legend endured these attacks, he raises his gaze back at Monster X to see she was now charging at him. She leaped in the air before throwing more gravity punches into Legend. the gravity punches shoved Legend into a factory. Monster X approaches Legend, intent to kill the godzilla however Godzilla Minilla roars caught her attention. Minilla grabs a chunk of debris before hurling towards the much taller kaiju, Monster X shatters the debris into dust with her gravity punch, she exchnages a bored glance at the smaller godzilla before turning her attention back to Legend. Minilla's dorsal plates flash blue before releasing his atomic breathe at Monster X.

Godzilla Junior steps in between Monster X and Legend, GYAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOONNNNN!!!!! His dorsal plates flash blue, he opens his jaws to fire his atomic breath into Monster X's chest. The inertia of the attack pushes Monster X backwards, she stomps her foot down as she flares her arms out. She uses Daisy's shockwave powers on the Junior, the shockwaves intensifies as they pound against his flesh. damaging his scales and cracking smaller bones. Junior roars as he pumps his atomic energy through every fiber of his body, releasing a nuclear pulse in all directions. Monster X quickly uses her shockwave powers as a shield to block the pulse from damaging her too severely, once it was over she levitates herself over to junior. She spun around in mid air to swipe at him with her legs then with her tail. Junior stumbles back, his dorsal plates glow but Monster X backhands the godzilla making him release his atomic breath away from her face.

Bagan begins to charge up his atomic gravity bolt, blue energy wings radiate from his shoulders before firing it through his nasal horn at Talon and Zilla Blue. The two theropod titans quickly dashed towards the lumbering Bagan. Talon lunged into Bagan, slashing and thrashing with his claws while Zilla Blue released her atomic breath into Bagan's back. Bagan grinned as his back arches up, a blob of flesh sprang from Bagan spine and landed on Zilla Blue. The blob stuck its tendrils into Zilla Blue, stealing some of her blood before releasing itself from her. The blob quickly started to grow in mass, soon arms and legs sprouted from the blob; its overall body structure resembled Zilla's with the exception of his head, it resembled an octopus.



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I've altered chapter 45, I removed the Shingodzilla and the shingodzilla mutant humans for now and replaced them with the Xillien controlled dinosaur hybrids



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Chapter 47: Destroy All Monsters! Part II

Joss came too, he looked around to see if everyone was still alive. "Is everyone alright?" He heard the groans of his girlfriends, "Jay Jay you okay?" He first checks up on his girls who only received scratches and bruises but otherwise fine. He slowly made his way to the bus driver seat, "Jay Jay?"

"I'm still alive... just barely" Jay Jay responded.

"Think we can get out of here?" Joss peeks around the bus to see if they were able to drive anywhere but all he sees is darkness.

"Hey there is a light at the end of the tunnel" said one of the girls.

Jay Jay backs up the bus, the front end was worse for wear before driving forward again. The bus slowly speed down the 'tunnel" until they were bombarded with the sun's light. Joss stared out from the back window to see the tunnel was actually the folded wing of a dead rodan. Above it in the background he could see the titans were still fighting each other and a pack of shingodzillans were feeding on the dead rodan carcass. The Bus quickly turned into the next alley were blobs of red biomass filled with spikes, teeth, and eyes now cover the side of the building; slowly digesting it along with anything remaining inside. The eyes react to the bus's movements, fixed on them as if alive. Jay Jay accelerated the bus forward but at each corner more and more of the biomass covered everything.

"Oh my god its everywhere!" cried one of the girls before the bus drove passed the remains of a large tail with maple-leaf dorsal plates dotting its top surface. The biomass seems to be originating from it, the biomass begins to move as it creeps along the street with a mind of its own. Jay Jay quickly drives away from the tail remains as he navigates his way out of the cityscape. There he spots an exit out of the city, in between a crumbled apartment building and a massive wall of seemingly dead charcoal flesh. Once the bus nears the end of the city, the charcoal flesh wall starts to move. Joss looked out of the window and saw a massive eye staring at them and not a merely reactionary like the disembodied eyes, this eye was watching them with a purpose. Soon the eye looked away from the bus as the biomass slowly creeped the remains of its shattered body closer to the eye.

Jay Jay managed to get the bus on an elevated highway, the further they went up the more of the devastated city they see. Massive severed dorsal spikes were creeping along the city as well as severed limps and clumps of flesh. They weren't after the bus, no, they were slowly moving closer to the other kaiju as if drawn to the conflict. The eye of the wall turns its gaze back at the bus before rearing the rest of its head out of the rubble, GYAOOOOOOOONNNNN!!!!!! Shin Godzilla roared angrily, red biomass seeps out of its gills as it slowly slithers its disembodied head around like an eel out of water as the bus flees from its sight. Mothra flew over head, she glanced at the broken remains of Shin Godzilla, she releases an alarming cry before setting her sights on Monster X. Mothra shrieks as she charges up her antennae, Monster X looks up at her, "So the divine moth wishes to challenge me!" Jiyang's voice resonates from Monster X's jaws. "Pitty, I once had the desire to study you, see what makes you tick but now I have a stronger desire to crush your carapace and tear your wings to pieces!" She sends a shockwave into Mothra. Mothra flapped her wings to counter the shockwave with a shockwave of her own. the buildings tremble before collapsing from all the newly formed stress fractures.

Zilla Blue was forced off of Bagan by Chameleon her octopus-headed clone, Zilla Blue charges up her atomic breath but Chameleon suddenly vanishes. Zilla Blue powers down her atomic reserves as she glances around confused. Chameleon charges from the side as she latches her claw-tentacles around Zilla Blue's back before revealing herself to her prey. Zilla Blue begins to charge up her atomic reserve however Chameleon shoves Zilla Blue on her side revealing her true mouth underneath the claw tendrils. Zilla Blue fires her atomic breath at its face however Chameleon shrugs its off like nothing before biting into Zilla's arm. Talon shrieks as he charges towards Chameleon before being side swiped by Bagan into a pile of rubble. Bagan releases more globs of tumerious flesh from its body, the tumors quickly morph into DNA mimics.

The red biomass begins to rapidly spread in the city streets consuming all in its path, people, pets, smaller kaiju like the juvenile Destoroyahs and the larval hedorahs into its own mass. Mothra swooped into firing her own energy beams into Monster X. Monster X counters every beam thrown out her, then mothra fired her beam directly into a near by skscraper. Monster X shields herself from the debris but suddenly Mothra swooped out of the debris cloud to deliver a slash across Monster X's face. Monster X fell to her knees, she reached up to touch her wound only to see blood in the palm of her clawed hand. She howls at the sky as she stares up at Mothra, a pair of wings slowly emerge from her back. She then stands up to flare open her wings but red slimey tendrils shoot out from the debris clouds around Monster X's wrist and ankles. The massive red biomass further increases in size as it swallows more weaker kaiju into its mass. Mothra quickly leaves the fight to assist the injured smaller rodan couple. The two smaller rodans chirp in complaince as Mothra carefully removes the rebar from their wings, she flaps her wings to release her healing dust to aid in their regeneration before flying off.

Talon quickly recovers only to find the red slime slowly enveloping his, Zilla blue, and Chameleon's bodies. The ooze stings their flesh as it slowly begins to digest their hide, Mothra swoops in to release her wing dust on the red ooze. the red ooze slowly releases itself from the three kaiju before creeping away to the city interior. Talon slowly raises himself up, the energy from Mothra's healing dust fills him with renew strength. So he bites into chameleon, the clawed tentacle faced kaiju releases Zilla Blue as both Talon and Chameleon both enter a death roll. Mothra releases the last of healing dust to heal Zilla Blue's wounds before resting. Talon lands his killer claws deep into Chameleon's stomach before kicking the mock-kaiju into the sea of red biomass. Chameleon howls as the red biomass constricts around chameleon's form, soon its howls were silenced. The red biomass fired its tendrils into Legend, Space Godzilla, Destroroyah, Desghidorah, and even the lesser Ghidorahs, slowly the red biomass draws from their strength to boost its primary cluster full of G-Energy.

The red biomass pulls all of itself together into a large gelatinous blob, soon Shin Godzilla's head erupts from the apex of the blob's surface and he is not alone, several clones of Shin Godzilla's tails also emerge from the blob before the rest of the gelatinous biomass starts to take on Shin Godzilla's skin texture. Shin Godzilla powers up his atomic spike batteries before firing his tails into Monster X. "Foul creature, you think you are strong enough to be me?!" she screams at the Shin Godzilla blob. Shin Godzilla stares up at the sky in an taunting manner. Jiyang knew at the moment that Shin Godzilla gained access to her memories. Shin Godzilla roared manically before firing his atomic beams into the atmosphere with all of his tails. Striking at every Xillien starships hovering in orbit.

The Xilliens in panic began to rush to their escape pods but only few managed to escape their impeding doom, the beams cut through their starships like a hot knife through butter, melting their hulls like cheese in a microwave before popping like popcorn as they explode. Shin Godzilla then directed his atomic breath into Monster X. However Jiyang wasn't going to allow herself to die as Monster X, she pulled with all of her might into the ground as she flared out her wings.... Empress Ghidorah she slowly evolved into.... similar to Kaiser Ghidorah but much slimmer. Her humanoid face stretches into a smooth elegant draconic face, her side half-heads soon sprout into a set of complete heads finishing her transformation into a Ghidorah.




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What happened to this though-

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


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Chapter 48: Destroy All Monsters Finale!

The Indominus rex crippled Coulson's truck by ramming her huge head into the side of it, causing it to tumble over, the last remining members of coulson's team were at the Indoraptor's mercy. May and Coulson drew their weapons before being swiftly devoured by the Indoraptor pack. The signal from the xillien ship suddenly went silent from the Indo's minds, the Indoraptors and their alpha indominus rex were now free.

Empress Ghidorah directed her many jaws into shin godzilla, draining the massive blob of a kaiju of precious radioactive energy into her own being. Shin Godzilla roared in defiance as he began to evolve his tails into ghidorah-like heads. The Empress sprouted out seven additional heads to her original three, she sucked in more of Shin's energy till his hide grew paler and paler. Empress Ghidorah cackled as Shin Godzilla's amorphic body soon collapsed in on itself, soon the Empress made her ascent into the night sky as she refocuses on the others. But then Shin's body began to radiate with a new energy, energy stolen from the empress. Shin Godzilla retracted his amorphic form into that of a large cocoon. The Empress in a panic fired her gravity lightning beams into the cocoon, the cocoon then began to glow gold.

The other kaiju instinctively began their retreat from the glowing cocoon, the cocoon hatched into a blazing light before reforming into an all too familiar form. Two large wings, twin tails, golden scales, and three long necks with draconic heads; Shin Ghidorah. The Empress shrieked to get Shin's attention but to her horror Shin Ghidorah swiftly took flight and tore off five of her heads and a wing. Jiyang's ghidorah form falls from the sky into Los Angeles ruins, the shockwave alone leveled the rest of the former City of Angels. Shin Ghidorah cackled menacingly before digging his claws into the fallen empress, Shin directs his jaws to fire a volley of low energy gravity beams into the empress; Shin cackles as the Empress groans in pain. "This isn't hunting behavior or some instinctual driven urge.... This is sadistic torture.... first it tried to evolve into a mockery of humanity, now Shin Godzilla has evolved into a mockery of ghidorah!" Jiyang thought to herself as she is slowly being taken apart by Shin Ghidorah. "Shin....of all of the Earth's kaiju.... I hated you the most...." Jiyang telepathically curses her assailant.

Shin grins sadistically before biting off Empress Ghidorah's primary head. Jiyang telepathically screams, soon Shin Ghidorah recoils after being besieged by a volley of gravity beams originating from the air. Great King Ghidorah swoops down from the sky, landing between the Empress and Shin. The Great King Ghidorah gently carries the empresses's severed head into his jaws before taking flight. Shin cackles angrily as he then pursues the Great King into the stratosphere.

One year later....

During the intervening months that lead up to this point, the titans or kaiju now run rampant across the earth. Many cities fell before the kaiju's might while humans fruitlessly deployed everyone conceivable at the kaiju. Nukes were quickly devoured by all nuclear-based kaiju, the oxygen destroyer weapon were consumed by destoroyah and its ilk, bioweapons did nothing to the kaiju, even the jaegers were no match against them and with the enigmatic arrival of Godzilla Earth; mankind was soon forced to retreat into space. Mankind's descendants the kaijin quickly retreated under ground to escape the devastating kaiju war from above.

900,000 years hence....

Former Tyler, Texas.

The Earth has since recovered from humanity's impact. Every city and monument has vanished from the face of the blue planet. The last remaining legacy of man were the genetically resurrected dinosaurs that now frolic over the globe. An Allosaurus caws at the full moon, while tool using velociraptors stare out of their grass hovels windows at the night sky.


MemberGiganApr-16-2021 11:59 AM

Oh hello there

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-16-2022 10:33 AM



MemberGiganMay-16-2022 3:23 PM


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