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Godzilla (Monsterverse) vs Symphogear

Godzilla (Monsterverse) vs Symphogear

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Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Nov-11-2019 2:54 PM

So, this is Godzilla vs my favorite anime. (Also, the only anime iv'e ever watched besides the Godzilla anime) 

I don't expect anyone to know what/who the Symphogear wielders are so...lemme explain a bit.

The wielders are Hibiki, Tsubasa, Chris, Maria, Kirika, and Shirabe. They have armor that contains a relic that powers their respective weapons. What is REALLY weird about it is that the armor is powered by...singing. Yup, Singing. It's REALLY weird. And stupid. Anyways, this ought to be fun to read. ENJOY DYING.


Cold, gray dorsal plates sliced through the water as six girls looked on. “What the hell is that thing?” asked Chris. “Stay sharp. We can’t let it into the city!” ”Well, that’s going to be easy isn’t it!” The mountainous spikes stopped momentarily, before the massive owner of them rose out of the waves. Water cascaded off the massive form of the titanic monster, as the piercing orange eyes of the one and only Godzilla flashed. All six girls gasped as they looked upon the Godly form of Godzilla. “And I thought fighting a God was scary!” Godzilla paid no attention as he stepped onto land, the foundation buckling from his massive weight. The monster king sniffed the air, then cocked his head, hearing a strange singing in an unknown language. “Balwisyall nescell Gungnir Tron…” Godzilla looked up to see a bright orange flash, then feel a small, but surprisingly powerful fist slam straight into his snout. Godzilla shook his head in annoyance, only to feel a slight pain in his thigh. The titan looked down to see a scythe embedded in his leg. Godzilla shook the bladed weapon off of him, only to be met by several missiles and rockets being launched into him. Godzilla looked down just to see a giant saw cut a scratch in his stomach area. Jagged objects suddenly cascaded into his back, further angering the monster king. Godzilla then was hit by a literal giant whip in the side of his neck. Growling, Godzilla looked down to see 6 of the puny humans dressed in armor and holding weapons. Godzilla reared back and roared full force at the humans. Wind and debris swept into the air as the cacophonous roar echoed throughout the city. “That extrudes a sense of an ancient power.” “What do we do?” “We fight!” Hibiki launched herself at Godzilla, swinging her fist like a bat. “I’ve crossed many darknesses, you can see the dawn sky the light points to, what do my instincts say? HYAAAAAH!” Hibiki’s fist hit Godzilla with a crack, but the titan remained unfazed. Godzilla lifted his foot into the air, and slammed it down where the rest of the wielders were. Unfortunately for Godzilla, they dodged with ease. “Kirika, Shirabe, go for the legs. Me and Maria will go for the arms!” shouted Tsubasa. “DEATH!” yelled Kirika as she released several spinning blades from her massive scythe. “The smiling girl from hell buzzes her scythe, Even the demons are looking pale!” The blades embedded into Godzilla’s shin, causing the massive beast to growl in annoyance. Shirabe twirled her yo-yos, which expanded to become massive, spinning mechanisms tipped with giant spikes on four sides. “Don’t underestimate me because I'm small, My saws are the most painful you see! I did extra homework on how to slaughter you!” Shirabe slammed the deadly objects onto Godzilla’s knee, causing him to lift his leg up and reposition it. Just as Godzilla repositioned himself, a chain-like whip twirled around Godzilla’s shoulder as Maria locked the arm in place. Godzilla roared furiously, breaking the ensnaring blades with ease. However, Tsubasa formed her katana into a massive blade, driving it down on Godzilla’s shoulder. “Countless night’s, as the flowers of time fall, cruelly fading from this life helplessly…” Godzilla roared, feeling mediocre pain for the first time. Godzilla looked up momentarily to see Hibiki’s fist hit him again. Godzilla snorted, only for his lower half to be engulfed by a large amount to missiles. “Who wants a bullet in their head? Just raise your hand…” Godzilla roared, slamming his foot down where he expected the perpetrator to be. But once again, he missed his target. Godzilla looked around confused, only for a literal blade tornado to slam into his side, conjured by Maria. “I just need to protect, the places close to me, it’s all I can do!” Godzilla howled in fury and pain, stumbling slightly. Hundreds of saw blades suddenly cascaded into Godzilla’s other side, followed with Kirika and Shirabe combining armor and creating a massive spinning wheel of death. The two girls launched themselves at Godzilla, the spinning blades slamming into Godzilla’s side. The massive titan howled in pain as the attack penetrated his hide, his blood spraying into the air. Godzilla’s eyes blazed with fury as he slapped the two girls out of the air, his teeth bared in a snarl. Shirabe and Kirika hit the ground hard, Chris and Maria running over to them. Tsubasa summoned several hundred sharp objects out of the sky, and rained them down upon Godzilla’s back in an attempt to distract the titan, but Godzilla simply knocked her out of the sky as well. Hibiki was about to charge Godzilla again, but the massive beast’s tail began to light up, glowing a radiant blue. “What the…” The luminescent glow traveled up Godzilla’s dorsal plates as the titan sucked in a huge breath of air… “RUN!” Godzilla blasted a blue beam of inherent destructive power, the blast culminating in a massive mushroom cloud. All six girls looked up with shock as Godzilla roared, the atomic beast’s eyes blazing with atomic fury. Chris and Maria, however, combined their armor to make a , which flew at Godzilla. “The past won’t change, but the future can be changed! Just like a night without an end doesn’t exist, Throw your arm, and pierce a bullet into the indelible pain That we’ve felt together, and howl it out into tomorrow!” The attack hit Godzilla’s chest, a massive explosion erupting from the impact point. Godzilla cried out furiously, feeling pain in his chest. “Ignite Module!” yelled Maria. Maria and the other wielders clicked their shards, being enveloped in a dark, red energy. Godzilla peered at the girls, before being hit in the face with a punch from Hibiki. Godzilla roared furiously, slashing at Hibiki, but Tsubasa slashed Godzilla in the neck with three katanas, causing the alpha predator to howl in pain. Maria stayed on the ground, her back armor forming into a massive laser cannon. Chris at the same time formed a massive rocket, and the two blasted their weapons at Godzilla, with deadly effect. Godzilla reared up, roaring with fury and pain. Kirika extended two extra blades from her scythe, twirling it as she prepared to attack. Godzilla had other plans though. The monster king swung his tail at Kirkia, who desperately changed it into a spinning shield to protect herself. Unfortunately, the tail swipe launched Kirika flying. Shirabe used her saw-blades roller skates, rushing to catch her best friend as Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris combined their armor into a massive rocket. “The dream within our hearts, lets fight! Is it there? The passion in that song, is it really there? To the best of abilities, we battle the strong heat, break at the seams! That is what makes an infinite soul, Holding hands, listen to our resounding infinity! Passionate chorus infinity!” The three wielders gritted their teeth as they slammed into Godzilla, engulfing the monster in another explosion. Godzilla emerged from the smoke, a massive wound on his side. Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris landed next to Maria, breathing heavily. Shriabe suddenly jumped into the air, her skirt expanding and becoming a giant buzzsaw. The blade cut into Godzilla’s neck, the massive titan crying out in pain. Godzilla slashed at Shirabe, but missed, his claws just inches away from Shirabe. Shirabe landed next to the other wielders, staring up at the enraged Godzilla. Godzilla roared with anger and fury, his dorsal plates lighting up again. Godzilla spewed his atomic breath out of his gaping maw. The wielders jumped out of the way again, the beam exploding into another mushroom cloud. Godzilla roared furiously, angered that he kept missing his targets. Godzilla spun around suddenly, and slammed his tail onto the ground, trying to hit the wielders. Godzilla’s tail flew through the air, sonic thunderclaps emanating from the whip-like crack of his tail. Godzilla was about to hit the ground with his tail once more, but Hibiki’s fist slammed into his snout again. Godzilla howled with fury and pain, slashing at Hibiki, but the girl avoided the attack, landing next to the other wielders. All six girls then combined their armor, fueled by the X-drive, preparing to use vitalization to kill Godzilla. Godzilla roared, charging towards the six girls. “The melodies will melt together, and turn into a symphony, fluttering like a bird singing heart! It will cast a rainbow, together with all the dreams!” The symphogear wielders all attacked, meeting Godzilla’s chest with an explosion so large it engulfed the entirety of Godzilla’s form. All six girls landed with a thud onto the ground a distance away from where Godzilla was, their armor disappearing. The girls all gasped however, as Godzilla’s head appeared out of the smoke. Taking a slow step, Godzilla’s chest came into view. Godzilla had been brutalized, a giant wound in the middle of his chest. Godzilla breathed heavily, snarling at the six unarmed girls on the ground. But then, Godzilla turned and walked away, stepping into the water at the edge of the city. Waist deep in water, Godzilla turned around to look at Hibiki directly, his fiery orange eyes boring into Hibiki’s amber eyes. Godzilla huffed, and dove under the waves, his tail rising and slamming into the water with a cascading splash. The city was saved… but at what cost? Thought Hibiki as she watched Godzilla’s dorsal plates sink beneath the waves.

Winner: Draw


Oh, by the way, i'm going to make a sequel involving Ghidorah, Rodan, and Mothra. Hope you didn't die from this.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

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Flyleaf-Rapt0r #TeamMothra

Nov-11-2019 3:05 PM

b  e  a  u  t  i  f  u  l 

"Cutting it up!"

-Cut Man

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Nov-11-2019 3:39 PM

... Apparently Godzilla has two weaknesses: the oxygen destroyer and... singing?


Nice fight!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Nov-11-2019 3:46 PM

Haha thanks.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

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