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Godzilla Extinction Chapter 18: Hierarchy

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Dec-02-2019 6:38 PM

Original Idea By dantefrancis


Made In Collaboration With:




Titan Of Water








Location: Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica


... I’m never going to live this down, am I?” “No. No you will not.” replies Krystallak. “Alright, well, at least just stay hush hush about it for now…” says Liles. “Sure.” says Krystallak. “HEY GHIDORAH, CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ACTUALLY LOST TO RODAN!!!!!” yells a voice from nearby. Then the group of hears laughs from multiple Kaiju. “HOW IN THE LIVING-” “Your yelling carries, Ghidawrah. We heard you screaming about it all night.” says a gray, box headed and spiked Kaiju. “Oh, hey Behemoth! Noice to see ya finally woke up!” says a Kaiju that looks like the first one, but with brighter colors. “Um… who are you?” asks Behemoth. “Aw, right. You don’t remember anything, do you?.” “Behemoth, that’s Zilla Junior. That one over there is Zilla, Zilla Junior’s mother. He’s Battra, he’s Gabara, she’s Mutheria, he’s Titanosaurus,” “Hello mate!” “... Why are their voices so weird?” “Pleased to make your acquaintance again, ya judgemental bastard.” “It’s because he has a Oremoish accent, he’s from Oiremoin. Zilla and Zilla Junior are from Naw Yo.” “Huh?!!” “Their places in the Hollow Earth, ya bloke. You even died in Oiremoin once! To a bunch of Oires and Moins!” “Hold on, can we talk about that-” “and… Behemoth.” says Krystalak. “Yes?” “No, his name is Behemoth too.” “Oh my god, what is THAT thing?!!!!” “JESUS, you’re rude!” “And why should I care?” “... Haven’t changed a bit, have you? I’m a MUTO, you judgemenal-!” “MUTO?” “... No point in explaining…”  “Since you're in your first form, you are WEAK!” “YOU-” “ANYWAYS, Ghidorah, lost to Rodawn! He beat you, ya bastard!” “Titanosaurus, I SWEAR-” “Uh… can we all settle down and talk about this?” says Battra. “NO! They are insulting me! I will-” “Calm down Maxsones, we can all talk about this.” “Fine.” Krystalak spreads his hands and says “Who should be alpha?” Mutheria and Behemoth say “Rodan!” Behemoth, Krystalak and Zilla say “Ghidorah!” Titanosaurus and Zilla junior say “Godzilla, mate!” Gabara says “ME!” All of the assembled kaiju stare at the ogre. “What? I killed Monster X, remember?” “Anyways, Ghidorah should be alpha, for obvious reasons.” “And what reasons are those? He never beat Godzilla, and he lost to Rodan!” “Wait, he never beat Godzilla?!! Ghidorah, YA WIMPY BASTARD YA!” “YOU- I could beat him, but he never challenges me because he’s sleeping all the time!” “Dude, he sleeps for a month, then fights, then gaws back to sleep! He beat Kumawnga and Smawlacia, and then he went back to sleep…. mate!” says Zilla Junior, in a weak imitation of a Oiremoish accent, with his Naw Yo accent very much piercing through. “Not quite there yet, mate, but keep tryin!” says Titanosaurus. “He still didn’t challenge!” “Bullcrap, Ghidorah should be alpha!” says Zilla. “Well, Ghidorah never beat Godzilla!” “Who the hell cares about Godzilla at this point, Rodan beat Ghidorah!” “I still think I should be alpha!” “Sorry, I lost the thread of the conversation. What are we talking about?” “SIIIIIIIIILEEEEEEEEEENNNCCCCEEE!” yells Maxones. “I am the alpha. There is NO contest about it!” “Uh… ya lost to Rodawn.” “SHUT UP!” “Well, I think Gawdzilla should be alpha.” says Zilla Junior. “Mighty right, ya filthy fire breathin heathens.” says Titanosaurus. “Um…” interjects Zilla Junior. “Not you, you’re a funny fire breathin lad, not a screamin fire breathin afoon like that one over there.” says Titanosaurus, pointing at Zilla. “Screw you guys, Ghidorah should still be alpha! You! You’re one to  tawlk, your awnly power is to BLOW people! And YOU! What kind of sawn of a beyotch have I raised!” snarls Zilla. “You said it, nawt me. And to answer your question, one who’s right, ya fire eating bloke.” snarks Zilla Junior. “There ya go mate, ya gettin a little better!” says Titanosaurus. “But oi’m not sure ya know what bloke means…” “Junior, I swear to Gawd when I get my claws awn you!” “Anyways, I agree with Zilla. Me and Behemoth here think Ghidorah should be alpha. Also, Zilla Junior, is that really a way to talk to your mother?” “Aw please, you and your brother killed your father, Krystalak! And then you killed mine before I was even born!” “... Fair enough.” “Me and Mutheria say Rodan should be alpha.” “I AM THE ONE AND ONLY GABARA! I SHOULD BE ALPHA!” “No one cares, ya stupid ogre.” says Krystallak. “I still don’t know what’s going on. Can someone explain to me what’s going on?” asks Battra. “NO.” Battra shrugs and leaves, flying away over the sea. … What just happened? Eh, better go destroy some cities. Cuz screw those guys. “I’m leaving, this is nonsense. Gawdzilla should retain alpha status.” “Right. See ya lads. Cheers.” Titanosaurus and Zilla Junior leave, walking into the ocean. “Rodan should be alpha, Mutheria thinks the same.” “That’s right, he beat you Ghidorah!” “YOU-” “Ight, Imma head out now.” Behemoth and Mutheria leave as well. “I’m leaving, beating everyone will give me the Alpha status!” Gabara lumbers away, snickering to himself. Ghidorah, Krystallak, and Behemoth stand there, looking at each other. “What just happened?” asks Liles. “Well, you just lost your alpha status. You’re going to have to fight for it again.” “ARGGGGGGGHHHH!” “Calm down, you’ll be fine!” “Easy for you to say Behemoth, you have it easy!” “I DIED! I don't know how, but I DIED! Do you remember that? Huh? In your three skulls, do you REMEMBER THAT?” “Behemoth, CALM DOWN.” says Krystallak, “Anyways, Ghidorah, you’re going to have to regain your alpha status again.” “EVERY TIME!!!!!!! Why do I even bother?!! ARRRGH… Let's get out of here, I’m tired of this. Destroying the city there should be fun, as long as Behemoth and Mutheria haven’t gotten to it yet.” Says Liles. “Wait, is that smoke coming out of the city?” “......... GOD D-”


If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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6 Responses to Godzilla Extinction Chapter 18: Hierarchy


Dec-03-2019 2:03 PM


If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Insectoid comics

Dec-03-2019 2:09 PM

Good job expressing your creativity. 


Dec-03-2019 2:16 PM


Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


Dec-03-2019 2:29 PM

Thank you Insectoid, it means a lot

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


Dec-03-2019 6:32 PM


Zilla is the FtM trans icon we didn't know we needed or FtNB but I haven't decided
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