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My Own Godzilla vs Kong Ending

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James Smilus

Dec-10-2019 5:46 AM


Image result for godzilla vs kong footage

Godzilla and Kong are Battling on Top of an Aircraft Carrier in the Pacific Ocean, Godzilla gets Shaky as the Aircraft Carrier Shakes, Kong Roars and Pounds his Chest, Godzilla Roars and Swipes his claws at Kong's face Misses, Kong Hits Godzilla in the Chest, Forcing him Backward, Godzilla Gets low and Rams Kong in the chest, Kong Grabs Godzilla's Arm and Punches Repeatedly, Godzilla Roars and Bites Kong's Leg, Kong roars and Drops to the Floor, Godzilla Puts his foot upwards, Kong Moves out of the way as Godzilla Crashes his Foot Down to the Floor, Kong gets under Godzilla and Tries to lift him up, Godzilla Roars and Tries to Roar, Kong Gets Godzilla to his Shoulders and Throws him into the Water, Godzilla Roars at Kong, Kong roars at Godzilla, Kong Waits and Checks if Godzilla is Gone, Kong Roars Again, Thinking he has Won, Then out of Nowhere.

Image result for godzilla vs kong water

Godzilla, Comes Back and Grabs Kong's Leg like a Crocodile Leaping out of the Water, Kong Roars and Grabs the Edge of the Aircraft Carrier, Godzilla Pulls Kong into the Ocean While the Aircraft Carrier Flips over, Godzilla Bites Kong's Neck and Shakes Back and Fourth, Kong Pounds Godzilla's Chest and Roars in Pain, Godzilla's Spines are Glowing Blue, Kong Elbows Godzilla's Head and Tries to Swim to the Surface, Godzilla Grabs Kong's Leg with his Arms, Godzilla Charges up and Fires at Kong's Chest, Kong Roars in Pain as Godzilla Burns Kong's Chest. Nearly having his Chest Burnt Through, Kong Retreats to the Surface, Kong Gets on top of the Capsized Aircraft Carrier and Puts his hand on his Chest Wound, Godzilla Comes to the Surface and Roars in Victory, Godzilla Shows Respect as he Shakes his head up and Down, He doesn't want to Kill Kong,Knowing he is Weak, Kong looks Terrified and Puts his Head Down, Godzilla Swims off and thinks to himself, 'That Bugger Put Up a Hell Of A Fight', 'I'm Impressed'. As the Camera Zooms out and Shows both of them Going their Separate ways, the Credits Slowly Roll. The End


How did you like it?

Please let me know in the comments below.

"A Dino Doesn’t Win

Because of Popularity, It's Because of Science"

James Inkton, August 28th, 2019.


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6 Responses to My Own Godzilla vs Kong Ending


Dec-10-2019 6:03 AM

I rather like the idea of Godzilla winning, but sparing Kong's life out a sense of respect for him.

A true fan can acknowledge the bad while still appreciating and cherishing the good.


Dec-10-2019 8:07 AM

I still want Kong to win.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

Monster_Zero 2112

Dec-10-2019 8:08 AM

Dude, why?

"They found his body laying where it fell on that day, preserved in time"


Dec-10-2019 8:40 AM

I like it, but I don't feel like that should be the ending for the film because A. that means we saw part of the end fight in the first snippet of footage, and that would mean the end fight has already been partially spoiled for all of us. B. There's no fight with the main big bad. C. It would be a REALLY short fight on the big screen and pretty blurry for most of it because of the lighting and the stormy water. 


Besides that, I think it's pretty good.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


Dec-10-2019 7:15 PM

It sounds cool, but I wouldn't want this to be the case because it feels too much like a cop-out.

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