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Godzilla vs Kong: What I'm hoping for

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BaragonMember115 XPApr-16-2020 5:38 PM

Hey there fans. GvK is coming pretty soon (god willing), and now seems like the best time to start ramping up topics on it. From the leaks I've seen so far, which I will not talk about here as that's uncool, my expectations are starting to increase. From those expectations, I have a few things I'm hoping to see.

1)A Good Narrative 

I have my problems with how they've been setting up this universe as its pretty clear it was just planned out of nowhere. However, we starting off with two great movies from it: Godzilla (2014) and Kong: Skull Island. In these two films we learn that these two monsters are protectors of their own world's. Godzilla's is Earth as a whole, Kong's at the moment is Skull Island. These two titans are destined to meet, as it was illustrated. What's poetic about it is that they are the last of their own races. This battle is bound to hit you in the feels when thinking about that as if one dies, that's it. That's the end of their line. What I'm hoping for is a strong narrative that not only points that out, but visualizes it well enough to spark emotion. Godzilla has been fighting for not only his life, but the lives of everything threatened by malevolence. Kong was born into an age where his kind just couldnt stand up to the evil that's been breeding under Skull Island and his parent's were killed by it. Now we have new (and old) characters that are going to be in the middle of this fight. I want the humans to have a good enough story to look back on because as much as this is Godzilla's and Kong's fight, the humans are the backbone of the story as a whole. I hope Wingard and the writers convey this story well enough.

2) Memorable Cinematography

All 3 movies so far have had pretty great camera shots and angles and I hope that transitions here. If anything I want them to top Godzilla (2014) which in my personal opinion has the best cinematography out of the three. It provided a beautiful sense of scale all throughout and I hope that use that same level of quality here. 

3) A Kickass Soundtrack

GvK really needs a badass soundtrack. King of the Monsters may be my least favorite in the MV, but I can't deny that its soundtrack is a banger. I want that level of quality to return here to carry every sequence along.

4)Beautiful CGI and Fluid Animation

The Monsterverse films have retained great quality in their CGI. Godzilla (2014) had fluid animation and amazingly detailed CGI when those graphics intense scenes kicked in. Kong: Skull Island made Kong the best he's ever looked and brought life to an already existing environment. A beautiful blend really. In KOTM, there were plenty of noticeable moments where CGI was either unfinished or the animation was just really stiff and felt amateur, but it did have a few pretty detailed moments too I can't deny like Godzilla's Rebirth or Mothra's waterfall scene. I just hope that for this entry, they really take the time to make the animation fluid and finished as well as keep the CGI looking as great as it did in the first two.

5) A Fight for the Ages

The Godzilla entries in the MV were pretty lackluster in the actual on-screen fighting portions of their movies and relied more on build up than anything. Kong delivered greatly on it's fight sequences and had the best out of all 3. They're re-watchable and really fun to look back on. That's what I want for GvK. I want the great build-up sequences of the Godzilla entries with the awesome, replayable fight scenes of Kong: Skull Island. Each entry brought something to the table, now they just need to perfectly combine them.

That's all I got. I may be asking for too much here, but the Monsterverse is capable of being one the greatest universes out there and I hope Legendary and its crew realize this. What about you guys? What do you want to see for GvK? Discuss away!

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4 Responses to Godzilla vs Kong: What I'm hoping for


TitanosaurusMember616 XPApr-16-2020 7:34 PM

Sounds like we see eye-to-eye pretty much.

As for my more specific wants, I kind of want to see both Godzilla and Kong have a "point" in the reason for their conflict. Like you can understand both of their positions and motives.

A true fan can acknowledge the bad while still appreciating and cherishing the good.


AnguirusMember1241 XPApr-16-2020 8:54 PMTeam Godzilla

I just want to know if the cave painting was a prophecy or just depicting an event that had happened thousands of years ago.

Don’t cry, you are perfect


BaragonMember115 XPApr-17-2020 9:47 AM

@JurassicKaiju14 An actual motive would definitely make for a stronger story on both their ends.

@Monster_Zero 2112 It seems more like a prophecy than anything. Then again, the Godzilla v Ghidorah painting depicted an actual event so I'm not too sure. I feel like that reveal was a bit lazy since we already had a fight depicted by cave painting.


TitanosaurusMember616 XPApr-17-2020 2:13 PM

ChrisRemix  As it stands now, it sounds like Godzilla will be drawn to Skull Island by whatever seismic disturbances are going on, and Kong is unhappy with him intruding on his territory, and the outside world interfering with his in general.

A true fan can acknowledge the bad while still appreciating and cherishing the good.

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