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Godzilla (Legendary) vs Titanosaurus

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RodanMember1789 XPMay-09-2020 2:44 PM

First kaiju fight i've written in a long time. Hope this isn't TOO bad.

The ruins of Chicago city were dormant. All traces of human activity were long gone, as that era was now history. Now, all that remained were the Gods of man, the kaiju. Within the city rubble, a green-gold cyborg dug through the rubble with his hook-shaped hands. Gigan was looking for something, but who knows what it was. Meanwhile, a faint blue glow could be seen in the waters by the city. Out of the water erupted the king of the monsters, Godzilla himself! The titanic beast roared loudly to announce his presence, and the titan began to make his way inland. Godzilla, though he was the monster king, really didn’t feel like it. After all, he had just lost a battle to the king of skull island, Kong just 48 hours ago. Most of his battle wounds had healed, but godzilla was still understandably pissed off. Godzilla spotted Gigan, who was still digging through the rubble. When Gigan saw godzilla, he hastily bowed and retreated. After all, Godzilla had beaten Gigan twice before. Godzilla huffed, acknowledging Gigan’s show of respect. The monster king's attention was then caught by a certain signal. Another kaiju was approaching the city at a rapid pace.


A red dart could be seen swimming along the shoreline, gaining speed quickly before erupting outwards onto the shore. Titanosaurus roared to announce his own presence before walking inland towards Godzilla. Godzilla snarled as he approached the newcomer, spotting Titanosaurus’s red figure. Sizing up the new kaiju, Godzilla instantly noticed that Titanosaurus was taller than himself. But no matter. Godzilla roared at Titanosaurus, asking for his intent. The red dinosaur warbled back, challenging Godzilla. Godzilla was filled with rage at this preposition. The titan roared back, accepting the challenge without hesitation. Titanosaurus screeched back with an earth shaking cry that would have burst a human's eardrums. Titanosaurus and Godzilla charged at each other before colliding with each other.


Godzilla slashed at Titanosaurus chest, but the aquatic dinosaur caught Godzilla’s rather slow and clumsy movement with both his arms and pulled. Godzilla was thrown off balance momentarily, allowing Titanosaurus to bite down on Godzilla’s neck with his needle sharp teeth. Godzilla roared in fury and pain as he used his superior weight to bodyslam Titanosaurus. The red kaiju went stumbling back, Godzilla charging forwards to collide with him. Titanosaurus screeched in pain, but used his tail to smack Godzilla away before using the fan to blow Godzilla away with gusts of wind. 


Godzilla was even more pissed as he charged at Titanosaurus, attempting to bite his head, but the winds kept him just far enough away for Titanosaurus to launch his counterattack. Whipping around, Titanosaurus headbutted Godzilla in the chest before slashing at his face with his claws. Godzilla grunted, and tail-whipped Titanosaurus in the face, following up with biting down on Titanosaurus’s neck. Titanosaurus howled in pain, slashing at Godzilla’s gills. Godzilla released his hold, allowing Titanosaurus to tackle Godzilla, the two falling to the ground.


Titanosaurus then bit down on Godzilla’s arm and pulled him to the ground, and tried to stomp on the monster king’s head, but Godzilla bit Titanosaurus on the foot, causing the aquatic dinosaur to cry out in pain. Godzilla got up and tail whipped Titanosaurus in the chest, but the dinosaur moved out of the way at the last minute, and taking advantage of Godzilla’s lag after the tail whip, Titanosaurus bit down on Godzilla’s neck. Godzilla roared in pain, slashing at Titanosaurus’s chest.


Titanosaurus released his hold on godzilla and backed up hastily. Godzilla charged forwards and grappled with Titanosaurus as Gigan noticed the two battling. The cyborg attempted to attack Titanosaurus in order to help Godzilla, but Godzilla grabbed Gigan and shoved him out of the way, allowing Titanosaurus to bite down on Godzilla's neck again. Godzilla howled in fury and pain as Gigan flew away, shouting profane words about Titanosaurus. 


Godzilla freed himself from Titanosaurus’s grip and headbutted the dinosaur, then throwing him to the ground and stepping on his tail.

Titanosaurus would then let out an extremely loud screech, momentarily stunning Godzilla. The monster king shook it off, but Titanosaurus had already freed himself. Godzilla growled as his blue energy traveled up his spines, before unleashing his atomic breath. The blue beam of radiation struck Titanosaurus in the chest, pushing him backwards as he toppled over and landed in a pile of rubble. 


Godzilla shut off his atomic breath and started forwards, cautious of the seemingly fallen titan. Titanosaurus got up quickly, and used his tail fan to blow Godzilla away. The monster king growled in annoyance, unable to get into close range. Godzilla’s dorsal plates lit up again as he fired the atomic breath at Titanosaurus’s back. The aquatic dinosaur heard the charge up however, and was able to dodge the deadly beam. Godzilla charged forward, no longer hindered by the cyclonic winds, but Titanosaurus was ready for him. 


Titanosaurus slashed at Godzilla’s chest with his claws, but Godzilla headbutted him, sending the dinosaur falling to the ground. Godzilla was about to try grab Titanosaurus’s long neck, but the dinosaur suddenly bit the bottom of Godzillas neck, shaking like a wild dog. Godzilla roared in agony as he slashed at Titanosaurus’s chest. Godzilla then attempted to pry Titanosaurus’s jaws loose from his neck, but the aquatic dinosaur held firm. Godzilla slammed his foot down on Titanosaurus’s chest, knocking the wind out of him as Titanosurus’s jaws came loose along with a chunk of Godzilla’s flesh. Titanosaurus tried to get up, but Godzilla, now blind with rage, grabbed his neck and throttled him. Titanosaurus choked, writhing as he tried to break free. Godzilla charged another atomic blast up as he fired it at Titanosaurus’s head. The red kaiju howled in agony as Godzilla let go and tail whipped him. Titanosaurus went flying before crashing onto the sandy beach. The dinosaur shakily stood up and retreated back into the ocean, his face a burnt mess. As Titanosaurus retreated, Godzilla couldn’t even muster the energy to roar as the monster king fell to his knees and collapsed onto the ground, his neck bleeding heavily. Godzilla fell unconscious with labored breaths, eventually going into a comatose state. Titanosaurus by then was long gone, knowing that he would never try to challenge the monster king again.

Verdict: DRAW.

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AnguirusMember1241 XPJun-05-2020 7:50 PMTeam Godzilla

That was really cool! Can’t wait for another one.

Don’t cry, you are perfect
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