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Outsider here! Looking for a very specific recommendation...

Outsider here! Looking for a very specific recommendation...

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Clerefor Sede

Mothra LarvaeMember13 XPMay-29-2020 12:49 PM

Hi, call me Jules.

I'm an absolute virgin in Godzilla lore and the overall filmography. I generally like watching movies, and once in a while I dabble in classics. Last night I saw 1954's original Godzilla and I really enjoyed it, I thought it was very serious for its time (more than I expected) and just ground-breaking, thought-provoking, awesome.

I'm really interested in following up on the series very soon. I am much aware of the difference between the first film and the sequels, the latter ones being much more outlandish and at times childish, with a big difference in tone and even comedy. I'm all for that, you know, I love cheesy stuff as well so I would probably follow up in chronological order.

I've been scrolling the internet trying to find this but in the end it's all very basic so I thought I'd ask a specific forum with true fans to answer this question:

[also if you don't endorse this type of thing I totally get you, just ignore me]

It just so happens that right before the lockdown I had the luxury of obtaining a fair amount of pot. And I can't help but feel that this is a great opportunity of having myself a Godzilla stoned night. But there are at least 30 bloody films to watch and I don't have that much weed. I have enough joints to watch at least three high.

Basically I'm asking for someone kind enough to point out the ones that are stoney. I'm planning in watching the whole series eventually but I'd like to know which ones are the most... crazy?

The ones that are less serious, most unpredictable and funny. Also the ones that have less human dialogue, and a lot of action. And just generally the ones that you'd have a blast over and make less sense, to enhance the experience.

They don't have to have ALL of these things, just enough to balance the bat-**** insane aspect the franchise is said to have at times.

I've done some research on the saga and I'd probably expect for a recommendation in the first series, given it's the one with "worst" special effects and most non-sensical logic. But anything in the second and third series as well is welcome of course if it fits this characteristics.

Of course from Japan, not Hollywood.

So any stoner Godzilla fan that would like to help me on my quest would be appreciated, thanks.

TL;DR - Top 3 Godzilla movies to watch high?

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4 Responses to Outsider here! Looking for a very specific recommendation...


GodzillaMember8212 XPMay-30-2020 10:30 PM

OK- I'm going to go ahead and upvote for sheer honesty and originality.

Gabriel Salomon

BaragonMember171 XPJun-02-2020 1:31 PM

Uh ok... watch Godzilla GMK (2001). The climax to that film is pretty much pure insanity :)

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— Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park (1993)


Mothra LarvaeMember12 XPJun-02-2020 2:16 PM

it's a very difficult choice to make, almost all of the films fit that description. Except for the human part, they all got a lot of boring dialogue. So which everyone you choose, be sure to light up mid-film, because usually the climax is the only interesting part. Either Invasion of the Astromonster or Godzilla vs Megalon should do the trick if you want something from the showa series. But probably the best one of all is Godzilla vs Hedorah. Everything is crazy in that movie, including the humans

Also some of my favorite slapsticky fight scenes are in King Kong vs Godzilla and the post above makes a pretty convincing case for GMK, and other films come to mind as well so I don't know, toss a coin, be sure you'll have fun anyway ;)


AnguirusMember1248 XPJun-05-2020 5:32 PMTeam Godzilla

Um...Invasion of Astro-Monster. Godzilla’s victory dance is awesome 

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