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Aratrum? Y U No Cryosleep?

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MemberTitanosaurusJun-12-2020 5:05 PM

So after much hemming and hawing and arm-chair critiquing, I finally motivated myself to start watching the Anime Trilogy, if only so I can see the thing for myself and make a proper judgement on it that way.

Well, I got through the intro, the part where Haruo narrates how crummy life is aboard the Aratrum–we get a lovely scene of a guy committing suicide via laser to the head to really drive the angst home–and I had a sudden thought.

Why are none of the ship's passengers and crew in hypersleep?

Seriously, considering how much of a problem resources and morale are, you'd think that having everyone in cryostasis and leaving the ship automated would at least alleviate some of the on-board woes. And even if it does somehow need to be operated by organic hands, then why not just split the command crew into shifts, and have them in a rotating cycle of ship operations and cryosleep. That way, stress would be reduced.

In fact, after doing a bit of looking around, it turns out that the Aratrum's sisters ship, the Oratio, actually did come equipped with hypersleep pods. So why put them on one ship and not the other? The official reason is that the Oratio had a longer distance to travel, but even so, I'd think having hypersleep as an option on both ships would be much smarter in the long run, both for resources and staving off low morale.

And yeah, it wouldn't solve every problem on the ship, let alone what ends up sending them back to Earth, but even so, this was something that bugged me right off the bat. I dunno, it just felt like they were pushing the depression of the situation a bit too hard.

But that's just me.

A true fan can acknowledge the bad while still appreciating and cherishing the good.

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MemberGiganJun-16-2020 9:30 PM

Maybe Atrium was made second and cryosleep wasn't able to be installed. Or this was an oversight by the writers.

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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