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EVA-unit 01 vs Kiryu mechagodzilla voting

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RodanMember1789 XPJun-23-2020 10:26 PM


Vote for who you WANT to win, not who you THINK will win. I'll be posting the battle with the voting results in a few days!

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

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3 Responses to EVA-unit 01 vs Kiryu mechagodzilla voting


GiganMember3955 XPJun-25-2020 9:18 AMTeam Mothra

Evangelion Unit 01



RodanMember1789 XPJun-25-2020 12:00 PM

Ringmaster: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my arena! Where there’s NO RULES! NO RESEARCH! ONLY BLOODSHED! I am Ringmaster! Your announcer welcoming you to the expedition!


Ringmaster: Today, we have two incredible forces of mankind's ingenuity, two cyborgs built around the remains of threatening monsters! In one corner, we have the angel destroying beast of destruction, Eva-unit 01! And in the other corner, we have the cybernetic terror, Kiryu mechagodzilla! 


Ringmaster: Let's take a look at the two of them! Eva-unit 01 was built around the remains of the second angel Lilith, and is a known berserker, able to become a savage and animalistic beast of pure destruction! Besides having incredible regeneration power, this giant mecha has the incredible power of the A.T. field, which is a nearly impenetrable force field! 


Ringmaster: Kiryu was created around the skeleton of the original Godzilla, and was remade into the protector of japan, Mechagodzilla! Kiryu has an incredible arsenal of weapons, like Maser cannons, railguns, electric swords, and the absolute zero cannon, which freezes the target on an atomic level! 

Ringmaster: But enough talk! It's time to find out which monstrous mech will take out the other in a death battle exhibition! 




Within a sprawling city, two cyborgs screeched and roared at each other. Eva-unit 01 howled as it waved it's arms threateningly at the sliverly mecha standing in front of it. Kiryu roared back as it's glowing red eyes flashed, signaling it had gone out of control. The Eva had also gone berserk, and the two were gearing up for a unbarred duel to the death. Eva-unit 01 let loose another guttural howl as it charged forwards, crashing into Kiryu with a resounding BOOM. Kiryu roared as it shoved the Eva back before headbutting it in the chest. Eva-unit 01 responded by swinging one of its hands at Kiryu's head, sending it staggering back. Kiryu backed up and opened fire with several blasts from it's railguns and masers, with Eva-unit 01 howling as it shielded itself with its disproportionate arms. The Eva then activated it's A.T. field, the force field blocking all of the incoming projectiles and blasts. 


Kiryu started forwards as it slammed into the A.T. field, with the monstrous mech being deflected off the shimmering wall of orange hexagons. Kiryu roared furiously as it punched and body slammed the force field with no apparent effect. Eva-unit 01 dropped it's A.T. field and tackled Kiryu, knocking the mech off its feet. Kiryu roared as it grappled with the crazed Eva-unit 01, struggling to keep the Eva's hands off of him. Kiryu activated one of its electricity swords and jammed it into Eva-unit 01's shoulder, causing the Eva to howl and retreat a short distance. Getting up, Kiryu roared as it blasted its maser out of its mouth, with Eva-unit 01 blocking with its arm. 


Eva ducked under the beam and leapt at Kiryu's legs, with the two falling to the ground. Kiryu grabbed Eva-unit 01's head and slammed it onto the ground, but the cyborg grabbed Kiryu's hand and yanked, sending the mechanical beast's body to the ground. Eva-unit 01 grabbed Kiryu's head and slammed it onto the ground several times, but Kiryu rolled over and kicked at Eva-unit 01, sending the mecha skidding back. Both cyborgs got to their feet, and roared at each other. The two dashed towards each other before colliding with a resounding crash. 


Eva-unit 01 and Kiryu grappled, neither getting an advantage. Kiryu slashed at Eva-unit 01's chest with the Eva countering by uppercutting Kiryu's chin. Kiryu shoved Eva-unit 01 back and tackled it, with Eva-unit 01 grabbing Kiryu's head and attempting to wrench it off. Kiryu screeched as it grabbed the Eva's hands and used them to smack Eva-unit 01's own head. The Eva stumbled back, with Kiryu ramming into it. Kiryu bit down upon Eva-unit 01's arm and tore it off. Eva-unit 01 howled in fury as it swung around and slammed it's remaining hand onto Kiryu's side with such force, the mecha was nearly knocked off its feet. Eva-unit 01 slowly regenerated it's arm, but the arm was organic this time around.


Kiryu roared as it blasted Eva-unit 01 with its double maser mouth cannon. The Eva roared back as it charged at Kiryu, ramming into the other cyborg. Kiryu bear-hugged the monstrous Eva unit and lifted it off its feet. Eva-unit 01 struggled as it smacked Kiryu's head and attempted to break free. Kiryu then threw the Eva to the ground and slammed it's foot upon Eva-unit 01's chest. Eva-unit 01 grabbed Kiryu's foot and threw it over it's head, sending the silvery mech tumbling to the ground. Both cyborgs got up quickly and locked hands, the two trying to push the other back. The two managed to push each other back, both waving their arms in the air as they regained their balance. Kiryu quickly headbutted Eva-unit 01 in the chest and grabbed it's head, kneeing it in the face. The Eva grabbed Kiryu's head and yanked, throwing the mechagodzilla off balance. Eva-unit 01 drew back it's fist and slammed it into Kiryu's head, half of the mech's face getting shredded. 


Eva-unit 01 was suddenly knocked back by a kick from Kiryu. The silvery mech grabbed both of Eva-unit 01's arms and opened up the absolute zero cannon. The Eva howled as it struggled, trying to escape, but Kiryu would not budge. Tightening its grip, Kiryu felt its arms start to come loose. Eva-unit 01 howled as it kept trying to wrench Kiryu's arms off, almost succeeding. Kiryu's remaining red eye glowed intensely as the mechagodzilla roared, the absolute zero cannon firing off with a flash of brilliant blue light. At the very same time, Eva-unit 01 yanked off Kiryu's amrs with a screeching grinding noise of metal being torn. Eva-unit 01 shrieked as it was frozen solid, along with Kiryu's arms. Running forward, Kiryu body-slammed the other mech's frozen body, shattering it into tiny pieces. Kiryu shifted its silvery body as it dazedly righted itself, as it was missing both its arms and half of its head. However, it was victorious. Standing amongst the ruins of a city, Kiryu roared in victory.




Eva-unit 01: 11 votes (39.3%)


Kiryu: 17 votes (60.7%)


Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


GiganMember3955 XPJun-27-2020 6:43 AMTeam Mothra

Thanks for an awesome death battle however in all fairness Evangelion Unit 01 should have won, regardless of votes. Evangelion Unit 01 is far more athletic than Kiryu and you didn't even give the Evangelion any of its iconic weapons, both angelic or manufactured: No Prog-Knife, Rifle, Missile Launcher, Electric Gun, Pistol, Prog-Spear, Sniper Rifle, Lance of Longinus, AT Field Arm, or even AT Field Eye Beam.

Edit: I am aware that Unit 01 is in berserk mode but even then Unit 01 knows how to make shift weapons from its surroundings or from its enemies body parts. I am aware that the AT Field arm and Eye Beams are from the Rebuild series but you never stated which Evangelion Unit 01 was being used.

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