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Monsterverse: Future Potential

Monsterverse: Future Potential

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BaragonMember115 XPOct-06-2020 6:52 AM

Hey G-Fans, seems we're gonna be in a drought for a while so lets talk our cinematic universe.

As much as I love the fact that our favorite old-school monsters are getting a chance to shine, I personally want to see more original villainous kaiju rather than just old-school comeback villains. We missed our chance to have Ghidorah as a big bad, unfortunately. However, that only means there's a chance for an ever larger threat. With this in mind, I feel Legendary can create something to top that. Now you could say Destroyah but personally I don't know how I'd feel about that. As cool as it would be to see him, I want more originality from the studio. That and I personally don't want to see them hold back anymore. Make the stakes greater and make the action bigger. There's literally no point in having giant monsters fight and have them confined to the main characters objective. There's also no need for plot armor in this universe. When god-sized monsters are fighting and people are at risk, people die. Plain and simple. Its unfortunate, but its real. One second they're there, another second they get stepped on or are decimated by debris. That or make the mission the humans are trying to accomplish worthwhile. I still think King of the Monsters should've been re-written to fit this. For example, the Oxygen destroyer should've been built up for the sheer purpose of a last ditch effort. We as fans know that spells disaster for the main monster. What if KotM ended when the OD went off, leading the audience to believe Godzilla actually didn't survive with the final shot being Ghidorah roaring at the top of that volcano. That would've allowed a Part 1/2 situation, as cheesy as it may sound. 

I don't know, I got plenty of ideas of how the universe could have/could play out but how about you guys? Any wishes for the future or possible speculation?

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AnguirusMember1248 XPOct-20-2020 8:31 PMTeam Godzilla

I'm with you 100%, bro! I personally wouldn't mind seeing King Caeser in the Monsterverse, along with Gorosaurus, Biollante and/or Gigan.

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TitanosaurusMember567 XPOct-30-2020 5:59 AMTeam Mothra

Probably unlikely now, BUT I would love to see a Pacific Rim crossover. Either a movie or even just a comic, I think there would be a lot of potential. Plot-wise, maybe new portals are created in the Pacific Rim universe through which different Monsterverse Titans come through.

Also just a random thought I had a while back, what if they include Jet Jaguar as a Jeager (Jet Jeager?). Maybe some sort of new Type of AI-controlled Jeager designed for making first contact with civilizations beyond the portals (Which could be the reason for its more friendly appearance). Maybe give it smaller drone versions of itself to allow it to communicate with other species through sign language (in reference to how it can grow/shrink and talk to other Kaiju). I know this is not so much Monsterverse related, but it's an idea I've wanted to share anyway.

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Mothra LarvaeMember28 XPDec-07-2020 6:15 PM

Monsterverse sure has the potential to become a franchise as successful as the MCU, or even surpass it. But it relies on the box office numbers. If GvK is a flop... 

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