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Favorite Underrated Monsters?

Favorite Underrated Monsters?

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GiganMember2247 XPFeb-10-2021 12:11 PMTeam Ghidorah

I just wanted to ask what your favorite under appreciated monsters from the Godzilla franchise. They can be monsters like Ebirah to the Giant Condor.

Mine is Varan. 

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8 Responses to Favorite Underrated Monsters?


AnguirusMember1245 XPFeb-10-2021 2:35 PMTeam Mothra

I like Ebirah hes neat

also Baragon is my son

she/her/herself, dino/saur/dinoself, robo/bot/roboself


GiganMember2625 XPFeb-10-2021 6:37 PMTeam Mothra

Varan is cool looking but I need to watch his movie before I can add him as a favorite but mine is Zilla and Desghidorah

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4114 XPFeb-11-2021 3:49 PMTeam Ghidorah

Probably Dorako. Gigan seems to have been largely inspired by the monster, yet it was 42 years before we got a proper version after his original appearance. Wish we'd see more of him.

That said, while I acknowledge the Re-Dorako as a mild curiosity, I largely can't stand him in comparison to his initial form.


AnguirusMember1245 XPFeb-11-2021 4:33 PMTeam Mothra

Xeno, YES, yes, Zilla is also a favorite


how did i forget z i l l a?

she/her/herself, dino/saur/dinoself, robo/bot/roboself


GiganMember2247 XPFeb-11-2021 7:00 PMTeam Ghidorah

I like Zilla’s design, but that’s it. Is Baragon Underrated? Because he’s also a favorite.


TitanosaurusMember556 XPFeb-12-2021 6:01 AMTeam Mothra

King Caesar has always been a favorite of mine, but some time in the spotlight for him is long overdue. He's a very interesting monster based on a real legend, has in my opinion a very unique and somewhat cute design (well, besides those weird nipple things from Final Wars) and has a pretty unique set of abilities and skills.

Long live the king...


BaragonMember148 XPFeb-13-2021 6:52 PM

Zilla. His design is awesome and he really showed his worth in the Godzilla ruler of the earth comic series. I hope he got more respect after that appearance because much of the Godzilla fandom give him too much ****. Even got him booted out of a video game entry because they complained to the studio making the game. I also like Manda. Give him a modern redesign and we are golden.


GiganMember2625 XPFeb-14-2021 1:44 PMTeam Mothra

I also like Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah, not sure if he is underrated or not. Cretaceous Ghidorah is awesome too. I hope they bring in Bagan to a future godzilla movie, doesn't matter if its Toho or Legendary, just give us Bagan already!

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