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Godzilla: Origins [chapter 3] part 1

Godzilla: Origins [chapter 3] part 1

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BaragonMember195 XPMar-15-2021 5:46 PMTeam Godzilla

Read chapters 1 and 2 if you haven't!


252 million years before the events of Godzilla(2014)



     The newborn wandered aimlessly through the unfamiliar terrain. While still too young to understand the implications of its situation, it instinctual knew that it needed to find food and water and fast. Hour after hour the newborn stumbled along on its still developing legs, fruitless searching for sustenance. Eventually, it collapsed to the ground, exhausted. The newborn closed its eyes and rested. After a few minutes a sound woke it up. The young creature was too tired to crane its head up, but it heard what sounded like the flapping of wings and a gentle call. It closed its eyes again, sure that this creature would kill it when suddenly a great surge of energy ran through the youngling. 


     The newborn sprang up. It sniffed to its left, then its right and started running(as fast as its little le gs could go) in a straight line. The newborn was moving so quickly that it hadnt noticed that its landscape changed. It didn't notice that the sharp rocks gave way to trees which only reached its chest. It didn't notice the tall, grazing kaiju, who regarded him in confusion at first, but went back to grazing on the trees, using their long arms to put the vegetation in their mouth.The newborn then noticed its target. A large lake was present in the middle of the forest. The newborn spead up as he sensed its presence. Several of the tall kaiju were drinking from the lake, the newborn was now able to get a good look at them. 


    They were sloth like in appearance, with large tusk that extended nearly to the ground. The appearance of the new born startled them and they all galloped out the way of the small monster. The newborn stopped at the lake, knelt down on all fours and drank deeply from the lake. The unusual burst of energy had worn off, but the water had a revitalizing effect on the newborn. When it got up, it saw that it was no longer in the previously scary environment. The forest seemed to stretch over the horizon and soft earth felt like (the precambrian equivalent of) pillows beneath its feet..


  The newborn looked over to the tall creatures, who were now watching him suspiciously and slowly backing away. The newborn blinked at them then turned and walked in the opposite direction. With the water in its system the newborn now became aware of the nearly overwhelming hunger in its belly. However, before it could ponder at this fact, the youngling suddenly heard a strange, laugh-like roar. It looked in the direction of the sound and saw a new threat. 


   The new monster was green in color, it stood upright and had an orange mane of hair on its head. What made it threatening however, was not only the long, sharp horn on its head, but also its unnaturally long claws. The claws were silver in color, and ended in sharp hooks. The creature was giving off the rather annoying roar and was waving its arms above its head. The newborn was pondering what to do when suddenly it heard a rumble in the air, a previously white and fluffy cloud suddenly turned dark and grey. A flash of lightning came down and struck the creature in the horn. The newborn was considering a good escape route when the strange creature came charging at it. Its claws now crackling with light blue energy.......


Part 2 will likely come tomorrow. :)


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