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Should "Godzilla Vs. Kong" have its own Video Game?

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BaragonMember121 XPMay-03-2021 4:36 PMTeam Ghidorah

Godzilla Vs. Kong is hands down one of this year's greatest hit movies, with the global box office thrashing past $400 million. But, could a video game be just as successful as the movie itself? Personally, if they did decide to make a game, I would want it to be similar to Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, A 1-4 player fighting game that is playable on Nintendo Gamcube and XBOX. The fast and fun pace action of the game had me playing it over and over again. There is a good size roster, letting you play as Godzilla, Megalon, Gigan, King Ghidorah and other TOHO monsters. The enviornment around you is also interactable as you can pick up buildings, be shot by military forces, or thrown into buildings by your opponent. Day and night options were available too. 


If they applied all those mechanics and small little details to a Godzilla Vs. Kong version, I'm sure It would sell nicely. Things I would expect from it would be multiple platforms to play on, multiplayer, online play, good graphics and a new roster, with monsters such as Kong, Mechagodzilla (2021), Warbat and Skullcrawler, just to name a few. As of now though, we can only fantasize what's in it for Godzilla and his Kaiju friends (and enemies).


What do you think? Should Godzilla Vs. Kong get its own video game? Why or why not? Share any comments or ideas you have!

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9 Responses to Should "Godzilla Vs. Kong" have its own Video Game?


King GhidorahAdmin19090 XPMay-03-2021 7:07 PMTeam Ghidorah

I'm all for it! I long for another fighting game like Save the Earth or Destroy All Monsters. If a developer was to create one and introduce Monsterverse Titans, I think it would do VERY well. I know I'd be first in line to buy a copy.

I'm less interested in the cheap mobile games. If they were to make one it would have to be for console and PC. Open world / arena style.


BaragonMember160 XPMay-03-2021 8:25 PMTeam Godzilla

quick awnser: yes, gvk should have video game 


BaragonMember121 XPMay-03-2021 8:35 PMTeam Ghidorah

Thank you @Chris for a warm welcome to your group! And I do agree that there needs to be an open world/arena style game.

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BaragonMember186 XPMay-04-2021 6:35 AM

YES! A modern Save the Earth style fighting game would perfect for the MonsterVerse.


I actually brought up an idea for one in a previous discussion: 


Playable Monsters could include:

Godzilla (2014 & 2019 varients)





MUTOs (Male & Female)


Skull Devil



While other Titans like Scylla, Methuselah, Regular SkullCrawlers, Camazotz, Mire Squid, and Warbats could be Non-Playable Bosses.


Arenas could Include:

Tokyo (obviously)

San Francisco


Washington D.C.

Hong Kong


Skull Island

Hollow Earth

Isla De Mara



There could also be multiple endings depending on which Titan You play as:


Godzilla's, Mothra's, and Kong's ending would result in the main threat being eliminated and nature's balance being restored. The attacking titans acknowledge their new alpha and return to their hibernation.

(Good Ending: Nature Has An Order)


Rodan's, the MUTOs', Behemoth's and Skull Devil's ending would conclude with titans still fighting each other and destroying cities. The situation remains the same as it was at the begining of the game, hinting at a new age of monsters.

(Chaotic Neutral Ending: A New Age)


Ghidorah's ending would result in him becoming the Alpha Titan (possibly killing Godzilla). Ghidorah and the subjected titans then proceed to destroy all life on Earth.

(Bad Ending 1: Long Live the King)


Mechagodzilla's ending would result in the titans being exterminated. Mechagodzilla then malfunctions and turns against humanity. With no other titans to fight him Mechagodzilla's rampage leads to world destruction.

(Bad Ending 2: An APEX Predator)


BaragonMember121 XPMay-04-2021 7:49 AMTeam Ghidorah

@SasquaDash These are awesome ideas! I would definitely want to see this in the next game!

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AnguirusMember1251 XPMay-04-2021 8:00 AM


That was very cash money of you.


AnguirusMember1422 XPMay-05-2021 11:00 AMTeam Ghidorah

I would like a Godzilla game not connected to monsterverse.


BaragonMember289 XPMay-05-2021 11:01 AMTeam Rodan



BaragonMember121 XPMay-05-2021 11:08 AMTeam Ghidorah

@SarcasticGoji this is the closest you will get:

See the source image

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