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Another theory on why the mural was cut from GVK.

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MemberBaragonSep-27-2022 4:58 PM

A year ago, a YouTuber named Kaiju Network did a three part collab series with another YouTuber to discuss everything that was cut from GVK. In Part 2, they played footage of a behind the scenes video that shows an alternate set for the Kong temple.

And take a guess what is shown in the clip….one of the Kong statues from the concept art of the mural from the GVK artbook!


Go to 12:34 in the behind the scenes video and you’ll see for a few seconds…


Judging by the footage, it seems like the alternate throne room made it past the concept art stage and was going to be in the film, but was probably cut and reshot due to Legendary wanting to see how the movie would do in the landscape of a pandemic before continuing the MonsterVerse.

There is even an unused track called “The Mural,” which presumably would’ve played during the scene where Kong and the human characters discover the mural shown in the concept art above…


Maybe the filmmakers originally planned on including the mural to tease the next film, where Godzilla and Kong will be pitted against a “colossal, undiscovered threat hidden beneath our world,” a threat that may in fact be the flying creature fighting Godzilla and Kong’s ancestors.

But since GVK kept getting pushed back and was going to be released during the pandemic, Legendary decided to cut it out of the film in order to make sure the film did well at the box office. I also suspect that the studio wanted the movie to be shorter and easier for general audiences to take in.

And teasing another monster on an ancient mural would probably take away from Mechagodzilla’s role as the antagonist in the third act.

But since Adam Wingard and Terry Rossio are returning for the next MonsterVerse film, I think there’s a very good chance that we’ll learn more about the Titan War and possibly even see the flying creature.

What do you all think?

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MemberBaragonSep-27-2022 5:03 PM

Copy and paste the links into your URLs.

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