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My Current Draft for Godzilla and Kong: Destroy All Monsters:

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MemberBaragonOct-11-2022 5:23 PM



Hey everybody! Just wanted to post my latest draft for my speculative MonsterVerse finale. Something I want to make clear is that while writing this story, I tried to make it as realistic and grounded as possible based on the lore that the MonsterVerse has set up. I plan on revising as we get more and more MonsterVerse movies, TV shows, and comics. If anyone has any feedback, please let me know down below.

Alright then, let’s get going...

. . .


Long ago, there existed an alien race on Planet X, an undiscovered planet in our solar system. They coexisted with Titans on their homeworld, but much like humans, they eventually started playing God. Through genetic manipulation, they bred three-headed dragon-like monsters and used them to conquer other planets in neighboring solar systems. They also created cybernetic monsters like Gigan. But since the aliens flew too close to the sun, the monsters they created eventually went rogue and wiped them all out.


(The two non-Gigan and Ghidorah monsters are illustrations of the Titans Amhulak and Erlig that were drawn by Instagram user godzilla_fan_art. I included them to represent other alien monsters that serve as Keizer Ghidorah’s henchmen)

After being freed from the control of their masters, the monsters formed societies with hierarchies on the planets they conquered. The Titans that were viewed as the alpha species on Planet X were the Titanus Ghidorahs. The Ghidorah from KOTM was the smallest and weakest member of his family, and his older brother, Keizer, got to rule over the other Titans on Planet X. Once his older brother became an alpha, he chased Ghidorah off their home planet. The young prince then went to Earth to mark it as his territory.


Upon arriving in Earth’s orbit, Ghidorah sensed the presence of powerful energy hidden deep within the Hollow Earth and attempted to get to it to become more powerful. But before he could, he was stopped by Godzilla, Earth’s most powerful Titan. Wanting to torment Godzilla for his sadistic enjoyment, Ghidorah put off his plan to retrieve the energy in the Hollow Earth. For millennia, he fought Godzilla for the status of Alpha Titan until he was imprisoned in ice in Antarctica. Before he was frozen, Ghidorah attempted to use the Vile Vortex to make it to the Hollow Earth so that he could recover from losing the fight. But he ended up being frozen alive before that could happen.



After being released from the ice in 2019, Ghidorah encountered his old rival Godzilla and beat him in the first battle he had experienced in a millennia. Wanting to kill Godzilla before he could siphon the Hollow Earth energy, Ghidorah took control of the other Titans and commanded them to create chaos around the globe. He wanted to disrupt the balance that Godzilla fought to maintain in the years following his initial defeat. But Ghidorah’s reign of terror ended at the hands of Godzilla, Mothra, and humanity.




Events of Destroy All Monsters:


After hearing his younger brother’s death cries from across the cosmos at the end of KOTM, Keizer Ghidorah decides to check out the source of the screams. He, Gigan, and seven other space Titans arrive on Earth in 2034 and immediately sense the Hollow Earth energy while in orbit. Wanting to harness the power of the energy to conquer the planet, Keizer leads his mini army down to Earth.



The alien invaders arrive in Mumbai, India and start wrecking havoc while trying to search for a Hollow Earth entry point that’s hidden in the outskirts of the city. Eventually, the monsters find the vortex and jump through it. When Godzilla senses the arrival of the invaders, he, Mothra, and Rodan follow the alien Titans into the Hollow Earth to stop them. Meanwhile, Keizer, Gigan, and the other alien Titans cut their way through various Hollow Earth fauna before being ambushed by Kong and his adopted son, who try to stop them from getting to a massive deposit of energy. But they eventually get overpowered by Keizer Ghidorah, the largest and most powerful member of Ghidorah’s species. Keizer then commands his mini army to finish off Kong and his son while he and Gigan search for the deposit. Once Keizer and Gigan make it to the source, they are stopped by Megalon, a monster created by an ancient civilization to guard the energy from other Titans (Megalon would be introduced in a film before this one).



To gain access to the energy, Keizer takes control of Megalon’s mind by screeching in his face (a mini alpha roar of sorts). Gigan and the now mind-controlled Megalon begin extracting the energy from the area. Godzilla and his allies sense this disturbance and quickly head to where it’s coming from. They engage in a battle with Keizer, Gigan, and Megalon. Just as the three Titans get overwhelmed by Keizer Ghidorah’s powerful gravity beams, Gigan’s hooked hands and buzzsaw chest, and Megalon’s drilling abilities, Kong and his son arrive to assist them. They managed to flee and hide from Keizer Ghidorah’s army, but now his army comes to help their alpha kill Earth’s guardians.



With their combined effort and using the Hollow Earth’s treacherous environment to their advantage, Kong, his son, Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan manage to outnumber the invaders. Fed up with his failure to kill Earth’s guardians and his henchman’s delays in extracting all the energy, Keizer siphons the amount gathered and quickly gains the upper hand against Earth’s guardians. Wanting to stop Keizer from taking more of the power, Godzilla commands his allies to chase the invaders up to the surface world. They chase them over to a vortex that takes them up to the city of Budapest. Another battle takes place between the titanic forces of nature, with Godzilla going toe-to-toe with Gigan and the supercharged Keizer Ghidorah while Kong, his son, Mothra, and Rodan battle Megalon and the seven other alien Titans. While Kong and Earth’s guardians manage to kill Megalon along with two of Keizer’s henchmen, they get overpowered by the five remaining space Titans, while Godzilla gets his ass kicked by Gigan and Keizer Ghidorah.


Even with his red spiral beam (which he would gain in a film before this one), Godzilla gets owned by Keizer as he is lifted off the ground by Keizer’s enhanced gravity beams, and is repeatedly stabbed by Gigan. Before Gigan can slice Godzilla’s throat with his buzzsaw, Kong, his son, Mothra, and Rodan join the fight to assist the weakened saurian. After Kong swoops in to save Godzilla, Keizer attempts to escape through the Hollow Earth entrance point near Budapest, but is tackled to the ground by Godzilla, Kong, and his son.



Despite their combined efforts, Keizer Ghidorah manages to break free from the three Titans’ grasp. Deciding to stick with the power he attained from the small amount of energy gathered in the Hollow Earth, Keizer flees the battle with his mini army. After retreating from Budapest, the alien monsters begin wrecking havoc in different populated areas across Eurasia. Keizer Ghidorah destroys Beijing, Guangzhou, and Tokyo. Gigan attacks Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece. Three of Keizer’s grunts go for Moscow and Kazan, while the other two attack Rome and Switzerland.


Meanwhile in Budapest, Godzilla orders Kong, his son, Mothra, and Rodan to split up and go after Gigan and the other five space monsters while he goes after Keizer Ghidorah. What follows is a montage of Earth’s Guardians tracking down the invaders and fighting each of them in major cities across Eurasia. Godzilla and Keizer Ghidorah’s battle in Tokyo leads them to Mount Fuji, and Keizer is dominating Godzilla. Eventually, the space demon has Godzilla grounded, and as he stands victorious over the beaten saurian, Godzilla stands back up. He then performs a mighty alpha roar that not only reaches Kong, his son, Mothra, and Rodan, but awakens all the seen and unseen Titans from KOTM and Godzilla: Dominion.



Once all the Titans, including Keizer’s allies, arrive at Mount Fuji, an Avengers: Endgame-like battle ensues. Godzilla, Kong, and all the other Earth Titans battle Keizer Ghidorah, Gigan, and the five other space Titans. After a long and brutal fight, Earth’s guardians overpower the invaders, resulting in the deaths of Gigan and the other alien grunts.


Only Keizer Ghidorah is left standing.


As the five-headed demon is about to fly back to one of the vortexes to recharge in the Hollow Earth, the other Titans surround him, and an all-out monster brawl ensues. Like how the monsters defeated Ghidorah in the original Destroy All Monsters film, every Titan uses their unique abilities to defeat Keizer Ghidorah. Mothra shoots her silk, Rodan dive bombs and breathes fire, Scylla uses her durability and shoots liquid nitrogen, Behemoth uses his strength and tusks, Methuselah uses his strength and durability, Tiamat creates cyclones and shoots toxic vapor, Amhulak uses his mind shock and elasticity, the Queen MUTO uses her claws and EMP powers, skullcrawlers attack from below, Kong uses his speed, strength, and axe, Kong’s son uses his speed and durability, and Godzilla uses his brute strength and red spiral beam.


Like in the original Destroy All Monsters film, it takes teamwork and brute force to bring down Keizer Ghidorah. Eventually, Earth’s Titans emerge victorious after Godzilla blows four of the weakened Keizer Ghidorah’s heads off with his red beam. With only one head remaining, Keizer collapses to the ground all battered up. Godzilla then charges Kong’s axe with his red beam, and Kong chops Keizer’s head off, slaying the space demon once and for all.


With Earth saved, the Titans all roar victoriously into the heavens, and the movie ends with Godzilla and Kong ruling over all the Titans who now live in the Hollow Earth while humanity rebuilds the surface world.

7 Replies


MemberBaragonOct-11-2022 9:47 PM

This would be a fun movie. But it would probably be very long. Theres a lot of concepts.



MemberBaragonOct-11-2022 9:48 PM

I think its one of the better Destroy all monsters (MV) ive seen



MemberGiganOct-12-2022 2:29 PM

Also, an idea.  Bring back characters that are humans in the MV and only the well-written ones who are still alive.

“Calling yourself a hero make you a self-mythologizing narcissistic autocrat!”


MemberBaragonOct-14-2022 11:39 AM

@HinikunaGoji: Thanks man! What are the positives and negatives you had with this story? Also, I apologize for the lack of pictures. I haven’t figured out how to include them yet. Lol.


MemberBaragonOct-14-2022 11:40 AM

HinikunaGoji: What are the things you liked about it?


MemberBaragonOct-14-2022 11:47 AM

Well really it actually feels like it build the mythology of the titans and preserves everything i liked about kotm as a whole.



MemberBaragonOct-31-2022 11:57 AM

I think that it would probably be a good movie, but I don't think as many people would want to see it or that it would do well, based on the description you just said

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