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If the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki never happened, would godzilla ever have been created?

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MemberBaragonDec-01-2022 8:47 AM

Think about it, The bombing of those places caused the creation of godzilla, thats the whole reason he was created. But what if it never happened, would the website that you all on even be here, would I even be asking this question, would I even be alive. This may seem like a stupid question to some, but if you reply pls don’t write anything mean or critical, Just THINK ABOUT IT. would YOU even be alive?

when the power of love is greater than the love of power the world will know peace
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MemberAnguirusDec-01-2022 8:53 AM

well, godzilla was more inspired by the lucky dragon incident than the bombings.

Its specifically mentioned in the original film that atomic testing awakened godzilla, never is it stated that the bombings awakened him.

so while the bombing definitely influenced gojiras creation in real life, less so in fiction.

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MemberAnguirusDec-01-2022 8:55 AM

....and I dont think godzilla would impact any of us being born in any way.

"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"


MemberBaragonDec-01-2022 8:57 AM

maybbeee lol

when the power of love is greater than the love of power the world will know peace


MemberGiganDec-01-2022 11:21 AM


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AdminGodzillaDec-01-2022 1:58 PM

The answer is no, the franchise either wouldn't exist or wouldn't exist as we know it today. Now, Tanaka came up with the idea for a giant creature rising from the ocean when another production failed and that idea was the catalyst for Godzilla. However, there would be no reason for Japan to put such obsessive, cultural importance on the theme of nuclear proliferation if they weren't bombed. They might've made a monster movie, but it probably wouldn't have been the important film its regarded as today in Japan. The only thing it would have going for it is Tsuburaya's popularization of tokusatsu and even that might not have been as popular without the basic themes of the film to prop them up.

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MemberAnguirusDec-01-2022 5:13 PM

Given that Godzilla's creation was somewhat inspired by other monster movies like King Kong and Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, it's possible that if Godzilla had been made in a timeline where the bombings never happened, the film might have had a similar tone to those films, focusing more on being a fun adventure story than a post-war nuclear weapons allegory.

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MemberGiganDec-01-2022 9:59 PM


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MemberGiganDec-02-2022 12:18 AM

This website would still be here seeing how it was originally a Prometheus fansite, so we would still have Scified just without Godzilla



MemberGiganDec-02-2022 12:18 AM

This website would still be here seeing how it was originally a Prometheus fansite, so we would still have Scified just without Godzilla

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