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GvK 2 better not make A dumb monke beat another traditional godzilla enemy

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BaragonMember150 XPDec-19-2022 9:42 AMTeam Godzilla

I honestly think that the whole idea of Kong beating all of those traditional godzilla enemies is just dumb. Why does Hollywood have to change everything?


Kong beating Mechagodzilla disgusted me, in reality, a giant ugly monke would not be able to beat him, but the idiot producer was like, “oh ya, we should make it to where Kong beats Mechagodzilla ''.


Mechagodzilla was originally a GODZILLA enemy. Not kongs. They should have made it to where godzilla dominated him.  I’m totally fine with them making Kong destroy new titans that they made, like the war-bat scene. But they need to leave the older titans alone.


I’m sure that you have all heard theories that Gigan or Destroyah might be the new bad guys in the GvK 2 movie coming out. I think that godzilla would easily beat gigan. But I think that destroyah will be really fun to see. (since some say that he is the most powerful guy godzilla has fought before), But I will HATE the movie if they make Kong somehow beat a titan that took so many rounds of godzilla's red energy blast thingie that he did in Godzilla: king of the monsters. A move that basically, absolutely destroys godzilla's enemies immediately.


Like what he did for King Ghidorah. But he kept blasting destroyah and it did nothing, it took godzilla basically to the point where he nearly blew up to beat destroyah. Not to mention, destroyah is actually only one of the two titans, (other than keizer Ghidorah) that actually purposely kills people and destroyed with pleasure, and emotionally attacked godzilla when he killed Minilla. He is very mental and sadistic.


But if they make a monke who lacks bodily armor, and only has a hammer that he finds in a home that got destroyed literally, like, 10 min after he found it, I’m gonna lose my mind. So I think that Destroyah would absolutely DESTROY Kong, and Kong would not even stand a CHANCE. And if it does happen, I will fall into madness.

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BaragonMember386 XPDec-23-2022 6:47 AMTeam Ghidorah


HELLO THERE, i am a person
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