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MemberBaragonJan-17-2023 8:15 AM

If you could turn into one kiju which one would you chose  to be (it can be made up if so tell us about it), what would you do first , how do you think godzilla would act?

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MemberAnguirusJan-17-2023 8:41 AM


"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"


AdminSpaceGodzillaJan-19-2023 9:09 AM

What kind of topic title is this? I've removed a number of topics now by the OP with little to no substance and/or content worth engaging in. This isn't Twitter - we don't create new topics with every fleeting thought that pops into our heads. When members sign up here they agree to a set of rules and conduct guidelines - part of which is submitting content that is engaging and of decent quality.

There has been an uncomfortable amount of one word answers / short form topics being created lately that go absolutely nowhere - whether to gain XP quicker or to simply to throw 2 cents in without elaborating or offering anything to keep the conversation going - it's going to stop. These forums were designed to be a hub for discussion and debate. Again, if you want to post one word replies or a meme or start a topic with little to no substance - go to Twitter or some other social media platform that allows for such nonsense. Here, we're going to keep things engaging and of high quality.

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