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This forum isn't Twitter - cracking down on garbage content.

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AdminSpaceGodzillaJan-19-2023 9:18 AM

It has come to a point that I feel I unfortunately need to make a topic about this so everyone can read it and understand what the expectations are from here on out with regards to content being posted.

There has been an uncomfortable amount of one word answers / short form topics being created lately that go absolutely nowhere - whether to gain XP quicker and progress forum rank or to simply to throw 2 cents in without elaborating or offering anything to keep the conversation going - it's going to stop. These forums were designed to be a hub for discussion and debate. Again, if you want to post one word replies or a meme or start a topic with little to no substance - go to Twitter or some other social media platform that allows for such nonsense. Here, we're going to keep things engaging and of higher quality.

Also, if you are taking a break from the forums or leaving the site - it does not require a topic announcing your departure. Your account remains available whenever you wish to return - the community will welcome you back but no single member requires a grand send-off by means of a topic dedicated to themselves announcing their exit - it clutters the forums and we explicitly forbid such spammy topics from being created.

Many of you new members have clearly not reviewed our rules of content, so for a refresher, please:

Review the Rules

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7 Replies


MemberAnguirusJan-19-2023 10:39 AM

thank you.

this is pretty much what i have been talking about for the last few months, the problem with "new" godzilla fans article I made was the start of it. the current state of the site is appalling, and I admit, i haven't really helped it. im to low rank to really deal out some meaningful blows to the problem. 

thank you for coming down and posting this to stop the treatment of this website as a place where you can just post anything you want and no one will care.

I highly appreciate it.

"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"


MemberBaragonJan-19-2023 11:28 AM





MemberBaragonJan-19-2023 1:16 PM




MemberGiganJan-19-2023 1:33 PM

No Offense to anyone, but yeah the leaving forum posts were getting a little annoying since it didn't introduce a forum of conversation. How can you talk about someone leaving since that poster is no longer a member of this website?



MemberGiganJan-19-2023 2:23 PM

Good God, finally.  I really have been not on lately because we've had meaningless discussions that I can barely give a cent on.  I'd like some more productive topics in the future.


Chris, I appreciate your efforts to make this site more enjoyable again.  Hopefully things get better from here on.

“Calling yourself a hero make you a self-mythologizing narcissistic autocrat!”


MemberAnguirusJan-20-2023 7:55 AM

That jab at Twitter lol.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


MemberBaragonJan-20-2023 8:33 AM

Also Elon musk doesn’t own this site

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