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godzilla vs. gamera (according to a random a.i. text generator)

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MemberAnguirusFeb-15-2023 11:19 AM


since the dawn of time, their has been one question that has permeated throughout the ages...

an incredibly intriguing question...

a question that may shape the course of history forever...

the question of....

WhO WOuLd wIn... GodZilla or Gamera?!?11?!


everyone ever to have ever exist has asked this question,

the  trilobites asked this question,

the dinosaurs asked this question,

the only thing that was on Abraham Lincolns mind for 17 years was this question.

but today, im here to answer that question. 

in light of gamera: rebirth and blockbuster monster movie being announced last year, I brang this very important question to the almighty a.i.

thats right, robots.

scifed users should be all to familiar with robots... 

this highly intelligent a.i. will surely give us the exact results of a fight between godzilla and gamera.

its the same a.i. that I used for the ultraman geed and evangelion rewrites, inferkit, delivering such masterpeices as:

¨looking down from the Evangelion, asks him "What's your name?". Sachiel replies "My name is God". Shinji demands of the angel "What is your purpose". Sachiel replies "I AM the purpose"¨,

¨Rei, standing on the ground, watches this. Her foot smashes through the angel's chest and impales the angel through the back with the handle of the Katana.¨,

¨ Misato then realizes that Shinji is not able to control his life experiences and gives him one year to recover.¨,

¨ultraman geed will win, especially when I get my Ultra Booster and Ultra Drive!¨,

¨ a woman dressed as a nimbus appears in the night and offers Shinji a drink. After the drink, the woman attacks and saves him. She then reveals to him that she was Makoto and reveals that she was the Angel who attempted to attack Gendo.¨

and ¨Shinji is then sent to stay with the residents Asami and Hisao Moriyama and is introduced to the only thing he loves, baseball.¨


so  what if I brought... that... into a fight between godzilla and gamera?

i have been developing this fight since december, and after 2 months of generating, it finally ready.

enjoy the show.


inferkits godzilla vs. gamera.




as the two monsters enter the arena the crowd goes wild.
this is going to be the battle of the century.
godzilla roars in anger at his rival.
gamera roars back.
suddenly, they charge at each other!
they crash into each other with tremendous force.
they both roll over and over across the ground like crashing waves in the ocean.


the two monsters are knocked to the ground

whoops...just kidding!

this is actually happening!

they punch each other out with incredible force

Saki and Ureba wake up to find that they have slept for 100 years.

they both walk to the ocean, where they go for a swim...

and their sandal straps fall off.

meanwhile at the arena godzilla unleashes a barrage of slashes at gamera.
then gamera dodges out of the way and kills a young child in the crowd

all of the spectators flee into the stands as the stadium collapses.

seems like that kid would be a target for a monster...

he turns around and fires 3 fireballs at godzilla.

gamera promptly incinerates the three with a thunderous boom.

bam! 3 for 3!

godzilla attacks gamera.

gamera dodges one slash and the next and then he smashes godzilla in the face with a cannon!

after recovering from the impact godzilla rips gamera apart with a hulking fist

after that godzilla taunts gamera.

i'm a dragon, remember? i can fly. i can breathe fire. i can breathe ice!

gamera gets ready to fire another fireball at godzilla

but he can't move because he's still made out of red sand.

godzilla chases gamera

but not very fast.

gamera is still trapped inside a giant sand skeleton

godzilla continues to chase him

at the last second, gamera sprays godzilla with a jet stream
to which godzilla returns fire with a flame ray.

godzilla pulls a helluva taunt though.


and stabs him through the heart with his own sword!

gamera uses his special technique against godzilla, who refuses to give up.

he tried everything to kill you, so now i'm gonna kill you in the most creative way possible!

godzilla falls to his knees

but then godzilla gives him a fierce kiss

from which Gamera emerges alive and super-strong

following which they both fall to their knees in victory.

oh shit! that means gamera is a god, right?

godzilla keeps a tight rein on his enormous powers,

time for the final battle!

gamera trys to punch godzilla but it doesn't work.

he wonders where the hell he's gonna get another punch,



gamera pushes godzilla away

then slashes his chest with a giant hook

then slashes his neck with a giant mechanical claw.

godzilla grunts with pain as his body gets destroyed

and he falls to his knees.

then gomora grabs his head with his magic claw and crushes it to a fine powder.

lol godzilla! i told you, i'm just a regular guy!

thank god you're a magical red giant monster, not a mean hollywood leading man

after his opponent is dust, gomora just sits around.

he has nothing to do.

he doesn't get angry or anything.

but then gamera comes gets up and incenerates gomera.

godzilla falls to the ground

followed by gamera

before he fires an army of black hand missiles

at godzilla! he swats away the missiles

before they can do him in

he then fires a wave of black blood at godzilla

gamera then spins around to attack godzilla with an electric jolt

they battle once more...

then the stadium collapses.

thanks to me and this wiki i now know the origins of the phrase "we went to the town of daffodils and that was the worst day of our lives"

post script:


i know this is a bit late but I was having a massive apocolypse like problem and never got around to finishing. the day after the battle, two survivors were found.

but enough about that shit!

gamera kicks godzilla, and godzilla retaliates with a gorilla fist punch.

they fight until the "little squirrel who got its nuts crushed by a meat grinder" shows up

then godzilla turns into giant spider and steals gamera's ass!

godzilla leaps out of the sky, grabs gamera in his spider arms, and then swings gamera like a bat

then he's big again

but then, miraculously, godzilla decides to become a little girl

and before we know it, they're fighting in their adorable pajamas.

gamera punches godzilla into the sea

but godzilla has a towel.

“I can't find the word for this in english, so i guess i'm going to have to say "godzilla put on a swimsuit" ”

godzilla then gets waterlogged and squirts some water into gamera's face

they swim in the ocean until they find a treasure map

they then go on a wild goose chase until gamera beats the crap out of his suitcase.

they finally reach the hideout of the ancient kings of the ocean,

but gamera arrives too late, and then the only thing he sees is a giant brain

gamera is too cowardly to fight so godzilla blasts him with a giant mechanical mouse fist.

since gamera's brain is still intact, godzilla makes him swim until he's healed.

godzilla asks him how he came to possess such a powerful ability

gamera replies, "we went to the town of daffodils and that was the worst day of our lives."

godzilla asks him why he doesn't try to change his fate

and gamera replies "fate? did you really think it was a suit of armor?"

finally gamera attacks godzilla with an egg blast

then, suddenly, a member of godzilla,s army named terry comes into frame.

towared jumps on terry and throws him into a generator,

terry gets sucked in

godzilla then dyes terry's skin green

then, one by one, each member of terry's army dies (including terry's hamster).

gamera then leaps into a giant jellyfish.

godzilla attacks the jellyfish but he slips on the tentacles and falls in to the water

when godzilla comes up, he realizes that gamera has rolled over and is hiding

then godzilla starts to bop his ass with a great gashing blow.

as he turns to face gamera again, he hears a roar

then they're fighting on the ocean floor once more, the jello monsters!

then, amazingly, godzilla lifts the water above his head, but gamera uses his water-soaked hands to hold him down

then gamera traps him with one foot on the thing, godzilla is trapped!

godzilla tries to kill gamera but gamera rips the jellyfish apart with his sharp, metal talons.

then he asks godzilla what he's going to do with his life, since he won't be able to become a girl,

and godzilla replies that he's going to "go see the great sand pile"

i think that's where jello monsters live

godzilla suddenly finds a portal to hell

and he immediately tells gamera to go through with him

he tells gamera "i know it seems like there's no hope,

but if you want my advice i suggest you find yourself some boobs!"

then he goes into the portal, and so does gamera

they get there, where they're both immediately attacked by a giant creature covered in pancake stuffing

godzilla grabs gamera's eyes and legs and throws him

i think "pancake stuffing" is a euphemism for pancake batter

godzilla fights a giant burrito who apparently will fight anyone, even if that person is a giant turtle!

then they fight the "bean burrito" who gets clobbered by god!

then, godzilla and gamera continue their scuffle, godzilla trys to use his special technique, the tail drag drop kick,

i think "tail drag drop kick" is a euphemism for "turtle drive in".

after godzilla runs gamera over a bunch of times, godzilla gets frustrated and bites gamera.

then gamera punches him and they start fighting for real.

godzilla does a leaping kick at him and gets a metal clamp in the chest.

then they fight it out in hell

godzilla jumps into the volcano, and gamera pours lava on his head. godzilla unleashes a blast of atomic breath right when gamera fires his fire breath, the two beams get caught in a beam clash, and the beam explodes in one big wave.

then gamera uses his toxic breath, and a gigantic crack appears in the volcano.

then they meet up with an ancient king of the jellyfish, and the king says to leave him alone and go kill each other,

so godzilla and gamera do just that! then godzilla seems to do something he usually does,

pulling the super-size egg out of his chest.

he throws the egg into the lava river, and so does gamera.

all the souls from hellscape fly down into godzilla and gamera, transforming them into burning godzilla and mana-empowered gamera.

this is the final battle.

godzilla realeases an atomic blast equivalent of 12000 kilo tons of nuclear energy, and so does gamera.

i guess there's something about nuclear energy that makes you a little bloated

then, even after Godzilla unleashes his ray gun, the volcano on top of hellscape erupts from the force, the volcano kills everyone in hellscape, exept for godzilla and gamera, now their is nothing to distract them from their deul to the death.

gamera flies up to godzilla and uses his own ray gun, and so does godzilla.

they fight each other, and godzilla brings up his watery hand,

(you know, like all dinosaur-zombies?)

gamera shoots godzilla with his ray gun, and godzilla uses his tail to swat gamera in the head.

godzilla brings up his foot and kicks gamera's butt, and gamera shoots godzilla with his ray gun again.

godzilla spits out a bunch of lightning and blows gamera away.

then, gamera brings up his ray gun, and godzilla spits out a bunch of lightning, then kicks gamera's butt,

and godzilla uses his tail to swat gamera in the head.

godzilla gets in the air and does a flying kick at gamera,

this is godzilla's normal plan to win a fight, he wants gamera to be so disoriented,

that he can swoop down and grab him.

but godzilla's tail can't do it this time,

he throws his tail around like crazy, trying to smack gamera in the head,

gamera knocks it away with his ray gun, and godzilla yells in pain,

so he gets in the air and uses his atomic breath,

then gamera uses his ray gun and follows suit,

they're just pouring on the atomic force.

one bomb will blow you up,

the other will just fry you and make you wanna die.

this is where gamera is gonna kick his ass! he's been shooting godzilla with the ray gun,

and godzilla's very weak with a weak ray gun!

then, he brings up his foot to kick gamera, but godzilla shoots gamera in the butt with his ray gun,

he then uses his butt in a downward kick, and godzilla uses his foot to punch gamera in the mouth.

godzilla recharges his ray gun from the lava river and does a huge blast of the nuclear force, and gamera blocks the blast.

then the sky goes dark, and a huge tidal wave of ash, lava, fire, and hellscape moves in.

godzilla and gamera are surrounded in a huge nuclear bomb sized shadow, then the ash cloud surrounds them and eats up everything in hellscape.

then they get swallowed up by hell, and they continue their battle in hell.
as they get deeper and deeper, the ash cloud get closer and closer

then they reach an area where the ocean is very acidic, and it burns the skin off godzilla

i guess acid is really acidic in hell!

gamera uses his special technique...


and godzilla uses his special technique...


the two special techniques clash, just like in jo-jo,s bizarre adventure.

godzilla chomps gamera's head off.

then he uses a kaiju super motion to slowly choke gamera to death.

godzilla uses his final special technique to completely annihilate gamera.
gamera, the gaurdian of the universe and freind to all children, is dead.

godzilla and gamera both share a tear.

then, hell rises from the lava river, it's a giant evil giant.

and then, the whole room lights up. it's a giant fireworks display! it's exactly like at super mario warchest's game.

then, as he hears the cheers, disaster gal rips a wire out of the fireworks machine.

she burns up, she's dead!

finally, everyone cheers and celebrates with drinks.
super mario has a fantastic day!

really, the only thing that would make it better is if it was made in 3D.

and they made gremlins in 3D for disneyland, and they were the most expensive show ever at disneyland.

the most expensive show at disneyland.

*super mario lives.*

(doesn't this picture look like me or stuff?)

it kinda does.

in the next image,


for fuck sakes

godzilla looks up and sees gamera's spaceship descending! godzilla grabs the ship, and as he flies away, the zoo animals hail his triumphant return.

godzilla escapes the zoo and when he finds his car, he takes off into the sunset.


                                             the end.

"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"
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MemberGiganFeb-15-2023 12:38 PM

That was...quite the story.

“Calling yourself a hero make you a self-mythologizing narcissistic autocrat!”


MemberBaragonFeb-15-2023 5:41 PM




MemberBaragonFeb-15-2023 5:44 PM

Also gamera x Godzilla needs a ship name now



MemberAnguirusFeb-15-2023 7:25 PM


"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"
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