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AdminSpaceGodzillaJan-22-2013 9:18 AM

Below is a poster showcasing all the various, different looks Godzilla went through over the years since his first appearance back in 1954. Do you have a favorite version of Godzilla? If so, which one?

Let us know what you think by replying below!

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122 Replies


MemberMothra LarvaeJan-29-2013 9:34 PM
Godzilla Raids Again is the worst one.


MemberMothra LarvaeJan-29-2013 10:09 PM
Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla is the ideal Godzilla suit, to me. I love the build, which is pretty much the gold standard; real thick and heavy. The Giant Monsters All-Out Attack suit was my favorite of the Millennium suits for this reason. The face is just reptilian enough to be recognizable as such, but for the most part its features are distinctly canine (a trait which, by the way, is common in traditional eastern depictions of dragons!), making it easier for the viewer to kind of project emotions onto it.


AdminSpaceGodzillaJan-29-2013 10:19 PM
I really enjoyed Godzilla vs. Biollante, Godzilla 2000 and the Godzilla Final Wars designs. I think a mix between all three would make a kick-ass Godzilla for the 2014 film.
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MemberMothra LarvaeJan-30-2013 10:21 AM
What is all this talk about suits and rubber? I evolve.
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MemberMothra LarvaeJan-30-2013 10:01 PM
First and foremost, I am a fan of the original Shodai-Goji. I mean, that's the design that [i]is[/i] Godzilla; everything else is just a variation. After that, I'd put the '62, '64, '89, and '01 suits on about an equal footing. Each is innovative and gorgeous in its own way. My third tier would include the awesome '55 suit (which Sabernaut considers the worst, which seems shocking to me, when one considers something like the '67 suit...) and the '84 suit.


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-01-2013 2:04 AM
I am a fan of the newer Godzilla but the cheesyest one is probaly King Kong v.s Godzilla he just didn't have that fierce air about him like in the previous movies


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-02-2013 9:02 PM
Tokyo sos suit is my favorite


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-11-2013 12:40 AM
I think the best suit was Godzilla 1985, he just looked dark and sinister. The look brought back some scare factor since it was supposed to be a horror movie originally, and that look would fit the setting perfectly I think.


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-22-2013 11:12 AM
Tough choice! But if I had to choose, I think I'd go for the Godzilla vs "The Thing" suit from the early 60s, and the "white eyed" Godzilla GMK suit (although I grant that from certain angles, that one can look a little clunky). The "Thing" suit had an almost feline head, and the eyes really sold a sort of implacable mean-ness, depite (because of?) their fixed stare. The GMK suit - hard to pin down, but the head/face looked very ferocious, dinosaur like, the angle of head to body gave it a slightly less "man in suit" look for me.

Burning Godzilla

MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-23-2013 1:10 AM
I think my favorite is probably the GMK one because of the eyes with no pupils and its look gives it that "scary menacing badass" look to it and I think it looks awesome.


MemberMothra LarvaeMar-23-2013 7:22 PM
My favorit is The 1954, Burning Godzilla, Tokyo S.O.S, Giant monster all out Attack, and Final Wars and Godzilla Returns


MemberMothra LarvaeMar-24-2013 1:40 AM
Godzilla vs Biollante (1989) is my favorite.
Godzilla - An Ageless Force Of Destruction.


MemberMothra LarvaeMar-31-2013 8:12 AM
I think whatever design they use he has to be massive in hs girth...so i lean towards a design like parts of '62 and '89 with a touch of say '64 and GMK....really hard to say....


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-01-2013 6:57 AM
I agree with the G vs, Biollante suit being the best.. even though i love the early - mid 60s movies, G looks just like the cookie monster in some of those.


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-03-2013 7:41 AM
Definately Godzilla from "Godzilla,Mothra, and King Ghidorah giant monsters all out attack"


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-06-2013 12:44 PM
The best looking Godzilla is he 1998 Remake...Just kidding! I really like the weird cookie monster looking suits from the 1960s, mainly because they are the movies my son and I enjoy to watch together, but in my opinion the best looking suit is the suit they used in Godzilla Vs. Biollante.


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-07-2013 2:35 AM
Different discussion page than what I was expecting but I'm going to say what I was gonna say anyway. I always pictured, nay, dreamed of Toho establishing like a Toho US-based studio in Hollywood and producing American versions of their kaiju characters. Not exactly Americanize the characters or reimagine them from a western view like Zilla '98 failed to do but rather just simply produce American interpretations of these characters while staying true to the mythos while revitalizing them for a new generation at the same time! I've always wanted to see a film about Jet Jaguar being built by a military organization (let's say G-FORCE) to battle the onslaught of incoming giant monsters. Pacific Rim is close enough to that :)


AdminSpaceGodzillaApr-07-2013 2:48 AM
Hey there [b]GORIZARD[/b], welcome to the forums! What kind of [i]discussion page were you expecting[/i]? Haha. As for your post, I agree, I think it would be great to see more Kaiju movies brought over to North America and done in the same fashion as Godzilla is being done in, as well as [b]Pacifc Rim[/b], but I'm not a huge fan of Jet Jaguar, I would prefer to see so many more Kaiju films before a Jet Jaguar film.
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MemberMothra LarvaeApr-16-2013 5:20 PM
I always love 73 I had alot of fun watching the movies with that suit sience i was a kid


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-17-2013 8:46 PM
personally, the Godzilla Final Wars look was alway my favorite. then godzilla 2000 and then godzilla 1990's.


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-17-2013 8:47 PM
personally, the Godzilla Final Wars look was alway my favorite. then godzilla 2000 and then godzilla 1990's.


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-22-2013 1:37 PM
GMK was amazing. The eyes really did it for me. Plus the first time he used the atomic breath. Godzilla 2K was also good because it deviated much from the traditional Godzilla look with over exaggerated back plates. For the Showa era, the original Goijra suit is still classic, but I do agree, the Godzilla versus Mothra suit is also good.


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-27-2013 6:26 PM
Definately The 12Th One I Forgot Which Movie It Was

Member Of The Planet X

MemberMothra LarvaeApr-28-2013 6:21 PM
my personal favorites are the 1964 suit from Mothra vs Godzilla, the 2001 suit from GMK, the 1989 suit from Godzilla vs Biollante, and the 1954 suit from Gojira


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-30-2013 9:48 PM
My favorite design is the Godzilla 2000.


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-08-2013 5:37 PM
I think that mine would have to be the burning Godzilla suit, then it would be the GMK, followed by the 84 return design.


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-11-2013 10:07 AM
godzilla final wars godzilla he looks modern yet has the basic desighn of your average godzilla. i also really liked the meltdown godzilla from godzilla vs destroyah. godzilla 2000 would look awesome if he were cg.
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Godzilla Girl

MemberMothra LarvaeJun-06-2013 1:28 PM
This IS a tough choice! I have to say, honestly, either Millennium Godzilla or GMK.

Gojira 2000

MemberMothra LarvaeJun-06-2013 7:49 PM
Mire/Gira Goji FTW


MemberMothra LarvaeJun-10-2013 8:59 AM
Godzilla 1991 was my favorite, more specific the GhidoGoji suit B design. It's seen in this article. http://www.scifijapan.com/articles/2013/06/09/godzilla-night-2-in-san-leandro-ca-on-june-22nd/ http://becominggodzilla.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/movieSuit10_09.jpg I also found this on the movie suits. http://becominggodzilla.com/official-toho-suits/
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