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Godzilla Meets Jurassic Park

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AdminSpaceGodzillaFeb-04-2013 11:03 PM
Considering that [url=http://www.jurassicpark4-movie.com/]Jurassic Park 4[/url] will be released a month after [b]Godzilla 2014[/b] next year, I find this fan artwork quite interesting. This artwork is entitled "G-Rex", so a Godzilla version of Tyrannosaurus Rex. I think you'll agree, this looks awesome. [center] [url=http://www.godzilla-movies.com/gallery/view/img/40][img]http://www.godzilla-movies.com/media/godzilla_meets_jurassicpark.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] This is actually supposed to be a fictional toy sculpt, which still looks cool. I'm unsure of the artist behind this sculpt, so if anyone knows, feel free to add their name below. But what do you think of this concept?
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MemberTitanosaurusFeb-05-2013 10:46 PM
whoa! that is some major sickness(excuse my language) right there!!!!!!!!!!

Not a map, an invitation


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-07-2013 7:51 AM
lol, that's pretty dam cool


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-10-2013 7:56 PM
Im getting a gold chain made with G-Rex on it.
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Godzilla Nero

MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-11-2013 3:51 PM
The person who made this has plenty of great work. His dA is http://ldn-rdnt.deviantart.com/


MemberMothra LarvaeMar-11-2013 8:45 PM
That is awesome....


MemberMothra LarvaeMar-20-2013 9:44 AM
Thats brute


MemberMothra LarvaeMar-20-2013 9:44 AM
Thats brute


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-13-2013 9:26 AM
now thats an awesome picture they should put that thing in jurassic park 4. it combines two things from my first and second favorite film series and mixes them together.
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ModeratorGiganOct-12-2014 3:19 PM

Very cool!

Good grief.

Sci-Fi King25

MemberGiganOct-12-2014 4:15 PM

This is AWESOME!!! If this was a model or toy, I'd buy it.

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MemberMothra LarvaeOct-12-2014 7:32 PM

this is pretty sick (cool)!!



MemberBaragonOct-13-2014 2:21 PM

Godzilla meet jurassic park back in 98. XD

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ModeratorGiganMay-05-2015 8:19 AM

Going faster then light, words can't be heard.

(Bet they never new of the JW forum)

Good grief.

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