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GIVEAWAY: Find out how you can WIN a NECA Godzilla 2019 figure and IMAX Exclusive poster!

GIVEAWAY: Find out how you can WIN a NECA Godzilla 2019 figure and IMAX Exclusive poster!

Scified2019-06-03 09:41:06
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Giveaway time! We at Godzilla-Movies thoroughly enjoyed Mike Dougherty's Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which is currently playing in theaters and to celebrate, we're giving fans the chance to WIN some sweet Godzilla merchandise!

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For our first commemorative giveaway we will be giving away the following:

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Of everyone who takes part, 2 winners will be selected on JUNE 14TH, 2019. Winners will receive a personal message through their inbox here on Scified to confirm name and shipping details.

Good luck to all who participate! Long Live The King!

Special thanks to NECA for providing us with figures to give away. The craftsmanship and detail put into these figures are incredible - a definite must for those looking to expand their Godzilla toy collection!

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This article was written By Chris and published on 2019-06-03 09:41:06

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Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters is the sequel to Gareth Edwards' Godzilla (2014) and is being directed by Michael Dougherty. The film will introduce Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah and more monsters to the Warner Brothers / Legendary Monsterverse cinematic universe. For information on Godzilla 2's cast, plot, release date and to download the film's official movie posters, please visit the Godzilla: King of the Monsters about page here!

Godzilla vs. Kong (2020) is the sequel to Michael Dougherty's Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters and will be the fourth and final installment in the Monsterverse movie quadrilogy. It will also bridge both the Godzilla movies and Kong: Skull Island by bringing Godzilla and Kong face-to-face for an epic match-up. To learn more about Godzilla vs. Kong, check out the Godzilla vs. Kong about page here!

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103 Fan responses to GIVEAWAY: Find out how you can WIN a NECA Godzilla 2019 figure and IMAX Exclusive poster!

Volgroth #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 9:58 AM

The best thing about King of the Monsters for me was the insane scale of the film. The Avengers had NYC mostly destroyed, but Godzilla becoming a living atom bomb in the heart of Boston? The MCU has nothing on The King! This is what Godzilla films are about, and KotM does this exquisitely!

My favourite Monsterverse Titan is Godzilla, but only until they (hopefully) unleash Anguirus in modern glory!

Skubyrustis #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 9:59 AM

Godzilla King of the Monsters was a perfect fan service.

My favorite parts were (SPOILERS) the Rodan chase scene with the Argo to Ghidorah. The music during the scene is amazing, the cinematography is next level, and the sound Ghidorah makes after Rodan pulls away and you can see his silhouette is both terrifying and amazing.

Then the final battle obviously. Godzilla's thermonuclear abilities are amazing! The CGI made it look so good, then you have the fantastic soundtrack during it. and after Godzilla makes Ghidorah explode you see his head come out of the rubble, but it turns out Godzilla has it in his mouth and explodes it with his atomic breath. There is so much to love about this film.

My favorite is obviously Godzilla, especially after seeing his thermonuclear/fire godzilla powers! He is the most powerful Kaiju, and his design in the Legendary Movies is beautiful. In this movie he also gets a couple of cute scenes with humans and i loved that. That type of stuff is usually reserved for Kong.


Jun-03-2019 10:07 AM


A lot of this movie was GREAT, I see a lot of complaints about the human aspects but some of the moments in this film were shocking and heartfelt. My favorite moments being first Serizawa's final moments with Big G, it was the deepest moment for a lot of people but for me the context behind all of it knowing his origins and how his character was in 1954 almost brought me to tears. I loved all the monster fight scenes, Rodans awakening, Mothra's full adult form revail etc. The most epic scene of course being Fire Godzilla or Burning Godzilla absolutely destroying Ghidorah and watching Ghidorah try to heal up after getting hit etc. I loved the film and even though it's not doing how well it should in Hollywood I'm glad to have been able to see it.


Jun-03-2019 10:08 AM

Godzilla is my obvious fav but Ghidorah was a true terror so he gets it!


Jun-03-2019 10:09 AM

I absolutely loved many things about KOTM. From the creature designs to the balance between human and Kaiju scenes. Watching Godzilla and Ghidorah fight was amazing. Favorite scene would be Ghidorah on top of the volcano and seeing him in all his glory. I wish there was more Mothra and Rodan scenes but Mothra was so beautiful that seeing her burst out of the cocoon made me speechless. I also loved how the main head on Ghidorah kept picking on his left head who you could tell was the goofier one and the most curious. Watching Godzilla bite his head off was cool too. My favorite Monsterverse titan is Godzilla. He's always been my favorite since I was little. After seeing KOTM I really like Rodan more than I thought I would and I also like Mothra more as well. I've always really like King Ghidorah too and when I heard he was gonna be in the movie, I knew it was gonna be badass.

Drod2222 #TeamRodan

Jun-03-2019 10:11 AM

What I loved most about Godzilla KOTM was seeing all the monsters I watched as a kid finally come back to the big screen ! 

My favorite Titan has to be Rodan ! The way he was used in the film was amazing especially him chasing the Argo! 

KaijuFilmFan #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 10:15 AM

My favorite part about Godzilla: KoTM is seeing the new Titans showing up that were released by Ghidorah's roar and that final clash between Godzilla and Ghidorah when he gets superpowered, not to mention seeing Ghidorah regenerate. Speaking of the three headed monster, Ghidorah was my favorite monster from the original series but this one is a thousand times more badass and I cannot wait to see MechaGodzilla and it's later two incarnations, especially Kiryu. I also loved Dr. Serizawa and his assistant. As fore my favorite Titan, Godzilla and Mothra are my personal favorites.

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Jun-03-2019 10:19 AM

My favorite part was Rodan's jet fight and the volcano emergence. Rodan was just so awesome in this movie!

My second favorite part was Serizawa's sacrifice.

The emotional weight was staggering.


My favorite titan was obviously Rodan. He's a badass kaiju!

ioFABs #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 10:35 AM

My favorite moment it's in the final battle when Godzilla and Ghidorah are about to clash and the camera makes like this close ups to each monster while they roar! That's one of those moments when all the tension explode and the goosebumps become on exicetement and amazement!

I loved all the titans but definitly Godzilla is my favorite, this Godzilla has everything: good design, size, it feels powerful, has funny moments (in the first fight whith Ghidorah he falls haha), sad moments, scary moments, and when it arise again while the godzilla theme is playing that moment leave you speachless.

King4410 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 10:40 AM


I haven’t been this pumped for a movie in a long time and for the first time, in a long time, I was more than pleased with KOTM. Immediately after, I truly felt as though I watched a Godzilla film. I loved the first one (2014). But this movie felt right. From opening using his original roar, to using original music and using it perfectly, to also making me feel for the human characters. The first film didn’t do this for me and this film exceeded my expectations. Every time I thought maybe they’re going to cut away from fight scenes for human interactions, it didn’t. I felt so immersed in this movie and I loved every moment of it. The underlying message was clear and was felt throughout and I feel that each classic monster was well done.

Im just going to have to go with Godzilla as my number one, as it’s been since I was a kid watching the movies on VHS on repeat (still have em).

I also realize that this movie has had critics divided and isn’t making as much money, but I know that I loved it and couldn’t have asked for a better Godzilla movie. All I can say is, they got it right.

Tieria #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 10:50 AM

Godzilla and Mothra cause there both king and queen of the monsters by far 

i loved the movie from start to finish Godzilla vs Ghidorah to the teary moments including mothra and Godzilla’s tag teaming against Ghidorah and the fight between rodan as well greatest film ever

Espio #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 10:51 AM

In KOTM, I liked the fight scene's. They are fantasticly amazing. Finally, Mothra is a badass moth. She's frightening and dangerous. Anyway, the movie was soo good and i can't for the fight with Kong


Legendary_Goji19 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 11:03 AM

King of the Monsters was the ride of my life, the most anticipated film in my life. Enjoyed every second of it. I had tears of joy with every single detail of it. When classic themes were played I felt I couldn't be happier. I had already listened to the soundtrack before but hearing in a cinema with the most badass film ever was top notch for me. It's a miracle to watch for us fans. I followed the whole journey of this film and I couldn't be happier. I've always been a Godzilla fan, but if I had to choose outside of him I would probably choose Destroyah

Carljim5498 #TeamMothra

Jun-03-2019 11:08 AM

My favorite thing about kotm has gotta be the mix of tones. I went from being terrified of Rodan during his awakening to thinking he's a badass when he taking down the planes. There was some beautiful moments with Godzilla and serizawa that I'll remember for a long time. The score was gorgeous. I do not regret dragging my roommates to the imax showings and neither did they. Im glad I got to show my friends this incredible Kaiju match.

My favorite Titan is definitely Godzilla. It's an easy answer but the underdog little Kaiju that could attitude is hard not to root for. I hope to see much more of him in future films or in action figure form!

KingKaijuGojira #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 11:13 AM

Hard to pick what I loved most. I loved everything really. The easter eggs, the origins of the monsters, the personalities of the monsters, the sound effects, the music. I loved everything. You could see that they weren't just beasts but had their own thoughts and feelings. Like how each of Ghidorah's head's had their own personality. The left was more curious, the right seemed more aggressive and the middle was the serious one. Godzilla almost looked shocked and thankful for how the humans brought him back to health. The Monsters looked amazing. They really payed homage to the original versions. Ghidorah was an alien. I was thrilled by that. But I think what I loved most was the fight scenes and the ending. The Titans bowing before Godzilla as the true King of the Monsters. My favorite Titan is without a doubt Godzilla. I love them all but Godzilla stands at the top. 

FireRodan93 #TeamRodan

Jun-03-2019 11:20 AM

I think my favorite part of KOTM was, oddly enough, Mothra. I'm not a Mothra fan, but this was my favorite portrayal of her in any movie since Tokyo S.O.S. The bio-luminescent light she gave off was great, and the symbiotic relationship with Godzilla was a cool idea too. I loved the scene where she first breaks away from her cocoon under the waterfall, and when she shows up to lead them to Godzilla.

My favorite Titan is still Rodan tho. He's the best!

FrankyP #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 11:24 AM

My favorite thing about GKOTM was how they didn’t wait till the end of the movie for fighting to begin. I loved how they incorporated a lot of the Monsters and not just 2 or so. Also, I love how they added the fire Godzilla, the scene where Ghidora is about to eat the girl and she says “long live the king” awesome!!! You absolutely can’t be a Godzilla fan and not like this movie. My only hope is that in GvK, they do not kill Godzilla off or allow him to lose to Kong. More of these movies please!! I grew up on Godzilla and now have my kids hooked!!

SuperZillaRealms #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 11:39 AM

Ever since watching KOTM, its in my top 10 Godzilla movies right at number 9. Anyways what I loved about the film was the monster action and the involvement and development with the human characters.

For the human characters, Mark (SPOILERS) starts out with hating Godzilla because he is responsible for the death of his son Andrew which caused him to have a divorce with Emma but was kept in contact with Madison. In the story, you see that he now respects Godzilla and even joins the mission to revive him. Dr. Serizawa and Graham are more involved with the story and are not just sitting behind a desk. They are out there all over the world doing the best they can to help out with the situation.


The monster fights were fantastic when Godzilla and Ghidorah fight in Boston some moments are seen from a human perspective adding some scale to the fight. The Mothra and Rodan Dogfight was cool too, I was surprised when Mothra revealed her hidden stinger. And how Godzilla killed Ghidorah was

Overall, a 4.3/5

DeeTroopa #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 12:09 PM

My favorite Monster is Between Godzilla and King Ghidorah. Loved them both. 


Ny favorite part about the movie is the amount of fan service. So much of the movie was for fans. The oxegyn destroyer, the end credit music, hits and all that. And just the amazing power these monsters possessed.

Also if doesn't Destoyah doesn't show up now that they pulled the oxegyn destroyer move I'll be surprised. 

IronMariel #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 12:09 PM

Godzilla has been my favorite ever since I was a young girl. Just love Godzilla's overall awesomeness and atomic breath


Jun-03-2019 12:11 PM

My favorite part is the entire film. The characters were handled with respect and thoughtfulness. None of it came across as campy.

ShinGodzilla88 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 12:12 PM

What I enjoyed about Godzilla: King of the Monsters was all the Easter Eggs in the movie that hardcore G-fans like myself appreciate. I enjoyed how they treated the source material with respect while also making it their own. Very entertaining movie in comparison to the slower 2014 movie. 

My favorite Monsterverse Titan has to be Godzilla with Ghidorah as a close second. Awesome movie!

Booty Tyrant #TeamGhidorah

Jun-03-2019 12:49 PM

It’s hard to deny how much I love this movie – and just how happy I was. The only thing more difficult than that is deciding on my favorite part of this joyride of a film.

From the amazing fights to the beautiful soundtrack, everything was enjoyable in my eyes and solidifies it as one of my favorite films in recent years. If I had to pick one specific moment or scene, it’d definitely be the first encounter between Ghidorah and Godzilla. Two big names I’ve grown up loving, finally clashing once more – not as two people in suits ( not that it’s an issue! ) but as two true behemoths. You can feel the hate and malice between the two and the emotions from either beast. That interaction alone is what made this movie so exhilarating and amazing, especially with it being so early on in the film.


As for my favorite Titan / Kaiju? King Ghidorah without a doubt! Almost always he’s been a threat – and this movie lives up to it. It honors him as a true villainous monstrosity, and I couldn’t be any happier at how well he was designed for the modern audience. Sounds, looks, he has it all. I just couldn’t contain my emotions at seeing him in action. 

ChazzZilla #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 1:15 PM

The thing that I did love about Godzilla: King of the Monsters, is that this was the first time I bought tickets for my dad and I to go see at 4:00 pm on May 30th. I thought to myself about that this film is a mix bag for me, but I still want more of Godzilla. I love what Legendary did to Godzilla and King Ghidorah designs. With Godzilla they made him a bit more faster and more powerful looking. With K.G love how big his wing span is, making him look bigger and fearsome with his wings. Mothra was defiantly awesome looking. I don't know what to say about Rodan though.The music was even better than the last American Godzilla film, I bought the soundtrack before I saw the film. The two things that I didn't like about the film is 1) I thought I got IMAX 3D tickets and 2) No one got up and cheered for the monsters on screen.

My favorite Titan from the Monsterverse is my boy, Godzilla. The reason is that I love Godzilla more because he's such a [email protected]$$ and he is the reason why I love monsters in general.

dgeer80 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 1:29 PM


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  • Step 4: Tell us which Monsterverse Titan is your favorite and why

I'm officially now Team Godzilla.

What I loved most about Godzilla: King of the Monsters was the sheer scope of the film, and the beauty of the design, especially with the night shots, the glowing neon aspect of Mothra, King Ghidorah looking better than he's EVER looked, and finally - Godzilla reigning supreme better than ever before.

Godzilla will always be my favorite Titan. He's scary, yet loveable. Humanity can co-exist with him if they let him take care of the rest. In the Monsterverse, he's absolutely beautiful to behold, both in scale and design - especially when he shoots out his atomic breath. Just gorgeous, and bright! He will always be King of the Monsters.


SaurianScott #TeamRodan

Jun-03-2019 1:47 PM

The thing to love most was the absolute killer soundtrack! Every time I heard the original Godzilla theme when he appeared on screen, I had the biggest, nerdiest smile on my face and every time I heard Mothra's theme I couldn't help but well up a little. Notjing says respect for the original series quite like that. 

My favourite kaiju in the Monsterverse didn't get nearly enough screen time but it has to be Rodan. He was the hype and the wildcard, always ready to fight whichever kaiju would turn up, the design was exactly what I want from a modern day Rodan and I hope I wasn't the only one who heard that classic roar of his as well.

Rexytherexdude #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 2:29 PM

What I loved about the 2019 film, "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" is that it felt like a Godzilla film. While the 2014 film directed by Gareth Edwards was a faithful adaptation of the character compared to the 1998 film, King of the Monsters brought everything us fans love about these films. This includes great monsters, great fight scenes, great visual effects, and a kick ass soundtrack. One thing I especially loved about this film was the human characters. Though the previous films had human characters, the only characters I cared about were the cast of the 1954 film, "Gojira". This is because they were interesting characters with understandable motivations, plus they were very likable. The same could be said for the cast of King of the Monsters, especially Vera Farmiga's character Emma Russell. The best part about the human element however, would be Dr. Serizawa's character arc in the film. Though he was a side character to deliver exposition and great lines in the 2014 film, he felt like the main character for the first two acts of King of the Monsters.

Now when it comes to my favorite MonsterVerse kaiju, that is a tough decision, but I'd have to go with the astro-monster himself, King Ghidorah. Not only is he the greatest enemy of Godzilla, but he's always been my most favorite monster because of how he stands out to the other monsters. Ghidorah has always been an alien monster, except for in GMK, and so he definitely stands out compared to Godzilla or Mothra, who are earth creatures. This is also why I like kaiju like Gigan or SpaceGodzilla. Well Ghidorah standing out because he is an alien creature is definitely represented well in King of the Monsters, because since he is not part of the natural order is why him being in flight can cause hurricane force winds. Not only that, but we see him regenerate a head after one was blasted off by Godzilla. 

RipperChameleon #TeamGhidorah

Jun-03-2019 3:37 PM

My favourite Titan is Rodan solely because of his Starscream-esque character and ability to destroy merely by passing by. Godzilla KOTM is an amalgamation of everything that makes a great Godzilla film. The human characters were interesting and though my favourite character sadly meets his end it is with a powerful, sensational moment that almost brought me to tears. The Titans themselves were incredible to watch. The VFX were astounding and brought each monster to life more than ever before. I loved that each monster (including each of Ghidorahs heads) maintained its own personality and distinct behaviour. The fights were so well executed that I couldn't quite believe what I was watching. The soundtrack is beautiful and perfectly captures both the majesty and terror of living in a world with supersized creatures. Rodans theme is a personal favourite due to its bombast and fast paced rhythm. The very best of this film for me personally was the final shot. Godzilla being revered by all Titans whilst an ominous choir chants in the background as he lifts his head to roar his dominance. It was both chilling and jaw dropping. I could physically feel my heart swell as the music reached its peak.

I loved this film and will definitely be seeing it multiple times.

emikos19 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 4:20 PM


To say I was absolutely awestruck would be an understatement. King of the Monsters was easily my most anticipated movie of the year. The movie all around was a real treat for me, especially since I am a life-long fan of the Big G. I had already had an inkling of how good the movie would be when I heard Bear McCreary's soundtrack not too long ago. Michael Dougherty's direction was certainly that of a Godzilla fan, right down to minute details that only fans of the series would catch on to. The kaiju battles this time certainly feel more cinematic and you can tell that the team behind the effects certainly had a passion for the movie they were making.

When it comes to moments in the film, I'd have to say my favorite was when burning Godzilla was repeatedly hammering Ghidorah with those blasts and Ghidorah tried to use all the lightning he had and Godzilla, in his infinite badassery, just shrugs it off and lights Ghidorah up. Also the scene when Serizawa detonates the warhead, the sub surfaces and Godzilla comes back to life, all jacked up and ready to go. I don't know what it is, like the anticipation of him coming back into the movie or the chant-fueled score for that specific part, but it had to be up there as one of the most memorable parts of King of the Monsters.

All in all, I can't recommend enough for you to go see King of the Monsters, which if you haven't, I don't know why you read this review. But either way, don't listen to the critics, it's a movie made for audiences and one that definitely doesn't disappoint

emikos19 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 4:22 PM

 Also, #TeamGodzilla

And Godzilla's my favorite hands down

Gojira2500 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 5:19 PM

My favorite part of Godzilla: KOTM, besides the incredible monster-vs-monster action, was the soundtrack and musical score, particularly the remastered versions of Ifukube's original scores for Godzilla's theme. The way they were composed and used in the movie really amplified Godzilla's majesty and overall power, and did wonders for the dramatic feel of the movie. I was also overjoyed with the overall treatment of Godzilla and his portrayal as a God-like entity, as well as the numerous homages to the original movies.


My favorite Titan is without question Godzilla, simply because he started my love of the franchise to begin with, but also because of his unbreakable will, his limitless strength, how he answers to no one but himself, and how he destroys any threat in his way with utter disinterest in who or what they are.

Godzilla's biggest fan! #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 5:46 PM

The best thing about Godzilla King of the monsters is the action! I mean I think it should win movie of the year and my two favorite monsters is Godzilla and Rodan. It's just a masterpiece. Pus I've been a godzilla fan since i was able to watch tv 

Godzilla's biggest fan! #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 5:46 PM

The best thing about Godzilla King of the monsters is the action! I mean I think it should win movie of the year and my two favorite monsters is Godzilla and Rodan. It's just a masterpiece. Pus I've been a godzilla fan since i was able to watch tv 

Yhoundeh #TeamGhidorah

Jun-03-2019 5:52 PM

Loved: Ghidorah's centre head nipping at his left head!

Best titan: Ghidorah!!

Penzillafan #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 6:07 PM

My most beloved Titan is the big G, Godzilla. How can you hate him, he can dance, slide on his tail, the King of Monsters, and most importantly kick ass. The most exciting seen in the Kings return to the big screen was when Rodan and Ghidorah fought on the cost of Isla de Mara, then Godzilla came to join the party. The most interesting part was how Godzilla became burning Godzilla. Dr. Serizawa sacrificed his life the same Godzilla, and Earth. It was interesting because it was the total opposite from what his father did in the original movie.

TxSharps #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 6:30 PM

What did I love about Godzilla KOM? I loved the fact that the director KNEW the monsters and lore and managed to display that love and knowledge on the big screen. For those of us that grew up with Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah, seeing them honored with a beautiful film like this is nothing less than a sweet tug at our hearts. It may sound fluffy, but it's true. These monsters bring back so many good memories and good feelings. I introduced these guys to my kids and they loved them from the get-go. My daughter's favorite was/is Mothra. She would pray every night that the fairies would show up in her room. She even made a bed for them out of a cigar box. My son absorbed all he could of Godzilla. To this day, he reads and searches out for Kaiju information. He especially loves Akira Ifukube's music. My favorite monster is Godzilla. As a kid, I was introduced to him during the mid-later part of the Showa series. Godzilla was a protector. He loved kids. I loved him. Again, this film bridges and merges all those times and feelings into a very entertaining film. Mothra is a doll. Rodan kicks butt. Ghidorah is a true terror. And, yes, Godzilla IS KING.

Joshiro #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 6:43 PM

My favorite thing about this film is just how dominating Ghidorah is in this film. Hands down, this is the most intimidating Ghidorah ever!

As for my favorite monsterverse titan, of course it's Godzilla. Can't beat the OG :)

Kanaletto #TeamRodan

Jun-03-2019 7:13 PM

What I loved the most from the movie was the final shot with Godzilla before the credits roll. Man that was just SO EPIC! The perfect picture. The real king of the monsters.


My favorite Monsterverse titan is Rodan, I fall in love with him the moment his design for the movie was revealed. Also, he has a funny, unique attitude in the movie, which makes him special and unforgettable.

aRawFilm #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 7:18 PM

So I grew up watching the Godzilla movies with my father. Starting with Godzilla 1984 (The Return of Godzilla) and have watched them ever since. For me at the time they were out of this world. My favorite is still the Heisei period.

And when Hollywood was given a chance to make their own the first time, I went with it. And when they rebooted the series again with Gareth Edwards I fell in love yet again. And now this, KoTM has by far been my favorite All Out Monsters Attack movie. The best part of the film for me that brought back memories was when the original Godzilla theme started playing. And to be quite honest the soundtrack was everything I could have ever hoped for including the visuals; those were the “frosting” on the cake. What a time to be alive. To see the culmination of Toho’s monsters come to life in a way that has never been done before.

My favorite Titan is every form of Godzilla, especially “human protector Godzilla.” He’s the personification of the Earth being good and that it needs protecting from the bad even if they don't deserve it. I just hope they continue even after the next one. 

KiryuRobot999 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 7:59 PM

I like KOTM because Godzilla is as fit as he's ever been and when he goes toe to toe with Ghidorah you can feel the punches and bites he dishes out and the suffering and pain he receives in return. Also blue is a dope as colour, fit for a king of the natural world. 

Txmanz1 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-03-2019 8:19 PM

 What I love most about the movie is that overall, it does everything right. It honors and stays true to the spirit of the original films, bringing back the best of the monster characters, all while telling a brand new story with the best love and care to story, characters, and amazing affects. In my Pinyan, there’s not one thing that this movie does wrong. This is among, if not the best Godzilla film of them all, save perhaps the original. This movie gets the monsters right, and vans and newcomers alike are in for a real treat with this one.

Aside from Godzilla, because really it is almost impossible for Godzilla to not be your favorite,  it is nearly impossible to choose another favorite, because all of the monsters are amazing. The filmmakers were brilliant to choose Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah to return; this is the cream of TOHO’s crop.  If I had to choose a favorite, though, I would have to say King Ghidorah; here, he is depicted as the evil, powerful, and magnificent spacefaring villain he was always meant to be. He is the Joker to Godzilla’s Batman, and he deserves the number one spot. 


Jun-03-2019 10:37 PM

There are three things I absolutely loved about Godzilla: King of the Monsters and they contain spoilers so ... 

First, the parallels with th 1954 original Gojira were very respectfully done, especially the relationship between Serizawa and Godzilla. In both movies, the two "die" beside each other with the Oxygen Destroyer bringing suffering to the monster. In Gojira, Serizawa dies killing Godzilla while in KOTM, Serizawa dies reviving Godzilla. The relationship has evolved and more truly reflects his character while simultaneously honoring the legacy of the original. And Bear McCreary's rendition of Akira Ifukube's iconic theme was faithful to the core.

Second, the motivations of Emma Russel and Alan Jonah were interesting. An eco-terrorist who wants to cleanse the world of polluting humans so that mankind can co-exist peacefully with these Titans who will restore natural order - Mike Dougherty wasn't kidding when he said the movie will tackle serious themes. There are debates about humanity's role in the wake of these monsters and people side with either thought but those conversations are interesting amid the scale of the movie, even if some didn't come across as well as they could have.

Finally, the cinematography in some places is jaw-dropping. Whether it's Ghidorah's arrival to Godzilla and Ghidorah squaring-off and the resulting landscape shots, or Mothra flaunting her majestic wings or Rodan escaping the volcano or Ghidorah healing himself atop the Volcano ... the movie is full of visuals that deserve to be in as big an art-book and seen in as big of a screen as possible. Just the sight of Godzilla rising with the original theme hearing will give you goosebumps.

So those were the big takeaways from me. Many other interesting things as well but I guess I've already written long enough.

kingzilla #TeamGodzilla

Jun-04-2019 7:09 AM

There are so many jaw dropping moments in King of the Monsters and the most stand outs for me are the insane visuals, cinematography, monster fights, how each main kaiju has its own personality and just how epic the scope and scale is in general. Personally I'm so glad and grateful that my dream Godzilla movie is brought to life with Godzilla: KOTM, to see Godzilla and those Toho monsters in such a high quality CGI and SFX is simply a blessing. 

Also love the fact this movie expands on the Monsterverse, the introduction of brand new kaijus and the depiction of godliness in them.

My most favorite Titan is of course Godzilla, it's the true Alpha titan that bears the symbol power, a true force of nature and how he fought for us in the darkest hour, also love its new design in KOTM, just beastly and godly every angle you look at it.

McKnight315 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-04-2019 7:19 AM

I loved nearly everything about that movie. I loved the mixing of old Godzilla movie tropes but how it was not overwhelming to anything new. Also the old roar making a come back was spectacular. The old titans looked true to the material, even Mothra showed personality looking like an actual moth. Then the new titans they showed brought me back to the old 1998 animated series. I definitely need to see it again without my kids!

Gabriel L. #TeamGodzilla

Jun-04-2019 7:22 AM

A lot of this movie was GREAT. My favorite moments being first Serizawa's final moments with Big G, it was the deepest moment for a lot of people but for me the context behind all of it, I knowing his origins and how his character was in 1954 almost brought me to tears. I loved all the monster fight scenes, Rodans death by Mothra. Mothra's full adult form revail etc. The most epic scene of course being Fire Godzilla absolutely destroying Ghidorah and watching Ghidorah try to heal up after getting hit etc. I loved the film. The after credit scenes were Great.

King Gargantuas #TeamGodzilla

Jun-04-2019 7:56 AM

There are just so many awesome, breathtaking, jaw dropping moments in King of the Monsters when it came to the action and visuals. While I won't at all deny that the story with the human stuff was merely serviceable at best, there were one or two moments, ESPECIALLY with Serizawa's final moments with his icon before sacrificing himself for the greater good, it was the deepest moment for a lot of Godzilla fans such as myself especially with the context behind all of it, knowing his origins and how his character was in 1954 alongside everything else is what made moments like that so special to me. While I would've liked it all the more if we had more moments of monster action in the daylight, it is so beautifully shot and stylized to a point where it almost doesn't matter to me. The call backs were also a nice touch, right down to bringing back the Godzilla theme in it's full powerful glory, and even including a remixed version of the Blue Oyster Cult song in the end credits. Speaking of which, while I was admittedly expecting a bit more out of the post credits scene, what we did see from it leaves me kind of excited to see where it goes from there. All in all, THIS was the Godzilla movie I was wanting from Legendary for a long time now, and in my honest opinion, it was well worth the wait. Long live the king!

Bear1234 #TeamMothra

Jun-04-2019 8:45 AM

Godzilla King of the the monsters was the best modern-day example of what godzilla is. A unstoppable force of nature who will fight to the death to protect the world. 

I'm team Mothra because she is the perfect example of a goddess and queen of monsters. She is beautiful and graceful both in life and death. She could go toe to toe with Rodan and even aid godzilla even in death. She is my absolute favorite Titan in the current monstervers. My favourite moment is when she is born in here Imago form. The music and one of the twins watching her wings open up. And her showing the beauty of her wings and sounds. She is truly the Queen of the Monsters.

Xenowarrior #TeamGodzilla

Jun-04-2019 8:57 AM

I have watched Godzilla: King Of The Monsters yesterday with my younger brother.


There are so many epic awesome scenes in the movie. It was really thrilling when you watch the movie in IMAX sounds. It felt like I was really in the movie itself.


What I loved most of the movie was the final battle in Boston. It started when Madison was on the roof of the baseball arena using the binocular to watch if King Ghidorah will arrive. Than later the hurricane clouds of King Ghidorah arrives. Madison runs inside and look outside from the windows from behind a desk and than King Ghidorah landed in front of the building on the baseball field. King Ghidorah responded on the ORCA device which Madison used to call King Ghidorah to Boston. King Ghidorah destroyed the speakers on the roof of the arena where the Alpha call cames from. Madison hide beneath a desk and came out of it and King Ghidorah saw here. Madison said: "Holy shit!!!" and runs away and King Ghidorah fire at her with their lighting powers and she escapes but the baseball arena totally destroyed. King Ghidorah sees her again and preparing firing at her and Madison starts to scream and from that moment just at time, the blue atomic ray of Godzilla appeared hitting King Ghidorah and than you heard the iconic original Godzilla roar, from the original Godzilla movie in Japan. Madison turned around and saw Godzilla arriving Boston with a whole army joining him with Monarch and it's argo behind him and beside him. I will scip a bit and go to when the Argo and some jetfighters starting firing missles towards King Ghidorah, but Ghidorah defends himself with his wings and than Godzilla and King Ghidorah started to run toward each other to attack. The 2 collide and causes a wave of energy. Godzilla's radiation started to increase that will cause his death to explode. Godzilla is out of time. Furtherwise the whole battle in Boston reminds me on Godzilla: Final Wars, where in the end Godzilla had to fight off all monsters in the movie. The end of the movie made it even more iconic when all the other titans arrived and bowed for the King Of The Monsters in the middle of a destroyed city and then Godzilla roared and the movie ends.

Heartinflight #TeamMothra

Jun-04-2019 11:20 AM

The part I loved most about Godzilla KOTM was when Mothra hatched, it was so moving to see her on the big screen looking so beautiful!
My favorite monster was also Mothra, she’s been my favorite since I was little! She’s so cute and despite looking delicate is a tough fighter!

Saltycoolkid101 #TeamGhidorah

Jun-04-2019 12:17 PM

This film was amazing. There were parts in this movie that stood out to me as poster for example: The First fight with King Ghidorah and Godzilla was awesome to witness. The sky fight with Rodan and Ghidorah was amazing as well. The last scene I really liked was with Godzilla walking towards Ghidorah in the Burning form. Really hyped for Kong vs Godzilla I can't wait until that comes out!

Skeleturtle #TeamRodan

Jun-04-2019 2:25 PM

My favorite part of KOTM was probably when all the titans bowed down to Godzilla in the end. I especially liked how Rodan threatened Godzilla, Godzilla simply exhaled, and Rodan bowed down to him. 


My favorite monsterverse titan would probably be Rodan. At first, he was like"Aw crap here we go again" to Ghidorah and bowed down to him after seeing his dominance. Then, went for Mothra at the end seeing her as the weakest there. He may be a destroyer, but he has the brains to think not to attack the same titan twice. 

I Meme Everything #TeamRodan

Jun-04-2019 4:29 PM

My favorite thing about King of the Monsters is its message. It warns about the destruction humans have caused and serves as a cautionary tale. Ghidorah is the embodiment of the humans' destruction, and Godzilla represents nature fighting back against man.


My favorite Monsterverse Titan is, of course, Godzilla. Both movies gave him incredible designs and he has my favorite Godzilla roar. Additionally, I love his role as the benevolent guardian of the planet. He also has the best action scenes and the most savage kills, most notably the female MUTO and Ghidorah.

Justapine3 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-04-2019 7:03 PM

I absolutely loved every second I spent watching Godzilla: King of the monsters! I've been a kaiju fan since I can remember, as a kid I was always more into the whole monster fight movies than disney princess. My favorite part of the film has to be all of the big G's entrances! The buildup towards those moments along with the classic music and that roar. It made me get goosebumps all over my body every single time while I was in the the theater.

My favorite Monsterverse Titan is, without a doubt, the man himself Godzilla, though the Queen of the Monsters is pretty close behind now after KOTM. He's the one that made me fall in love with kaiju and that I've known the longest over the years. I love all the different symbolism and representation he's gotten over the years. He's made to represent humanity's worst side but he's also a protector of earth, he restores balance when humans manage to mess it up, he is Mother nature's equalizer.

Gomi: Ninja Monster #TeamMothra

Jun-04-2019 7:57 PM

I adored this movie from top to bottom, but since I have to pick just one part to call my favorite, I suppose the best thing in the movie to me was Mothra's Song.

Aside from the two teaser tracks, I deliberately avoided listening to the Soundtrack before I watched the movie, as I wanted to be surprised as much as possible. Nevertheless I ended up catching a bit of it in that "Making the Music" video, but nothing could have prepared me for the sheer emotional impact it would actually have in the movie. And for as glorious as Godzilla's theme was, it was the integration of Mothra's Song that really floored me. From that first tease at Outpost 61 in the beginning I knew I was in for something really special, and when it finally kicked in during her reveal the audio and visual splendor combined to flip a switch inside and I teared up almost immediately. Throughout the rest of the movie it was utilized at the perfect moments, and once it played in the credits and I didn't have to keep my eyes clear to watch the movie I let the tears roll freely. It was something special.

For my favorite MonsterVerse Titan… The obvious choice would be Godzilla, but I'm going to have to go with Mothra this time. She absolutely stole the show every time she was on screen, her redesign and portrayal as a character were phenomenal.


Jun-04-2019 8:07 PM

Honestly this movie was everything i ever dreamed of in a “modernized” Godzilla movie. All the monsters were  amazing, even the new ones that hard had any screen time. I honestly can’t pick a favorite Titan; Godzilla, Ghidorah and Rodan stole the show, while unfortunately Mothra somewhat underperformed in the movie. Either way, I had so much fun watching the movie — Saw it 3 times opening weekend, which isn’t a lot compared to other fans, but it’s the most times I’ve ever gone to the movies to watch the same movie, and I plan to watch it a few more times! I absolutely love Godzilla’s alight redesign; they “fixed/improved” a few things that made the 2014 design even better! The new dorsal fins are absolutely beautiful and I hope they keep this design for the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong, can’t wait!!

freddy616 #TeamGhidorah

Jun-04-2019 10:39 PM

It was pretty sweet seeing all these monsters I love as a kid on the big screen. I love the music and sounds. We hear a quick old roar of King Ghidorah at one point. The color palette was great too. I'm team Ghidorah all the way.

G. H. (Gman) #TeamGhidorah

Jun-04-2019 11:39 PM

My favorite part was: THE bow--To avoid spoilers.

My favorite titan: Godzilla of course. So much personality and charisma given to him in this one. Quite the leading man.


Jun-05-2019 2:02 AM

I think my favorite part of the movie was the marginal improvement over the first; A story more centered around the monsters, more interesting human characters, More monster battles.

Although I'm having the time of my life here, and Mothra will always be my queen, I've gotta play devils advocate and side with my boi Kong on this one. He's got a shot!

Spagheezy #TeamMothra

Jun-05-2019 2:25 AM

The best things about King of the Monsters were Mothra and the final fight! Mothra was always my favourite as a kid, and that scene where she uses her God rays to blow away the storm brought me to tears. The sheer beauty of her is amazing. When Thermonuclear Godzilla used his energy pulse attack, it was in the shape of Mothra's wings and you could hear her too! That part was awesome, it felt sooo good to see Ghidorah get his butt whooped after he just killed Mothra.

My favourite Monsterverse titan is definitely Mothra! I can't express how much I love her, nor can I express how excited I was to see her in top quality CGI on the big screen for the first time! She was so beautiful she literally brought tears to my eyes!

TheGMan123 #TeamGhidorah

Jun-05-2019 5:32 AM

Finally saw the film!

My favourite part of this film was the fact that it managed to string together so many great monster moments into a coherent story that maintains your interest and pays it off with incredibly powerful and impactful cinematic moments. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this movie had some of the greatest moments for the 4 TOHO classics.

As for my favourite Monsterverse Titan, it's gotta be the three-headed devil himself, Ghidorah! He's just brimming with personality, power, and presence. The big 3 P's! He's sadistic, a bully, and a real prick; however, he's got the power and intelligence to back up this assholeish behaviour.

wraab #TeamGodzilla

Jun-05-2019 6:45 AM

Loved the movie - finally my inner 8 year old got an epic 'Zilla movie. Fire atomic Godzilla getting up and killing Ghidorah was my favorite part. Although I had many others including Rodan and Mothra going at it. Also glad we got more Zilla than we did in the 2014 version.


Godzilla will always be my favorite - since I was 6 years old and won a drawing contest (gigan vs Godzilla). More than probably any other movie character, my love for him has never waned.

Mr. Movie #TeamMothra

Jun-05-2019 8:01 AM

I love the monster verse. It is so great and I always can't wait to see what monsters are in it next. Godzilla King Of Monsters was a great film. I don't really know what the critics are saying at all but I thought it was a great movie. The entrances for all of the characters were great. It was so cool that they played the original soundtrack in many scenes of this movie. Also the CGI was great. All of the monsters looked pretty solid to me in this movie. Also fire Godzilla at the end was a cool scene for all Godzilla fans to watch. It showed the bond between Mothra and Godzilla. The best monster in the monster verse to me is easily Mothra. She is a fun character and also it was a great experience to see Mothra grow up in this movie. I would never be a Godzilla fan if it wasn't for the Monsterverse. I love it. It also has King Kong which I think he is also one of the best. I have been a King Kong fan longer than a Godzilla fan so the monster verse helped me like both. Also hopefully it will show me many other monsters that are pretty cool. That is why I like Godzilla.

Mr. Movie #TeamMothra

Jun-05-2019 8:01 AM

I love the monster verse. It is so great and I always can't wait to see what monsters are in it next. Godzilla King Of Monsters was a great film. I don't really know what the critics are saying at all but I thought it was a great movie. The entrances for all of the characters were great. It was so cool that they played the original soundtrack in many scenes of this movie. Also the CGI was great. All of the monsters looked pretty solid to me in this movie. Also fire Godzilla at the end was a cool scene for all Godzilla fans to watch. It showed the bond between Mothra and Godzilla. The best monster in the monster verse to me is easily Mothra. She is a fun character and also it was a great experience to see Mothra grow up in this movie. I would never be a Godzilla fan if it wasn't for the Monsterverse. I love it. It also has King Kong which I think he is also one of the best. I have been a King Kong fan longer than a Godzilla fan so the monster verse helped me like both. Also hopefully it will show me many other monsters that are pretty cool. That is why I like Godzilla.

Underworld #TeamGodzilla

Jun-05-2019 2:53 PM

My favorite scene from Godzilla: King of the Monsters is “Goodbye, Old Friend”. The scene of Dr. Serizawa entering the underwater temple of an ancient civilisation to sacrifice himself so that Godzilla could save the world is an emotional highlight of the film. Bear’s score, particularly during this scene, is grand, magnificent, and hauntingly beautiful. It’s the end of a pilgrim’s journey when Dr. Serizawa says his farewell. I was in awe of this powerful scene, my eyes a little wet. I’ve been intoxicated by the soundtrack ever since.


My favorite Titan is Mothra the goddess, Queen of the Monsters. She is angelic and gorgeous. She is a protector. During the opening scene in China, even when the soldiers attack her, she never kills those people. Moreover, she saves Godzilla.

Gigan1972 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-05-2019 2:57 PM

Without a doubt my favourite moment of the film was the cinematography. The monster duels on display are full of such rich and vibrant imagery. You could pause any moment of the film and have an outstanding desktop background. The best images/moments are by far the moment of Ghidorah perched upon the volcano and the sequence in DC where you witness Ghidorah hiding within the smoke.


My favourite Titan of the bunch is Mothra. She was executed brilliantly. 

Popcornzilla #TeamMothra

Jun-06-2019 8:22 AM

My favorite part was when Mothra stabbed Rodan. So cool, and the buildup leading to that scene is excellent as well. If I had a second it would be Ghidorah’s head growing back. I did not see that coming.

Favorite Titan is Mothra. Favorite Mothra design yet, as she has so many powers like her silk ability. Her sacrifice was beautiful as well

Tony SAV #TeamGodzilla

Jun-06-2019 8:48 AM

There isn't only one or two great things here in this movie, but many. The action was unbelievable and Mike Dougherty did not disappoint. The nuclear pulse ability from Godzilla was so awesome. I had some moments that almost made me jump, especially when Godzilla was doing the "light show." The look of all the monsters was top notch. I loved Ghidorah's heads personalities. That was funny. Bottom line, this movie would have done much better if it weren't for the lame critics trashing it. Anyway, two of my favorite scenes were when Godzilla came back up out of his lair and spit fire into the sky, then the end where the other kaiju bowed to him. CLASSIC!!!!

HourGlassGalaxy #TeamGodzilla

Jun-06-2019 10:16 AM

I grew up watching these films, slowly building up my collection of DVDs till I eventually owned every single film in the series. No matter what Kaiju comes on screen, I will always be Team Godzilla. I loved Dinosaurs and what is better than a bloody huge one with atomic destructive power!... After seeing Godzilla (2014) in IMAX and it being the first Godzilla film I was able to see in the cinema (I cried) I longed for the release of KOTM and oh lord was in love. I'm so happy that I got to see a film like this in my lifetime and are extremely honoured to be a Goji fan.

There are too many moments in the film that I love but I have to say that well firstly hearing them call Ghidorah "Monster Zero" made my heart happy but having MZ confirmed to be of Alien origin - I almost fell out of my chair! I honestly wasn't expecting them to go down that route with the universe but I'm so glad they did.

Long live the king.

Balcsa88 #TeamRodan

Jun-06-2019 11:47 AM

I have TWO favourite scenes in this movie. The first one is the release of Rodan and the chase scene afterwards. The second one is Dr. Serizawa's sacrifice to revive Godzilla.

My favourite Titan (aside from Godzilla himself) has been Rodan for a while now. I love his rogue personality and the primal aggression and chaos he represents. The Mexican/Aztec background they created for him in KotM fits him very well.

CLAYBEAR6 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-06-2019 6:12 PM

My favourite part  was definitely the climax scene with all the Titans bowing to the King ( my favourite Titan of the Monsterverse). It was the perfect summation. Of what we had just seen. It was what 7 year old me wanted from the 1998 Godzilla, instead of witnessing Zilla's death and crying into my dad's arm. Godzilla reigns, and will continue to. That last shot had a tremendous impact and demonstrated the scale of it all. That, and the amazing drums that accompanied Rodan's Rampage. Bear did good.

CLAYBEAR6 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-06-2019 6:15 PM

My favourite part  was definitely the climax scene with all the Titans bowing to the King ( my favourite Titan of the Monsterverse). It was the perfect summation. Of what we had just seen. It was what 7 year old me wanted from the 1998 Godzilla, instead of witnessing Zilla's death and crying into my dad's arm. Godzilla reigns, and will continue to. That last shot had a tremendous impact and demonstrated the scale of it all. That, and the amazing drums that accompanied Rodan's Rampage. Bear did good.

MythBeyondLegend #TeamGodzilla

Jun-06-2019 10:31 PM

The best thing about KOTM to me was..well everything. The music, bringing back the old Godzilla theme, gave me so many chills. The movie was a dream come true for me and my dad. Best fighting/action seen in a Godzilla to date. My favorite scene that gave me the most chills was when Ghidorah was destroying Boston, and Godzilla appeared from the ocean with humanity’s hell behind him, shooting at Ghidorah and Godzilla roaring, then zooming into Millie’s face to show her smiling. Gives me chills just writing about it lol. Probably my favorite Godzilla movie of all time I’d say, right behind the first 1954 one!

ujanner #TeamGhidorah

Jun-07-2019 9:24 AM

loved the movie. personally i loved everytime we heard ikufube’s score of the original godzilla. it gave me goosebumps and really made the character stay true to its origins even though this godzilla is american. reminds a lot about me as an asian american haha. scene wise, the final battle was everything i could have hoped for. made me sad about critics not loving this movie however i understand where theyre coming from and my extreme bias for the franchise 

the best thing about this movie for me personally was to see this movie as a family affair. the movie itself was great and everything a fan would want, but being there with my family to enjoy something that we can still enjoy even after 4 generations is something more meaningful. my dad watched godzilla with his dad and my dad did the same to me and now ill do the same with my daughters (which btw are twins, mothra cosplay in the works HAHA). 

somethings my father said were (and i agree) 

- all the monsters looked great. godzilla was aggressive af, mothra was beautiful and can fight, ghidorah was his favorite ghidorah to date, and the rodan he wish he saw more of because it was so true to the original.

- he never could have imagined being alive to see an american mothra, rodan, or ghidorah. if my grandfather was still here he woulda loved it (RIP) 

- he LOVED the motifs of the original godzilla themes in the sound track. he obviously wanted more ikufube but i understand that bear wanted to make it fitting for the current movie goers. 

- finally more godzilla and more monster fights. exactly what he wanted

- how “back in his day, this exact movie happened and he watched it when he was a kid, saying he saw the original (ghidra the three headed monster).

my daughters couldnt see the movie due to age restrictions but as a family we enjoy collecting godzillas. one of them brushes the teeth and has tea parties with a 2 foot tall godzilla 1964 (its an expensive figure i know but its also her best friend). theyll see the movie when screening is done for sure. 

thank you doughtery and bear for an amazing rendition of the franchise that my family has enjoyed for generations and hopefully many more to come! not to mention the motion capture actors who did a great job with the monster personalities, especially the left head of ghidorah! 

cant wait for godzilla vs kong, although its gonna be a rough one as my dad is team kong with one of my daughters and my other daughter and i are team godzilla HAHA. 

The Realist #TeamGodzilla

Jun-07-2019 9:38 AM

Godzilla is and always will be my favorite monster in any -verse.

My favorite part of KOTM was when my 11 year old gasped and said "oh my goodness" at the first site of King Ghidorah spreading his wings and showing the audience his sheer size. It made me feel like a kid again watching Godzilla with my dad.

Amondrask #TeamGhidorah

Jun-07-2019 1:28 PM

There was just so much to love about KOTM, it's difficult to pick what single factor takes the crown. It's got to be the love that the team put into it, all the subtle nods to the older movies, the sheer heart that the movie has. It's so apparent that this movie was made by people with a lot of love for Godzilla, from the detail of the crafting of the monsters, the musical homages, to the action. A truly spectacular kaiju film.

As for my favourite Titan, as much as I love Godzilla, I have to say Ghidorah was AMAZING! So huge, so incredibly intimidating and full of character - the different heads having distinct personalities, the way he moves, the roar! And who doesn't love a giant, golden, three-headed dragon from space?

Alteredink #TeamGodzilla

Jun-08-2019 6:43 AM

My favorite part about king of the monsters 2019....Where do i even begin. Honestly from the moment the film started you could tell that it was made by someone who loves this world as much as any fan and truly understood what it is about. From the environmental undertones to honoring Akiria Ifukube with the soundtrack. I felt like the fan service never stopped. One thing that stood out to me though was godzillas eyes. (spoilers) the scene with dr sarizawa reaching out for him and you could see the intelligence in Godzillas eyes revealed his true character. 


That being said. Godzilla is hands down my favorite titan. While yes he is is the main chracter so it might be cliche but it may not be for the obvious reasons of him simply being the best designed creature in film history. Its the same reason i have him tattoed on my shoulder. No matter what the situation,how hard he gets knocked down, he will always get back up...unless hes dead of coarse. 

RoyceRogerz #TeamGodzilla

Jun-08-2019 6:42 PM

When i saw this movie, it was just mind blowing in so many areas, the Family for one thing, the twist with the mother and daughter, and i really did feel like they were trying for the old movie styles too which was awesome and loved how they kept to King Ghidorah was a space monster not of earth. As for my Favorite Monster its Godzilla all the way, how hes such a force of nature and you cant do a dam thing against him.  

Godzilla081209 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-09-2019 4:00 PM

Part 1

  What I loved about Godzilla:KOTM was that spoiler alert was how much history of the Japanese godzilla franchise it had. It had the original Godzilla theme song and in some parts the 1962 roar and this time they used the oxygen destroyer. And it also had the original mothra song (without vocals) and like the first king ghidorah it was an alien and like the first rodan it came from a volcano. But mothra was still a good monster but didn't have fairies. It had lots of plot twists. Now burning godzilla sent out a nuclear pulse and it melted/destroyed anything including king ghidorah. However meltdown for him never happened he just went back to normal unlike the Godzilla in Godzilla vs. Destroyra (1995) were he did meltdown.

Part 2

  So my favorite titan is Godzilla the true king of the monsters because he kicks butt. He always wins *except sometimes. Heck he even has a whole street named after him. He has his own street, museum, store, hotel, studios, and more. That is why he is my favorite Titan.

Gus54 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-10-2019 12:20 PM

Godzilla King of The Monsters was really a love letter to the fans of the godzilla series. The movie contained tons of easter eggs for the G-fans out there and just seeing that was enough to make people happy, the movie itself gave the G-fans a lot of monster action and fight scenes.

GKOTM had beautiful visuals and colors around the movie, you could clearly see the different colors that seoarated each monster. The cinematography in some parts where just breath taking, like the mighty Rodan coming out of his volcano, King Ghidorah just looking like the devil on the clouds praying on anything that crosses its path, Godzilla coming out of the water ready for a second round against Ghidorah, and who could possibly forget about the birth of mothra, and most importantly Mothra hatching from her cocoon, that scene in particular was my favourite scene, just seeing her magestic wings spreading and roaring made me cry, she was so beautifully done.

Another that made this movie great was the use of Akira Ifukube's classic songs but edited by Bear. The classic songs made this movie much more enjoyable than it already was.

GKOTM was the perfect godzilla movie for the fans, made by a fan itself, and it really show how the director poured his heart and soul into this film and for that i thank him, this movie made me feel like a kid all over again.

Gus54 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-10-2019 12:23 PM

 My favorite titan was and has always been, Godzilla, ever since i saw Godzilla vs Biollante i just fell in love with Godzilla, he is just a very lovable monster for me even when he is destroying a city to ashes, he represents all that is wrong with mankind, and i kinda live it for it. Not to mention he protects earth from any monster.

He is and always has been my hero.

Chris McManus #TeamGodzilla

Jun-11-2019 4:21 PM

Part 1: My favorite part of Godzilla: King of the Monsters is literally the whole movie. I have seen the movie 5 times in theaters, and every time I watch it, I just want to rewatch it again.  The story was a perfect continuation of Godzilla 2014, and Kong: Skull Island. The story also perfectly sets up Godzilla vs Kong. everything story wise about being a sexual and setting up there next chapter in the franchise this movie hits perfectly. The Cast was absolutely amazing and perfect in every way. The cast performance helps captures literally every emotion you can feel in a movie. Now to the monsters, the scale of these monsters is absolutely amazing. They are so huge, you can't even fathom it. The visuals of this movie are top notch. The visuals are some of the best ever in a movie, you cannot get much better than the visuals in this movie.  The monster fights we so epic and amazing, these fights beats the marvel fights with no comparison. Bear McCreary did a fabulous job on the soundtrack. This soundtrack was so freaking epic and amazing and was perfect in setting the mood for the fights and was we were visually seeing.  McCreary's performance with the soundtrack is as good as John Williams.  This movies is a million times better than all the marvel movies combined. 

Part 2: My favorite monsters is Godzilla because Godzilla is the best and most unique monster and he is the hero obviousl. Godzilla's atomic breath is just so amazing and the fact that he can go thermo-nuclear is just so epic. I love how Godzilla can control and order around the other titans is just amazing. His ability to adapt to the changing world is just so awesome. He is literally the earths protector from the evil monsters. 

Goji423 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-12-2019 12:23 PM

Godzilla is my favorite Monsterverse titan. I'm team Godzilla all the way. The thing I loved most about Godzilla King of the Monsters was the sheer scale and overall epicness of it. To see Godzilla fully unleashed was amazing. His fights with King Ghidorah (my second favorite titan) were breath taking. My absolute favorite scenes were the fire Godzilla scene and the final shoot. The cinematography and visuals of that final scene where Godzilla roars and the other Titans bow was one of the coolest things I've seen in a movie in a long time. I loved this movie! #teamgodzilla  

J. Robert #TeamRodan

Jun-13-2019 4:04 PM

First of all, what I liked most were the battles, the Rodan scene and the Soundtrack:
In the first battle between Godzilla and Ghidorah you experience your first impression when you see the two monsters fight (and that's what makes it partially better than the final battle), along with the tension of the protagonists trying to escape from there while they continue fighting and the film shots made notice the enormous size of monsters that did not even fit on the screen; also the scene of the awakening of Ghidorah was epic and memorable, showing in full body, quadruped posture (which I loved of his new design) and reflecting different personalities between their heads interacting as a team.

The next big scene was Rodan's awakening in Mexico! (my country). Something that I liked was how the film shots highlighted its gigantic size very well, adding to its appearance and its look, they made it really intimidating (I could feel in the place of the villagers ... poor people), also the lighting was clear enough to see it to every detail. But above all it was really exciting the pursuit between the Argo Jet (and the military units) and Rodan, to attract him to Ghidorah and all the destruction that this caused when moving. And although the battle was short, it was a memorable moment when both are about to clash, so that in the end, Ghidorah will then face Godzilla again! who showed that although Ghidorah has the advantage in his favor on the firm ground, in the water the papers are exchanged. In addition it was surprising that Ghidorah consists of a new regenerative ability (a scene by the way very disgusting). I want to mention also the brief but impressive appearance of the other titans after the call of Ghidorah.

While the final battle was the longest and most chaotic and also not with two, but with four monsters fighting each other! and with more extreme scenes such as Godzilla's fall, but especially the appearance of Fire Godzilla! It seemed to be made of lava. In this film not everything was hype, there was also tension and even compassion (for seeing the poor people running, or Mothra exhausted and damaged by Rodan, and later trying to defend Godzilla to end up dying in the attempt :'(

Going to the soundtrack, they did an excellent job of remastering classic songs, like composing new songs, they really get involved you in the development of the film. The action themes are awesome but one of the most notable is the theme of Mothra, and Ichiro Serisawa's sacrifice ("Goodbye Old Friend"), an important scene for me as it is an inverse homage to the original film of '54 : Serisawa dives into Godzilla's lair and sacrifices himself with his weapon but this time to save Godzilla instead of killing him. This could mark the start of a new Godzilla franchise.

As for designs, music, special effects and time that monsters appeared on screen, this is the best movie of the Godzilla franchise and one of my favorites.

As for my favorite Titan, the truth is very difficult, between Godzilla, Rodan or Ghidorah (I love reptiles).
On the one hand, since Godzilla 2014 came out it not only became my favorite version, but for me it is the best version of Godzilla created so far: it looks like a real real animal, not only in design and in the CGI, but also in the behavior, the movements and of course, his new remastered roar.
On the other hand, I love Wyvern-type dragons and I loved that Ghidorah now had complex wings with arms on them and that she now adopted a quadruped position; apart from his/their scream that although it differs a lot from the original, the change was for the better and sounds much more terrifying (honestly I never liked their traditional scream, it is anything less frightening). In addition each head acted independently and interacted with each other, they were not so "flat characters".
But I think my new favorite titan is Rodan, due to several aspects:

• First, its redesign: it looks quite realistic (even more than Ghidorah) and intimidating; although I assume that some of its physical characteristics were not updated as the real pterosaurs, I like its hybrid aspect between pterosaur and bird: it looks like an eagle, along with its scales that resemble feathers and its color palette. technically he is a colossal prehistoric Fenix. In fact (along with Ghidorah) he reminded me a lot of Smaug (when he throws himself into the air he just needed to say "I am fire, I am ... death." It was an excellent tribute to Fire Rodan.

• I am also very happy and satisfied with his new cry more "perodactyloid".

• I'm Mexican and I found it very flattering that they included one of the classic Kaijus in our country and filmed in the very Popocatepetl! = D (under another clear name). I suspect that was a nod to Godzilla's Quetzalcoatl Series that coincidentally was inspired by Rodan.

• He looks more aerodynamic and agile to fly than Ghidorah and faster than Mothra. He also had the courage to face King Ghidorah who outnumbered him.

• While a terrestrial Titan like Godzilla would take hours or even days to devastate an entire city, it would take Rodan a few hours or even minutes with the wind it generates while flying.

• If I could choose between flying, diving or walking to travel, I would choose to fly.

BraedenH #TeamGhidorah

Jun-14-2019 2:33 PM

For me the best Titan has to be Ghidorah! All 3 heads had a unique personality that shines in each scene he is in. The new roar is both epic and otherworldly. Heralding his coming with each scream! The look and feel of the monster was a perfect balance of power, terror, joy and anguish. A perfect rival to Godzilla in this film! 

xenaisnumber1 #TeamMothra

Jun-14-2019 2:44 PM

The thing I love about King of Monsters is that it payed homage to the original movies while also putting a more modern spin on the Godzilla mythos. The stick with the Ghidorah being from outer space but it felt more like he was an invasive species as they said in the movie instead of being controlled by aliens. They also referenced the twins with out making it to unrealistic.

And of course my favorite Titan of course is Mothra. She's badass and cool while also being loving and caring and doing whatever she needs to to protect everyone.

mantis #TeamMothra

Jun-14-2019 3:27 PM

What I loved about KOTM was how it perfectly adapted the spirit of the classic Showa Godzilla series in a big budget Hollywood film. While other adaptations of older works seem almost embarrassed about their source material, Michael Dougherty dove right in and gave each monster recognizable personality to either root for or against. Classic monster fans and children alike have taken to the movie as a result of the obvious passion on screen.

My favorite Titan is Mothra, who represents both the power and beauty of Mother Earth itself.

CaptainGlasses31 #TeamGhidorah

Jun-14-2019 3:31 PM

I loved all the monster scenes in King of the Monsters. Whether it's Ghidorah disintegrating soldiers to dust with his gravity beams after escaping his icy prison or the intense and entertaining dogfight between Rodan and the Monarch Jets in the seas of Isle de Mara, Godzilla: King of the Monsters does not disappoint with their Kaiju content! Every monster looked fantastic and faithful to their original designs from Toho, the battles were more energetic and suspenseful, and their weight and presence can be felt throughout the theater screens. Not only that, but the musical scores for each monster adds more entertainment factor to the overall movie.

Although I align with Team Ghidorah, my favorite Titan goes to one of the new guys: Behemoth! There's something awesome about a giant mammoth-ape creature with horned spines that caught my eye in the last two viewings. I would love to see more of Behemoth in future Monsterverse material via film or comics. If Neca or Bandai end up producing a figure for Behemoth, I would buy it immediately without hesitance.

ClaudiaG #TeamGodzilla

Jun-14-2019 3:50 PM


I loved the movie as a whole. But absolutely lost it when his original music came on. It showed respect to the history. So many other parts, when you realize there are two Dr. Chens and they represent the continuing link to Mothra as they are the Shobijin. This film definitely has me giving huge respect to Mothra.  She was fierce! But Godzilla will always be my King.

ClaudiaG #TeamGodzilla

Jun-14-2019 3:50 PM


I loved the movie as a whole. But absolutely lost it when his original music came on. It showed respect to the history. So many other parts, when you realize there are two Dr. Chens and they represent the continuing link to Mothra as they are the Shobijin. This film definitely has me giving huge respect to Mothra.  She was fierce! But Godzilla will always be my King.

mattzilla #TeamGodzilla

Jun-14-2019 4:44 PM

What did I love most about Godzilla King of The Monsters? Well, I loved practically everything about it. The story, the characters, the monsters, the fights! Oh God-ZILLA, THOSE FIGHTS WERE AWESOME!!!! As awesome as all of those were, the best part about the movie was what it did for us. It, like every other Godzilla movie before it, brought us together, but this time was different. This time we got to see Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah be brought to life in beautiful cgi, and they were portrayed by amazing motion capture actors. We the fans loved it, and they knew we would. Michael Dougherty went in and gave us, the fans what we wanted. The love these characters recieved, was amazing, and it's what we deserved. We got to see our heroes be given the love and respect they deserved, and it was amazing. Now leading up to the movie, the hype train was unreal. This site is proof of that. Seeing how everyone was feeling about this movie, and getting excited brought a lot of joy to my heart. It felt great seeing people get excited over something as niche as Godzilla. With fans like us, the future looks bright for Godzilla fans, and I can't be more grateful. 

    Now my favourite titan is Godzilla. I know plenty of people will say the same. Now Ghidorah is a ridiculously cool villain, Mothra is a beautiful queen, and Rodan is just a badass, but Godzilla is my childhood hero. I can't EVER go against him. He is just so damn cool, and I can't help but feel a little bit of child-like glee whenever I get the see him up on the big screen kicking ass. Godzilla is my hero. Always has been, and always will be. He represents a lot of things to a lot of different people. To some, he is an unforgiving, vengeful destroyer, to others he is a world saving hero. To me, he is whatever the earth needs. He is Earth's protector, and that is why Godzilla is my favourite titan, and why he is the King Of The Monsters. Go Go Godzilla!


Jun-14-2019 6:28 PM

Hi all, I grew up in the 80’s watching Godzilla movies with my Grandfather.  I’m excited to see Godzilla make a comeback, so that I can now enjoy then with my kids. Godzilla is the king of the monsters!  And as long as mankind lives so does the protector Godzilla! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Godzilla:-)


Jun-14-2019 6:28 PM

My favorite thing about Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the battle scenes and Mothra emerging from her cocoon. While her song played and wings opened up, I got chills. The effects on said scenes are simply breath taking, I have seen the movie twice and may even see it a third time before it leaves theaters. Some of the scenes shown are wallpaper worthy too, it is hard to choose.

My favorite Titan of course is Mothra. Looking forward to seeing more of her in future films! Behind her is none other then the King himself, Godzilla! Long may he reign. 

Varia31 #TeamGodzilla

Jun-14-2019 7:57 PM

What I loved about KoTM was how it played out like a classic Godzilla film. It had people driving the plot, but had plenty of monster action in between! Godzilla faces the new enemy, only for them to get away, forcing him to chase them and fight a few more times before finally reaching the epic climax! I love how each of the monsters felt like distinct characters, and how much power each one wielded. Ghidorah was interesting with how each of his heads had different personalities, Rodan pretty much kissed the boots of whoever was in charge, and Mothra was absolutely gorgeous. My absolute favorite thing that drives the film home for me, though, is the soundtrack. The use of the classic themes is beautiful, and the original Godzilla theme being worked into the music that plays during Godzilla's first fight with Ghidorah still gives me chills. Overall, a great movie that I will enjoy over and over again!


My favorite Titan would of course be the G-Man himself. I really like how he is portrayed as a true force of nature whose goal is to protect his planet and assert himself as the true king of the monsters. He felt a bit more fleshed out in this film, like how he strobes the glowing of his dorsal plates to intimidate, and I also felt his connection with mankind in this one. Honorable mention, Mothra is an absolutely gorgeous Titan, and it's great how she was such a team player in this film. It felt right in character for her to help out in the way she did.

Joseph Alcaraz #TeamGodzilla

Jun-14-2019 8:41 PM

Man,this film was just.......AMAZING. KOTM just starts with Godzilla's roar. Pretty symbolic as Kong Skull Island ended with his roar and the new movie began with it. First our boy Michael Doughtery IS A FAN OF THE MOVIE HE'S DIRECTING. You couldn't go wrong with his direction and team of writers. Mothra basically got a buff in this film, which is nice, The biggest node to the twins too oooohhhhh mmmmmmaaaaaaannnnnnnn, and her OG roar was included in. Rodan had an AWESOME ENTERANCE. He came out and right after that starts fighting the military in a perfectly put sequence. Then Mothra and Rodan start fighting, it was cool so cool to see them on screen together since the early showa era of flims and it warmed my heart. King Ghidorah. The way he came out slowly and just a obliterates the soldiers. I loved the way the heads were each unique and their roar, I was waiting to hear some of his OG sounds like he'd always make but I didn't his new roars and sound effects were chilling enough for me. The one thing I'm thrilled about is the fact they kept Ghidorah's origins from the showa films, ALIEN.......yes he is. It opens so many possibilities and its exciting. You know this entire movie opens sssssoooo many possibilities and that only is just exhilarating. It's a damn good time for Godzilla fans and the newcomers.

tohotelecaster #TeamMothra

Jun-14-2019 9:32 PM

my favorite parts of KOTM was anything involving Mothra, i started to tear up pretty much every time she was in a scene. The beginning when maddie touched mothra, when mothra exited her cacoon, her fight with rodan and obviously the final scene she is in. All the callbacks to the showa movies really got me too, Serizawa's fate, the oxygen destroyer, mothra's theme (speaking of the music is so good in this movie, especially the credits song), the shobijin, you can tell this was made by someone with a lot of respect to the source material.

And of course Mothra is my favorite, she's been my favorite for as long as i can remember, but I'm really excited to see Behemoth and the other titans do in GvK. 

TheB17Barrage #TeamGodzilla

Jun-14-2019 11:31 PM

I loved how much it played out like the 90s Toho Godzilla’s, but with a much larger scale. I thoroughly enjoyed King of The Monsters.

My favorite Titan is of course Godzilla, but I’d give Ghidorah a close second.

MannyTheKing #TeamGodzilla

Jun-15-2019 12:01 AM

The best part of Godzilla King of the Monsters, was every single scene and detail that was missed on Godzilla 2014!

MannyTheKing #TeamGodzilla

Jun-15-2019 12:07 AM

The best part of Godzilla King of the Monsters, on a serious note was that gave a story line more pinned pointed for the making of all the monsters to appear and come face to face to the leader only in the end to find out their true leader! Godzilla King of the Monsters! On a broader perspective gave each scene more action packed a bit more detail on the story line for every character who took part and how they would help or interfere in the action packed monster scenes!


MannyTheKing #TeamGodzilla

Jun-15-2019 12:11 AM

My favorite monsterverse Titan had to be Mothra, because the movie started with him and how it would eventually do its part on helping/saving the the king of kings (Godzilla) to be able to with stand all the fighting he faced especially Ghidorah!

Beyond #TeamGhidorah

Jun-15-2019 5:25 AM

What I love most about KOTM is that it respects Toho's roots as a Godzilla film. Besides the Toho-esque but freshly molded designs of the Titans/kaijus, their iconic sounds, and magnificent roars, and the soundtrack that makes the film magical with the accompanying scenes that weave with the classic motifs (a bit like how Honda and Ifukube create some of their scenes). I appreciate their passion for making this film, as a love letter to the older eras of Showa and Heisei. I also appreciate the few real-world themes that carry this film like from the environmental issues to military intervention, it's one of the staples of the Godzilla franchise. Add that with a lot of easter eggs, nods, and references as an icing on the cake that our super fan, Michael Dougherty had given to us. This is my definitive Hollywood Godzilla film and a Godzilla film that I really love like the franchise was.

For the human story, I didn't really expect a master class story so I leave the film not too disappointed with it. I only love the bits of the world building with the Titans origins and their symbiotic relationship with ancient humanity as well as the co-existence between humans and Gojira with the benevolent Titans as a possible solution to a growing modern Titan-human problem. Also, Serizawa's sacrifice is touching and honorable, just like the 54' I'm honestly sad to see him gone, his character is one of my favorites in the Monsterverse.

About the favorite Titan, it's pretty hard to say, at least for me, on which one is really is my favorite one. I love them all and the filmmakers made them so good to match with the classics, I can't even decide. But for the sake of it, I'll honestly pick Mothra as my favorite Monsterverse Titan right now mostly because she stole the show on the film which I didn't actually expect at all (I thought it's Rodan who will steal the show) and I'm thankfully ecstatic when seeing her on the big screen. Other than that, her presence on every scene is so awe-magnifico and really beautiful to watch especially her god-rays and the colorful bioluminescence. Her iconic music and sounds spices it up more to bump it on my no.1 spot (formerly it's Godzilla). The filmmakers did an excellent job with her (as well as every kaiju thing in this film). I also love the inclusion of the twins. I'm still Team Ghidorah though for the sole reason that he would win the dominance realistically if the humans didn't intervene with the fight of Gojira and friends, no major spoilers though for that.

As for the new Titans, Titanus Behemoth is my favorite out of the new 4 that was shown on-screen. His design is quite a breath of fresh air to see. His design is mammalian looking with a unique fusion of ape, elephantine and sloth design. In fact, we rarely see any mammal type kaijus on the big screen besides Kong and I'm glad they made another one. I hope we see more of them in GvK.

Fun Fact: This Titan was created for the sole reason that Kong doesn't have any giant mammal friends, to begin with, according to Michael Dougherty.


Jun-15-2019 6:45 AM

 My favorite Titan is & always will be Godzilla! He's not just a monster, or a God or even animal but by hero! Watching GKOTM 3 times always keeps putting a smile on my face everything about it is a work of art but it also is dedicated to MonsterVerse fans of young & old. My favorite part might be the where Dr. Serizama died saving Godzilla in the hallow earth scene of the lost city of Atlantis which is was the home of Big G. The acting from Ken Watanabe was amazing to see as well as watch let alone hear in his voice. I loved all his lines especially his last ones in those scenes.

"Sometimes... in order to hear our wounds, we must make peace with the demons who created them".

"Saraba, tomo yo" (Goodbye, old friend.) 

That scene moved me so much to tears of emotions because it was a a full circle from 1954 Gojira with Dr. Serizama man who was killing Godzilla to save the world due to the mistakes humans made that created him, now this Dr. Serizama made peace with him know he was worth saving as well as dying for to save the world from the mistakes humans made about trying to destroy it through blind arrogance using Monster Zero as the false king. It was so sad & yet such joy the moment seeing Godzilla is revived from the ocean as his main theme played showing his close-ups which was the coolest thing I've ever seen as he glowed with the beautiful blue atomic energy getting stronger through Dr. Serizama's resolve. "Either we all come together or we fall apart. We must take responsibility for our mistakes & learn from them." By doing so, this shows how much Mothra trusted the humans like Dr. Serizama & Monarch to do the right thing to confront the real enemy on both our side & their side with King Ghidora threatening the planet & help Godzilla who is their the saviour become the new King. 

Godzilla is my favorite because he is my hero since I was a little boy. My mom introduced me to the original Godzilla from The Showa series. Yes they were in English dub at the time but I didn't care I was having fun watching Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, & King Ghidora through all the movies that still make me a kid at heart, the thrill of seeing towering buildings crumble under their might, their roars so loud it can be heard through out the world, their epic battles making the whole earth shake. I'm still like that & the director Michael Dougherty along with everyone on the set with the cast are all fans of the Godzilla movies since their were young. That just puts a smile on my face their efforts to please the audience fanbase or anyone new to the Monster-Verse. I can't wait to see Big G take on Kong next year, that's gonna have me on edge of my seat like this one did! Spectacular & Epic! I just keep wanting to watch it more & more because this is my high at the movies for now. Can't wait to own on home video for 4K format & digital this gonna be so friggin awesome to have as a Kaiju fan. This is now on my top favorite movie list of all time. Long Live The King of the Monsters that is GODZILLA! 


SlickGoji #TeamGhidorah

Jun-15-2019 8:19 AM

My favorite monster has to be Ghidorah. What I loved about this movie is they do everything to make him as evil as possible. Unique personalities for each head, with the middle head being an evil mastermind. Unlike the other monsters, Ghidorah seems to personally hate humans and enjoys killing them. He does this not just with a swift strike but actually toys with them. Having a F5 hurricane wherever he goes to create disasters and obliterating DC, regenerating limbs with ease, and dispatching a storied monster in Rodan all help to show how dominate The False King is. Even maintaining the monsters alien origins, which I as well as many fans did not expect them to keep. In short, I loved this movie because it treated these monsters and this franchise with the respect that they've earned over the past 65 years. Here's to 65 more years of Godzilla and Friends!

ThatOneKidThatLikesZilla #TeamGodzilla

Jun-15-2019 10:17 PM

 My favorite part of the Godzilla: King of the Monsters was when Godzilla and King Ghidorah was fighting while Mothra fights off Rodan from attacking Godzilla. I was literally at the very edge of my seat at the cinema. I wonder what else they plan on bringing into the monsterverse. As to my favorite kaiju in the monsterverse, it's godzilla like seriously who else but if zilla came then... I would kinda like him more... please don't kill me.

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