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Godzilla: The Inception - The Final Chapter (Plus Chapters 23 and 24)

Godzilla: The Inception - The Final Chapter (Plus Chapters 23 and 24)

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AnguirusMember1067 XPOct-11-2017 12:20 PM

***Chapters 1-15

***Chapters 16-22


Chapter 23:

Gliding through the air, Ghidorah landed in front of Godzilla, Zilla Jr and Aurora. At over 500 feet tall, this creature towered over Godzilla. Its arms were thick, and the sheer size of this creature could have been enough to scare any other creature away. It let out another horrifying screech. It was a wing-walker, but it could also stand on its hind legs.

No matter how big, scary or strong this creature was, there was no backing down, or running away from this battle. The Earth was at stake. If it couldn’t be defeated here, there was nowhere else in the world it could be killed. This was the final stand.

Godzilla immediately let out his most powerful roar. Ghidorah replied, and waited for them to make the first move. They knew nothing about this creature, other than the fact it has killed hundreds of other kaiju, including Goji’s. It may be too physically strong even for Godzilla, so the best bet was long-range fighting.

Godzilla, Aurora and Zilla Jr immediately started charging up their beams. As their scutes began to slowly light up, something odd happened with Ghidorah. Tiny flashes of electricity started to zap near the edge of his wings. More flashes appeared getting bigger and stronger. Ghidorah was channelling something through his wings.
Just as Godzilla, Zilla Jr and Aurora all simultaneously let out their Blue, Emerald and Violet beams, they were hit back by another force. It overpowered their beams and sent Zilla Jr and Aurora flying back.

Ghidorah had channelled his own beam, and countered all of their rays. He got ready to let out more, with each head focusing on each adversary. The beam from his right head hit Aurora, shocking her body and sending her flying back into the forest.

Godzilla managed to take the hit of the second beam, while Zilla Jr used his speed to dodge the one targeting him. With his acceleration, he managed to make it close to Ghidorah, attempting to leap on him. Instead Ghidorah lifted his muscular arm and swatted him out of the air. That blow broke Zilla Jr’s ribs. As Ghidorah’s beams stopped, and the electricity faded away from his wings, he found Godzilla immediately in his sights.

Godzilla threw the hardest punch he had ever thrown at Ghidorah’s middle head. Ghidorah merely shrugged it off, and used his three heads to his advantage. His right head bit Godzilla’s left arm with tremendous force, tearing a big chunk of flesh off of it. His left head still its attention on Zilla Jr, who was still recovering and trying to get up from that tremendous blow.

Ghidorah in the meanwhile whacked Godzilla’s left side with his arm, definitely cracking Godzilla’s ribs. As he cried out in pain, he was cut short as he was hit in the head this time, sent crashing backwards onto the floor. As Godzilla lay on the floor, Ghidorah stepped on the same arm that got bit, using all of his 140 000 tons to shatter Godzilla’s left arm.

Zilla Jr got up, and ran behind Ghidorah, attempting to surprise him. As he leaped onto Ghidorah’s back, Ghidorah immediately stepped off of Godzilla and began tussling with Zilla Jr, trying to get him off his back. Godzilla used this time to get up and gather whatever energy he had and redirect it into fighting.

He charged at Ghidorah, and was successful at ramming him off his balance. Ghidorah for the first time in the battle, was actually fazed. Zilla Jr meanwhile bit, scratched and clawed at Ghidorah’s skin.

Eventually, he lost his balance and fell of his back. In those couple of seconds, Ghidorah regained his balance and managed to whack Godzilla again with his arm. He then turned his attention back to Zilla Jr. Zilla Jr’s speed proved to be a thorn in Ghidorah’s side, dodging each of Ghidorah’s attempts to catch him. Eventually, Ghidorah managed to grab a hold of Junior’s leg with his right head. Biting down with force, he crippled Zilla Jr, and pulled him in. Picking him up effortlessly with one arm, he held Zilla Jr up in the air.

Godzilla stood in agony, his arm was broken severely, his ribs were shattered, and chunks of flesh were missing from his body. The force of each of those blows hit Godzilla harder than anything he could have imagined. They didn’t just hurt him, they felt like they knocked away his ability to function. Godzilla looked on, his energy drained, his soul slipping away, Zilla Jr’s near-lifeless body lay in one hand of the Beast.

This was the moment. The moment that he had seen in numerous dreams and visions. Was this his fate? To die here with Zilla Jr? He could do nothing, as Ghidorah lifted his arm, and impaled Zilla Jr’s stomach with it. Ghidorah dropped Zilla Jr’s lifeless body, and began to charge up his beam.


Chapter 24:

Godzilla felt it, the failure of being unable to save his Kingdom. He failed his parents, he failed his brother, and he failed himself. But this was different to his dreams. He didn’t accept it. He refused to die here. He refused to let Zilla Jr and Aurora go unavenged. As Ghidorah charged up his beams, the adrenaline surge combined with the fury in Godzilla’s body reached near unsurmountable levels.

He suddenly found the strength to do anything and everything. He charged up his atomic breath as well. Ghidorah continued gathering his power, but what started to happen with Godzilla made him worry for the first time.

Instead of the usual slow charging up from the tail, all of Godzilla’s scutes began to flash slowly, like a heartbeat. There were several blue flashes before the strangest thing happened. They changed colour.

A Blue Flash.

Then a Yellow Flash.

An Orange Flash.

Finally, a dark Red Flash.

The Red Flash slowly stopped, and lit up all of his scutes. Ghidorah just then let his beams loose, combining all three of them into a singular ray. He was hit back by something just as, if not more powerful.

Godzilla’s Atomic Breath turned into a solid, powerful Red Ray, and the combined energy of both of the rays hitting each other resulted in an energy blast right in the middle of where they met.

After a few seconds, when all the smoke cleared, Godzilla and Ghidorah locked eyes right again. Before Ghidorah could charge up his rays again, Godzilla rapidly fired his new, powerful Spiral Ray several times at Ghidorah. The ray was especially unique, it had a knockback effect on Ghidorah but at the same time burnt the iron flesh of the dragon.

Ghidorah felt pain like he had never before. All of the worlds he had previously destroyed were by relative ease, but now he was facing challengers who actually had a chance of killing him.

Eventually, Godzilla could no longer use the Spiral Ray. It was back to a hand-to-hand battle. Godzilla with newfound speed, strength and aggression, charged at Ghidorah, who took to the air, flying full force at Godzilla. But just before they collided, Ghidorah was whacked out of the sky by another flying creature. Adhaba had recovered and had returned to battle. 

Once Ghidorah regained his vision, Godzilla wacked his middle face with another powerful punch. Ghidorah roared in pain, as his jaw had been broken. He bit Godzilla’s left leg with his left head, and bit Adhaba by the throat with his right head, killing him.

He took to the skies once more, and charged at Godzilla once again. Godzilla realised that it was time to use his deadliest weapon – his tail! As Ghidorah neared, he turned his back to get him into position. Swinging his tail at supersonic speeds, he knocked Ghidorah straight out of the sky.

Ghidorah’s entire left wing had been torn apart by the strike. Ghidorah’s ribs were already bruised from where Adhaba hit him, but now, the strike from Godzilla cracked them in half.

Before he could get up, Godzilla grabbed his left leg and using his sheer strength, ripped Ghidorah’s foot off. Ghidorah was now unable to take flight, nor stand.

Godzilla knew this was the time to finish this battle. With Ghidorah kneeling before him, he swung his tail once again, this time straight into Ghidorah’s chest, knocking him straight to the ground once more. Godzilla pounced on top of Ghidorah and slashed the throat of his left and right heads, rendering them useless. Several parts of Ghidorah’s body was now paralysed.

Godzilla finally slit the throat of the middle head, but Ghidorah was still very much alive. He continuously threw his fists at Ghidorah’s middle head, but he simply wouldn’t yield. Ghidorah was simply too powerful.

With Ghidorah’s face butchered, Godzilla decided there was only one way to end this. Gathering all of his strength, harnessing power from his forefathers, he grabbed Ghidorah’s middle head by the throat, and ripped it from its neck. Ghidorah was finally dead! Godzilla roared the loudest he ever did, proclaiming his conquering of the Golden Dragon.
Godzilla left Ghidorah’s head by his dead body, and moved over to Zilla Jr’s. Junior lay on his side, a gaping hole through his stomach, but he was not dead! He was still alive, miraculously!

Unable to move, he cooed to Godzilla for Aurora. Godzilla delighted at his survival, took to the forest to find Aurora. Eventually, he heard her groan. She too was unable to move, with a giant tree piercing his right leg. Godzilla broke the tree, and pulled her up, helping her walk.
Ultimately, they both sat exhausted next to Junior. They had done it. They had slain the mighty Beast. They had defended their home.

But it wasn’t done for Godzilla. Whatever Ghidorah was, he was something that the world should never have to bear witness to again. Such a vile creature had to be disposed of, even if it were dead. They slept for 2 days to recover from their exhaustion, before Godzilla began on a Great Trek.

Travelling South, he dragged Ghidorah’s body behind him. After 2 weeks, he arrived at the cold sea in what would be modern-day Antarctica, and dumped Ghidorah’s body in the ocean. Surely Ghidorah would never rise again? Even if he did, he would be stopped again
Zilla Jr recovered. Slowly but surely, he regained his full strength within a year. Ghidorah had missed his spinal cord by inches. If he did hit it, he would have been paralysed if not dead indefinitely. 

Godzilla continued his reign for 10 years, before the Permian Asteroid hit Earth, separating him, Aurora and Zilla Jr from each other for millions of years. Each of them took to a form of hibernation, remaining asleep for millions of years before reuniting eventually.
Ghidorah’s body had washed up on land. His skin was too hard for any sharks or predators to penetrate through, and thus his body was left untouched. As the Earth slowly recovered, eventually Antarctica formed, and his body was frozen in the ice.


Chapter 25 (The Final Chapter):

(22 March 2019, 19:03)

Something strange had happened over the past few days. Zilla Jr, Aurora and Zillon had all fallen ill from some-kind of pathogen. In 8 days, it had turned them completely lump, barely able to move, let alone able to swim efficiently. He had a bad feeling about this, it was very similar to the same pathogen that killed many Rodan and Naga millions of years ago. The natural radiation from the Earth’s core was not enough for them to recover.

Godzilla needed a large, direct source of nuclear radiation not just for himself, but for Zilla Jr, Aurora and Zillon as well. It was the only way to heal them. Of course, the only way to get this would be to attack a power plant. Godzilla didn’t want to attack the humans, but he needed to survive. Whether they liked it or not, this was still his planet.

Meanwhile, thousands of military reinforcements were being sent to the Antarctic. Dr. Vivienne Graham had requested for them. The Beast had recovered from his injuries. Over millions of years, his body had found a way to repair itself. After all, this was no creature of nature, it was an abomination. An alien organism hell-bent on destruction.

Graham opened her notebook and quickly wrote something down on her timeline.

20 June 2016: The Devil had 3 Heads

22 March 2019: The Devil has Awoken.


So guys. That was it. I must say this has been an incredible journey for me since last year. Ever since my decision to write this fan-fic 11 months ago, I have spent countless hours, writing, editing, re-writing and constantly changing this story. The first few chapters I wrote were in my holidays, and I would spend time from 6 hours writing and refining chapters up until 4AM in the morning.

Ever since I returned to school, I obviously had to slow down. Sometimes, a whole month would go without me looking at my chapters. Thanks to Sci-Fi King25 who helped me pick a story from all the drafts I had, and helping me with ideas for kaiju. Also, big thanks to Emperor GG who's mentored me in several phases of the writing process. It's been a terribly long journey, a great big headache, and I'm glad it's done. I hope you all enjoyed the journey as well. 


Remember that chap, I forget his name, he climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. They asked him, they said "Why did you go up there to die?" He said I didn't, "I went up there to live".
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GiganMember4115 XPOct-11-2017 1:18 PM

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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