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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) - Film by Michael Dougherty

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) releases in:

Godzilla: The Inception - Chapter 19 (Including Chapters 16-18)

Godzilla: The Inception - Chapter 19 (Including Chapters 16-18)

The Hood



Posted Aug-11-2017 11:09 AM

**Chapters 1-15**


“Godzilla stood in agony, his arm was broken severely, his ribs were shattered, and chunks of flesh were missing from his body. Zilla Jr’s lifeless body lay in one hand of the Beast, the other sticking through Zilla Jr’s stomach.  Godzilla looked on, his energy drained, his soul slipping away. The Beast dropped the body of Zilla Jr, and began to charge up his beam. Godzilla felt it, the failure of being unable to save his Kingdom. He failed his parents, he failed his brother, and he failed himself. He accepted it, as the beams shot through his body, and he finally joined his parents in death”

Chapter 19:

Over the next few days, Godzilla was visibly agitated and worried. Zilla Jr was growing increasingly worried about Godzilla. He was obviously hiding something and didn’t want to reveal it to Zilla Jr. Whatever Thunder said before his death meant something to Godzilla and he had refused to say anything about it. Zilla Jr had asked him several times, all of which were left unanswered.

As Godzilla was laying down in the shade of Kanz Al’Ard, he was approached by Zilla Jr. He wanted to know once again what Thunder had said to him. After he ignored Zilla Jr’s request, he was met with an angry roar from his brother. Godzilla stood up to confront Junior. He had never roared or visibly gotten angry at Godzilla, but Godzilla still refused to answer him.

As he was about to turn his back, Zilla Jr pounced on Godzilla out of frustration, toppling him. They both got up and got into a quarrel. Godzilla was obviously angry to Zilla Jr too, as they both wrestled with each other until Godzilla eventually pinned Zilla Jr down and bellowed at him furiously. Eventually letting him get up, Godzilla explained to Zilla Jr everything that Thunder had said.

Gigan had warned a threat was coming, but Thunder told him the threat had already arrived, and was going to kill all life on Earth. He claimed not even the most powerful creatures on Earth fighting together could stop this threat. He claimed to have heard the details on its appearance, and described its very distinct colour.

Linking this description to the very creature he saw in his dreams when he was younger, he realised they were in fact visions of his future. He told Zilla Jr how he saw death and destruction everywhere, and how the colour of the beast was always the same.

But Godzilla wasn’t going to back down. He was going to fight this creature, even if it meant his certain death.

Chapter 18:

8 months since Gojira’s death. Not a single challenger had come close to defeating Godzilla. Zilla Jr had never worried once about Godzilla in battle, often spending days relaxing with Aurora in Lake Hizbah.

Godzilla hadn’t met a challenger in quite a while, and he thought perhaps everything had settled down. He had been challenged by almost every type of creature in the land. Titanosaurs, ancient crocodiles, the flying pterosaurs and now there seemed to be no more challengers left.

Zilla Jr and Aurora were snuggled close to each other sleeping, enjoying the rare cold weather that afternoon. Godzilla wasn’t sleeping, he was resting in the water. Suddenly, he sensed the vibrations, immediately realising a kaiju coming towards them.
He immediately got out of the water and wanted to head over to the battlefield, but the challenger came to him, right in front of Kanz Al’Ard. Zilla Jr slowly opened his eyes to see what was there, and was immediately startled. He woke up Aurora and asked her to move away, as although he didn’t know this challenger, he immediately knew the battle about to ensue was going to be humungous.

Godzilla stood in disbelief. He couldn’t believe just what, and more importantly, who he was laying his eyes upon.

Godzilla was seeing his uncle for the first time in close to 22 years. After Thunder was banished, he was never heard of again, and reportedly moved to the other side of the world.

Now, he was returning to challenge his nephew for the throne. He could never beat Gojira in a fight, but once he heard of his death, he knew he had a chance against his inexperienced nephew.

Immediately issuing the Goji battle cry, Thunder didn’t move around the mountain to the battlefield. He walked to right in front of Kanz Al’Ard. They were to do battle in the same place Gojira had fought him 22 years ago.

Godzilla wasted no time in charging at Thunder. They both collided in a massive thump, with Godzilla gaining the advantage due to his strength. Godzilla was slightly bigger, younger, faster and stronger, but Thunder had more experience and fighting knowledge with him. As they were grappling like bears, Thunder swiped with his claws at Godzilla’s leg and stomped on his foot. Godzilla screeched in pain, letting go of Thunder and stumbling backwards. Thunder delivered a tremendous blow to Godzilla’s face.

Continuing to target Godzilla’s leg by punching, scratching and stepping on it, he was eventually thwarted. Godzilla turned around and swung wildly at Thunder’s face, managing to strike a lucky blow. Thunder tried to deliver another blow to Godzilla’s left leg, but Godzilla caught his arm, and delivered a bone-breaking punch right to the elbow.

In excruciating pain, Thunder was then kicked down by Godzilla. Lying down haplessly on his back, Godzilla stomped down on Thunder’s leg with immense pressure, breaking his femur. Unable to move now, Godzilla pummelled him furiously over and over again. Soundly defeated, Thunder’s death was imminent. Just before Godzilla was about to land the killing blow, he uttered a shrill. He was warning Godzilla of a future threat, just like Gigan.

Zilla Jr watched Thunder mutter his last words. He observed him say one last thing, a description of the supposed threat.
As soon as he uttered that, Godzilla snapped Thunder’s neck, and threw his body into Lake Hizbah.

Zilla Jr could tell from Godzilla’s reaction that those words weren’t a revelation, but a confirmation of his deepest, darkest fears.

Chapter 17:

Gojira had already readied himself for the battle. He sensed the source of radiation piling up and heading in his direction. It was slowly starting to spread, as he eventually sensed it coming at him from all directions, encircling him. Farren was also preparing to fight.

Godzilla and Zilla Jr were getting more and more tired, but they had to continue pushing. Gojira was already under attack, they were close enough to hear the loud roars of the battle faintly.
By the time they got there, they were too late. Gojira and Farren were both on the ground, not dead, but they were defeated. Godzilla and Zilla Jr immediately went for the horde attacking them, but it was to no avail. It wasn’t long before they too were pinned down by the flurry of monsters. Gigan walked up to Farren, helpless on the floor. Godzilla and Zilla Jr could do nothing but watch, as Gigan brought down his talon straight onto the head of Farren, breaking her skull, killing her.

Gojira was weak, and hurt. His fighting days were over, he was no longer King. He had no more strength in him. No matter how much he tried, he simply never was going to break loose. As Gigan slowly walked up to him, Gojira locked eyes with Gigan, one final look of disdain, before the savage MUTO brought his talon down on his head the same way he did Farren, ending the King’s reign.

Godzilla, while all of this was happening, noticed something with Zilla Jr. His eyes starting becoming redder, and a red glow was slowly starting to seep through his gills. As Gojira was killed, that’s when Junior lost it. The red glow in his gills was bright, and his roar was dreadful, it sounded like a combination of rage and pain. He slowly started overpowering those holding him down. It was like he was becoming stronger. As he overpowered and knocked them down, he savagely ripped their throats open with his claws. He was in a “Berserker” state.

Godzilla took the opportunity to attack the distracted kaiju’s holding him down. Overpowering them to the ground, he killed all 4 of them quickly by punching them in the throat, breaking their oesophagus. While taking down other kaiju, he kept an eye on Zilla Jr, who maliciously mowed down every single kaiju standing in his way. Godzilla had never seen such rage or power from a kaiju like this before.

Eventually the corpses of 15 kaiju lay on the floor, either their limbs were torn off their bodies or they were burnt to a crisp by Zilla Jr. Zilla Jr jerked his snout up and suddenly sniffed the air, before taking off full speed in a completely different direction. Godzilla initially confused, snapped to his senses and realised that he was chasing down Gigan, who had tried to flee amidst the chaos.

By the time Godzilla managed to catch up to Zilla Jr, Gigan was already on the floor, squealing, like he was begging for mercy. The way Zilla Jr overpowered Gigan, a kaiju who Gojira struggled to defeat for decades was truly astonishing, even though it was an older, weaker Gigan. Zilla Jr savagely pummelled him on the ground, punch after punch after punch until Gigan’s face was barely recognisable.

Gigan had no escape. Shrieking, he claimed that another threat was coming, that this beast would kill them both. Zilla Jr couldn’t care less about what Gigan had to say. He charged up his atomic breath. Gigan still rambled on about this “prophecy”, but Zilla Jr spared no mercy and melted his head with his atomic breath. He was dead. After seeing Gigan’s headless body, Zilla Jr returned to a calm state, his “Berserker” mode had worn off.

Farren was dead, Gojira too. Who was going to take the mantle of the Alpha Predator now? There was only one. Godzilla was the new Alpha Predator. Everything that had transpired in his life had all prepared him for now. He let out a triumphant roar, heard for miles and miles in the landscape.

Now that Gojira was dead, there will be challengers from every part of the world who will try to overthrow Godzilla, but none of them were powerful enough to do it.

Chapter 16:

The attackers split up, with 2 Titanosaur and 1 FeMuto targeting Godzilla and 2 FeMutos, 1 Titanosaur and the Hokmuto targeting Zilla Jr. This fight was going to be easy. None of the adversaries were even close to the biggest or strongest. Nonetheless, they had to be dealt with.

The Hokmutos set off into the air, disappearing into the clouds while the ground kaiju began their attack. Zilla Jr decided to charge the Titanosaur. He caught it off-guard and rammed it into the ground. The nearby FeMuto lifted her front leg to stab Zilla Jr, but he jumped out of the way. As a result, the FeMuto’s leg went straight through the grounded Titanosaurs stomach, leaving it mortally wounded. Zilla Jr momentarily forgot about the Hokmuto, which busted through the clouds onto his back.

Godzilla was having no trouble at all with his attackers. He easily overpowered the Titanosaur when they clashed into each other. Spotting the FeMuto behind him, he effortlessly picked up the Titanosaur and threw it straight at the FeMuto, knocking them both to the ground. Godzilla didn’t make the same mistake as Zilla Jr, he heard the Hokmuto coming down from above him. As it was about to land on top of Godzilla, he stopped and grabbed it. He managed to overpower it in the struggle, and bit its head, crushing it under hundreds of thousands of pounds of pressure.

Zilla Jr managed to wrestle the Hokmuto off his back, but was still being attacked by the FeMuto. As he was wrestling with the Hokmuto, he managed to bite a huge part of its wing off, then threw it at the FeMuto. Unable to fly away, it collided with the FeMuto, knocking them both to the ground. When he reached them, he ripped the Hokmutos head off, and then slit the FeMutos throat with his claws.

The fight was won, but Godzilla was sensing something else. Suddenly, a huge concentration of radiation had been bunched up in a single area, and was moving towards Kanz Al’Ard. That’s when Godzilla realised. This nest was a distraction to lure Godzilla and Zilla Jr away from Gojira so that he would be left by himself, vulnerable and exposed. Zilla Jr quickly found the MUTO eggs and destroyed them, before joining Godzilla, rushing back to Gojira.

"I must become someone else. I must become...something else!"



Something Real



Posted Aug-11-2017 7:15 PM

THE HOOD - This was yet another extremely engaging and interesting addition to your ongoing story! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to create this and share it with us! :)

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