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What's Your Favorite Godzilla Game?

Started Jan-29-2013 7:57 PM by Chris

Last reply by Lim Chen Xi on Feb-25-2021 8:31 PM

Official Godzilla (PS3 & PS4) game thread (US, UK, and AU)

Started Dec-18-2014 7:55 PM by Gojira2K

Last reply by KaijuKing54 on Mar-26-2020 9:13 AM

Official Godzilla video game Q&A thread

Started Jan-08-2015 11:33 AM by godzilla200010

Last reply by godzilla200010 on Feb-25-2015 11:45 AM

Need help with PlayStation Godzilla game pre-order!

Started Apr-16-2015 7:44 AM by king of all KAIJU:)

Last reply by Shiro on Oct-03-2016 6:08 AM

Godzilla 2014 - The Mobile Game

Started Jan-30-2014 2:03 AM by Chris

Last reply by TohoGFan55 on Nov-26-2014 5:29 AM

Official Godzilla (PS3) Game Thread 2.0 (JP)

Started Dec-18-2014 7:24 PM by Gojira2K

Last reply by godzilla200010 on Apr-16-2015 11:34 AM

Official Godzilla (PS3) game thread

Started Aug-28-2014 3:49 PM by Gojira2K

Last reply by Jamaal on Dec-26-2014 9:39 PM

Full Magazine Page of the Godzilla PS3 Game (More Screenshots and Kiryu & Godzilla 2014 Confirmed!)

Started Jun-25-2014 6:27 PM by -Treveasy-

Last reply by KaijuKingTSPBC on Aug-18-2014 7:13 PM

GODZILLA PS3 Game Gameplay Trailer! (First Gameplay!)

Started Jun-25-2014 7:28 PM by InstinctiveGigan

Last reply by Gigan3001 on Jul-18-2014 12:32 AM

How good or bad do you think Godzilla VS game is?

Started Jun-04-2019 7:55 PM by Godzilla fan#1

Last reply by Godzilla fan#1 on Jun-05-2019 8:19 PM

Godzilla Online (1998)

Started Feb-12-2019 11:18 PM by Masaladosa

Last reply by Happy Enterprises on Feb-17-2019 2:58 PM

Godzilla Daikaiju Battle Royale

Started May-21-2013 11:26 AM by godzillagirl82

Last reply by king of all KAIJU:) on Jul-09-2014 4:10 PM

Godzilla Game Idea!

Started Dec-07-2015 10:03 AM by Gavin

Last reply by MinecraftDinoKaiju on Apr-11-2018 8:16 PM

Will Shin-Gojira be in the next Godzilla: The Game sequel?

Started Dec-10-2015 7:28 PM by ChrisRemix

Last reply by I like monster movies on Dec-17-2016 1:22 PM

A Sad Day (The End of Godzilla Smash3)

Started Sep-01-2016 7:13 PM by NateZilla10000

Last reply by Super Godzilla on Sep-07-2016 1:31 PM

Godzilla ps4 funny MV

Started Jan-12-2016 2:43 PM by Xengix008

Last reply by **Al** on Jan-13-2016 2:12 PM

Godzilla: Kaiju Collection Mobile Application

Started Sep-12-2015 6:37 PM by Top Hat Gyaos

Last reply by Ethanzilla on Dec-03-2015 9:19 AM

Godzilla game (ps3/ps4)

Started Dec-03-2015 9:03 AM by Ethanzilla

Godzilla Kaiju Collection 2 Fan Game

Started Nov-11-2015 1:33 PM by Sheep12Unleashed


Started Sep-05-2015 11:17 AM by MonsterMovieguy

Last reply by High FLYERS Tag Team on Sep-05-2015 6:15 PM

Godzilla PS4 doubts: These are for real?!!

Started Aug-15-2015 3:01 PM by gojira19


Started Jul-30-2015 4:41 PM by [email protected]

Last reply by [email protected] on Aug-09-2015 3:44 AM

Rediscovered obscure Godzilla game!

Started Aug-05-2015 8:01 PM by The King of the Monsters

Last reply by Sci-Fi King25 on Aug-06-2015 11:11 AM

toho kingdom's review of the new Godzilla game.

Started Aug-02-2015 9:38 PM by kaijudinosaurfan12345

Last reply by G. H. (Gman) on Aug-03-2015 10:55 PM

Angry Joe Godzilla Game review

Started Jul-29-2015 1:52 AM by razg

Last reply by wolfguy on Aug-01-2015 8:00 PM

Godzilla PS4: Upgrades and custom moves for everyone?

Started Jul-09-2015 4:37 AM by gojira19

Last reply by ZillaJrKaijuKing on Jul-11-2015 9:13 AM

Godzilla 1964 Godzilla VS revealed!

Started Jul-09-2015 7:20 AM by ChrisRemix

Last reply by ChrisRemix on Jul-09-2015 11:25 PM

Godzilla DaiKajiu Battle Royal Godzilla 2014 Character released and next character revealed

Started Jul-05-2015 5:29 PM by High FLYERS Tag Team

Last reply by Sci-Fi King25 on Jul-08-2015 6:33 AM

WTF!? playstation!

Started Jun-30-2015 9:14 PM by mikezilla15

Last reply by **Al** on Jul-01-2015 11:45 AM

We should have a Godzilla online tournament

Started Jun-30-2015 11:42 AM by Ultrazero80

Last reply by Something Real on Jun-30-2015 1:43 PM

Who wants Zilla for DLC? Or the next game? Or any new game? Anything?

Started Jun-25-2015 3:16 PM by ZillaJrKaijuKing

Last reply by Something Real on Jun-27-2015 8:07 PM

Hey guys here's my reaction video to the Godzilla E3 trailer.

Started Jun-22-2015 4:38 PM by MonsterMovieguy

Godzilla VS for PS4 will have DLC!

Started Jun-09-2015 4:54 AM by godzilla200010

Last reply by yokoshai on Jun-15-2015 7:16 AM

New Godzilla the Game Rumors

Started May-27-2015 4:49 PM by Ariccio

Last reply by The King of the Monsters on May-30-2015 3:47 PM

New Mecha King Ghidorah Gameplay Footage

Started May-20-2015 1:57 PM by Ariccio

Last reply by KingKaijuGojira on May-21-2015 4:18 AM

Will Godzilla Vs (PS4) have tutorials for the other monsters?

Started May-07-2015 8:21 AM by KingKaijuGojira

Last reply by MechaGoji-175 on May-07-2015 11:15 PM

New Godzilla PS4/VS stuff!

Started May-07-2015 1:15 AM by MechaGoji-175

Last reply by KingKaijuGojira on May-07-2015 7:45 AM

Godzilla 2014 Video Game Tie-In?

Started Feb-25-2013 4:30 PM by ThePerfectOrganism

Last reply by GG on May-05-2015 8:16 AM

Godzilla Vs (PS4) official website hints at Mecha-King Ghidorah!

Started May-01-2015 3:56 AM by KingKaijuGojira

Last reply by GG on May-05-2015 8:12 AM

does godzilla vs have local multiplayer

Started Apr-22-2015 6:34 AM by alextheburger

Last reply by alextheburger on Apr-23-2015 11:09 AM

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