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Adam Wingard reportedly returning to direct Godzilla vs. Kong sequel, Son of Kong!

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Written by Chris17,439 Reads31 Comments2022-03-27 13:19:53

Last week it was announced that Legendary were actively pursuing a sequel to their latest Monsterverse installment, Godzilla vs. Kong and that production would be kicking off in Queensland, Australia in the near future. Today, we've received word that the Kong-focused sequel will bring back a familiar face to handle the project!

According to Production Weekly, Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard will be returning to the director's chair to helm the sequel, which is currently being dubbed Son of Kong. This confirms our report from nearly a year ago to the day where we reported the next Monsterverse film might not involve Godzilla at all. At that time, Adam Wingard was in early talks to direct the sequel. So today's news doesn't come as a surprise, but a welcomed confirmation.

Of course, the title Son of Kong could just be the film's current working title and an official title will be revealed down the road.

With so many Hollow Earth Titans which went unseen in Godzilla vs. Kong, it makes sense the next film would explore this new world and its inhabitants. It would also follow the Monsterverse template of leap-frogging Godzilla and Kong focused films.

As we learn more about filming locations, casting updates and plot details we'll be sure to keep you updated! In the meantime, let us know what you think so far in the comments!

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G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaMar-27-2022 2:13 PM

This is making way too much sense. Legendary puts Godzilla on TV, to not conflict with Yamazaki's rumored Godzilla film. Meanwhile the Monsterverse film series continues, ala, Kong, which is a more proven and lucrative property for them anyway.

It was never literally going to be Godzilla vs. Kong 2.


MemberGiganMar-27-2022 2:20 PM

Honestly I'm not mad. Im glad to see MV continue and toho take back the reigns, and we dont even lose MV goji!

This is honestly better than what i would have predicted before.


MemberAnguirusMar-27-2022 3:09 PM

Just because Godzilla won't be in this particular film doesn't mean that he won't show up in any future MonsterVerse movies.


MemberAnguirusMar-27-2022 3:23 PM

Also, it's interesting that they're going with the Son of Kong rather than going for the more obvious Son of Godzilla route (though, technically Kong had a "son" first). It makes sense considering that they've established Kong being lonely, Kong caring for Jia and viewing her as a family member, and the fact that they heavily hinted at the idea of there being other kongs in the Hollow Earth. Plus I can't really see the MonsterVerse Godzilla being a dad...


MemberBaragonMar-27-2022 11:21 PM

I was honestly hoping for a new director, but fine. Hopefully Wingard will alter the tone a bit; make it slightly more serious and less goofy.


MemberBaragonMar-28-2022 5:43 AM

This is cool. Either way I'm happy if Godzilla and Kong content continue coming out.

Archil Pandey

MemberMothra LarvaeMar-28-2022 8:52 AM

I think legendary should make a parallel movie of both godzilla and kong........ For godzilla, this time the antagonist should be MANDA..... Manda could prove to be the best monster villain in monsterverse


MemberBaragonMar-28-2022 8:57 AM

I hope not. While visually GvK was a fun movie and had good action, the story and characters were rushed and butchered because he cut way too much. Also, Son of Kong was a placeholder name. I doubt they would really make a son of Kong movie this early.


MemberAnguirusMar-28-2022 9:01 AM

Archil Pandey

I feel like Manda wouldn't show up in the MonsterVerse, as his design pretty much resembles a typical sea serpent or eastern dragon, so paying Toho for the rights to use him probably wouldn't be worth it. Plus we already have Tiamat, who fills in that role.


MemberGiganMar-29-2022 3:01 PM

Not mad about this tbh.  It makes sense that MV Godzilla is going to be in TV for the foreseeable future while Toho makes it's cinematic Godzilla return.  But I'm still expecting another Godzilla movie from Legendary, since GVK was more of a Kong movie.


MemberGiganMar-29-2022 3:32 PM


maybe GvK was a kong movie, because they were preparing to sideline Goji


MemberGiganMar-29-2022 5:03 PM

Well, keep in mind that MBB (AKA Madison) had a (reported) three-picture deal when it came to the MV.


And all of her movies and plots are related to Goji.


MemberGiganMar-29-2022 5:04 PM

Also Godzilla ain't getting sidelined, he's appearing in the TV show...


MemberGiganMar-29-2022 5:26 PM


She was in a movie with kong, and nothign abotu what she said means that she's in three Godzilla movies, but three monsterverse movies.


Putting him in the show is what i meant by sidelining, because the show is only confirmed to take place at least before GvK


goji could literally not show up ever show up post gvk in the mv timeline


MemberAnguirusMar-29-2022 6:51 PM


I think Godzilla not showing up in the MonsterVerse timeline post GvK would cause way too many problems, he has too big of a role in the series to be completely sidelined and dropped without a good explanation. If their going to drop Godzilla from the rest of the series they would need to give him a proper send off.

Plus, I don't think Legendary would pay for the rights to continue using Godzilla, only to have him show up in just one series (one that he'll probably have limited screen time in). It's likely that we'll probably see him in at least one more movie (if not more).


MemberGiganMar-29-2022 9:12 PM

*Cue USA Godzilla Vs. Destroyah time*


MemberGiganMar-29-2022 10:35 PM


It would be a problem taht he doesnt show up. But it seems like that if theyre getting rid of him in the movies and possibly future monsterverse, so toho can take back the IP.


Honestly i dont want him just yet. The OD was very rushed in kotm, so if they do plan to ring him in, i'd just like a little buildup.


MemberBaragonMar-30-2022 6:51 AM

Yeah I'd like to see Gigan, Biollante, and more original titans before Destroyah. He would be a fitting death for Godzilla when legendary loses the rights for good.


MemberGiganMar-30-2022 9:22 AM

I think the original stuff, Gigan, and Biollante could show up in the show.  If it takes the anthology format I've predicted, than Destroyah's buildup will be set.


Also, Madison's story would be wrapped up in a Godzilla 3 as she's been positioned as the main character.  All we need is an all-new ensemble of humans to back her up (bad idea, I know).


MemberGiganMar-30-2022 9:30 AM


but wouldnt it be better to build up Destroyah in the movies, if he were to fight godzilla in a movie?


MemberAnguirusMar-30-2022 10:02 AM


We need the Cybernetic Alien Buzzsaw Chicken. The world needs him.


MemberBaragonMar-30-2022 11:16 AM

Yes, just replace every time Kong is said in the GvK trailer with Cybernetic Alien Buzzsaw Chicken.


MemberGiganMar-30-2022 12:57 PM

I liked Final Wars Gigan the best, can't beat the Chainsaw Arms


MemberGiganMar-30-2022 2:19 PM

It'd be cool if they continued the whole "Godzilla is a villain" rhetoric now that it's been introduced.  I think Kong's new movie should have some references to Godzilla and his human supporters and non-supporters, as easter eggs and potential setup for a new movie as well.


MemberGiganMar-30-2022 4:01 PM


i dont think they will because he wasnt really the villain, he was just going after ghidorah.

But i get what you mean. Seeing godzilla antagonizing kong and people was awesome


MemberBaragonMar-31-2022 6:45 AM

Final Wars Gigan was cool, but the movie was so rushed and made about no sense at all. I can't say Final Wars is on my favorite Godzilla movie list.


MemberGiganMar-31-2022 8:39 AM


I tend to veiw the movie for what it was, a party to celebrate his 50th anniversary 


MemberAnguirusMar-31-2022 8:53 AM


i thought godzilla and kong were on good terms by the end of gvk.

why would they fight again?

unless spacegodzilla mind-controls one of them......

(I would like that)


MemberAnguirusMar-31-2022 8:55 AM

godzilla save the earth might come in the mail today!
(visible excitement)


MemberBaragonMar-31-2022 9:03 AM

They might never fight again, but team up against something even more powerful


MemberAnguirusMar-31-2022 9:54 AM

like spacegodzilla

(i hope)

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