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how to include Biollante into the monsterverse

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MemberTitanosaurusJun-11-2018 5:47 AM

Biollante is a one of a kind kaiju. going from an unpopular kajiu to one of the most popular kaiju in the series. The Godzilla franchise has a lot of monsters at their reach, but some monsters are just annoyingly underused. with the upcoming movies using Mothra, Ghidorah, and Rodan again, it is getting a bit repetitive. Biollante is part of the Godzilla anime universe but only appeared in the prequel novel, what many fans thought was very disappointing. The monsterverse could really use a kaiju like Biollante especially with her very original origins. after the combined suggestion from riggzamortis86 and the Jurassic bootleg, I thought to take on this monster for the "how to include into the monsterverse" and give her the love she deserves. Now here is my idea of how to include Biollante into the monsterverse.


I do want to point out that this is all speculation. I am not saying everything in here HAS to happen. This is just the way I would do it.


It all starts on an all too familiar island, skull island. During the mission lead by Houston Brooks' son Aaron Brooks, the team brought back some artifacts from the island. One of these items was a new kind of plant. this plant looked like a combination of a rose and a venus fly trap (it looks like Biollante's first stage from the original movie). When the team returned, the artifacts including the plant were taken to Monarch for research on the culture and undiscovered creatures of skull island. at this research station, the plant was named Biollante by the daughter of Dr. Shiragami. Dr. Shirigami was one of the leading scientists at the research station, whilst his daughter was one of the employees.

Many years later (around 5 years before present day), a natural disaster happened around the same location of the research. (this disaster could be based on a disaster that happened in real lives or the movie could come up with a disaster themselves. it's really up to personal preference.) Seeing as it was too dangerous to go outside the team of scientist tried their best to save the artifacts inside from the storm. They tried to save Biollante by implementing some of Godzilla's cells (which was also studied at the research station) because of its generative abilities. After a few hard days, there was a lot of damage done to the station. Many artifacts were destroyed and a lot of collected knowledge was lost, but there were a few things that stayed intact. one of these things was Biollante, although barely. If it wasn't for the Godzilla cells, the Biollante would have likely died from the collapsing building. unfortunately the same could not be said for the scientists inside the building. Dr. Shiragami's daughter was killed during the disaster, but Dr. Shiragami himself survived.

After the events of the disaster, Dr. Shiragami went into hiding because of his depressing of his daughter and wanted to be left alone for a while. He took Biollante with him as a memory of his daughter. As a way to sort of resurrect his daughter, he implemented some of his daughter's cells into Biollante. He has this because he took some of her blood when she was dead before he left and went into hiding. Over the next few months, Biollante became bigger and more intelligent. The leaves of the rose head began falling of revealing a more crocodile/Godzilla like head inside. One day Biollante disappeared from Shiragami and the only thing that was left was the last rose leaves and a trail leading to the water that was just outside of Shiragami's hideout. To Shiragami's surprise, about 3 to 4 years later, Biollante showed up at the same place as where she disappeared. This time she was way bigger then she was before. She was seen from far distances because of her giant size. When she saw Shiragami, she started roaring loudly which made the government and Monarch to come to look at her. Because of this Shiragami fled, because he didn't want to be found and wanted to stay alone and realizes that with Biollante he can't stay hidden. But the problem was that Biollante followed him where he went and the military chasing after them. Biollante grabbed Shiragami so they could get away quicker and Biollante brought him to the city. This is where Godzilla would come in and trie to stop Biollante and a big fight would take place. Biollante manages to get away, but Shiragami get's left behind in the city. Shiragami explains what happened and wants to go back to his hideout, but Monarch explains to him that Biollante will come back with Godzilla on her tail and kill more people so she can be with him again. As much as it hurts him, Shiragami knows that they are right and they are planning on going to the hideout with Shiragami because they know that Biollante will go back to there to look for Shiragami.

The plan works and Biollante stops at the hideout to look for Shiragami. Shiragami and Biollante have a pretty sad talk about Biollante having to let him go and that he has to do the same for her. Unfortunately, Godzilla catches up to Biollante and they fight for a final time. At the end of the fight, Biollante goes and sacrifices herself to protect Shiragami and the others from Godzilla's attacks that accidentally got in their way. Godzilla goes back to the ocean and Biollante dissolves into particles and floats into the sky.


Here we are again in the powers section of the forum. Biollante remains her trademark tendrils. Even though she is quite big and a plant, she would still be quite agile. She does this by using her roots to walk. just like Godzilla, Biollante can heal herself very fast and can regenerate fast after attacks. at last, she also has acid sap that can come out of her mouth to damage her opponents.


This is the end of the forum. once again, thanks for the submission by riggzamortis86 and the Jurassic bootleg. This one was an interesting one to come up with. It has to be one of the largest of these forums I have made. this was because there weren't a lot of directions I could go towards, but I tried to make it as unique as possible and something different than the original. some might disagree with the idea of the human cells being included in the origin, but I really wanted to have Biollante be a female kaiju and this made the most sense to me. it also would connect the human and monster stories very well. it is also not clear if the human cells changed Biollante in any way, but I leave it more open for debate if it had any effect.

If there are things that you would have done differently or just disagree with something, please let me know in the comments and we can discuss our opinions and if there are any other monsters that you would like to see, please let a comment telling me who/what you would like to see.


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Long live the king...

33 Replies

King Ghidorah

MemberMothra LarvaeAug-04-2019 4:40 PM

Human kaiju???mhhh


MemberGiganFeb-08-2021 12:51 PM

Biollante should just be the King Of The Skullcrawlers

“Calling yourself a hero make you a self-mythologizing narcissistic autocrat!”


MemberTitanosaurusFeb-09-2021 12:01 AM


Long live the king...

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