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What's Your Favorite Godzilla Game?

What's Your Favorite Godzilla Game?

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SpaceGodzillaAdmin22520 XPJan-29-2013 7:57 PMTeam Ghidorah

What is your current favorite Godzilla video game? There's many to choose from. Let us know which one and why by replying below! Personally, I have always been a huge fan of Godzilla: Save The Earth, it is, to this day my all time favorite Godzilla Game. I did not enjoy it's sequel, Godzilla: Unleashed due to the fact that I never and still do not own a Nintendo Wii, and was stuck with the PS2 version. Which turned out to be a glitchy, slow version of S.T.E.

Growing up, like many of you, I loved Godzilla. I would go to my local Blockbuster or what have you, and always rent the classics. Looking at them now, some of the really old ones were quite silly, but remain very entertaining to this day. So, when I finally got a PS2, I was on a mission to get myself a copy of Save The Earth and boy was I a happy kid. I still to this day unpack the old PS2 and play a few rounds, it's a game that never gets old and that is why Godzilla: Save The Earth remains my top, favorite Godzilla game.

So, what about you? What's your favorite Godzilla game and why? Leave your responses below!

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113 Responses to What's Your Favorite Godzilla Game?


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-29-2013 11:21 PMGodzilla: Save the Earth is definitely a favorite. Still play the game today! Though, I'll admit, Super Godzilla for the SNES holds some pretty heavy nostalgic memories as well.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-30-2013 10:22 AMNo love for Monster of Monsters for the NES?
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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-30-2013 12:24 PMGodzilla Unleashed for the Wii


SpaceGodzillaAdmin22520 XPJan-30-2013 2:10 PMTeam GhidorahYes, the Wii version looked awesome. I would probably have preferred Unleashed if the PS2 version was the same as the Wii version. Still not thrilled we got shorthanded on that one. Hopefully a new Godzilla game gets rolling with Godzilla 2014 on the way!
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Taco Lauko

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-30-2013 2:17 PMI would have to say Godzilla Unleashed on the wii because of the massive selection of monsters but i miss Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee. you would uppercut a monster and they would fly like 50 feet in the air, it felt so awesome to see them fly into a building
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SpaceGodzillaAdmin22520 XPJan-30-2013 2:50 PMTeam Ghidorahhaha yeah, I liked in [i]Save The Earth[/i] when that would happen too. Though probably not 50 feet. I also liked throwing other Monsters into buildings. I found Unleashed for the Wii was more akin to the films, having the monster move somewhat slower and more realistic. Another reason I wish I had a Wii to play it, haha.
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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-30-2013 2:59 PMGodzilla: Unleashed


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-30-2013 5:10 PMi have to admit that Godzilla: Unleashed is the best game own it on the wii after looking a few years wasnt easy to find it for me i have the game boy version of the oldest godzilla and one of the american godzilla animated and have the gamecube game too and the nes game would like to find the snes game and godzilla save the earth for ps2 but i never found it here in belgium i hope they make a game this time with all monsters in it and maybe make the towns a bit bigger so you can walk between the buildings not seeing each other directly adds more fun and make it for ps3 xbox 360 and nintendo wii u


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-02-2013 8:35 PMGodzilla Save the Earth is my favorite Godzilla game, and it was very well made, but it made me mad when they made it for the wii on Godzilla unleashed and the ps2 version sucked


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-06-2013 10:45 PMGodzilla Unleashed for the Wii, no doubt. The only drawback is no online multiplayer! would have killed to have that. Anybody remember "Super Godzilla" for Super Nintendo? I really liked that game, it got such a bad rep though. It was different, that's for sure, but that's not always a bad thing.

Taco Lauko

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-11-2013 4:55 AM@Chris ya i know i was just exaggerating. haha godzilla saved the earth was also pretty cool
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SpaceGodzillaAdmin22520 XPFeb-11-2013 7:32 PMTeam GhidorahStill my favorite to this day. I'm hoping we get a new, more updated version of the game with the release of [b]Godzilla 2014[/b]!
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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMar-06-2013 10:55 PMgodzilla unleaded for wii becaues of being able to play with up to four people.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMar-07-2013 3:00 PMI will have to say Godzilla: Save the Earth! as it had the best multi-player ever on the Playstation 2. Although I do have some love for Godzilla: Generations for the Dreamcast as it was the first Godzilla game I ever owned.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMar-20-2013 9:51 AMMonster of monsters


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMar-24-2013 1:55 AMGodzilla: Save The Earth since it is the Godzilla game I played the most and because I made two comedy Machinima series using it.
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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPApr-08-2013 11:49 PMMy favorite Godzilla game would have to be GODZILLA :DOMINATION do to the fact it was the first Godzilla game i ever played and i always liked how you could play it on the go i really hope to get the japan game, it has the Tokyo S.O.S Monsters.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPApr-11-2013 1:20 PMWay back in '89, I was playing Godzilla - Monster of Monsters on my NES with the NES Advantage and Game Genie going, feeling like a badass. Incidentally, the NES Advantage had a "slow-motion" feature which really just repeatedly pressed the Start button, because most games Pause when you press the Start button. Godzilla - Monster of Monsters, however, used the Start Button to use the monsters' special ability, like radiation breath! This uses, energy, of course, so you can't do it forever... Unless... You used a Game Genie to turn on infinite energy! So basically you had a unstoppable, constant radiation-breathing, killer monster at your fingertips. It was pretty awesome :-) I did fall in love with Godzilla - Save the Earth for PS2 as well in 2004. It continues to be a very fun game, and it was nice to see 3D versions of my old 8-bit monsters. :-)


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPApr-15-2013 5:36 PMi think godzilla save the earth is one of the best games i evered played with my sisters brother.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPApr-16-2013 12:33 PMGodzilla unleashed Wii. it has the biggest monster roster yet,more detail, and new fighting moves. even a low gravity jump for some weird reason. not to mention Godzilla 90's is burning Godzilla in critical mass.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPApr-24-2013 10:31 PMFor me, it's a close tie between Save the Earth and Unleashed for the Wii. Unleashed Ps2 was just STE with Battra and glitches. The Wii version had King Caeser, Biollante, Mechagodzilla Showa, Godzilla '54, Krystalak(Not that cool), Obsidius(Again, not that cool AND in the Ps2 version), but, it had................VARAN!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!! Which is why it's a tie. STE was better gameplay, but way worse roster. Still, neither had Hedorah....


Mothra LarvaeMember1 XPApr-26-2013 9:07 PMunleashed more monsters= happy me


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMay-10-2013 7:50 AMMy favorite Godzilla game is of course Save The Earth, it has a special place in my heart.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMay-10-2013 12:56 PMmy favorite is save the earth for the ps2 and xbox because that was the first godzilla game i played i like the good selection of monsters you get on it. i think i would like godzilla trading battle for the ps1 better because it has more monsters than any other godzilla game but sadly it's japan only.
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Mothra LarvaeMember7 XPMay-21-2013 11:15 AMOverall my favorite Godzilla game is Godzilla Unleashed for the Wii, as it has a great roster of monsters to choose from, and I love the faction system and how it allows you to play however you like, which really enhances one player mode. The control scheme for it is really a love it or hate it kind of thing, but you can't say that it isn't unique and innovative at any rate. Also, special mention to the game's soundtrack by Heavy Melody - very kick ass. The PS2 version of Unleashed is really just a sloppy port of STE more than anything. The only advantage that the PS2 version has over the Wii version is having Battra, since he's one of my favorite monsters and sadly, was not in the Wii version. Although the fact that in that game, Battra is nothing more than a clone of Mothra really cheapens that. I really do like the old school Godzilla games as well. Several people have mentioned Monster of Monsters on the NES, and that game is still pretty cool even today. It has it's fair share of flaws for sure, but back in the day it was just a great treat for young fans of both Godzilla and Nintendo. No one in this thread has mentioned Godzilla 2 on the NES yet. I know it seems to get a lot of hate, but I've always thought it was a pretty interesting game. Definitely worth a try for any Godzilla fan, and the concept of playing as the military, defending the world from the monsters, is a different twist as well. Super Godzilla is another very unique game, and I think a really underrated game for the SNES. I know it has a large learning curve and I'm sure that's why most gamers never gave it much of a chance, but it's really unlike any other game I've ever played and it's certainly worth a mention. Also, the obscure Japan-only Super Famicom fighter, Kaiju Daikessen, is a really fun and underrated 2D fighter. I'd say it compares to Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct any day. The only problem was that it was never released in the US. Good thing for emulators, though! Oh and umm... the less said about the Gameboy game, where Godzilla goes through mazes punching out monster's lights with a boxing glove... the better. And it would be very cool if a new Godzilla game is made in conjunction with the 2014 film. Although if there is one, I really doubt that Pipeworks will have anything to do with it, and it would almost undoubtedly be a movie tie-in game rather than just an independent new Godzilla game. Still, Godzilla games are pretty few and far between, so I'll take what we can get. Sorry if my post is overly long, just thought I'd add a bit about some of the Godzilla games that haven't been mentioned yet on this thread. Good memories!


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMay-24-2013 11:38 AMi like godzilla unleashed for wii the most.it has lots of monsters.also it has a cool story mode.but i kind of don't like it because the monsters move to fast. i also really liked godzilla generations(both godzilla generations).


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMay-28-2013 6:33 PMi think i prefer godzilla destroy all monsters melee because i never liked unleashed because the monsters cannot jump that high, its really hard to play on the wii, and its just wierd.For godzilla: save the earth ive never played it or have it


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMay-28-2013 6:36 PM[img]godzilla[/img]


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMay-29-2013 8:33 AMGodzilla Save The Earth, I was in [i]LOVE[/i] with that game! :D


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMay-30-2013 5:52 PMI have played Destroy all Monsters and Godzilla Unleashed, and I have to say that Unleashed is pretty cool, but once you've unlocked all the monsters and everything it gets boring. Plus the cpu is annoying, they don't put up a good enough fight. The only monster in Unleashed who is difficult to defeat is Megaguirus.. and that's only when he's not spending the entire fight blocking and dodging your attacks. Godzilla Destroy all Monsters: Melee has much better gameplay, MUCH more difficult fights, and was just way more intense. Plus, in Godzilla Unleashed, the monsters never atttemp to do any throws on you and the game is ALWAYS running slowy. Godzilla Destroy all Monsters: Melee all the way
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