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does anyone know how tall godzilla will be in the new film?

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ok i know this is getting old but from the posters we have seen the little footage of him walking past a window of a skyscraper and fan art does anyone know just how tall godzilla will be in this new film?

lets see some people say he could be 120-150 meters tall is so i can live with it but in my speculations i think he is taller than that let me see if you look at the poster of his tail with the helicopters the helicopters look like bumblebees compared to his tail so if i may say so i beleive that godzilla this time will be anywhere from 600-800 feet tall why do i say this because the robots in pacific rim were 200-300 feet tall plus the kaiju as well and GARETH EDWARDS said that his godzilla will be enourmous but i want to hear what you all have to say

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2 Replies


Larger than any other Godzilla, but not by too much. Gareth Edwards said that his Godzilla's record size was about the equivalent of adding an antenna to the world's second largest building to make it bigger than the world's largest building.


I don't know, but this one looks MASSIVE!! I was estimating 400-500 feet tall, but hey, whatever size he is, he is going to DESTROY!!!!!



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