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Godzilla 2014 - Mexico Roadshow Promo (Dr. Serizawa Confirmed)

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Oh wow what a promotion....but wait doesn't that news paper article/poster in the second last link mean that in the story the general public are fully aware of godzilla's prescence and possibly even the muto creatures aswell 



nice find


Man! I can't read the one right next to Serizawa. Can any one else?


you guys asked for it, close up of character promo and film stills:


Do you have any more?


Wasn't Ken Wantanabe as Serizawa confirmed before even the teaser trailer was released?




for now, no




people have been complaining to me about that they didn't know Serizawa was in this, so I just said it's confirmed now, youll be surprised how many people dont know.


Amazing. Thank you so much!


Do you happen to have a close picture of the newspaper saying "WORLD SHOCKED BY RETURN OF GODZILLA'S RAMPAGE"? That looks interesting. :)


Man, this event just looks so cool. What a spectacular show to promote the film. Fantastic set-up.


@ daikaiju danielle


i don't have that, but they MIGHT get pictures later. I'm missing David Strathairn's photo




Alrighty, thank you Junkerde. :)

Deadite Kaiju

Wish I could be there. That is really awesome, thanks :)


Gonna try some of these I.D. numbers over at mutoresearch.net and see what happens.



Here is a link to the page that has the, "WORLD SHOCKED BY RETURN OF GODZILLA'S RAMPAGE" picture you wanted. It should be the last one.




lucky Mexico




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