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New Godzilla poster at fye I haven't seen before!

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I found and bought at fye today two new Godzilla posters, one of which I haven't seen before with a good pic of Godzilla. I took a pic of the new one, sorry my camera isn't the greatest.


new poster

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It looks like his tail is missing. Also his torso is way too short. :O


his neck is almost as long as his torso... weird


Doesn't look like the toy really. Or the other posters revealing Godzilla. The Empire magazine body doesnt look that short.


Yeah, its legit. I also took a picture of the bin at fye I found it in.



Yeah the body looks weirdly proportioned lol Still a cool poster though! It's so cool to see G posters posted up in stores.


Oh, terrible proportions, awful effects. Not a quite good poster.


Wow, I don't understand all the hate for this. I love the proportions, the big, bulky arms and expression filled face looks great, and that turtle like chest is cool as hell. 


I agree Akagi.




I'm glad someone does. 

ゴジラ 2014 Rules

you do know akagi that Godzilla 2014 always had that and it is pretty cool 


It reminds me a bear standing up over its rear limbs. That´s what my aunt told me about the Jakks Pacific figure: the body looks more like a bear than any TOho Godzilla. I suppose that was the porpouse of Gareth Edwards to make his fighting style a cross between a bear and a Komodo Dragon... but the lack of shoulders makes him to look  weird to me.


At least in my opinion, I still prefer the Heisei Desings over any other.


ComicBookMovie just made an article about this. I guess a lot of sites keep an eye on this site.


@akagi. I love the new design too. Not my favorite, but head and shoulders above some of the other incarnations. 


That looks SICK!!! I wonder if that's to scale with the airport and planes near him since they said in the SDCC 13 footage when Godzilla stepped into view all you could see from inside the building were feet/some leg


DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is a great poster!  The odd proportions are all about angles, and I actually prefer this Godzilla to the Empire version! :) He looks so freaking epic!!!!  I really want to find this poster.  Where/what is "fye" though?  Is it an achronym?  Could I find this now at, say... Walmart?



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