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Godzilla vs. Kong (2020) Preview & Expectations

Godzilla vs. Kong (2020) Preview & Expectations

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With the confirmation of a greater MonsterVerse earlier this year came the good news that Godzilla would be returning, not only for Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), but also for Godzilla vs. Kong (2020). If you missed the post-credit scenes at the end of Kong: Skull Island (2017) you might have thought that the next two Godzilla movies would be stand-alone films. However, if we are to take anything from the set-up of the last Kong film, we can expect that King of the Monsters will serve a similar purpose to the ultimate showdown of 2020.

Going head-to-head with the three iconic monsters -- Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah -- will be good practice for Godzilla’s inevitable battle with Kong. Godzilla has seen many different iterations already. In King of the Monsters we can safely assume that it will be up to Godzilla to save the earth from these god-like beasts, taking on the role of protector this time.

In this second installment, we are going to get a good idea of just how big and powerful Godzilla is in comparison to the other “mythical” beasts that exist in this universe, setting the stage for his fight against Kong.

Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard has spoken about the direction Godzilla: King of the Monsters is taking: “There’s so many different things you can do with it, but it’s not drawing on one core story and it’s always been about the evolution of the character. They’re going in a great direction with it so far.”

What does this mean for Godzilla vs. Kong? Does it mean we can expect to see other monsters in the film? We don’t have any evidence of this yet, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see some additional oversized beasts make an appearance.

We know that the storylines exist in the same universe, so we can expect both monsters to stay fairly consistent, though Wingard does hint that there is room for things to shift on the way.

Whether Kong ends up joining Godzilla in a defending role remains to be determined. Wingard has told us that there will be a definite winner in that battle, and that he plans to stay “true to the source material,” so it is possible that they will just battle one another to reign supreme.

What do you think? Will Godzilla act as a defender in Godzilla vs. Kong? Will the two beasts work together at all? Who will win the battle royale of 2020 – Godzilla or King Kong? Let us know in the comments what you expect King of the Monsters to reveal about the Godzilla vs. Kong showdown!

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This article was written By Chris and published on 2017-09-08 08:31:28

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Godzilla vs. Kong was the sequel to Michael Dougherty's Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters and was the fourth and final installment in the Monsterverse movie quadrilogy. Now, the Monsterverse takes a new direction - into TV! On January 20th, 2022 Legendary announced a new live-action Godzilla Monsterverse TV Series which will stream on Apple TV Plus network! Be sure to check Godzilla-Movies often for the latest news and info on the Monsterverse TV Series and all things Toho Godzilla as well!

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15 Fan responses to Godzilla vs. Kong (2020) Preview & Expectations


TitanosaurusMember667 XPSep-08-2017 11:25 AM

Its all very hard to say about the role Godzilla will take by 2020. After KOTM, he may have a different opinion of human kind by the end of the film. For now he seems to be this equalizer, putting things back into a balance. He could unite with Mothra and Rodan to fight an alien monster like Ghidorah for the sake of the planets balance.

But maybe by the end of the movie he could maybe see mankind as an unbalance to Earth. We might be confused as to what we think natures balance means to us as a species. Godzilla may be a defender of earth, but that doesn't mean he will always defend humans.

We are destroying the planet, polluting the oceans and the atmosphere, he may see us as the unbalance. Hence changing his role from antagonist to protagonist for 2020. Maybe bringing Kong into the picture and role of protector of humans.  So putting Kong as a antagonist would suit him much better. He can show depth in his character, he can look sad or upset or happy. He can smile if he wanted to. He would better be suited for a hero rather than Godzilla.

Godzilla hasn't shown that kind of versatility with his character in Monsterverse. G14 showed us Godzilla actually showing some emotion. In the scene where we see him engulfed with the cloud of dust just after defeating the male MUTO, we see pain in his eyes. A sense of defeat or failure to defeat both MUTO's. But that was very short lived. Compare that to the scene in KSI where Mason Weaver touches Kong. Kong literally almost tears up, maybe Kong remembers his parents touch or feel. That brings him back to something really deep and something we the audience can get behind and root for.

Godzilla(as far as we know for this series) hasn't shown that kind of connection with the audience. It would be much easier to portray Godzilla as a bad guy after KTOM than showing Kong as a bad guy in 2020. So in my very limited outlook and opinion on your question, I could see Godzilla changing roles very easily in the next 2 movies.

But I still see Godzilla as the victor, no one will be happy if he is defeated. 

Yes there is room to show an alliance between the 2 to fight a bigger monster.


TitanosaurusMember667 XPSep-08-2017 11:29 AM

Oh and I would love to see other great Toho monsters in the next 2 films. ebirah could be fun to see in GvKK. I could just see that in there. Along with other famous Toho monsters.

I Meme Everything

GiganMember4115 XPSep-08-2017 12:10 PM

Agree with what's been said.

The Legend of Brian

BaragonMember262 XPSep-08-2017 6:12 PM

I think it'll just show a little teaser, like the first BvS teaser where we just see that Godzilla and Kong will be in the same movie.


BaragonMember339 XPSep-08-2017 8:04 PM

A definite winner huh?.. that does not mean one or the other will die... or does it.. and who.. but.. if there is a much more dangerous threat to contend with.. Kong and Godzilla will team up after a brief battle between each other.. and Kong could very well come out on top.. just like Batman did in B vs S.. while superman.. deals a death blow to an enemy.. because only he could... just like only Godzilla could.. for He has something Kong does not have.. Atomic Breath... and Godzilla may win the big battle.. but sacrifice himself in the process leaving Kong to take the mantle of King. Kind of passing the torch so to speak. 

But... I would not like that scenario at all. How could you have a KING OF THE MONSTERS film.. and then in the next.. he dies.. that would be so.. wrong. But if we're talking about a Godzilla species in the first film.. then you have to believe that somewhere there could be an offspring.. and set up future films to come.. now that would be dope in my book.. in my opinion.

Legendary took this G and made him awesome.. and If TOHO says "oh yeah.. we like it.. do more.. with our blessings." then the door is kicked wide open and the franchise stays alive for years to come... cause TOHO has made enough films.. and from 2000 to 2004.. 6 freaking films.. in succession.. and they waited until 2016 for SHIN G.. and it was way different than previous movies..  no.. it's time for fresh ideas and I think Legendary has taken the right approach to it.. again in my opinion.


TitanosaurusMember667 XPSep-11-2017 8:48 AM

I thought Shin was fresh and new. It featured Godzilla in a way that no one else has showed him before.

Legendary has a new angle with Monarch and that is really neat. But I feel like Monarch isn't something we have not seen before. We had in the Heisei series G-Force, the millennium series had a couple of agencies that hunted down Kaiju's, the G-Graspers, Kiryu Group, and the Mutant force in Godzilla Final Wars. They all studied and fought giant monsters. Monarch just needs a giant robot monster and we have another agency to add to this list.

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4775 XPSep-11-2017 11:31 AM

Fresh ideas? You mean the same basic story line from the 1970s where Godzilla comes ashore, kicks monsters around and goes back to sea--Just like in the 2014 film? Or reusing Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah for the upteenth time?

Legendary is just regurgitating what Toho's done 100 times. The only difference is they're making it with Hollywood flash. I'd say Shin Godzilla's experimentation with the monster and focus on bureaucracy was a little (a lot) more unique than Legendary following in Toho's been-there, done-that steps.

I'm excited for these films, of course, but Godzilla '14 and Skull Island have already aged so poorly that I'm not expecting much. At best they'll be fun. That's about it.

The Legend of Brian

BaragonMember262 XPSep-11-2017 4:38 PM

I agree with Gman, KoTM and GvK will be fun Hollywood films and nothing more. But do they really need to be anything more than that? We've never seen these kaiju or the GvK idea made with the Hollywood flash before, I think it'll be great fun to see.

I think Skull Island is an indicator of what the future of the Monsterverese will be. Fun, over-the-top monster bashes that may trade some of the subtlety of other films for wider appeal. There's room in the Godzilla formula to be just monster movies. They don't have to be masterpieces. 

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4775 XPSep-11-2017 4:59 PM

^Very true. But as a result they tend to have a shorter span of replay value for me. Especially if they're trying to be dumb fun, but play too much to the Hollywood aspect of things. I think that's why Pacific Rim worked so well. While it's dumb fun, it didn't betray some fundamental Japanese roots--Making it a little smarter than it seemed on the surface. We'll see how the MonsterVerse plays out.

The Legend of Brian

BaragonMember262 XPSep-11-2017 5:02 PM

Well I think it's also dependent on the writing. With Boring-stein out of the picture for the most part with KoTM and GvK I think we'll start seeing better results.


TitanosaurusMember667 XPSep-12-2017 6:50 AM

^I agree. Dougherty made some great films that where a lot of fun! I really enjoy his pace of filming. I think KOTM will be the greatest American made Godzilla movie ever made(not saying much, but also trying to say its goint to be a lot of fun), unless GvK breaks that too.


Mothra LarvaeMember27 XPSep-15-2017 11:50 PM

I really enjoyed Skull Island (though some dialogue writing was awful like John C Reilly's character) but Peter Jackson's Kong is the superior movie by far.  I agree with previous comments.. Legendary has a steep hill to climb to make Kong a convincing opponent for Godzilla.  


Kong climbs skyscrapers but Godzilla levels them.

Kaiju Kong

Mothra LarvaeMember53 XPSep-16-2017 4:21 PM

So far I enjoy this universe, I hope decide to add Gamera and soon


TitanosaurusMember667 XPSep-18-2017 7:24 AM

^I think we all want that one day in our lifetime. Unfortunately I don't think that will happen here.

If there would be a Godzilla vs Gamera I want it to be made by Toho. They are both Kaiju stars from Japan and respectfully should fight there. Over here they might butcher that up. But saying that I would still buy a ticket to see those 2 fight in this universe, who wouldn't want to see that?


BaragonMember222 XPNov-25-2017 4:20 AM

Godzilla reigns supreme and will defeat Kong, but not killing him and they will team up to stop Destroyah in a DAM monster mash. Ghidorah, Rodan and Mothra all have to fight Destroyahs of there own until the Destroyahs all merge into a super Destroyah where the monsters combine fires to kill him after Kong finds a way to freeze the final boss. Best case scenario...

I'm however very concerned and upset with the evolution of Godzilla. I think G14 is the closest thing to perfect that we can hope for other than 89 and 2000, G14 rules minus the gills. The Dragon/Dinosaur Godzilla is my father. Shin and Grootzilla arent even Godzillas. They are phony usurpers, imposters that lay siege to the throne of the world. Godzilla is at minimal a Reptile or Amphibian and as angry as I was in 98 at least we got a Lizard. So Shin 2 will be the walking dead and we finally get an anime and they turn a Dinosaur into a plant... I don't want to see the Legendary Godzilla lose his Dragon attributes and his bottom jaw had better not go to shin or they will have totally ruined it for me in the states as they did recently in Japan. 

I wrote a book called Tiamatzilla vs the Kaiju Kongs in 2015 and am in the process of turning it into a graphic novel and movie as a failsafe for Godzilla in 2020. In my story, Tiamatzilla puts the Kaiju Kongs in there place and then teams up with them to save the world from a massive flying Kraken the size of a mountain.

I hope Godzilla and Kong Kong will become the new Batman and Robin of the Monsterverse and will bring us many new adventures while maintaining a healthy respect for all the Dragons in the series and keeping Godzilla classic. All weapons and even fictitious ones such as the oxygen destroyer will fail on Godzilla, Rodan and King Ghidorah. Dragons are invincible!

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