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Phenomenal New Godzilla Monster Series Artwork

Phenomenal New Godzilla Monster Series Artwork

Scified2020-04-04 17:18:43https://www.scified.com/articles/phenomenal-new-godzilla-monster-series-artwork-71.jpg
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When Magic: The Gathering announced that they were partnering with TOHO to bring the world of Godzilla into Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, a plethora of amazing artwork was certain to result from it. Magic: The Gathering has a long-standing history of producing some of the best card art in recent memory, and the new Godzilla Monster Series is no exception.

Thanks to MTG Arena Zone, Scified can now share with you all 19 textless pieces of artwork from the Godzilla Monster Series set of cards. Stay tuned to Scified for further updates on the Magic: The Gathering X Godzilla collab and for other kaiju events.

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This article was written By Jacob and published on 2020-04-04 17:18:43

More about upcoming Godzilla & Monsterverse projects

Godzilla vs. Kong was the sequel to Michael Dougherty's Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters and was the fourth and final installment in the Monsterverse movie quadrilogy. Now, the Monsterverse takes a new direction - into TV! On January 20th, 2022 Legendary announced a new live-action Godzilla Monsterverse TV Series which will stream on Apple TV Plus network! Be sure to check Godzilla-Movies often for the latest news and info on the Monsterverse TV Series and all things Toho Godzilla as well!

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5 Fan responses to Phenomenal New Godzilla Monster Series Artwork


BaragonMember222 XPApr-04-2020 10:00 PM

Very stoked to see Godzilla join the ranks of Nicol Bolas and the elder Dragons.  Wish they would have put the Godzilla kaiju in the story instead of just proxy but I disagree with so much magic Dragon lore that I'm just happy to get official Godzilla magic cards.

I play under a house rule called Dragon's Rule. All Dragons are indestructible and can only be removed from the game by exile. Dragons Rule would cover all Reptiles and Amphibians as well as Dinosaurs and Reptillian Wyrms. From the new cards the two classic Godzillas would be invincible. Shin is not a true Dragon or Reptillian, it is a multi being like Deatroyah who would not be affected by Dragons rule and they would both stay mortal.

Dinosaur Godzillas, Space Godzilla, Baby Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan and King Ghidorah are all totally covered by Dragon's Rule.

My story has Sarkon Vol making the ultimate Dragon force by forging peace with Nicol Bolas and Ugin and bringing the multiverse under complete Dragon dominance.  With the help of Niv Mizzet, Nicol Bolas is able to find King Ghidorah in our plane and convince him to join the all mighty Dragon force forging a further alliance with Godzilla, Space Godzilla, Rodan and Baby Godzillas for Reptile supremacy of eternity. 

Good and evil kaiju oppose the new Dragon Dieties as Destroyahs threaten to consume all planes. Gigan and Mothra joins the Dragons due to allegiances to Ghidorah and Godzilla.  

Shin and Destroyah try to take the Crown but are wiped out by Godzilla, King Ghidorah and Space Godzilla. Kiryu is possessed by Godzilla and Dragons rule eternity!


The next set should be a Game of Thrones cross over... With mad crucibles of fire the all mighty Dragon force led by King Ghidorah planes walked with Sarkhan Vol and the Elder Dragons to Westeros to save Vaserys Ragar and Daenerys from the bull**** betrayals that await them. With King Ghidorah the Dragons and a army of Godzillas Westeros and the enemies  of Khaleesi are destroyed and the multiverse is saved. Dragons rule eternity, Daenerys married Sarkon Vol. Maleficent joins us the set after.


BaragonMember222 XPApr-05-2020 2:32 PM

My bad I guess shin is classed as a Dinosaur Turtle and thereby covered under the Dragon's rule. I still think shin is on Destroyah's side. These kaiju seem to be mutated reboots of the kaiju from our plane


AnguirusMember1446 XPApr-05-2020 4:38 PM

All them are beautiful. Gigan still epic tho.



Also Shin is great. Still one of my favorite incarnations of him so I guess I'm bias lol.


SpaceGodzillaAdmin22516 XPApr-06-2020 8:41 AM

That Biollante and Gigan artwork are just magnificent.


BaragonMember339 XPApr-07-2020 7:43 AM

This is fantastic artwork !

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