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What Made You a Godzilla Fan?

What Made You a Godzilla Fan?


Mar-05-2013 3:21 PM


Think back, way back to when you saw your first Godzilla movie. What made you a fan of Godzilla initially? Was it the look of Godzilla himself? Was it the story? What made you a fan? Let us know by replying below!

187 Responses to What Made You a Godzilla Fan?


Jul-25-2017 12:52 PM

One of my very first memories of my life is literally Godzilla. my older brother must of put on a channel featuring a classic Godzilla movie. I was hypnotized, giant monsters destroying whole cities, fire literally coming out of there mouth, aliens and flying saucers? What's not to like for a 2 year old little boy? ever since then my brother and father and I rented every Godzilla or giant monster movie the local Blockbuster or video rental shop had. every Christmas I would wake up and open presents and I would just be so happy to find a new Godzilla vhs in my stocking or a new monster toy. im 30 now and every November I dedicate an entire month to watching Godzilla and other Toho movies. Now I have a 2 year old daughter named Ripley who can share in the same passion as I did with my brother and father. waking up early on a Saturday morning or staying up late we can enjoy a good old Godzilla movie together until the day I die.



Jul-27-2017 3:11 PM

What made me a godzilla fan was James Rolf's (angryvideogamenerd) "cinemassacre monster maddness 2008 Godzilla-Thon". But the first godzilla movie I seen was Tokyo S.O.S or godzilla 1954.


Sep-21-2017 10:34 PM

I watched the first Godzilla with Raymond Blur. Than I watched all the reruns of the 1960’s Godzilla and the 1970’s Godzilla on Creature feature on channel 50 from Detroit. I was hooked line and sinkered from there. I have most of the the Godzilla movies from the 1970’s all the movies from 1985-Present. And some toys as well.


Oct-03-2017 1:43 AM

Godzilla 2014 made me a fan.

still waiting for a good modern kaiju game. *sigh*


Oct-04-2017 6:10 AM

The main thing that brought me into this series was the movie Terror Of Mechagodzilla, it was the first Godzilla film I have ever saw and I watched it a lot when I young. Along with Terror Of Mechagodzilla I watched Godzilla 2000, Mothra Vs Godzilla, and Godzilla (1998), but sadly the disc got scratched and I haven't ben able to watch it for 11 years. But as luck would have it, when I was finding more Godzilla films I found a copy at my local cinema store and when I watched it again, it brought back the memories as a child and I had the same feeling when I first watched it as a child. It is still my number 1 favourite movie and I have been a Godzilla fan since

"The Bigger They Are, The Harder You Fight"


Oct-11-2017 3:12 PM

I was a kid in the 70s. I was way into dinosaurs and watched anything with dinosaurs in them. There was a show called Creature Feature back then- every Saturday- and each episode showed a movie like Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein etc. I saw Godzilla on that show. I was pretty young so I kind of tuned out of the plot and dialogue and perked up when Godzilla appeared and went berserk or fought the several weird and cool opponents. I was a bit young to understand the concept of what he represented.  I always genuinely felt bad when he got knocked down or seemed to lose a fight. He was probably my first favorite anti hero before I even knew what that concept was.

Sci-Fi King25

Oct-11-2017 4:38 PM

I knew about Godzilla for my entire life but never got into it until the 2014 trailers started coming out. I thought it looked like a good movie ended up doing a bit of research on Godzilla. I quickly found out about the movies and other monsters and watched some of the older movies.

Now I've seen 18 of the movies and have a small MonsterArts collection.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

G. H. (Gman)

Oct-11-2017 7:48 PM

^Which have you yet to see SFK?

Sci-Fi King25

Oct-27-2017 1:30 PM

^King Kong vs. Godzilla, Ebirah, Horror of the Deep through Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, and the "Godzilla" 1998.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


Oct-27-2017 2:09 PM

^ooooo.... all fun movies in their own right. King Kong Vs Godzilla is amazing! you need to see that one first out of all of them in my opinion.


G. H. (Gman)

Oct-27-2017 3:27 PM

Sci-Fi King25,
Wow. Big list. Exciting that you have so many ahead of you. Definitely should pick them up.

The Jurassic Bootleg

Oct-28-2017 8:00 AM

Godzilla 1998 and Godzilla Final Wars, yea I'm one of those 1 percenters(Its a word right?).

Godzilla Generations was a beautiful game! I loved the fact that there's a laser cannon inside of Dr. Serizawa's eyepatch.


Jan-10-2018 6:05 PM

Watching Creature Double Feature every Saturday afternoon with my dad in the late 70s/ early 80s.


Mar-14-2018 9:10 AM

What made me a goji fan was when 2014 came out,I loved it. The story of monsters vs other monsters and humanity's struggle in the middle. I started researching other Godzilla movies,because I had heard of Godzilla before 2014,but the legendary goji opened my eyes to its epic ness. Now I'm a hard core goji fan!


Mar-14-2018 1:39 PM

^Nice! Welcome aboard!



Mar-31-2018 4:50 PM

What made me a godzilla fan was how good the movies were I became in love with them and now their is a new Godzilla vs kong and I just can wait I'm a really big fan.and I know like everything about Godzilla.thats how big of a fan I am


Apr-03-2018 10:00 AM

Even though my earliest memory of Godzila was the 1998 film (even though I didn't know what Godzilla even was, or what the movie was even about [to me, it was just a giant dinosaur running around and destroying buildings]), what made me a Godzilla fan was one of two things: 1) the Fiat commercial promoting Godzilla 2014 (you know, the one where he eats the cars), and 2) watching Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster at camp (and I especially loved the part where he cannonballs into the ocean before the island exploded). Other than that, it was actually the trailers for Godzilla 2014 and the two things I mentioned above that made me like Godzilla (especially Zilla's design and the Baby Zilla's design as well, since I was more of a dinosaur fan at the time when I saw it).


Apr-13-2018 10:19 PM

I actually strangely enough, got into Godzilla by watching a top 10 Godzilla monsters list by watch mojo on YouTube.

"And now I Have become death....the destroyer of worlds"


Apr-20-2018 7:01 PM

well,I needed something to defeat my friends dragon in our little 2nd grade roleplay.He Just fit the bill!





I had heard of godzilla as a general term more as a size thing rather than anything else. So I eventually Looked Him Up and well this was godzilla to me for a while. Then I met BURNING GODZILLA. He was...My first godzilla toy,Movie and my first real understanding of the big G.

Indoraptor 2000

May-22-2018 1:58 PM

I remember my first form of Godzilla media was not a movie, in fact it was a game, it was Godzilla Unleashed for the Ps2 for that matter!

The games was not perfect by any means but it was still fun for me as a kid and so it made me the kaiju fan i am today!


Jun-17-2018 5:54 PM

What made me a fan was receiving these toys that had a button on their chest that would emit their noise.

Can anyone tell me the make/model/year that these are?




























































Jul-19-2018 11:32 AM

I was 5, and I had been messing around with the TV remote when I accidentally switched the channel to a Godzilla Marathon on Sci-Fi channel. Right away I was into it, the movie that was playing was Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla (1974). It was just amazing to me, that weekend, I probably watched 5 or 6 Godzilla films. Years later, Godzilla (2014) came out and my love for Godzilla returned, I bought the collectibles, even all of the Toho Co movies on DVD.


Jul-21-2018 12:46 PM

My dad was USAF Vietnam Air Rescue Pilot. We were stationed in Okinawa for 7 years.  Arrived when I was 7 years old.  Seen my first Godzilla movie, 1968, and I have been hooked ever since.  I am in my 50's now, and I am only 8 DVD short of the complete collection.  I hope the Director and Screenwriters remember: Godzilla is ALWAYS the HERO

Chuck Denham

Jul-27-2018 6:42 AM

Well sorta a weird story how I became a Godzilla fan, I always heard the name, due to my father being a construction worker and referencing some house he would work on as “Godzilla-sized!” And it always stuck with me. I always knew he was a dinosaur of some kind, a T-Rex and Stegosaurus hybrid I thought. So one day while me and my family were grocery shopping I found a cheap toy dinosaur and named it Godzilla. I few days later I watched my first Godzilla movie. “Godzilla vs. megaguirus”. And I can still remember walking into a K-Mart and finding my first official Godzilla toy (a Bandai Godzilla 2001)


Jul-28-2018 10:06 AM

 I've always been into dinosaurs (in fact I remember the Christmas I was ten, getting a dictionary of dinosaurs from my parents) and it just evolved from there XD


Jul-28-2018 5:39 PM

Godzilla battle for the earth 1992 was on tv and was intrigued the moment I saw him blow atomic breath!


Jul-30-2018 12:07 AM

I jumped at every opportunity I had to see a new film.

I guess many people are accustom to buying DVD or BD and then play them on TV. Well, do you know how to create a disc yourself? I once tried to convert MP4 to DVD, I think it is fun and interesting.


Jul-30-2018 2:09 PM

When I was a kid, I saw the original film on a late night classic film channel, and it immediately caught my attention. I searched my local video store after that and found other films. Just kept absorbing as much as possible.

Check out my Godzilla Fan-Forum - Monarch Sciences!


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