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Jul-04-2014 5:00 PM

Monster lineup: Godzilla, Destroyah, *Kumoraiju, Anguirus, Rodan, *Wolfala, MechaGodzilla, *Mesias, Biollante, *Leviathan

-Godzilla: main protagonist.
-Anguirus: origin remains the same, formed an alliance with Godzilla on Monster Island.
-Rodan: (see above)
-*Mesias: A pre-historic bipedal humanoid rock-like monster with a giant dinosauric head flanked by several smaller heads: a serpent head, a gargoyle head and a whale head, all encased in rock. He also constantly glares red all throughout his body, having been created in a solar eclipse in an ancient crevice on the island now known as Monster Island, where many Shatomongas-prehistoric creatures encased in stone that existed thousands of years before the first dinosaurs-fought to the death before being turned into a fiery pit. Having believed to be dead, this actually caused them to merge into one collosal being over the course of many centuries as it was later discovered that the Shatomongas fed off of the sun's radiation. It is because of this that he's said to be powered by "the heat of a thousand suns" (figurative, of course) while also equipping him with a very powerful energy beam attack. This also explains him having not only multiple heads, but different heads. He is hailed by the humans as a God and protector of China, hence being given the name "Mesias" which is Spanish for "Messiah". He turned on the humans after being awoken and seeing the damage they've caused to his homeland following the Cold War, causing the humans to awaken the super kaiju Leviathan in order to stop him. He ended up being buried in one of the mountains on Monster Island during said fight where he is later awoken in a ritual in the movie (thus paving the way for a new priest character, played by Liam Neeson).
The best way to describe him would be a cross between Monster X from Final Wars (original form, before becoming Keizer Ghidorah), Bagan, the whale Kaiju from Pacific Rim and King Ghidorah (only in terms of having "multiple heads" though for KG, and that's where their similarities end).

-Destroyah: The main antagonist, and the end boss. After failing to kill Godzilla with a nuke in 1954, but killing Shinomura (from the "Godzilla: Awakening" graphic novel)-a monster Godzilla fought and is likewise the combination of smaller organisms-with the same nuke, the Japanese government tried to further their attempts to kill Godzilla by creating upgraded clones in a lab via embryos containing Shinomura DNA (that they obtained samples of from his corpse, revealed to be the bones in the cave from the 2014 movie) and Godzilla's cells that they acquired from the nuke. However, a nuclear plant meltdown in China causes a highly-publicized viral outbreak (that would be a major plot point in this even involving first hand accounts from one of the survivors) that kills hundreds of thousands and later contaminates the embryos, mutating them over the course of several decades into the deadly crustaceans that would come to be known as Destroyah/Destoroyah!
-Biollante: A bio weapon (basically, much the same origin: mutant plant, just with some tweeks to her design) created by some of the humans with Godzilla cells out of fear of what having such an advanced weapon as MechaGodzilla in the government's hands could mean for the rest of humanity. In other words, some of the humans created her in a ploy to get the government to hand over MechaGodzilla because they don't trust the American government with such a powerful weapon as that, which they of course, refuse to do, and thereby unleashing Biollante onto the world! Meant to satirize the humans trying to combat man's supposed attempts to control nature in creating MechaGodzilla by creating an "equalizer" (Biollante) instead of simply letting nature take its course. They tried to take control out of their hands in creating her, and the end result is NOT an equalizer/balancer, but another force of terror to BE balanced as she raises hell upon the humans after being unleashed (role reversal, she's now a villain basically)... yeah, I think we all know what this leads to (think: [b]payback 25 years in the making![/b]).
-*Leviathan: As you might've guessed, a giant, prehistoric, winged dragon-type monster, revealed through DNA to be of the same species as the Shinomura from "Godzilla: Awakening" and his predecessor. Dubbed "Ruler of the Sea" by many historians, he is found buried in glaciers in Antarctica by archeologists on a mission trip at the beginning of the movie (revealed to be buried there via avalanche after going on a prehistoric tear following a battle with Mesias on Monster Island). Originally believed to be named after the mythical sea creature, it is later revealed (in character dialog) that the many different incarnations of Leviathan in film and other media were simply made (and funded by the government) to cover up the existence of the "real" Leviathan creature, meaning Legendary's incarnation of the fabeled monster (and there are literally dozens of different incarnates of him in various videogames, movies, and literature) is literally THE Leviathan, at least per Legendary G-canon (Edwards' G-universe), another clever story arch I thought of for him.
-*Kumoraiju: His name is a portmanteau of the Japanese words "kumori", meaning bat (referring to the animal, of course, not a baseball bat) and "kaiju" meaning "monster" which translates to "Bat Monster" in Japanese. Simply put, he's a giant mutant bat. One of 2 of IsleCorp's lab creations (the other is listed below), he contains remnants of the dead MUTOs throughout several parts of his body, including parts of his visor located on his face, and scythes underneath both sets of claws under his wings (except they're shaped like swords instead of hooks like the MUTOs). It is also said that he has a nest full of his spawn lying dormant somewhere in the United States (thus creating a mission subplot for the military).
-*Wolfala: A mutated bipedal wolf-dinosaur hybrid, created when IsleCorp (shady branch of Monarch responsible for Monster Island from my first sequel treatment, 'G2:ROG') found the dead corpse of a 2nd Godzillasaurus (Godzilla's species) on Monster Island and spliced it with a wolf, creating a deadly hybrid monster that has plates and spikes that bear a striking resemblance to the original Godzilla's as well as certain facial features. He also has giant claws and large spikes located in both knees and elbows (I could simply name him WolfGodzilla, a la SpaceGodzilla, but that would be too obvious and TBH kinda silly, so I'll just go with Wolfala, hey, they were planning a Godzilla vs. the Wolfman movie at one point, so I figured, why not?)

-MechaGodzilla: originally a protagonist, created to combat the growing epidemic of monster attacks across the world (in production since the MUTO attacks from the first movie). Kills Destroyah's (smaller) flying form after appearing to come to Godzilla's aid, then in a shocking turn of events, suddenly turns on Godzilla and later the military and humans before being seized by the government (after being disabled via EMP grenade) for terrorist activity, later reacquired and piloted by Lt. Reaver (Mark Wahlberg, from my first sequel treatment) after the original pilots are arrested and detained to fight Destroyah's final "demonic" form in Chicago in an act of (potentially) sacrificial heroism.
SIDENOTE: he's also as realistic as you're ever going to see him on screen, being equipped with only "real" weapons: a lightning gun (left wrist), a rocket powered-flamethrower (right wrist) , missiles, mounted railguns in front of both shoulders, rocket launcher silos on top of each shoulder, cutter blade attached to his tail, mounted MK19 grenade launchers (located under both wrists) and also a plethora of different grenades to disorient targets with including flash bang, concussion, EMP and smoke grenades (similar to Batman's smoke gadget that he uses to "surprise attack" enemies). I also thought I'd give him a refined version of Mecha King Ghidorah's electrified capture cables as that was a feature of MKG I really liked.

*new monster I created

New characers:

-Dante Maddox (Liam Neeson): priest character, leader of a cult who worships Mesias, which is used to awaken him in a ritual on Monster Island following attacks all across the globe by Wolfala*, Biollante, Destroyah (lesser form[s]), Kumoraiju* and Leviathan*.
-Alisa Maddox (Svetlana Khodchenkova): Russian soldier, more specifically, a sniper in the Russian military, adoptive daughter of priest Maddox, accomodates military in various missions following NATO pact with Russia (see below). As a former Russian spy, she specializes in espionage and other elusive means of intelligence-gathering, giving them access to an encrypted website entailing some of IsleCorp's abominal activity on Monster Island.
-Alexei Voronov (Gerard Butler): fellow Lt. alongside and spouse of Alisa in the Russian military, allowing the two to instantly connect with Lt. Reaver (Mark Wahlberg) and General Orlovsky (Emily Blunt) from my G2 treament in character dialog/scenes, who also share marriage plans throughout the film (side note: Orlovsky's divorce papers can clearly be seen lying around in one scene beforehand, thus signifying her split from Dr. Novak following 'G2:ROG') which conflict with the now worldwide daikaiju threat at hand.
-Rick Ellis (Tommy Lee Jones): President of the United States, makes several media appearances announcing domestic and international events, including Russia joining NATO, thereby forming an official alliance with the U.S. in attempts to combat the ongoing monster crisis, which has now become a global threat and the unveiling of a new anti-kaiju weapon in a televised meeting and handshake with Norv Bennett.
-Norv Bennett (Dominic Cooper): CEO of a top scientific research organization, announced to be working for years on an "advanced weapon" for combating monster threats across the globe. This project was initially a couple of side-projects dubbed 'M.O.G.U.E.R.A.' and 'Super-X'. However, they were destroyed by many mini-Destroyah, which also took his son, Dan's life, who happened to be the Chief Scientist working under his father. Devastated, he vows to start anew, creating a new weapon in his son's memory that's, quote-unquote "symbolic", looking to a nearby sculpture of Godzilla as inspiration (I think you all know exactly where I'm going with this!).
-Art Mingo (Jeff Bridges): (original) pilot of MechaGodzilla.
-Marissa Thornberg (Rebecca Hall): Top journalist who accuses Norv of shady business practices, which include his organization being in collusion with IsleCorp, and thus creating MechaGodzilla as a weapon of terrorism. Daughter of a survivor of the Chinese nuclear plant outbreak
-Oh, and the Coup de gracie... CIA Director Don Epson, played by Kevin f'in Spacey! You can tell I saved my best character, plot/monster and casting ideas for last.

Returning (new) characters from my G2 treatment:

-Lt. John Reaver (Mark Wahlberg): Highest-ranking lieutenant on the military, fatally injured during an operation involving a monster (later revealed to be Leviathan) and has since recovered. However, he chose to stay retired as he has enjoyed his time away from the hectic duties of the military, until an explosion on Monster Island (where he previously owned a home with his father) convinced him to return after receiving a call from Stenz. He announces his (re)engagement to Gen. Orlovsky, to whom he has been romantically involved for years in the military and rebonded with at the climax of G2, however, the ongoing global monster crisis tempts him to put his marriage aspirations aside... for now.
-General Natalia Orlovsky (Emily Blunt): first US armed forces General under Stenz, formally married to Dr. Kraven Novak, head of IsleCorp, the agency responsible for heinous monster activities on Monster Island and for luring King Ghidorah back to earth in G2:ROG. She divorced him upon finding out his involvement with IsleCorp and following his subsequent arrest and detention. She has since reconnected with her longtime lover and highest-ranking officer, John Reaver, and along with another military couple just joining their ranks (see above), share various emotional scenes together.
-Chad Kristofferson (Lawrence Fishburne): US Secretary of Defense


Maddox: "In 1984, we awoke Leviathan to save us from a rampaging Mesias, now, we must look to Mesias to save us from Leviathan."

"And what better place than here on Monster Island, where it all began?"

Federal Agent: "Who's gonna pilot that weapon of terror now?"
Lt. Reaver: "ME!"

Dr. Bennett: "What you petty humans fail to realize is that Godzilla is part of the equation, not the solution. It's not a question of balance, but escalation. When one monster threat perishes, a greater threat will emerge, raising the stakes lest they can be raised no more, as your Godzilla found out the hard way (after being handily defeated by Destroyah on Monster Island). When I said MechaGodzilla would be symbolic, I meant he would be the antithesis of your Godzilla, the Godzilla that your's should've been, not a symbol of hope, but a symbol of justice, a man-made Godzilla that's in every way superior, carrying out man's deeds. The humans need not a Godzilla or armed forces to fight their battles, but have their battles fought with THEIR Godzilla and armed forces! You are now subject to his wrath because he is the Godzilla you need, not the one you deserve. You humans have interfered, using bio weapons to counteract your single greatest creation (*Biollante), and now it's time you faced the consequences of letting nature do man's work!"

Female News Reporter: "Destroyah has left downtown Philadelphia in a bowl of flames, which begs the question: where's our Savior to save us now?"

Stenz: "He's destroyed Philly, and now, we fear he might be headed for New York City!"

(In New Jersey)
*Starring at Godzilla's lifeless corpse with the now separated MechaGodzilla reactor core lying right beside him*
Orlovsky: "This could turn Godzilla into something twisted beyond belief."
Serizawa: "Escalation is at the forefront of our stride for balance. As our threats evolve, so must our King. To fight death, he must become death."

Serizawa: "Even man's greatest weapon could not defeat Destroyah. Us humans must understand that this was never our fight, instead, we must let nature take its course."

Yup, I would basically be following Nolan's Dark Knight formula with my 2 sequel ideas. King Ghidorah in G2 would basically be the Joker and Destroyah would basically be Godzilla's Bane in the 3rd and final movie who he must "Rise" and overcome. I also thought of a way to make him stronger later on as to be able to beat Destroyah (as Destroyah needed a supercharged Godzilla to beat him in GvD).

You also get a pretty good idea of the events building up to the final battle at the end and where it'll take place, but of course, my story treatment once it's posted will tie everything together from beginning to end including how Monarch got a hold of MechaGodzilla's reactor core despite MG being demolished (as I laid out in the above character dialog/quotes) by Destroyah, I fully intend on explaining that as well.



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Jul-04-2014 6:15 PM

Write a novel on this and post it on the forum, This is to good to pass on!

Good grief.


Jul-05-2014 10:57 AM


I've also got another revised version of my 'Godzilla 2: Rise of Ghidorah' story treatment, I've listened to feedback and altered some things while explaining others more in-depth accordingly, including a revised ending/final battle which I feel is more 'heroic' than in the previous version I posted here. 

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