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Sci-Fi King25



Posted Aug-20-2014 6:54 PM

     Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, awoke to the sound of destruction. He was resting near the coast of southern Japan, and something disrupted him. He swam towards the shore, and saw the source of his awakening: Zilla, the mutant iguana.


     Zilla roars, and rushes towards Godzilla. He jumps up and lands on his larger adversary. Godzilla roars in surprise and irritation as the creature tries to penetrate his deep skin. Soon, he was able to shake off his enemy. Before Godzilla could attack Zilla, he was covered in a thick, web-like material. He turned his head, and saw another creature: Kumonga.


     Godzilla desperately tried to free himself as Kumonga and Zilla moved in to finish off the King of the Monsters. Then, the edge of Godzilla’s tail started to glow blue. The glowing traveled up his back plates, and to his neck. Both monsters were confused by this. Zilla looked up at Godzilla’s face, just as Godzilla took in a deep breath. He opened his mouth, and a stream of bright, blue energy shot out of Godzilla’s mouth.  Zilla was killed on impact, and the scorched creature’s lifeless body fell to the ground. Godzilla started to rip apart the webbing, and turned around. Kumonga raised its front legs in intimidation, but Godzilla still moved closer. He grabbed out of Kumonga’s arms just as it started to shoot more webbing. Godzilla threw the giant spider as some building, and then used his Atomic Breath again. Kumonga was dead, and Godzilla was victorious. He roared in victory, and then walked out towards the ocean.


     However, before he got very far, he heard a battle. He turned around, and saw Mothra and Titanosaurus locked in battle, both using their wind attacks. However, Mothra flew up and fired her antennae beams. Titanosaurus deflected the attack, and shot it back at Mothra. The giant moth fell to the ground, and Titanosaurus moved in to finish her off. However, Godzilla moved in from behind, and stepped down on Titanosaurus’s tail. It roared in pain, and Mothra shot arcs of lightning from her wings at the monster, killing it.


     Godzilla swam off, with Mothra flying near him. They sensed another creature, and they swam to destroy it. However, Godzilla felt himself being stabbed in the stomach. He roared in pain and looked. He saw Megalon, the Seatopian beetle god. Godzilla wrapped his tail around Megalon’s neck, and threw him to the surface. The creature smacked to the surface, and Godzilla moved in to finish him off. However, before he could, something started to constrict him. It was Manda, the serpent kaiju. Godzilla roared, and swam to the surface. Mothra flew towards them, and electrocuted Manda with her electric touch. Manda roared and unwrapped himself from Godzilla. The King of the Monsters bit the serpent’s neck and shook him around. Manda gave one final roar before he stopped moving. Godzilla and Mothra continued to move, but soon they were joined by another kaiju: Angirius, an armadillo-like kaiju. The three swam for a long, before reaching the Hawaiian shore. There, they were greeted by Ebirah, Horror of the Deep.        

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4 Responses to Godzilla Wars: Part One

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Aug-20-2014 7:07 PM

Wow... I... im speechless. This is exactly what these forums needs with there chapters and books!

This was so perfect! I was hooked the second Zilla was incinerated!

Please tell me when Chapter 2 is!

100/10 im seriously down to earth my inner fan was just stabbed with a diamond love knife in the heart!

 "An Empire of power for many, an Empire of hope for most."-MSE


Aug-20-2014 10:10 PM

Yay Kumonga!!!!!!

This is seriously awesome.

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-21-2014 5:27 AM

Thanks guys! part 2 will be up tonight!

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Lord Tyrannos

Apr-03-2016 2:37 PM


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