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A realistic MechaGodzilla, DAM concept, and "Godzilla: Awakening"-how they can all be tied into the 3rd film

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Oct-09-2014 12:00 PM

As we all know, Gareth Edwards has teased the idea of doing a Destroy All Monsters-style sequel using the Monster Island concept in the past, in fact, and this is something a lot of people haven't picked up on or even reported that you might find very interesting: at the Comic Con event for the second movie, before the "big reveal", it was actually teased:

"Gareth Edwards did drop a hint at the introduction of the Godzilla 2 footage at SDCC 2014 "he said he didn't want those monster to get off that island". Maybe the island will be featured and we'll see cameos of other Kaijus."

So it's very possible Monster Island will be teased/easter egged in the second film, leading to a full blown remake of DAM for the third. And that's where MechaGodzilla comes into play: the military/government/whatever, following the events of the first film, suspect that there may be more "MUTOs" scattered all around the world, and so the second film begins with them announcing the construction of a new super weapon. Rather than building a glorified tank/aircraft, they wanted to symbolize the undying efforts of the military and Godzilla's status as "earth's balancer of nature" and so they built a cybornetic clone of Godzilla using the Godzilla species bones from the first movie rather than build a giant colossal machine from scratch (making it a Kiryu version), one of the aspects of keeping him in line with the "grounded and realistic" setting of this rebooted trilogy. He is also constructed w/an assortment of present-day weapons, including a batch of lightning guns that were successfully tested by the real U.S. military in his chest compartment (to give off a "supercharged" electrical blast).

Another one of the realistic features to this new MechaGodzilla (constructed to resemble the new 2014/Legendary Godzilla) involves a built-in VSAT and thermal radar system that the Navy uses to find the location of each of the monsters, track where they're headed, the whole nine yards, and through a chain of events, manage to lure them onto Monster Island for them to "duke it out" instead of taking entire cities, countries or even continents with em.

What's lost in all this, though, is the DAM theme can also be used to introduce some new monsters to this franchise like people seem to want (presumably for the third film) in addition to giving us some classic ones to make everybody happy (some people want to see classic Toho kaiju reimagined while others want them to be ignored in favor of new monsters), one such "new" monster they can use AND tie it into the prequel book (Godzilla: Awakening) is, and this has been touched up before, a Legendary Pictures take on the fabeled Leviathan monster from biblical folklore.

Like Shinomura, he was also a serpent-like monster, and, based on a fan-made artwork of him, they could say he's apart of Shinomura's species in the reimagining of his origin, thereby giving him a rhyme and a reason to hunt down Godzilla. A group of geologists/scientists finds him buried in Antarctica (following a battle with Godzilla many years earlier) and inadvertently awakens him, while a group of smaller "MUTOs" (later discovered to be directly related to him/them) are found buried in the Paris Catacombs and attacks Serizawa, leading to him getting his famous eye patch.

For those of you who don't know or haven't read the graphic novel, in Godzilla: Awakening, it was explained that Godzilla fought another prehistoric creature known as the Shinomura who, like himself, was also awakened from the Atom Bomb in Hiroshima. He has a lot of similarities to another Toho monster, though, in that he is also a hive mind kaiju composed of millions of smaller organisms ("super cells" as they're called in the book) and also has the ability to split and reform.

Which brings me to my next point...

In the graphic novel, it was revealed that the same nuke the military, led by General MacArthur, tried unsuccessfully to kill Godzilla with in 1954 actually managed to kill Shinomura. And so, in the third (DAM) film, it's established that, over the years, MacArthur, determined to finish what he started, managed to create embryonic clones of Shinomura combining both his AND Godzilla's DNA (via G-cells he collected as a result of the injuries he suffered from the first nuke in 1954), giving us a splitting, reforming, flying hive mind creature who, coupled with Godzilla's genetic makeup, create a demonic super fauna composed of millions of tiny crab creatures (the "clones" from which the embryos grew into), Destoroyah, who Monarch named after MacArthur's obsession to "finish what he started" and destroy Godzilla once and for all.

All of this and more is in my fanon I'm working on for the third movie (the follow-up to the one I already did for the second film, a remake of GTTHD featuring all 3 CC-confirmed kaiju), this would draw close similarities to The Dark Knight Rises in a lot of ways. Just like Bane was created to destroy Batman, Destoroyah was created to "destroy" Godzilla (no pun intended), I was even going to have their first fight on MI end in similar fashion like so (minus the "last part", of course), setting in motion a chain of events leading to him becoming a Monarch-aided variant of Burning Godzilla leading to an epic rematch.

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7 Responses to A realistic MechaGodzilla, DAM concept, and "Godzilla: Awakening"-how they can all be tied into the 3rd film

GG #TeamGodzilla

Oct-09-2014 12:38 PM

By the way, the article was wrong. Gareth said, "I dont want that monster getting off that island) Referring to the King.

Good grief.

Sci-Fi King25

Oct-09-2014 3:15 PM

I like the idea, and using the skeleton is realistic, and a good (possible) homage to Kiryu.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


Oct-09-2014 3:25 PM

Hey i i'm slighly offended by this. Leviathan monster from biblical folklore. What, is the bible some kind of joke? I believe in god. **** Off

GG #TeamGodzilla

Oct-09-2014 3:38 PM

Gojirathegojirasaurus- What the. Gojira, i dont think he was trying to offend the bible, there was no need for you to use such a harsh word as that.

Im gonna report you to the higher ups. Next time, dont tell someone to do something when your not sure about what your saying.

Good grief.


Oct-09-2014 3:53 PM

Gojira the Gojirasaurus, he whasn't beeing ofencive, besides he barley mentioned Levatan, many Movies and games, esecially Godzilla have been based on Religious Legends

Evacuate?, Godzilla is just a Legend!-Woman in GMK


Oct-09-2014 6:35 PM

Seriously, can we keep things civil here please? I am very certain no one was trying to be offensive towards God or Religion. Yes the Leviathan was in the Old Testament of the Bible, but the modern definition of Leviathan means any sea monster and in literature it refers to great whales. 


Oct-12-2014 6:40 AM

Yeah, I guess I worded it wrong, biblical SCRIPTURE would probably be the proper choice of words there, sorry if I offended anybody, and yes, Leviathan was specifically mentioned in the Christian bible as another poster said in another thread.

But yeah, MechaGodzilla could easily be incorporated into this and modified to fit the "grounded and realistic" tone of this rebooted trilogy, he would make sense for a DAM-type film because he's the type of weapon meant for finding and destroying an assortment of monsters. Hell, the military could build him as their way of saying "we don't have to wait for Godzilla to find and kill these monsters, anymore, we have our own, more powerful Godzilla to do that now".

Destroyah also makes sense because, like I said, they can easily tie in the prequel book (Godzilla: Awakening) with the third film with him as I laid out above (as Shinomura was the exact same type of monster as he), and plus "Destroyah" would be the most obvious name Monarch can come up with with naming this Godzilla clone monster. 

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