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Colossus By Design: Entry 0018 - A New Player

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TheGMan123 #TeamGhidorah

Dec-23-2014 10:30 AM

[September 6, 2145]
[Gora Kamen, Russian origin continent]
[Local mining operations]
[Miners, mining bots, and a Warmonger excavator at work]

(Foreman): Hey! Kalashnikov! Sasha Kalashnikov!

[Warmonger turns around towards the foreman]

(Sasha): Yes?
(Foreman): Your father just made a call here. You've been requested for transfer to the newly recommissioned Warmonger Defense Program.
(Sasha): Are you sure it was him?
(Foreman): Positive! He sent some soldiers just this morning, and they are currently holding me hostage unless I release you.
(Sasha): Is that so? Well, alright then. I guess I'm now a monster hunter.
(Foreman): Great! Have fun! Alright, she's going. You can stop pointing those at me.

[Soldiers leave in a VTOL, as Sasha Kalashnikov climbs out of the mining quarry, and follows behind them]


[Date of Creation]: June 12, 2077
[Creation Site]: Moscow, Russian origin continent
[Height]: 130 meters
[Weight]: 112,000 tons
[Defense]: 100+
[Offense]: 100+
[Maneuverability]: 67
[Known Armament]: Punch-activated seismic shockwave emitters; Punch-activated forearm-mounted propulsion jets; twin left and right nuclear incineration exhaust ports
[Known Techniques]: Russian boxing and wrestling maneuvers
[Appearance]: Extremely large and bulky Russian wrestler-based build; no head-mount; four yellow-tinged visor eyes mounted within centre chest-region; extra armor plating all over; crimson paint coating with yellow Russian symbols on each shoulder
[Codename]: Tzar Bomba V2


[September 6, 2145]
[Global Union of Divisions Extra-Solar Observatory Base, Dark face of the Moon]

(Astrologist 1): No anomalies so far..... Wait a minute.... I see something.
(Astrologist 2): What is it? An asteroid?
(Astrologist 1): Yeah, but it's kind of odd. It's propelling towards Earth in an unusual fashion, almost as if it's intentionally making its way there.
(Astrologist 2): Are you sure? I see it and..... Oh. I see now. How big is it?
(Astrologist 1): I'd say about a kilometre or so across. Nothing our defense stations can't handle.

[Alert on one of the screens]
[Defense Stations are slowly going offline, one by one]

(Astrologist 1): What the hell...... What's going on?
(Astrologist 2): I don't know. The closer that asteroid gets, the more defense stations go offline!
(Astrologist 1): Could it be the source of these.... these 'EMPs'?
(Astrologist 2): Maybe, I don't know. We'd better check on visuals to see if we can spot the anomalous asteroid--

[Systems go out all across the board]

(Astrologist 2): What's going on? What happened to the power?
(Astrologist 1): I don't know. That asteroid's EMPs must've taken us offline! If we don't get power back on soon......

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Dec-24-2014 4:04 AM

Wow! these are really good! Keep it up!

How far can we push nature before it pushes back?
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