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Colossus By Design: Entry 0019 - A Graceful Ball

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TheGMan123 #TeamGhidorah

Dec-24-2014 12:01 PM

[September 13, 2145]
[Mt. Everest, Chinese origin continent]
[Quakes put the area into turmoil, as the mountain begins to shake and falls apart]
[Top few hundred meters of the Everest's peak begins falling apart and tumbling down below]
[Incredulous roar is heard and energy radiates from the opening]


[Date Sighted]: September 13, 2145
[Location]: Mt. Everest, Chinese origin continent
[Height]: 31 meters
[Length]: 195 meters
[Weight]: 21,000 tons
[Wingspan]: 263 meters
[Defense]: 47
[Offense]: 82
[Maneuverability]: 100+ (Aerial); 32 (Terrestrial)
[Appearance]: Large bat-like wings and body; no hind legs; stubby round head with wide gape filled with rows of drill-like teeth and no eyes; long spiked/armored tail; light fur coat on main body
[Abilities]: Spitting out concussive shockwaves as individual blasts from mouth; can electrify whole body and use self as electrical conduit; armored tail can be swung to reflect projectiles
[Codename]: "Cloud-Chimera"


The flying terror came in over the mountain tops, laying waste to the villages and townspeople below. Its mere flight over areas caused winds that blew entire houses down, and swept many small creatures, non-discriminatory between Human and wild/domestic animal. The nightmare from above swooped down and rained blasts of invisible energy that impacted the Earth like dynamite charges, demolishing the small mountain villages with ease.

The beast, now satisfied with its destruction up in the mountains, flew down to the valleys below, and made its way to the main cities of the Chinese continent in no time at all. Fighter jets chased it in the air, but the creature was more maneuverable in flight, easily outpacing the small Human flying machines. It easily beat out the others in a dogfight, surging electricity through its body and slamming into the slow vehicles, utterly destroying any upon impact and sending others within the radius down to the Earth below.

As the flying terror approached the Earth below, the military forces that assembled launched a counter-attack, firing upon the creature with extreme quantity. It made no attempt to dodge these, impacted in the sky, leaving an enormous debris cloud. The nightmare in the sky soon burst out the cloud, unhindered and gaining speed in its dive, sending blasts of energy down and decimating the structures on the Earth below.

It then flew out to sea, engaging the sea-vessels, again never making any attempt to dodge the fire coming at it from all angles. It stopped and hovered within the centre, the vessels taking the bait and firing upon it. The debris cloud soon enveloped the entire fleet, and the terror violently smashed the vessels one by one, leaving none floating as the cloud cleared up. It then flew back towards the city, preparing for its next assault.


[September 13, 2145]
[Shanghai, Chinese origin continent]
[Repair bay, underneath the city streets]
[Engineers work furiously as they repair and upgrade Blade of the People]

(Feng Lee): Hurry up! That creature won't wait around for me to be up and running before destroying the city!
(Engineer): We're working as hard as we can, Ms. Lee! But the damage previously sustained is so great, and these requested upgrades of yours--
(Feng Lee): I don't care! I'm gonna be ready to fight this thing! I will NOT let another of these creatures beat me! NOT AGAIN!!

[Systems begin to go out of control, Feng Lee squirming around, desiring to fight the threat that has reached her home]

(Engineer): Please, Ms. Lee, calm down! This will only aggravate the situation further and--

[Explosion ruptures the hangar door, as the winged P.E.M.F. makes it way towards Feng Lee]

(Feng Lee): Finally.......


From the entrance to the repair bay, an enormous explosion occurs, and from it, the flying terror is sent flying out of it, landing several hundred meters away, dazed, but quickly regains its composure and hovers once more.

Emerging from the shroud, the metal warrior walks out, armor glistening in the sun as it faces the monstrous flying nightmare. It takes a combat stance, and prepares it weapon systems.

"Let's dance."

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Dec-24-2014 6:18 PM

Another great entry! Keep it up! 

How far can we push nature before it pushes back?
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