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The MUTOs Reproductive Cycle


Jul-16-2015 8:49 AM

Due to the Godzilla skeleton found in the Phillipenes with the MUTO spores inside it, we can determine that the MUTOs during prehistoric times would have located a nearby Godzilla, killed it and then layed their eggs inside it. Now of course, from what we see in the film, the MUTOs instead use a nuclear warhead, an unatural source of radiation, as a food source for when their babies hatch, the nest being dug into the road. I can understand why they didn't kill Godzilla in the movie and use his corpse as a nest for the eggs, since they were unaware of where he was. However, what exactly do the MUTOs do during the scene where the female and male meet? I mean, I know the male gives the female the warhead as a food item for their young, but notice how she seems to hold it close to her egg sac before digging the nest? I think that by doing that, she was fertilising the eggs. That means that in prehistoric times, the MUTOs would have needed an unatural source of radiation small enough to fertilise the eggs before a Godzilla could be killed and be used as a nest. Here's what I think courtship for the MUTOs would have been like millions of years ago, and please note that this ties in to my own origins for Rodan for the sequel, which I recommend you read before this to understand what I am suggesting.

The females and males would call to each other using echolocation, and travel to each other to meet. Before encountering the female, the male would locate the nearest nearby Godzilla before flying over to a volcano where Rodans would hang around and nest. The male would gather a Rodan's egg cluster into it's mouth, with the eggs being irradiated unaturally from their parents and the volcano, before meeting the female and giving the stolen egg cluster to her so she could fertilise her eggs. Then, the pair would find the Godzillla the male had discovered before, kill it, and have the female lay her eggs inside it. She would guard the nest, with the male bringing her food and water by containing them in his jaw but not swallowing them. Then, once the babies hatched, the female would leave them to their own fate and cut her ties with the male.

What do you think? Please correct me on any errors I may have made and leave your thoughts! I apologise for this post being so long!

1 Responses to The MUTOs Reproductive Cycle


Jul-16-2015 11:04 AM

If that was the case the species would be asexual with there not needing to be a male or female since simply radiation fertilized the eggs. The fact both sexes exist gives us some insight into what happened after they met which I won't go into. 


The muto itself is a very confusing animal in its reproduction. When we first see them there are simply 2 spores and 2 mutos, but when they mate there were hundreds this leads the question of why were there only 2 in the opening it's clear they have a much larger brood at the end, all of which appear to be firtilized due to the small amount of movement. They apparently adapt extremely fast from birth taking as little as maybe a day to hatch, but that was judging by their eggs in the final sequence the caccoons or whatever are much larger at the beginning. They clearly aren't mature inside those either since the male needs to go to Janjira for a decade.


I think that anything radioactive is used as some incubator, whether that be a warhead, a monster the parents killed, or maybe just one that was dying and had its body used, but honestly in correlation to the ending the beginning where and how they're found doesn't make much sense, it appears they were going off the very early draft of the movie where the MUTOs were pretty much hunting Godzilla to lay eggs inside him. This got thrown out for the final product, but seems like they couldn't think of a better way to find them so they threw in the original idea in a more vague nonconnecting way. 

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