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Basic Interpretations of Godzilla 2014


Jul-25-2015 10:59 AM

Hello, and welcome to the topic, I wish to talk today about the newest Godzilla movie from legendary pictures and Gareth Edwards. So without further ado here is a list of the topics I wish to cover today; I also wish to point out the right of freedom to speech and respecting of others opinions is a basic human right.

  1. Interpretation of the director and screenwriter
  2. Exploration into character validity
  3. Inspection of Muto’s ( including Godzilla)




So I think it fitting to begin with the one that sired this movie to release and beyond. Gareth Edwards was on my radar after he released a film festival mini-movie in the late 2000’s, he then fallowed a few years later with the full independent movie “Monsters”. For an independent movie it is one of the better ones to be released in semi-recent years, while the actors were quite obviously cheap. It was one of the only things that really dragged the movie down, the locations were gorgeous, and the cinematography was special for an independent as well as the special effects (which were all done by Edwards). But the movie also showed an uncommon amount of potential and talent from its director that is usually lacking in other small time movie makers. And the rest is recent history, Thomas saw Gareth’s potential and asked him onboard Godzilla, the movie was made and released, and Gareth endured endless criticism most of which is unhelpful and borderline Defamation and slander. Though it wasn’t all bad, there was and still is an unhealthy amount of such thinking/acting towards the subject, though I think it a credit to the man that he has not said/done anything hurtful, reckless or egotistical towards those that have an aggressive opposition to him as Godzilla’s director.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Now onto the man who dragged this movie down like all of his other projects, I could go into a tirade against Max Borenstein but it wouldnt do much good for this discussion. But I will talk about him and how he nearly ruined the movie with his below novice level writeing ability, and his overdependence on the most basic of storytelling tropes. I have personally never enjoyed anything written by Max Borenstein, mostly because he lacks intelligent script writeing skills, "prophecy" like character-world interactions, and his inability to learn from his mistakes lead to a sreenwriter that I cannot point out enough to avoid. A few points I like to make are Ford Brodys relevance throughout the story, Max Borensteins inability to construct a solid foundation around the characters, and the near-criminal lack of substance for the "side-cast" is inexcusable. If Max Borenstein returns for Godzilla 2018, then I shudder to think just how much wasted potential we may never see from the legendary godzilla universe.




So I’m not gonna sugar coat it. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elisabeth Olsen, and Juliette Binoche were not needed for this movie nor should they have been in it. The only main cast members I would have actually kept are Ken Watanabe, Sally Hawkins, David Strathairn, and Richard T. Jones (so the last one isn’t really a main character, sue me). Once you have righted yourself and your computer from the flip that no doubt just occurred –that’s what happens these days if you look at Bryan Cranston as anything short of a god-you will no doubt be either confused by this, or infuriated. So before you turn this discussion into a youtube comments section let me actually explain my opinion, everyone in the first list of names were attached to characters that didn’t need to exist, and the movie suffered as a result. And as you guessed the second list of names are characters that were far more important, yet were side lined and barely used because of list one and the movie suffered as a result. Now my biggest problem with the cut cast is that their characters were in no way important, everything Joe Brody did Serizawa could have done better, everything Elle Brody and Sandra Brody did Dr. Graham could have shouldered in some fashion, or a character closer to Serizawa could have taken Sandra Brody’s place. And last but not least Ford Brody could have easily been split between Admiral Stenz and Captain Hampton as the military side of the Muto response. There will be more of this eventually, just a few more thoughts that need straightening.




There is very little that I have to say one way or the other about the Muto’s, it’s not that their uncreative or boring, just everything that would be said has been said by a lot of people over a long period of time.


This may seem like a short listing but this is my attempt at starting a dialogue/discussion for later and more in depth information once questions are asked.

" It is better to be reviled than ignored, agleast then you know your spreading good in this world." 

3 Responses to Basic Interpretations of Godzilla 2014


Jul-25-2015 4:16 PM

I made a similar topic a while back talking about how Godzilla 2 can be even better than 2014 while explaining the mistakes made in 2014. These points are greatly spoken and had some excellent opinions and truths. Thank you for sharing!

"I'll find the answer...in this fight!" - Naruto


Jul-25-2015 6:09 PM

Great post.

The section about the casting was particularly interesting and (somewhat) provocative. But, I can't say that I disagree with much of what you've said.

I feel that of the characters in the 2014 film, only Serizawa, Graham and Stenz should return. If Richard T. Jones' Captain Hampton is in the sequel, he'll need a little more to do. 

It's obvious that Edwards is a gifted filmmaker. I was impressed with his overall work, and hopes he makes some adjustments in the sequel.


Jul-26-2015 4:57 AM

There's no denying that Mr. Edwards is a talented director when it comes to the overall feel and build-up of the film's literally biggest stars, and he also delivers well on the scenery and action.

But I agree about the casting details, and the emotional depth they provide. The heart of the film shouldn't have fallen on a family who wasn't invested in the primary subjects of conflict and discussion, especially the main member who we follow throughout the movie.

The story details and pacing need to be upped a bit, enough so that audiences don't complain about the lack of it, but holding back just enough so that we can still be wow'd when it does happen.

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