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"Godzilla" fan-made reboot


Jul-12-2016 11:43 AM

So after receiving the news that "Godzilla 2" was pushed back to 2019, I decided to try to write something to pass the time: My own fan-reboot of the "Godzilla" franchise, titled "King of the Monsters".

I'm planning on doing a trilogy, and Kaiju and humans will be equally focused on. Here is what I have for titles:

1. "King of the Monsters: Gojira vs. Mosura"

2. "King of the Monsters: Gojira vs. Radon"

3. "King of the Monsters: Battle of Kings"

As for "Gojira vs. Mosura", I have begun to work on the plot: 

Kyohei Serizawa, son of Daisuke Serizawa, tries to find the creature his father discovered at Hiroshima, dubbed "Gojira". Meanwhile, a giant moth larva attacks Hong Kong, where Serizawa is staying for research. Then, Gojira emerges from the ocean and fights the larva.

After a battle, the two Kaiju go to the ocean. Serizawa, along with the American and Chinese navy, follow. Serizawa explains Godzilla's history and realizes Godzilla is intelligent enough to think humanity isn't a threat, but more of a food source and ally.

Mothra cocoons in Japan, near Mt. Fuji, knowing Godzilla is relatively slow on land. She emerges in her moth form and attacks Tokyo, where she and Godzilla fight again.

Mothra escapes and heads to San Diego, California. The Navy and Godzilla make landfall and the final battle begins. After a brutal fight, Mothra showers Godzilla in her toxic dust. That only pisses him off even more, and he unleashes his atomic breath, burning Mothra to death.

Godzilla and Serizawa lock eyes, then Godzilla heads to the ocean. Two mysterious twin girls tell Serizawa that "She will rise again." 

Meanwhile, in a glacier in the Arctic, a giant pterodactyl's eye snaps open...


If any of you have any ideas to make it better/change it, or any questions, feel free to let me know.

So far, "Gojira vs. Mosura" is the only one in the trilogy I've really fleshed out, so if any of you have ideas for "Gojira vs. Radon" or "Battle of Kings", I will happily accept whichever ones seem interesting enough.

1 Responses to "Godzilla" fan-made reboot

The Hood

Sep-01-2016 3:32 PM

Fairly good so far, going to enjoy it!

"I must become someone else. I must become...something else!"


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