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Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - Chapter 3

Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - Chapter 3

The Hood



Posted Sep-09-2016 4:11 PM

(Previous Chapter)

As they were driving back to where Peter's apartment, Thea decided to ask some of her own questions. 

- Who were the 2 other guys with you and your brother? - she asked

- One is my cousin, and the other is just one of my friends - replied Peter

- Do you have any pets? - asked Thea

- My brother actually has a cat, an Orange Tabby, his name is Mickey - said Peter

- I love cats as well...why don't you have one? - asked Thea

- Living in an apartment, it's a bit of a problem - said Peter

- I see... is this the place? - asked Thea as she pulled up on the side of the road

- Yeah - said Peter

- Thank you Peter, for what you did back there - said Thea. 

- Thank you too, for the ride - said Peter as he got out the car. He smiled and waved back at her, as started walking to the building, but he heard her call out from behind him.

- Wait! - Thea called out. She got off the car and started to almost run over to him - Tomorrow afternoon, I will be back at Ramsey's for lunch, 12:30, you can come by if you want - Thea said to Peter

- Yes, I would love to - said Peter

- Great! - said Thea happily, she then hugged Peter, and gave him a kiss on his good cheek - See you tomorrow! - she yelled out as she was walking back to the car. Peter didn't know how to respond to this, it's been a long time since he was kissed, even if it was on the cheek. He walked back into apartment and found Oliver and John sitting on the couch waiting for him. 

- I think you owe us an explanation - said Jonathan

(Meanwhile, under the Pacific Ocean)

Amblygon is simply wondering around at the bottom of the ocean. He isn't necessarily hungry, but he sees a school of fish, and decides to have them as a snack. After he is done with them, he lies down just to rest for a little while. There is a large ship directly above him, doesn't notice it at first. It's slightly towards the right of him, and he struggled to see through that eye due to the harpoon that was fired into it. It for some reason, starts to drop the anchor. Unfortunately, Amblygon doesnt see it coming, and it lands on his eye, piercing it and damaging it so badly that he is now completely blind in his right eye. He screeches out in pain and rips the anchor out of his eye. He looks up to the source of it and heads to the ship. He swims straight up into the boat, ploughing it and breaking it in half. Amblygon then sprays his acidic breath on one half of the ship, melting it in seconds. He batters the other half of the ship until it is literally in pieces. He had grown tired of humanity, having persevered with them for over 60 years, and now they have made him really, really angry. The nearest place to make landfall is San Diego, California, but it is still going to take him 2 weeks to reach there. As he is travelling underwater, he sees another figure, similar to his size, but very different in looks. Its Zilla Jr's mate, Aurora, she was taking care of her eggs, but now covers them up as she sees him starting to approach her. Amblygon roars out to her, telling her to get out of his way. She refuses, simply requesting him to swim around her. She didn't want to expose her eggs to this monster she had never seen before. As she turns her back to him, he swims into her full force, breaking one of her scutes, and crushing all but one of her eggs. She pushes him away, and she roars at him. Amblygon roars back at her, but then notices, her scutes are beginning to emit a violet glow....

Hi guys, hope you enjoyed this chapter. Next one is coming either tomorrow or Sunday!

"I must become someone else. I must become...something else!"


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Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Sep-10-2016 5:48 PM


 "An Empire of power for many, an Empire of hope for most."-MSE

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