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Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - Chapter 4

Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - Chapter 4

The Hood



Posted Sep-11-2016 1:12 PM

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Amblygon wondered what that purple glow coming from Aurora's scutes were. Her eyes eventually flashed with purple light, then she fired a violet ray at Amblygon. It hits Amblygon on his left arm and a half of his chest. He immediately screeches out in pain, the skin where the ray hit is burnt and shredded, nearly unrecognisable. He had moved at the last minute, it just skimmed him, because if it hit him directly in the stomach, it would've done alot more damage. He screeches at her. Zilla Jr's have the ability to focus their normal fiery breath into a more concentrated beam which works underwater, but in doing so, they put more strain on their body. Aurora put nearly everything she had in that blast, using it again could cause her to pass out, she couldn't afford that. She bellows out to Zilla Jr calling him for help, as she has no other option because she is outmatched by Amblygon in strength and size. Amblygon recognises her bellow as a distress call and realises he has to take her out quickly. He quickly swims over, Aurora, using her superior speed and agility, manages to dodge a few of Amblygon's punches. He manages grabs a hold of her leg, and hits it hard, breaking it. As she roars out In pain, he hit her several times in the abdomen, and face, leaving several deep cuts and lacerations, not to mention 3 broken ribs and a broken leg. Before he can land the final blow, he senses a large presence coming towards them, and swims away as fast as he can. Zilla Jr arrives at the scene just under a minute after Amblygon fleed. He sees Aurora lying almost lifeless on the floor, but he is relieved to see that she is still alive. He heads over to the nest. He sees only 1 egg had survived the ordeal, but then he sees another kaiju coming towards them. It's large, very large, but it's not the beast that did this. He realises that it's Godzilla approaching. Godzilla too heard the distress signal of Aurora. Godzilla tries to reason with Zilla Jr, he told him that chasing the beast isn't the way to go about things, if the attack on Aurora is anything to go by, the beast is more than capable of not just competing with but actually beating Zilla Jr. Zilla Jr refuses to listen to anything Godzilla is telling him, and starts heading out for Amblygon. Godzilla decide its fairly hopeless to pursue. Zilla Jr is faster in water, and has superior stamina and endurance. Zilla Jr roars out as loud as he can to Amblygon, calling him out, challenging him. Amblygon hears this bellow, and accepts the challenge. By the time the monster reaches him, he would be rested and ready.......


*Meanwhile back at Peter's place*

- From the beginning - said Oliver

Peter went to the couch next to them and sat down - So I went to the counter to get some water, as I got there I saw a girl, she was sitting with her sister who left shortly afterwards. Some other idiot went up to her and then he tried convincing her to go home with him. She denied politely, but he didn't stop - said Peter

- And that's when you confronted him and got into the fight - said Jonathan, Peter nodded.

- And then how did you get here? - asked Oliver

- The girl, her name is Thea, she offered to take me back home and thanked me for what I did - said Peter

- You did the right thing Peter, but really, that man could have had a gun, or a knife or something that he could've seriously hurt you with! - said Oliver frustrated

- So what I was just supposed to let him harass her some more! - screamed Peter to Oliver

- No, what I'm saying is that there could've been another way around this instead of brawling, I'm not gonna let what happened to me happen to you! - screamed Oliver back even louder

- Enough! - screamed Jonathan - Oliver, Go! You're not going to help by screaming! - said John. Oliver walked off without saying anything. Peter got up, and stepped outside onto the balcony. John followed Peter onto the balcony. 

- Don't mind him Peter - says John - He cares about you, he is your older brother after all - Peter doesnt say anything and just silently agrees.

- Peter, are you alright? - asked John out of concern - Do you still think about her? - Peter nodded

- Listen, it's been a year now, I'm not saying you must forget Kate, but keeping her in mind all the time might stop you from building another relationship - said John - Are you going to see Thea again? - asked John

- She asked me to join her for lunch tomorrow - replied Peter 

- Go tomorrow, and just be yourself, enjoy yourself- said Jonathan - Goodnight Peter - said Jonathan as he left the balcony to go to his room to sleep. Peter doesn't move, he just stands on the balcony, looking into the city. The only thing on his mind now, is Thea. He couldn't wait to see her again.

Thanks for reading guys, expect Chapter 5 on Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe even Monday if you are lucky! Hope you enjoyed!

"I must become someone else. I must become...something else!"


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Something Real

Sep-13-2016 11:35 AM

GODZILLA316 - This was exceedingly engaging! I Very much enjoyed the character interactions you placed within this chapter! Fantastic work! I am greatly looking forward to reading what you have in store for us next! :)

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