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Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - Chapter 8 + 9

Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - Chapter 8 + 9

The Hood



Posted Sep-26-2016 1:38 PM

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Chapters 9-15

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Chapter 8:

(Thursday, 2 March, 13:24, San Diego, California)

It's been 4 days since he last saw Thea. She was busy studying, and he was busy working. He had also started to craft something for her, he was just working on it a few minutes ago. He wanted to see her again, as soon as possible. Fortunately for him, his wish got granted. He heard the shop door open, and looked up to see who it was.

- Hey! How have you been? - said Thea

- I've been good, and you? - said Peter

- Never better - said Thea, as they hugged - need your help with something I want to buy - said Thea

- Sure no problem - said Peter 

- I'm actually looking for a stationery holder of some sorts. It would kind of make it easier for me to put all my pens in a single container - said Thea. It was something quite basic, and perhaps out of the ordinary.

- Something like this? - said Peter

- Perfect, Thanks - said Thea. She paid for it, while Peter asked her a question.

- What are you doing tomorrow night? - asked Peter

- Nothing yet - said Thea

- My brother is having a dinner with myself and my cousin as well at my his place. They both are bringing their wives. I was wondering if you would like to come along, just to meet them and to spend the night with us - said Peter

- What time? - said Thea

- Around 18:30 - said Peter

- No problem! Thanks! See you tomorrow! - said Thea, as she left. Peter was fairly excited about it. A chance for her to meet his family was great, and a tiny little feelibg was creeping back up in the back of his mind. He was starting to fall in love again.


Chapter 9:

(Friday, 4 March, 18:43, San Diego, California)

Jonathan and Jessica had already reached Oliver's place. Peter was on his way to fetch Thea. He wore a plain white t-shirt, with a tight-fitting black leather jacket, and beige cargo pants. He had just reached Thea's apartment. It wasn't too far from his own place, it didn't take him more than 15 minutes to arrive. He waited for no more than a couple of minutes leaning against the car, when she stepped outside. She was wearing black jeans, with a long sleeve black top, and thin jacket on top. Her entire outfit matched with her black painted fingernails. Her hair was let loose, it ran until her shoulder. 

- You look beautiful - That's the only thing Peter could think to say.

- Thanks - said Thea, she hugged him, and they both got in the car. After another 15 minutes, they had reached Oliver's place. When they got there, it was Oliver who opened the door. 

- Hey! - said Oliver, as Peter walked in and embraced his brother.

- This is Thea, Thea, my older brother Oliver - said Peter 

- Nice to meet you - said Thea

- Thanks for coming along - said Oliver. Peter and Thea both went to the living where everybody was seated. Peter greeted Jonathan, Jessica, Gabrielle [Oliver's wife] and introduced Thea to all of them. After a few minutes of chatter, they all went to the dining table, and proceeded to have supper. They had spent just over 2 hours there, and the time was 20:58. There wasn't much more to do or to talk about. It was nothing more than a casual dinner. Peter and Thea greeted everyone before they left. They arrived at Thea's place. They both got out the car.

- Thanks for coming - said Peter

- Thanks for inviting me as well - said Thea

After a pause that almost lasted a couple of seconds, Peter broke the silnce

- Thea....I actually made something for you - said Peter. 

- What is it? - said Thea. Peter pulled out his custom necklace. It had a small puppy carving at the end, with her name, Thea engraved on it. 

- I've been working on it for over a week now, and I just finished it yesterday for you - said Peter

- Thank you so much! It's wonderful - said Thea

- It's fine, it's nothing too special! - said Peter. She hugged him once again, but before she let go of him completely, she looked at him, they stared into eachothers eyes....and they kissed! For a few seconds, in what felt like minutes for them! 

- I'll see you another time I guess - said Thea 

- Yeah, no problem - said Peter. Thea had let go of him, and had gone into the building of her apartment. 

- Hey Thea - said Joe, the guard on duty who was just leaving as it was the end of his shift.

- Hi Joe - replied Thea.

- Tell me, is that your new boyfriend? - said Joe in a joking manner towards Thea.

- Are you taking the morning shift? - asked Thea

- Yeah why? - replied Joe 

- Then, I'll tell you tomorrow Joe, Goodnight - said Thea.

- Goodnight to you too - replied Joe.

Peter couldn't stop thinking about her on the way home. He knew what that kiss meant. He knew it. Thea knew it. They were falling in love...


Sorry guys I have been taking some 4-5 day gaps between chapters, I've been going through a lot recently, so today I decided today to post 2 in 1! Hope you guys enjoy!

"I must become someone else. I must become...something else!"


4 Responses to Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - Chapter 8 + 9


Sep-26-2016 11:31 PM

Nice story!But when will we have some kaiju action?


"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."

The Hood

Sep-27-2016 1:43 AM

@Shiro ^

Don't worry it's coming soon, in probably another chapter or 2

"I must become someone else. I must become...something else!"



Sep-27-2016 3:00 AM

Ok thanks!

"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."


Sep-27-2016 12:02 PM

I'm going to ask the same thing I've requested of others posting fan fiction - please keep all new chapters and updates to ONE topic. This way we can maintain organization within the forums and also ensure readers can find new updates and chapters more easily.

Please continue this on in your original topic and please refrain from starting new topics to announce new updates or add new chapters. Thanks!

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