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GODZILLA DESIGN TOURNAMENT - Round 6 - 1962 vs. 2000

GODZILLA DESIGN TOURNAMENT - Round 6 - 1962 vs. 2000

G. H. (Gman)



Posted Dec-07-2016 4:00 PM

KINGGOJI (1962) vs. GIRAGOJI (2000)

As we begin to get in to suits that look similar to others, I'll point out some differences to look for with them.

In the case of the GiraGoji, compared to the MireGoji, the suit is a brighter shade of green with brighter purple tips--Almost fuschia. The neck is longer, the mouth is wider and the teeth were replaced to look sharper, dirtier and more curved.

16 Responses to GODZILLA DESIGN TOURNAMENT - Round 6 - 1962 vs. 2000

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Dec-07-2016 4:14 PM

KingGoji looks a little too reptilian, like a monitor lizard--for my taste. Giragoji has my vote.

 "An Empire of power for many, an Empire of hope for most."-MSE


Dec-07-2016 4:18 PM

Wait KingGoji looks more like a Dinosaur than a monitor lizard, I vote for KingGoji


Dragon King Ultrazero80

Dec-07-2016 4:53 PM

according to Wikizilla the KingGoji suit actually inspired the MireGoji suits design.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.


Dec-07-2016 5:44 PM

Giragoji gets my vote! Love the Millennium designs and was never fond of the KingGoji design. He looked and by all accounts acted severely less intelligent than other incarnations. At least Giragoji looked fierce, menacing and more intelligent.


Dec-07-2016 6:08 PM

KingGoji by far gets my vote. As he was interesting and is my favorite design unlike Giragoji that has a weird lizard-cat thing going on.

G. H. (Gman)

Dec-07-2016 6:47 PM


I don't know officially if that's true, but it wouldn't shock me. The KingGoji design has a lot of similarities to the Mire/GiraGoji.

Dragon King Ultrazero80

Dec-07-2016 7:33 PM

Gman2887- Well if you look up concept art for the MiraGoji suit, you'll see some concept designs that look exactly like the KingGoji suit.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.


Dec-07-2016 8:23 PM

KingGoji. Definitely my favorite of the Showa series, and I would argue a top 5 design.


Dec-07-2016 9:52 PM

I don't get why the later Godzilla were going for the whole cat/wolf reptile hybrid deisgn when they could of gone more for the dinosaurian look because after all Godzilla is a radioactive dinosaur and not a Wolf-Cat-Reptile Hybrid!



Dec-08-2016 5:29 AM

KingGoji for me. It always stands out amongst the designs to me.

G. H. (Gman)

Dec-08-2016 5:53 AM

Godzilla is a prehistoric creature, not technically a dinosaur. The only time he had a purely dinosaur origin was in the Heisei series. Furthermore, and more importantly, he's a cinematic monster--Something more akin to a character than a realistic creature of any sort. Making him look less dinosaurian is likely exactly what they were going for to make him stand out.


Dec-08-2016 9:03 AM

Ummm in Showa era they clearly stated he was a hybrid of three dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus, Iguanadon, and Stegosaurus) also in Heisei era started with the cat/wolf reptile hybrid look. 



Dec-08-2016 9:03 AM

Ummm in Showa era they clearly stated he was a hybrid of three dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus, Iguanadon, and Stegosaurus) also in Heisei era started with the cat/wolf reptile hybrid look. 


G. H. (Gman)

Dec-08-2016 10:46 AM

Incorrect. In the Showa era Dr. Yamane explicitly explained that Godzilla was an evolutionary cross between land going and sea going prehistoric creatures. He never stated that Godzilla was a cross among any specific dinosaurs, he merely used images as an example of "landgoing". From the beginning Godzilla was his own creature. He was not mutated by radioactivity, merely awakened and exposed to heavy doses of radiation.

The Heisei era may have started the more feline attributes, but it's the only we know of that is actually a dinosaur mutated by radioactive exposure.

Sci-Fi King25

Dec-08-2016 12:57 PM

I'm not a big fan of the green, but I'm voting for GiraGoji.

Forum signatures are always so hard to come up with...



Dec-08-2016 5:27 PM


Gman2887 is not wrong. Even Toho's official press material said, "Gojira was an ancient species of marine life that existed two million years ago and was woke up by the atomic bomb tests." 

Sure, they used various dinosaur species to make Gojira's design, but truth be told, he was never confirmed as an ancient species of dinosaur. 

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